15 Best Paying Jobs in Environmental Services | 2023

When you talk about a rewarding career that can allow you to build a future generation with a safe and sustainable environment and still earn high, environmental services top the chart.

Environmental science has a wide variety of science career opportunities and options. Aside from the vast choices, it pays pretty well among the career fields. 

Whether you are a climber, manager, engineer, conservationist, or scientist, there is a wide range of environmental job options you can choose from. 

It’s no big surprise that employment opportunities in the environmental field are anticipated to increase dramatically over the coming ten years. 

This increase is as significant issues like global warming, species extinction, pollution, and ecological destruction finally receive the justified attention they deserve on a worldwide scale. As a result, there is an increasing need for experts in various environmental fields.

So, if you are interested in building a career in environmental services, here are 15 best paying jobs to consider in 2023.

What is Environment Science?

The study of many scientific disciplines applied to the environment is known as environmental science. Ecology, physics, geology, biology, chemistry, engineering, and other fields may all be used to understand the environment better and how people affect it. 

Environmental science studies closely examine the interactions between people, other animals, plants, and the earth. 

It may also focus on how the environment affects plants and the study of environmental changes and their effects on wildlife.

An environmental scientist’s work can impact resource management, pollution control, sustainability, and responsible land use in the industry.

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What Does a Scientist of the Environment Do?

Gaining the ability to carry out various duties and tasks is one of the top benefits of earning a bachelor’s, master’s, or even a doctorate in environmental science or a related field. 

Some will carry out their work in carefully monitored lab environments, while others may do so in sizable government buildings. Still, others will collect samples and record data while working outdoors.

Assessing how pollution and other problems affect water, soil, air, plants, and animals is a common task for environmental scientists. Your attention is primarily on the environment, not the living things. 

However, your job will probably entail organizing and carrying out environmental research, followed by information gathering and disseminating to various audiences, such as the general public, business executives, and policymakers.

Fundamental statistical and math skills are crucial because gathering data for studies is crucial.

Additionally, you will need practical communication skills because your work will probably involve giving presentations and writing essays about your scientific findings. 

If you want to have a career that has a positive impact on government policy, effective communication is crucial. Environmental scientists may be required to inform government organizations about their research and frequently write reports.

Even though scientific research is crucial, you can use your skills in careers in environmental policy. In this line of work, you would advise and inform decision-makers, from local council members to federal authorities. 

Careers in environmental policy can be discouraging, but they can also be one of the best ways to bring about significant, observable, and lasting change.

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Careers in Environmental Science: Pros and Cons

People choose to study environmental science for a variety of reasons. But the main driver is a genuine desire to protect the environment. 

Whatever your profession, the work you are doing will have a positive impact on the planet’s ecosystem, as well as the people, animals, and plants that live there. This is frequently the driving force behind completing this demanding education, regardless of pay.

However, the pay can still be excellent. While not the highest-paying profession, environmental science can offer salaries of $70,000, $80,000, and even $90,000. 

Many of these positions are open to recent college graduates without prior work experience. You might earn an annual salary above $100,000 if you work towards a doctorate or pursue a management position.

However, there are drawbacks to every profession. First, the work can be tedious and time-consuming. The results of projects may be minimal despite years of research, planning, development, and execution.

Scientists who were previously optimistic may become frustrated by this. Long shifts, unpredictable hours, and time away from home are all potential aspects of these careers that may cause stress and annoyance.

Despite the high pay, many positions require advanced degrees, which may hinder your ability to get a high salary.

Environmental science is one of the best options to help people, plants, animals, and the environment.

Do Environmental Service Professionals Earn Money?

Sure, environmental service professionals make money. The money they make depends on the job they choose, the area where they work, level of education, experience, and other factors.

As an environmentalist, you can work in several positions that pay well over $80,000 yearly. To begin with, environmental attorneys, engineers, and solar energy consultants typically earn more than $87,000 annually.

It’s crucial to remember that some cities experience greater demand than others for jobs as environmentalists, and greater demand typically translates into higher pay or at least competitive salaries.

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How Much Money Will You Make Working in Environmental Science?

A good major in environmental science? Few people enter a career field solely for the money, but you make a fortune with this education. Simply examining the career of an environmental scientist reveals some excellent financial potential.

An environmental scientist’s average yearly salary is $73,230. This is over $30,000 higher than the median salary for all American occupations, which is currently $41,950. 

High salaries have serious potential because the top 10% of those in this profession make over $129,000 a year.

But you can also use your education to pursue various jobs, which pay even more. For instance, managers in the life sciences earn an average income of over $137,000, while geoscientists typically earn over $93,000. 

While many students enroll in these programs because they are genuinely passionate about science and the environment, other reasons exist, such as financial gain.

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15 Best Paying Jobs in Environmental Services

Here are the best paying jobs in environmental services. Note, these jobs are among the highest paying jobs in the world.

  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Sustainability Engineer
  • Environmental Manager
  • Air Quality Consultant
  • Environmental Remediation Engineer
  • Environmental Compliance Manager
  • Environmental Program Manager
  • Environmental Advisor
  • Environmental Economist
  • Environmental lawyer
  • Hydrologist
  • Chief sustainability officer
  • Climbing arborist
  • Conservation scientist
  • Solar panel installer

1. Reservoir Engineers

Average Salary: $130,850

The first job on our list of best jobs in environmental services is Reservoir Engineers. As a reservoir engineer, your job will center on maximizing the flow of petroleum oil and gas through reservoirs. 

Your responsibilities include using specialized tools and equipment to locate and assess each oil and gas reserve, monitoring and optimizing the budget continuously while drilling, and looking at the flow mechanics of each account to ensure efficiency. 

According to BLS, a reservoir engineer, also known as a petroleum engineer, makes about $130,850 annually.

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2. Sustainability Engineer

Average Salary: $96,820

Next on our list of best paying environmental services jobs is Sustainability engineer. As a sustainability engineer, you create and develop goods, structures, and systems to satisfy particular sustainability requirements or certifications, such as the LEED or BREEAM building standards. 

Your specific responsibilities change depending on your work sectors, such as construction, agriculture, or manufacturing. Some engineers design electric vehicles or low-energy light bulbs as examples of their manufacturing work. 

Others work in civil engineering, coordinating and overseeing large-scale sustainable building projects for homes, businesses, parks, or factories.

According to BLS, a sustainability engineer makes about $96,820 annually.

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3. Environmental Manager

Average Salary: $67,747

Another environmental service professional that earns a high salary is the Environmental Manager. In most companies, environmental managers ensure that they comply fully with all national and local environmental laws. 

As an environmental manager, you will develop programs to guarantee this compliance. 

Verifying that all employees of the organization follow these regulations correctly is one of the additional responsibilities of the job. 

You must know regional laws and ordinances governing air, water, waste, and pollution and have a background in health and science. 

You will need strong interpersonal skills to train staff members and superiors to adhere to the programs you’ve laid out. According to Zippia.com, environmental managers’ average salary is $67,747.

With these many details, we consider this career path one of the best-paying jobs in environmental sciences.

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4. Air Quality Consultant

Average Salary:

An AIR Quality Consultant is another environmental science professional that takes home a fat salary. As an air quality consultant, your primary duty will be to track and document the levels of airborne pollution in your capacity.

Also, you will work to ensure that businesses comply with state and federal regulations. In some companies, you might collaborate with other environmental scientists to create a strategy to lessen and control contamination. 

Another exciting thing about this job is that it gives you various options. You can specialize in conducting analyses in a lab setting or fieldwork for a consulting company or government organization. 

According to Zippia.com, the average salary of an AIR Quality Consultant is $79626 a year.

5. Environmental Remediation Engineer

Average Salary: $67,351per year

If you want to build a career in environmental science and make a living, consider becoming an environmental remediation engineer. 

As an environmental remediation engineer, you will help remove pollutants from soil, surface water, and groundwater to restore the environment to its natural state. 

Moreso, you’ll supervise removal and remediation projects, visit spill sites, and work with other engineers to develop removal plans for various pollutants. 

Aside from that, some companies might expect you to monitor contaminant concentrations and safeguard the ecosystem, animal habitats, and the public’s health. According to Zippia.com, an Environmental Remediation engineer’s average salary is $67,351 annually. That is about $32 per hour.

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6. Environmental Compliance Manager

Average salary: $68,648 per year 

Environmental Compliance Manager is another job on our list of top-paying environmental science jobs worth checking out. 

As an Environmental Compliance Manager, your primary duties will be to manage particular waste and perform ecological inspections. 

You will also investigate environmental findings and interpret the impact when working with regulatory agencies.

You are also responsible for regulations, monitoring waste management programs to ensure they adhere to legal requirements and providing that businesses and organizations abide by environmental protection laws. 

Additionally, you organize, oversee, and support programs that train staff members to adhere to the procedures.

According to Zippia.com, the Environmental Compliance Manager makes about $68,648 annually on average.

7. Environmental Programs Manager

Average salary: $52,500 per year

Next on our list as one of the best paying jobs in environmental services is an environmental program manager job. An environmental program manager collaborates with private businesses at environmental sites or facilities to plan and develop construction.

They also ensure compliance with environmental regulations regarding air quality, clean water, pollution, and waste management. 

As an environmental program manager, you must be an effective leader in this position and be able to work on projects both independently and collaboratively. 

You need at least a bachelor’s degree in environmental science or a closely related field and expertise in computer modeling technology to get this job.

8. Environmental Advisor

Average salary: $107,793 per year

Your responsibility as an environmental advisor is to assist businesses in upholding or exceeding their environmental commitments. 

This entails inspecting sites, reviewing business practices and comparing them to current regulations, and offering guidance on the ecological risks posed by new projects. 

Collecting and reporting contamination data, ecological auditing targets, and attending meetings as required is frequently necessary for carrying out the duties and responsibilities of an environmental advisor. 

Environmental managers or consultants typically receive reports from environmental advisors. 

Although most environmental consultants are independent contractors or employed by specific businesses and keep regular hours, your employers may occasionally need you to respond to environmental incidents.

According to Salary.com, the average Environmental Advisor salary is $107,793.

9. Environmental Economists

Average salary: $52,540 per year

An environmental economist’s responsibilities center on the study of economics concerning the environment, natural resources, and air and water quality. 

In this line of work, you might be expected to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of renewable energy options, evaluate the economic effects of pollution or climate change, or assess the viability of plans for managing natural resources. 

You conduct research, develop, and make recommendations on projects that balance financial requirements with environmental objectives for a city, state, or business. 

Environmental economists may use statistical analysis and forecasting software to test their predictions and conduct research.

According to Zippia.com, environmental economists in the USA make an average salary of $56,531 per year.

10. Environmental Attorney

Average salary: per year

If you are equally passionate about the law and the environment, this might be your calling.

Environmental lawyers represent clients and promote clean technology, land management, climate change legislation, and conservation using their understanding of environmental law.

Besides focusing on more academic facets of sustainability and environmental law, environmental lawyers may also lead initiatives to establish and enforce environmental protection policies.

11. Hydrologist

Average Salary: $84,040

Among the most-sort best paying jobs in environmental science jobs is Hydrologist. 

The primary role of a hydrologist is to research the earth’s water cycle. They study river flows, analyze variables that might affect the quantity and quality of water, and collect water and soil samples while working in the field.

As a hydrologist, you will use computers to predict water supply issues and floods, and their research may center on water pollution, erosion, and droughts.

Also, you will work directly closely with engineers, scientists, and government officials in carrying out water-related projects.

12. Environmental Health Officer

Average Salary: $95,381

Environmental health officers investigate environmental health incidents within their local communities, such as pollution, toxic contamination, and pest infections.

As an environmental health officer, your primary duty is to uphold health and hygiene laws. Still, you may also be required to file reports, deliver legal papers, and examine citizen complaints. 

You might also advise organizations, criticize their procedures and policies, and suggest changes that could stop air, noise, water, and land pollution.

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13. Director of sustainability

Average Salary: $184,460 

Sustainability Director is the next profession you can pursue when it comes to getting the best paying environmental service jobs. 

This profession, frequently known as a sustainability manager, is dedicated to leading efforts to address environmental challenges faced by businesses and other organizations, assisting them in reducing their adverse environmental impact.

As the chief sustainability officer, you would create a company’s sustainability strategy and consider ways to reduce waste, energy use, and pollution.

So, this profession might be ideal if you like some entrepreneurial endeavors but want to make a difference with your work!

Contribute to the impact of your organization. Become an effective change agent by becoming familiar with the fundamental ideas and strategies for a sustainable business.

14. Arborist Climber

Average salary: ​$46,970​ a year

Next on our list of best paying jobs in environmental science is Arborist Climbers. Arborist Climbers, also known as “tree doctors,” identify and treat tree diseases while assisting others in better care of their trees. 

As a tree doctor, you must know highly about various tree species’ immune and anatomical processes. You must also be able to spot plant disease symptoms to accomplish this. 

After diagnosing, the arborist must develop a treatment strategy for the associated vegetation.

Their work can be vital because they can support and increase tree populations and because diseased trees may have weak branches that could break and fall, causing severe incidents and damage.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, arborist Climbers earn an average salary of ​$46,970​ annually.

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15. Conservation  Scientist

Average Salary: $64,010

Another profession we won’t fail to mention is environmental science. Environmental science is undoubtedly a career path that fits your values if you are a nature enthusiast passionate about preserving natural habitats.

As a conservation scientist, your primary responsibility is to manage the land quality of green spaces like forests, parks, and rangeland. 

This entails managing conservation initiatives, monitoring compliance with environmental protection laws, collaborating with public and private organizations to develop the land, and protecting natural resources.

They frequently assist farmers and advise on enhancing land for agricultural use.

According to BLS, conservation scientists make an average salary of $63,750 yearly.

16. Installer of Solar Panels

Average Salary: $46,470

Finally, Solar panels installer is on our list of well-paying environmental science jobs. Over the next ten years, demand for solar panel installers is expected to increase at 52%, making it one of the fastest-growing professions in the US.

This environmental service profession, also known as PV installers, entails assembling, setting up, and maintaining photovoltaic systems that harness solar energy. This job is among the best paying jobs in energy in the world.


Is a career in environmental science a good fit?

A degree in environmental science offers excellent career prospects and opportunities for further education; approximately one in five graduates pursue postgraduate study or research.

Which nation offers the best jobs in environmental science?

In Earth and environmental sciences, the United States is the market leader, but China, which is currently in second place, is rapidly gaining ground. The largest increase among the top 10 nations since 2017, China’s Share+ in high-quality articles in the Nature Index has increased by almost 25%.

How challenging do you find environmental science?

Most people believe that earning a degree in environmental science is one of the simpler science degrees to do. One reason for this perception is that, at least by the standards of science majors, it is very practical and causes little complex math.

Do environmental jobs offer good pay?

The best jobs in the environment can earn up to $164,500 annually.

Are environmental scientists in demand?

According to projections, employment of environmental scientists and specialists will increase by 5% between 2021 and 2031, which is about average for all occupations. Over the next ten years, an average of 7,800 new positions for environmental scientists and specialists are anticipated.


The best-paying jobs in environmental services require higher education and training. Jobs that pay the most money typically require more experience and responsibility. 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in environmental services, carefully review our list to find the best match for your skills and interests.



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