15 Best Paying Jobs in Food Distributors in 2023

The food distributors industry is one of the best to venture into for a new career. This is mainly because the industry has high job security and excellent compensation. If you are interested, here are the best paying jobs in food distributors to consider.

Like in every other career field, there are things you may need to know before you consider them, and in this article, we have answered some questions you may have about the food distributor’s career path.

Also, we have listed the 15 best paying jobs in food distributors alongside their average annual salary expectations and respective roles.

Is Food Distributors a Good Career?

Food distributors are a fantastic career choice. One of the most significant economic and societal duties is food distribution.

Although there is always a chance for snags and delays in distribution and logistics sectors, shortages are typically uncommon.

Food distribution is essential; thus, jobs in this industry will continue to be in demand for a long time.

Suppose you believe you might want to change career paths later. In that case, many of the skills you learn here are transferable to a new business because distribution tactics are comparable across industries.

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What Do People in Food Distributors Do?

Food distribution professionals pack, ship, sort, and distribute food. They are in charge of transporting food from a farm to a warehouse and finally to a retailer.

There is much logistical juggling involved in this process. Food has a limited shelf life, so those working in the sector must factor in spoilage when calculating.

They also need to consider inventory and demand to avoid shortages or gluts, which might lead to food going bad before it is sold.

People constantly need food; therefore, food distribution is a vital component of the economy and one with assured sales.

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Best Paying Jobs in Food Distributors in 2023

  1. Distribution Manager
  2. Demand Planning Manager
  3. Distribution Sales Manager
  4. Food Safety Manager
  5. Refrigeration Engineer
  6. Refrigeration Mechanic
  7. Supply Chain Analyst
  8. Transportation Analyst
  9. Inventory Analyst
  10. Logistics Supervisor
  11. Automated Logistics Specialist
  12. Food Safety Specialist
  13. Food Safety Director
  14. Procurement Agent
  15. Food Processor

1. Distribution Manager

Unsurprisingly, distribution managers oversee distribution. Their primary responsibilities include managing a distribution system’s operations, including purchasing things, transporting them, and then storing and inventorying them.

Along with aiding with hiring and training new employees, they are accountable for upholding corporate regulations, achieving goals, and more.

The professionals in this field earn a salary of $87,000 per year, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

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2. Demand Planning Manager

This position needs a solid foundation in mathematics. Managers of demand planning do data analysis to boost output and produce projections.

They evaluate the level of demand and how much can be transported or produced to satisfy it in collaboration with vendors.

Demand planning managers may assist in creating new goods and other operational responsibilities. Professionals in this field earn $108,000 annually, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

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3. Distribution Sales Manager

The majority of a distribution sales manager’s duties relate to sales. They collaborate with wholesalers and retailers to get the products where they need to go and into customers’ hands.

Instead of selling to individuals, they sell substantial amounts of goods to businesses.

Excellent communication, organizational, and sales contract knowledge are prerequisites for this position. Professionals in this field earn $68,000 annually, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

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4. Food Safety Manager

The food safety managers are the quality control supervisors for the food that their staff creates. Their primary duties are to ensure that the personnel obeys all food safety regulations and that the food leaving the plant complies with health and safety requirements.

Also, they are responsible for monitoring food production and packing, checking storage and holding facilities, ensuring employees follow health and safety regulations, and informing plant or facility management of any problems.

Hospitals, schools, food processing facilities, and other sizable food businesses employ food safety managers.

Professionals in this field earn between $51,000-$84,000 per year, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

5. Refrigeration Engineer

A refrigeration engineer is an expert in the design and installation of refrigeration systems.

Planning and overseeing the stages of building complicated refrigeration systems for restaurants, healthcare institutions, warehouses, lorries, and trailers are among the tasks of a refrigeration engineer.

To satisfy your customer’s demands, you must decide which cooling system is required and the best way to design and install that system.

Professionals in this field earn between $78,500-$107,500 per year, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

6. Refrigeration Mechanic

A refrigeration technician installs and maintains refrigeration systems for residential or commercial premises, such as houses, restaurants, or cold storage facilities.

They engage with clients or facilities managers before installing new systems to establish the scope, costs, and completion dates.

Additionally, their responsibilities during maintenance may involve:

  • Carrying out routine inspections.
  • Cleaning cooling systems.
  • Changing out damaged components or supplies, including refrigerant coolant.

Also, they could work for a refrigeration firm or be employed by a bigger HVAC or construction company.

Professionals in this field earn between $45,000-$63,500 per year, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

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7. Supply Chain Analyst

A supply chain analyst is in charge of keeping an eye on the supply chain. Supply chain analysts analyze the most practical and economical means of acquiring, moving, and storing supplies as required.

Demand, shelf life, possible supply or transportation challenges, and price must be considered. They use databases or analysis tools on computers for the majority of their job.

The professionals in this field earn  $65,000 annually, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

8. Transportation Analyst

Shipping and transportation are areas of expertise for transportation analysts. They are responsible for ensuring that commodities are delivered as securely and effectively as possible.

A vital component of the job is statistical analysis, enabling employees to evaluate possible issues, inefficiencies, and various model solutions.

The professionals in this field earn  $63,000 annually, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

9. Inventory Analyst

As the position title suggests, an inventory analyst primarily deals with a company’s inventory.

Among the responsibilities include anticipating sales, ensuring resources are correctly allocated, and purchasing merchandise as needed.

A solid foundation in both mathematics and statistics is required because a lot of the analysis is carried out using mathematical methods and programs.

The professionals in this field earn  $53,000 annually, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

10. Logistics Supervisor

For this job, you’ll spend a lot of time in a warehouse. Logistics supervisors oversee warehouse operations and personnel, tracking both shipments and deliveries.

They are in charge of accurately and efficiently loading and unloading the cargo.

Supervisors are also expected to work with the suppliers and delivery services to ensure everything is in order.

The professionals in this field earn  $73,000 annually, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

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11. Automated Logistics Specialist

Automated logistics professionals are in charge of operations and inventory in a warehouse context.

They ensure that accounting and supply lists are current. Other responsibilities include keeping an eye on how supplies are loaded, unloaded, kept, and handled properly for perishables.

The professionals in this field earn  $64,000 annually, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

12. Food Safety Specialist

A food safety expert inspects agricultural or food production facilities to verify that they adhere to all quality and environmental health regulations.

They offer certification for items and facilities used in the manufacturing of food.

Your responsibilities as a food safety specialist likely involve lab work, restaurant or grocery store inspections, and on-site inspections.

A safety specialist’s duties also include:

  • Assessing workplace safety.
  • Suggesting facility upgrades.
  • Testing products.
  • Collaborating with facility management.
  • Inspecting the working conditions of employees.

Professionals in this field earn between $45,000-$66,000 per year, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

13. Food Safety Director

Food safety directors monitor all compliance processes and policies, conduct inspections and other auditing tasks, and ensure that all employees and the facility abide by food health and safety rules.

Your duties include recruiting and educating new inspectors and quality assurance personnel who assist with facility inspections and produce thorough reports.

You make decisions on how to raise or maintain safety standards at your site based on the results of their investigations.

Professionals in this field earn between $43,000-$106,000 per year, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

14. Food Processor

Before the food is sent to stores or customers, it is prepared and packaged by a food processor.

Although studying agricultural or food science gives you knowledge and abilities that may be valuable in your employment, there are no specific academic requirements for a career as a food processor.

In a food processing facility, you can work as a baker, a butcher, a meat packer, a fish cleaner, or an assembly line worker.

Your employment responsibilities may differ depending on your function, but you are still required to adhere to government standards and severe health and safety rules.

Professionals in this field earn between $25,000-$33,500 per year, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

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15. Procurement Agent

The primary responsibility of a procurement agent is to acquire whatever the business need for everyday operations, be it retail, office supplies, machinery, or other items.

It’sIt’s not quite that straightforward, though, as procurement agents must also become familiar with their suppliers and keep up with prices and inventories.

For this work, negotiation and communication skills are essential since you must be able to purchase things at a fair price and from the right sellers.

The professionals in this field earn an average salary of $68,000 per year, making it one of the best paying jobs in food distributors.

The fields of distribution and logistics provide a variety of professional options.

Many of them will place you in a warehouse, so you will need to be able to perform some physical labor.

A college degree and previous work experience are prerequisites for each position. Because distribution is a sophisticated industry, your knowledge will always be important.

Benefits of a Career in Food Distributors

A significant sector of the economy and society is food distribution. A big part of a nation’s functioning well is adequate food for all of society’s members.

Although you may follow a few distinct career routes in this field, some qualities apply to all the above positions. Below are the benefits of starting a career as a food distributor:

1. You can work around the world.

A job in food distribution is a fantastic opportunity to explore the world if you enjoy it. You could work in other nations as many businesses have international operations.

This is a fantastic opportunity to explore new things and learn about other cultures.

2. It is a lucrative career path.

The food distribution sector is a wonderful choice if you seek a well-paying job. If you are prepared to put in the work, numerous high-paying jobs are available so that you may make a nice living.

3. There is much room for growth.

The food distribution sector is expanding quickly; therefore, there is a possibility for professional advancement. You can climb the corporate ladder rapidly if you are driven and diligent.

Additionally, the sector is home to a wide variety of business models, so you can always alter things if you feel anything needs to change.

Generally, working in the food distribution sector has several advantages. Being your boss is one of the key advantages. Additionally, you are free to choose your hours, which is quite flexible. You may also earn a nice living if you succeed in this sector.

The nicest thing about becoming a food distributor is choosing your compensation frequently. Additionally, despite economic instability, your employment is solid because you always need food and have to distribute.

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Top Food Distributor Companies

Below are the top food distributor companies:

1. Sysco

Established in 1969, Sysco is the top worldwide food distribution corporation. This food distributor company is ranked number 60 on the 2021 Fortune 500 list.

2. Performance Foodservice

Founded in 1875, Performance Foodservice is a leader in the food distribution sector. It ships various food products and kitchen necessities across the country.

3. McLane Foodservice

The Mclane Company is a well-known supply chain service company that distributes groceries and home goods across the US. It started as a little retail food business in 1894. The distribution and logistical network at Mclane have grown.

4. U.S Foods

Founded in 1989, the American food distributor U.S Foods, formerly US Foodservice, primarily serves the domestic market. It dominates most of the American food service sector, together with Sysco.


There are many good reasons to think about working in food distribution. The sector is expanding and provides prospects for promotion, competitive pay, and high job security. Food distribution can be suitable if you seek a steady job with excellent prospective profits.

Best Paying Jobs in Food Distributors FAQs

What is the highest paying job in the food industry?

Distribution Manager
Demand Planning Manager
Distribution Sales Manager
Food Safety Manager
Refrigeration Engineer
Refrigeration Mechanic
Supply Chain Analyst
Transportation Analyst
Inventory Analyst
Logistics Supervisor
Automated Logistics Specialist
Food Safety Specialist
Food Safety Director
Procurement Agent
Food Processor

What does a food distributor do?

Food distribution professionals pack, ship, sort, and distribute food. They are in charge of transporting food from a farm to a warehouse and finally to a retailer.

Who is the biggest food distributor?

Performance Foodservice
McLane Foodservice
U.S. Foods


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