How To Write Cover Letter For Dental Assistant | Full Guide

Writing a strong cover letter for dental assistant employment is a crucial step in the job search process. When drafting a cover letter, make sure to refer to the job description’s requirements.

Refer to your most relevant or remarkable qualifications in your letter to show employers why you are a good fit for the job. You can do that by practicing with the sample cover letters we have for dental assistants. 

If you keep reading this article, you will discover how to write a cover letter for dental assistant employment, as well as ideas on how to create a cover letter that best showcases your expertise and credentials.

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What Makes a Cover Letter for Dental Assistants?

The professional cover letter for dental assistant position should be tailored to the skills required for this employment.

Rather than making generic assertions about your interest and ability, your cover letter should include clear details about why you are qualified for the job.

Before you send your cover letter and CV, do your best to figure out who will be reading it so you can speak directly to them.

Include precise statements about your appropriate skills and express your passion for what you like about working in the role. Always express gratitude for the employer’s effort spent reviewing your application.

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How To Write a Cover Letter For Dental Assistant

Make sure you know how to create a cover letter that makes you seem like the ideal candidate for the job before you begin.

Dental assistants support dentists with patient care and guarantee the efficient operation of the dental office.

The job is difficult since it demands both technical medical knowledge and administrative abilities. Here’s how to write an outstanding cover letter for dental assistant:

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Use the proper cover letter format for a dental assistant.

  1. Set the page margins to one inch on both sides.
  2. Single or 1.15 line spacing is recommended.
  3. Use a legible font with a size of 11 to 12 points.

Make a powerful first paragraph.

  1. Begin your letter with “Dear” and the recruiting manager’s name.
  2. Mention the position you’ve interest in.
  3. To catch the recruiter’s attention, describe one of your proudest achievements.

Showcase your dental assistant abilities.

Employers seek employees with a combination of hard and soft talents. A clear and targeted cover letter is an excellent method to demonstrate to hiring managers that you have the necessary skills to succeed as a dental assistant.

Even if you’ve discussed your skills on your resume, it’s good repeating your most important skills in your cover letter. You must show how your qualifications make you the greatest candidate for the job to the hiring manager.

Give instances of your accomplishments (with hard numbers)

Include the most important accomplishments from your resume in your cover letter, along with facts and examples.

Including hard numbers in your cover letter shows hiring managers exactly what you can do for them if you are hired.

Justify your desire to join them.

  1. Express your enthusiasm for the position you’re applying for.
  2. Ascertain that they are aware of your decision.
  3. Make it clear that you want to work for them exclusively and that you intend to stay.

A cover letter is intended to provide the recruiter with further information about your professional qualifications.

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Make sure your cover letter isn’t excessively extensive (or too short)

If your cover letter isn’t specified on the job application, follow these formatting guidelines:

  1. Use between 200 and 400 words in your essay.
  2. Divide your text into three to four paragraphs.
  3. To improve readability, include a bulleted list.

The reason for this exact length is that individuals in the United States read at a rate of roughly 300 words per minute. Don’t boring employers with a long cover letter that they might throw away halfway through.

Use a compelling closing in your dental assistant cover letter.

  1. Sign your name completely.
  2. Add a digital signature to the form below.
  3. Repeat your basic contact information in the footer.

Sample Of a Cover Letter for Dental Assistant

Eddie Miller
Mandan Road, 23
63101 Saint Louis, MO

[Company Name]
City, State, and Company
[email of hiring manager]
Mr., Mrs., or Ms. [Name of Hiring Manager]

Thank you for taking the time to go over my application for a dental assistant position at [Clinic Name]. Please accept the accompanying application, which I am sending after seeing the job advertised on [website name, or any other source from which you learned about the job]. I am pleased to report that my past expertise as a dental assistant of (x number) years fulfills the demands and standards of your clinic.

First and foremost, I have an Associate Degree in Dental Assisting from [College name] from 2019. In 2021, the Dental Assisting National Board recertified me, ensuring that you are employing a certified dental assistant. As a result, you can rest assured that you are selecting an experienced professional with the skills, abilities, and knowledge necessary to work in a dental clinic.

You Can Further by saying;

I began working as a dental assistant the day I received my diploma and have worked in clinics where I assisted more than ten dentists as well as clinics where I assisted only one dentist. I am capable of working in either a high-volume dental business or a small clinic.

You said in your job description that you are searching for someone that requires little to no training and supervision. Over the course of my five years as a dental assistant, I’ve received high ratings for my communication and patient-care abilities, as well as for supporting dentists with intricate extractions, implants, and other dental procedures. You may expect a warm, yet reassuring demeanor and delicate touch from me during dental operations.

Last but not least, I can assure you that I am totally versed in all of the procedures related to record-keeping, dental work, scheduling, and patient care. With that in mind, here are some bullet points from my resume that could pique your interest:

  1. Every day, prepare 20 or more patients for dental treatments and assist the dentist in preparing the necessary materials.
  2. Keep track of dental supplies and equipment inventory, ensuring that orders are placed on the schedule and that the clinic saves money by searching for new suppliers.
  3. Record patient medical and dental history with 100 percent accuracy.


Eddie Miller

Your Phone (XXX)

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Tips On Writing a Cover Letter for Dental Assistant

Write about your enthusiasm for the field.

Showing a passion for this profession is one of the finest ways to set yourself apart from other dental assistant hopefuls. If you have prior experience, make sure to mention it in your cover letter; if you don’t, explain why you’re enthusiastic to join their team.

Employers will see your enthusiasm as a sign that you are passionate and dedicated to your career and that you can be counted on as an important element of their practice.

Writing a strong cover letter for dental assistant employment is a crucial step in the job search process. When drafting a cover letter, make sure to refer to the job description’s requirements. Refer to your most relevant or…

Your cover letter should be addressed to a specific person.

You must personalize the greeting when creating a cover letter. It should begin with “Dear…,”. The name of the recruiting manager or someone in charge of hiring for this post should go in the blank place. Call and inquire about who will be reading your application.

Tell a story

A good cover letter for dental assistant position should tell a story that highlights both your skills and personality. Anecdotes from previous experiences that are relevant to the position are a terrific method to do this.

For instance, if you recently went above and above to assist an elderly patient in need, describe your response. Include how it has influenced your work path.

Include any transferable abilities that are useful for dental assistants (such as being organized or functioning well under pressure).

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Check your cover letter for errors.

To guarantee that dental care is administered appropriately, dental assistants must keep meticulous notes. A small typo in a cover letter will divert hiring managers’ attention away from the content of your message.

Before submitting your cover letter, double-check it for any mistakes. If at all possible, have someone you trust read it through as well since they might catch errors you missed. This will demonstrate that you are meticulous and can perform duties accurately even under duress.

Skills You Need To Be Successful As a Dental Assistant

Administrative expertise

Part of a dental assistant’s day is spent doing office work like answering phones, organizing appointments, and keeping track of patients’ information.

Medical records systems and technology, as well as solid time management and attention to detail, are necessary.

Ability to communicate

During an appointment, dental assistants are frequently one of the first people to interact with patients. They may be in charge of gathering information about a patient’s medical history, explaining procedures, and instructing them on proper dental hygiene.

Dental assistants can use solid communication skills to establish a connection with their patients, assess their pain levels, and learn about their medical history. These factors may have an impact on the operation or treatment approach. Working with dentists, dental hygienists, and other members of the dental team necessitates communication and coordination.

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Thinking critically

As a dental assistant, the ability to think critically is crucial. As a dental assistant, you must be able to anticipate their demands and have all of the appropriate supplies and devices on hand at all times.

If you know there is something else you can do to assist the dentist during a process, don’t be hesitant to take action. Flexibility and adaptability are crucial abilities to master.

Follow-through on instructions

Dental assistants must pay close attention and act swiftly when given instructions. When you have a lot on your mind, it’s easy to become sidetracked, but staying focused and awake when the dentist needs you is critical.

Excellent judgment

Dental assistants must also be capable of making sound decisions. When it comes to medical procedures, your opinion matters, and you should speak up if you believe something should be modified for the benefit of a patient.

Knowing the basics of oral medicine will help you make better judgments and react more swiftly and effectively in any situation.

Excellent customer service abilities

A dental assistant’s key responsibilities include interacting with patients. Greeting patients with a smile and assisting them as needed leaves a positive impression and encourages them to return to your office. Being nice and warm might also help people who are concerned about going to the dentist for the first time.

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Exceptional organizational abilities

It requires a lot of organization to keep track of patient appointments and information. Dental assistants must keep a clean and orderly environment and ensure that all patient records are stored appropriately because of the sensitive nature of this data.

Basic dental medicine knowledge

In some states, dental assistants must complete a dental assisting program. An associate degree in dental assisting usually takes one year to finish. At its Minneapolis campus, Herzing University provides both a diploma and an associate degree in dental assisting.

Graduates of the associate degree program are qualified for entry-level dental assistant positions as well as bachelor’s degree programs in healthcare management or dental hygiene.

How To Edit Dental Assistant Cover Letter Template

PDF cover letters have become increasingly popular, despite the fact that they don’t lose any formatting and can be viewed on nearly every device.

To alter the PDF templates after downloading them, you’ll need a strong PDF editor like Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor. In PDFs, you can quickly alter the text and images.

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Here are some of the abilities you’ll need as a dental assistant:

  • Administrative expertise.
  • Excellent organizing abilities.
  • Communication abilities
  • Thinking critically.
  • Excellent judgment.
  • Excellent customer service abilities.
  • Basic dental medicine knowledge.
  • Make sure you send your mail to the correct person.
  • Begin with a brief overview.
  • Show off your credentials and experience.
  • Discuss your most recent tasks and role.
  • The group should be praised.
  • Finally, make a call to action.

A cover letter template can help you format your letter. Templates also indicate you what parts, such as introductions and body paragraphs, should be included in your letters.

A dental assistant is a qualified worker who works alongside dentists. This could include things like scheduling appointments, assisting with operations, and keeping track of patient records.

To start a new document, select New. Type “cover letter” or “resume” into the Search for online templates box, then click the magnifying glass to search. Look through your findings (there are a lot of them) and pick the one that best represents the cover letter you want to write.


A career as a dental assistant may be appropriate for you if you want to help others while also encouraging good oral health. Writing a good cover letter for the dental assistant position may help you get a job interview.

Keep in mind that you won’t get very far without a strong dental assistant resume.


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