20 High Paying Jobs You Can Get with a Political Science Degree

After going through college for 45 years, it is everyone’s dream to get a high paying job that complements these efforts.

A degree in political science would groom you to understand, promote and debate political arguments, to become a strong writer, speaker and critical thinker.

You will also be able to explore a range of powerful writers relevant to domestic and international politics, such as American public opinion, nuclear security and the European Union.

Your exposure to these new fields would require deep and intent studies and as such, you would have a lot of career opportunities open to you.

After bagging a degree in political science, there are certain high paying jobs that would be open to you.

If you are wondering the high paying jobs you can get with a political science degree, steps you can take to get these high paying jobs or even why you need to study political science, keep reading.

What is a Political Science Degree?

A political science degree is a degree, studied in most universities as a course of study, which requires you to study government in theory and practice.

During the course of getting a political science degree, you would be exposed to political theory, international relations, comparative politics and before you are done with your degree, you would have an in-depth knowledge of political issues and theories and have the skills to confidently approach research questions. 

If you are usually interested in current events and is attentive to detail when matters of government and policies come into play, a political science degree would further coach you on the nature of power and governments while building skills in analysis, research and more.

With a degree in political science, you’ll be well-equipped to understand the forces that guide political processes.

Degree programs in political science and government may go by different names, and requirements can change across schools.

Whether students earn a degree in political science, government, government and legal studies, or in a department with some other title, they should expect to explore topics in more than one part of the field.

While earning a political science degree, students consider local, national, and international issues, such as social equity and climate change. They explore how these topics relate to past, current, and developing political systems and processes.

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Why Get a High-Paying Job with Political Science Degree?

Everyone has a reason why they want a high-paying- it can range from bills, to family issues, to the respect and prestige it offers.

But away from the money, there are a lot of other reasons you should have a high-paying job with political science degree. You would:

  • be involved in things and places that matter.
  • appreciate exploring relationships between states and individuals.
  • have the power to change existing systems and processes for the better and how to effectively do it.
  • advocate for under-represented populations and social equality.
  • participate in efforts to mitigate climate change.
  • have a value of justice and have a strong sense of right and wrong.
  • build your critical and possess strong communication skills.

Step by Step Guide to Getting a Political Science Degree for a High-Paying Job

Step 1: Earn your Bachelor’s Degree

Of course you should know that the first step you should take to get a high paying job. To hold a high-paying job, earning a bachelor’s degree in political science should be the first valid step.

You would need to have all the requirements needed to get a degree in political science in the school of your choice.

Do your research and find out what you need, apply. The degree usually takes 4 years.

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Step 2: Participate in an Internship

As you complete your degree program, find opportunities to gain experience in political science.

For instance, internships in roles within nonprofit organizations, as campaign assistants, research assistants or in congressional and legislative offices are excellent ways to gain valuable experience in the field and build a portfolio of work that can help your employment prospects as you complete your graduate degree.

Step 3: Gain Work Experience

As you complete your education, you might consider paid internships, volunteer work, or an entry-level role to build your experience up.

Employers may commonly look for candidates with proven work history, so gaining this experience can be highly advantageous for your career.

A high-paying job with your degree is worth it, so employers usually lookout for persons with enough experience to handle the positions.

Step 4: Consider a Master’s Degree

Many of these high-paying jobs also need people who have furthered their education.

While it’s not a mandatory requirement, it would still help in ensuring that you get the high paid job of your dreams.

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20 High Paying Jobs You Can Get with a Political Science Degree

#1. Market Research Analyst

Average salary: $17.39 per hour

This is one of the high paying jobs you can get with a political science degree. You would be vested with the responsibility to use your knowledge in political science to analyze markets.

This research would help to inform economic policy, develop new products for organizations or adjust advertising and social media messaging for audiences.

As a market research analyst, you must analyze data and use current research standards to come up with viable studies that allow you to accurately predict marketing trends.

The communication skills of political science majors also support analyst’s ability to communicate their findings accurately to clients.

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#2. Political Campaign Staff

Average salary: $39,141 per year

This is one of the high-paying jobs you can get with a political science degree. It may not seem like it from the surface, but it actually pays well.

You would develop and execute various tactics to get a political candidate elected.

This should include using your knowledge of political science to formulate a social media plan, scheduled speeches, recruit and train volunteers.

You would have to use your skills and knowledge to work towards the goal to get a person elected into government.

#3. Legislator

Average salary: $45,201 per year

In getting a political science degree, you would be grounded on how government works and how best to make laws.

You would have the knowledge of what is right and wrong and as such, be able to make good laws. As a legislator, you would be in a position to create new laws and alter existing ones.

Typically, politicians, legislators are also responsible for proposing new bills and holding votes to ensure their legislation is passed.

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#4. Intelligence Analyst

Average salary: $56,970 per year

The study of political science would enable you to identify and monitor potential threats to prevent and protect from internal or external attacks.

They work with a variety of organizations like the FBI to aggregate and study information from many sources.

You would understand the workings of the government institutions more than other people and that makes you an asset. This is one of the high paying jobs you can get with a political science degree.

#5. Political Consultant

Average salary: $27.88 per hour

Political consultants work with political candidates to run successful campaigns for offices at all levels.

They might help develop public messaging, public relations strategies, write speeches and more.

With your knowledge in political science, you are in a better position to give advice to your political candidate. This is one of the high-paying jobs you can get with a political science degree.

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#6. Arbitrator

Average salary: $62,185 per year

Arbitrators are legal mediators who resolve legal matters for parties who do not want to go to court. They work to ensure both parties sign and agree to a legally binding resolution.

Negotiations and dialogue between organizations can be difficult, but arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators seek to settle disputes and resolve conflicts outside of the courts.

With a political science degree, you’ll have a better understanding of how to bring separate parties, which are often feuding, together in a way that is beneficial to both groups.

This can include simply organizing up the meeting or guiding the long-term communication.

#7. Operations Research Analyst

Average salary: $62,287 per year

This is one of the high-paying jobs you can get with a political science degree.

Operations research analysts use a variety of research techniques like statistics, data mining, mathematics, and modeling to solve operational problems for businesses and organizations.

Your knowledge of political science would enable you to address issues like inefficiencies, revenue, and growth.

#8. Public Relations Specialist

Average salary: $63,283 per year

This is one of the high-paying jobs you can get with a political science degree. You would own, adjust, and maintain the reputation of a company, department, or organization.

Most employers would also put you in charge of communicating with major news sources, writing blog posts, managing social media, and developing press releases.

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#9. Urban Planner

Average salary: $63,794 per year

This is one of the high-paying jobs you can get with a political science degree.

The knowledge you have gained with your political science degree would be important in your planning to develop strategic plans to accommodate populations, revitalize communities, and make existing urban areas more efficient.

#10. Policy Analyst

Average salary: $66,811 per year.

As a policy analyst, you would use the in-depth knowledge you gathered from your political science degree, you can help in researching national trends as it pertains to social, economic, international, and other political issues.

The results gotten from these search results go a long way in boosting economies and advising the government on policies to implement, according to the search results gotten.

#11. State Legislator

Average salary: $70,026 per year

Despite the constant attention on Capitol Hill, the vast majority of lawmakers work part-time in state capitols around the country.

These legislators often balance professional careers in their hometowns with their passion for public service.

Professionals from areas such as law or medicine often pursue degrees in political science to help understand their responsibilities as elected officials.

#12. Management Analyst

Average salary: $71,556 per year

Your knowledge of political science would enable you to become an efficient management analyst.

You would be responsible for assessing organizations and identifying areas for improvement and increased efficiency.

Some goals for management analysts might include increasing profits, improving morale, or making processes more effective. This is one of the high-paying jobs you can get with a political science degree.

#13. Business Analyst

Average salary: $78,164 per year

As a business analyst, you would be responsible for studying and assessing the needs of various organizations to develop business system solutions.

You would aggregate data from various sources and use statistical and mathematical methods to answer complex business questions.

This is one of the high-paying jobs you can get with a political science degree.

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#14. Economist

Even without a degree in economics, your knowledge from your political science degree can also help you do the job efficiently.

,You could not effectively study the distribution of money, you could analyze aspects of it like goods and services, production, demand, and government policy.

Besides analyzing the way money moves, economists also spend a great deal of time analyzing financial data, making market trend forecasts and conducting surveys. This is one of the high-paying jobs you can get with a political science degree.

#15. Legislative Assistant

With a political science major, there are several entry-level and advanced positions in politics and government available to you.

One such position is as a legislative assistant. From aiding senators to representatives and assembly members, legislative assistants work with civil servants at all levels of government.

The duties of a legislative assistant vary wildly based on their employer, but some of the common tasks for an assistant include assessing the interest of constituents.

Legislative assistants also answer constituent questions and aid in resolving issues with voters in their jurisdiction. This is one of the high-paying jobs you can get with a political science degree.

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#16. Postsecondary Political Science Teacher

Annual Wage: $83,370

This is one of the high-paying jobs you can get with a political science degree. You would be required to work in an academic setting and must have a high level of expertise in the field of political science.

This expertise can be gained through formal training in a bachelor’s degree program as well as a postgraduate degree program in political science.

Most universities require their political science instructors to hold a doctoral degree. Community colleges, however, may accept applicants with just a master’s credential.

#17. Urban & Regional Planners  

Average salary: $70,020

There are many people and scores of organizations that have different ideas for how certain land should be used.

It’s the job of urban planners and regional planners to meld these concerns into a coherent plan, and a political science degree gives you the knowledge you need to do this job to your best.

You may be required to meet with public officials, gather data, conduct field investigations, or even administer government plans. This is one of the high-paying jobs you can get with a political science degree.

#18. Community Service Manager

 Average salary: $64,680

Working in this field, you will coordinate and supervising social services and community organizations.

Your job can include working with community members to target new programs, overseeing staff, analyzing data, and writing proposals for new social and community programs.

You would also be responsible for giving an honest assessment of current programs. Although only a bachelor’s degree is required for most positions, this is a management role so as much as five years of direct experience may be required.

#19. Historian  

Average salary: $55,110

Historians don’t just read history books and regurgitate information. Working in one of these political science careers, you will actually gather historical information and analyze that data.

You’ll have to communicate that information in a way that other people find relatable and, hopefully, interesting.

From writing reports to providing guidance with a historical perspective, a historian can rely heavily on their political science education.

This is one of the high paying jobs you can get with a political science degree.

#20. Survey Researcher

Average salary: $54,470

If you work in one of these jobs for political science, you will design and conduct research surveys for a wide range of reasons.

Surveys that you design can be used to gather factual information, such as income levels or employment stats, but they can also be used in opinion research.

It will also be your job to analyze the data and, depending on the position, make recommendations to the company or agency that funded the research. 

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A bachelor’s degree is the minimum education requirement for highest paying jobs with a political science degree.

With the political science degree, you can not only get high-paying jobs, but you can also hone writing and analytical skills with original writing.

University clubs and internships can be used to build experience in the political arena. These high-paying jobs you can get with a political science degree are totally worth it.



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