Best Online Jobs For 16 Year Olds That Pay Well | 2023

While some 16 year olds are lucky enough to have parents that can afford to pay them an allowance monthly, others have to start looking for ways to make their own money. If you are in the latter category, we have listed the best online jobs for 16 year olds that pay well.

And while there are several traditional jobs that 16 year olds can do, such as babysitting or mowing lawns, more and more teens are looking for ways to make money online. 

Fortunately, there are several online jobs for 16 year olds that can pay quite well. In this article, we will explore some of the best-paying online jobs for 16 year olds so that you can earn your own money.

Should You Get Online Jobs as a 16 Year Olds?

You should work online as a 16-year-old. If you put in the effort, you may earn extra income without leaving your house. All you have to do is locate an enjoyable teenage online job.

Some online jobs for teenagers that don’t need diplomas or college degrees include customer support, website testing, content authoring, survey taking, and digital creative responsibilities.

Before signing up, ensure you are at least the required age and have reviewed the terms of service.

Also, consider having your adolescent sign up for a high school coding course. This will enable them to work freelance or remotely and open the door to a new career and skill set.

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How to Make Money from Online Jobs for 16 Year Olds

, one way to make money as a 16 year old online is to find services you can offer clients online in exchange for some bucks. The more skills you possess and the services you offer, the more money you will make.

If you love working with graphics, viewing movies, or whatever your hobbies are, there are many fantastic opportunities for you in the internet world. You can apply to work as a graphic designer, virtual assistant, or content writer.

Additionally, there are few employment prerequisites for these professional prospects. You don’t require a bachelor’s degree or professional experience for jobs as a content writer or website tester. A reliable Internet connection and some free time are all you need.

In this article, we have listed the best online jobs that hire 16 year olds. This list will help you begin your journey of earning from home.

How To Receive Payment for Online Jobs for Teens

This is one of the essential questions teens need to remember to ask when preparing to get into the freelancing market. You must learn what payment method is involved and how accessible the payment method option is to you before you start on any work.

Starting with those that allow you to get payment in cash via PayPal or direct deposit is what we’d advise.

However, many internet jobs for adolescents also provide remuneration in the form of gift cards, which, if you can pick a business you visit or obtain a Visa gift card, are just as great as cash.

Best Online Jobs for 16 Year Olds in 2023

Here are our top picks of the best online jobs for 16 Year Olds in 2023:

  1. Website Tester
  2.  Animator
  3.  Illustrator
  4.  Web Developer
  5.  Graphic Designer
  6.  SEO Specialist
  7.  Data Entry
  8.  Virtual Assistant
  9.  Social Media Manager
  10.  Online Tutor

1. Website Tester

Online purchases may leave you wondering whether they are what you expected. Website testers can help with that!

Website testers especially examine the usability and operation of websites. This position is one of the best online jobs for 16 year olds that pay well.

Using a screen recorder to record your movements and speech as you navigate the website, you may review any online item or service from your home.

They subsequently forwarded these videos with all your comments and suggestions for enhancing the firm whose website you were evaluating.

The typical payment for each site examined is $10. They can spend as much or as little time as they like and decide which areas to explore.

This job is fantastic if you are proficient with computers and the internet! Useful websites for web testing jobs include UserTesting and Userlytics.

2. Animator

Your duties as a teen animator will involve utilizing photographs to produce an animation. Although it may begin as a drawing on paper, animators increasingly frequently employ computer tools to bring their creations to life.

There is endless training required to learn how to utilize the programs, but once you have the training, you should discover plenty of jobs to work on.

3. Illustrator

Also one of the best online jobs for 16-year-olds; as an illustrator, it will be your responsibility to provide images for those who require them. For example, this may entail producing images for websites, comic books, and novels.

You must be artistic, and love sketching and using a computer to create graphics if you want to succeed at this work and genuinely enjoy it.

A hand sketch usually won’t do; therefore, you’ll need to learn how to convert such images into digital files for your clientele.

4. Web Developer

Gen Zers aren’t called “digital natives” for no reason. Teenagers nowadays have never lived in a world alone without the Internet. Web development does not necessarily come naturally as a result.

But suppose you have an aptitude for coding. In that case, you can pick it up quickly, especially with the abundance of user-friendly developer tools for beginners in WordPress hosting companies.

Furthermore, given how well-received (deserved or not) the perception of today’s youth as tech-savvy is, it’s one of the few tasks adults are inclined to delegate to them.

You will retain customers because many older adults develop blogs and side businesses.

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5. Graphic Designer

You’ll be responsible for producing graphics and pictures as a graphic designer for various uses. Someone can require creating a logo, a mascot for their brand, infographics, image editing, or some other kind of image.

The graphic designer gets in to transform the written text into an appealing visual for the client.

As a graphic designer, you should start making between $10 and $15 per hour. The good thing about graphic design is that there is much work in this field and that if you are trained and have a solid reputation, it is quite simple to acquire freelance tasks.

6. SEO Specialist

A search engine optimization professional will increase the views a website receives from search engines like In essence, you’ll ensure that a search engine sends as many visitors as possible, ensuring your website is placed higher than your rivals in search results.

Though there are many skills o acquire in this field, if you can outperform rivals, you’ll always have enough employment.

You must consistently learn to adapt to search engines because they change frequently. Your SEO strategies will need to modify whenever an algorithm is changed.

As a result, you will need to be a lifelong learner who can adjust to change. Additionally, you must study independently, as no official education is required to become a search engine optimization professional.

7. Data Entry

Essentially, someone with solid knowledge of spreadsheet programs like Excel is needed for this position. For the client’s desired outcome, such an individual must be able to work with formulae and manipulate numbers.

Physical presence is only sometimes required for this profession. The document to be worked on will likely be provided by mail, which will then be worked on and returned via whatever channel made accessible by the client. It resembles editing and inputting data in a spreadsheet more.

Although this job does not pay as much as some others, it is still a good choice for 16-year-old to do if they have little or no debts to pay.

Using this, they may create a portfolio to help them land comparable online employment. Similar to other things, compensation is negotiable and not fixed.

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8. Virtual Assistant

Another task that may be completed online is this one. Although it demands much availability, it is one profession that pays well for someone 16 years old. This is only the online representation of a boss’s physical secretary in any workplace.

The need for virtual assistants is growing every day. Because fewer employers now enjoy having an overly crowded office, this has happened.

To help with this, businesses engage virtual assistants to arrange and inform clients of meetings, book flights and prepare lodgings for traveling customers.

The typical minimum age requirement for this career is 16 years old. For someone in this age range, it is a safe bet.

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9. Social Media Manager

If you use social media a lot, you can make money from it!

Social media managers are responsible for developing the plans for running a company’s social networks.

Developing content and engaging consumers requires collaboration between staff members and individuals in charge of other social media channels.

You may learn all there is to do about social media from various free online courses.

Because it necessitates understanding how various social media networks operate and what consumers want to see on them, this position is ideal for students intrigued by the digital world.

Start with a nearby company that still needs a strong internet presence. If you’re starting as a social media manager, consider landing a job with a small business that lacks the funding to hire full-time staff.

Students seeking to begin working online should promote goods and services on numerous social media channels.

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10. Online Tutor

Students of all ages require assistance in learning new material.

You may try out new content and engage with students of different ages to ascertain how they learn best and their requirements as an online instructor.

This is ideal if you like working one-on-one with people and guiding them through challenging topics or subjects.

This is your ideal career if you possess a solid academic history and a desire to learn!

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Can I start my career at 16?

You could work in a company as an entry-level employee at 16. A job in sales, business development, accounting, or administration might be prepared for by working in the business world. A receptionist is one of the typical roles that teens might hold in the workplace or roles such as virtual assistant, data entry clerk, or customer care representative for online jobs.

Is it worth getting a job at 16?

Teenagers who work have stronger self-images. Teenagers who put in a modest amount of time—less than 15 hours per week—at work perform better academically than those who don’t. Kids who work develop their financial literacy and money management skills—jobs aid children’s in transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

How many hours can you work at 16?

16 and 17-year-olds may work up to 40 hours per week, but only for a total of eight hours each day. The young employee must work at most the stipulated number of hours per week or day if they are under 18 and are employed by more than one company.

What job is best at 16?

Website Tester
Web Developer
Graphic Designer
SEO Specialist
Data Entry
Virtual Assistant
Social Media Manager
Online Tutor


Here is everything a 16 year olds can get paid well by doing jobs on Line. You now know what the best-paying online jobs are for your age group.

Go out there and start making some money. And remember, if you are unsure where to start, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a parent or guardian. 


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