21 Ways To Get Free Books By Mail | All You Need to Know

The only thing better than free books is the free delivery of free books! Not only is it free, but you also get it delivered to your mailbox.

There’s something about holding an actual book in your hands. The “new-book” smell, the sharp edges of the paper, the feeling of inclusivity as you turn the pages while deeply engrossed in the storyline. Absolutely nothing beats that.

If you like to read books in actual pages and “see” the characters play their parts on said pages, then I bring you good tidings. Whether it’s a novel, kid book, or religious book, I have shown 21 ways to get free books by mail.

How To Get Free Books By Mail

Some websites create a platform to get free books delivered by mail. The delivery of comics, magazines, novels, recipe, or religious books, can be free.

#1. Dolly Parton Imagination Library

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library was established as a way for kids to get free books.  This amazing program has sent over 134 million books to over 1.5 million kids above the age 5. The kids, however, must be located in particular states in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Canada, Australia.

#2. American Action Fund For Blind Children And Adults

 This program is for blind children and adults who can read braille. Children get 12 free books that haven’t been made available on braille.

#3. Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA has a program that sends books to kids anywhere in the US. The activity books help the kids have improved knowledge of environmental awareness – and still have fun in the process. See the options here and get one for your child.

#4. Goodreads

This site is a must-visit for every book lover. With thorough reviews and sound recommendations, I can’t get a new book without checking for unbiased reviews here. Giveaway sections on this site help readers get books plus free delivery.


#5. Craigslist

They not only sometimes deliver dubious roommates and funny furniture, but you can also get free books. There are generally cheap books on craigslist, but occasionally, people may want to give out their books to perhaps clear up some space.  

They give out, you receive!


#6. Hillsdale College

Hillsday college sends a free pocket-sized copy of the US constitution and declaration of independence, for free – to whoever may need it.


#7. JIFFY Recipe Book

If you live in the continental US and you require free recipes, I would highly recommend the JIFFY recipe book.

You can preview it on the link to ensure it’s what you want.


#8. Sun-Maid Recipe Booklet

They are majorly known for their raisins, however, they also have three recipe booklets. If you choose to get a hard copy, place an order and it will be delivered by mail.


#9. Bibles Of America

Since the year 2000, Bibles of America has given away 1.6 million free Bibles. You only need to fill in your information; a free Bible and other books on Christian teachings will get to you.

#10. BDK America

Are you looking to learn more about Buddhism? BDK America provides free hard copies of the Teachings of Budha to anyone in the United States.

#11. Mormon.org

You can get a free copy of The Book Of Mormon delivered to you at Mormom.org

#12. Thatdailydeal

Adults are allowed to also enjoy the pleasures of a coloring book, and thatdailydeal has helped make that possible. After about eight weeks, you get your coloring book by mail and it’s worth it.

#13. ValueMags

ValueMags has an awesome collection of magazines on offer. You simply need to enter your name and address and your new and free magazine will be on its way to your mailbox.

#14. Lego

Are you a lover of comic books? Lego delivers comic books for kids between ages five to nine. This magazine incorporates comics, activities, posters, and more.

#15. Yo Free Samples

With over 100 options constantly updated, yo free samples occasionally has free books delivered by mail to readers.

#16. The Free Site

The free site delivers books to readers resident in the US and some in Canada. Although most of it are religion-oriented, there are also some pretty regular books available.

#17.  Sweet Free Stuff

Of all the sites with random books, sweet free stuff offers a collection of really nice novels. It also has ebooks and magazines.

#18. Scam Free Samples

As the name implies, the scam-free samples is a legit site that offers free hard copies of books, comics, and ebooks. You should check to see if any of them catches your fancy.

#19. Hunt4freebies

Hunt4freebies gives a library of free books and magazines in kindle form and also in hardcovers. It’s another legit way to get free books delivered to you by mail.

#20.  Guide2free

Guide2free offers a range of free books, primarily magazines though. It is a great way to get free magazines and books at home.

#21. Your Local Library

Libraries often provide a “book by mail” service. They sometimes mail the books to your home for free. They would either send the books you ask for, or you’ll provide your reading interests, and the library would send recommendations.

How Can I Get Free Children’s Books In The Mail?

Watching kids read is always refreshing. As an only child, books were my best companions. The characters in those books were so alive in my mind, that I never felt alone.

My parents must have spent a fortune trying to quench my thirst for more stories. I believe there are kids like me, however, finding affordable books for kids may be a challenge.

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to get free children’s books in the mail, the answer is YES!

Some websites have good programs that provide books for kids in your mail.

Websites like Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, Environmental Protection Agency, Barnes & Noble summer reading programs, Read Conmigo, and American Action Fund For Blind Children And Adults.

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How Can I Get Free Books By Mail In Exchange For A Review?

If you like reading books and writing reviews about them, this would be a great gig. Some websites can get you free books by mail in exchange for your review.

You would be required to write a review and publish it as soon as you read it. This is to help struggling authors receive more promotion and publicity for their work.

Library thing, net galley, good reads, fresh fiction, enchanted book promotions, and book look bloggers are examples of such websites.

Can I Get Free Religious Books By Mail?

Sites like My reader rewards club, Bibles of America, BDK America, Christian focus publications, Wake up America seminars, and Mormon.org, all provide religious texts.

Whether you’re religious or you just like to read books on these sorts of things, you should check these websites for amazing reads.

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Can I Get Free Coloring Books?

Coloring books are no longer just grouped under kid books, as there are now coloring books for adults.

Yes! I’m an adult and I like to color. ( Who said kids have to get all the fun?!)

It makes me feel relaxed and artistic.

Websites like natural inquirer, that daily deal, and free adult coloring book deliver coloring books for kids and adults to your house.

How Can I Get Free Books Mailed To My Home In Exchange For My Books?

If you have too many books you want to get rid of, you should consider swapping them for other books you haven’t read.

Sites like bookcrossing, Book mooch, Paper Backswap, and Title trader offer the platform for book lovers to successfully exchange their books for new ones.

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What’s The Price For Getting Free Books Mailed To Your Home?

There is absolutely no price to pay (literally and figuratively).

You may be required to provide your credit card number. However, as long as you cancel that account, you still get to keep your free book.

All you have to do is follow the instructions given on these sites and then keep an eye on your letterbox.

Can I Get Free Books By Mail Worldwide?

Most of these sites offer books only to readers resident in the US, but not all.

Here’s a list of some sites that send them by mail worldwide – or at least outside the US:

  • Amazon
  • The free site
  • Imagination library
  • Netgalley
  • Freecycle
  • Bookcrossing

How Do I Get Books On My iPhone?

Most of the sites listed above also offer free ebooks.

The book app on your iPhone is free, and you can use any of these sites to get free books on your iPhone.

Android phones also come with a free book app to take full advantage of the available good reads on these sites.

How Can I Download Pdf Books For Free?

Most ebooks come in the epub format, so when sites offer free ebooks, they usually come as epub files.

However, you may find some pdf books to download for free on these sites, as they are usually easier to view on a computer.

It goes without saying that these pdf books are legal. Don’t be tempted to download books because it takes the money out of the authors’ pockets.

Final Thoughts

You are starving, and you’ve ordered pizza. The pizza guy rings the doorbell, and you open the door to see him standing there with the box of the pizza you ordered – with all your favorite toppings.

Imagine the excitement you feel at that moment! That’s how a book lover would feel if books were delivered at their doorsteps.

I have given different ways in this article to make that a possibility for you. I hope you try them out and find excellent offers to suit your needs.


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