15 Best Paying Jobs in Packaged Goods/Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry is one of the most popular industries in the United States. In 2016, the industry was worth over $62 billion. The industry is expected to grow to over $86 billion by 2024. 

This growth is because of an increase in the global population and an increase in the purchasing power of consumers.

With so many people using cosmetics, there is a great demand for jobs in packaged cosmetics. There are many jobs in packaged goods cosmetics, from sales to marketing to product development and management. 

The best jobs in package goods cosmetics offer good pay, flexible hours, and the opportunity to work with some of the most popular brands in the world.

This article contains a comprehensive list of the 15 best-paying jobs in packaged goods/cosmetics.

What exactly are packaged goods?

Packaged goods are products that are quickly sold and are reasonably priced. As a result, they include non-durable household goods that consumers use up and replace regularly.

What exactly are Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are products that are applied to the body to improve its appearance. It is typically a mixture of chemical components derived from natural sources or synthesized artificially.

Cosmetics serve several purposes. Personal and skin care products can cleanse and protect the body or skin.

Cosmetics are also used to enhance or change someone’s appearance. Cosmetics, for example, can conceal flaws, highlight natural features such as brows and eyelashes, and so on.

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Is Cosmetics/Packaged Goods a Good Career Path?

Is a career in packaged goods or cosmetics a good choice? Yes, the market for packaged goods and cosmetics is expanding, as are job opportunities. 

Job opportunities range from product design and development to sales executives and inventory and warehouse managers.

Assembly technicians, shipping coordinators, product testers, and packers are also available. 

It’s no surprise that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that package goods cosmetics industry job opportunities will grow by 5% between 2020 and 2029.

Given the importance of protecting cosmetics items from damage or loss during storage or transportation, package goods and cosmetics careers are clearly among the most critical aspects of any cosmetic company.

If you want to work in packaged goods or cosmetics, look into this career path.

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Prospects for a Career in Packaged Goods/Cosmetics

According to the BLS, the demand for chemists and material scientists will rise by 5% between 2019 and 2029. 

That means having advanced degrees in chemistry will provide chemists with more job opportunities.

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Advantages of a Career in Packaged Goods/Cosmetics

Many benefits come with a packaged goods or cosmetics career. Here are some of them:

Packaged Goods/Cosmetics Product Marketing

In the cosmetics industry, brand recognition and loyalty are extremely important.

Consumers are typically loyal customers, and once they find a brand they like, they are hesitant to switch to another.

Product packaging should be designed to be evident to everyone who sees it.

This helps the company keep its loyal customers while promoting it to interested clients who may have only heard about the company through word-of-mouth.


Product packaging, at its most basic, protects the contents from damage and theft.

Given that cosmetic product users frequently apply them near the eyes, nose, and mouth, this is an important consideration.

As a result, any modification to the product may endanger the consumer’s health. As a result, many cosmetics manufacturers package their products in tamper-clear containers.


Color is usually the first factor buyers consider when purchasing a cosmetic item.

Blush, eye shadow, and lipstick must all be vibrantly colored and pigmented, while foundation and makeup must precisely match the customer’s skin tone.

As a result, the product packaging must provide as accurate a representation of the product’s color as possible.

Clear product packaging is the best option for presenting such vibrant cosmetics.

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What is the Average Salary for Package goods/cosmetics?

In 2023, the job market for packaged goods and cosmetics is expected to be robust. As more people look to start their own businesses, the demand for these jobs will rise.

In 2023, the average salary for a package goods/cosmetics job will be $75,000. This represents a 4% increase over 2021.

You can expect a good salary if you work in the cosmetics industry. Keep in mind that your exact salary will be determined by factors such as your experience, education, and the job you’re applying for.

If you’re looking for a new career or are just starting out, consider looking into the package goods/cosmetics industry.

There are many opportunities available to those with the necessary skills and experience. You can find a great job in this growing industry with a little effort.

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15 Best-Paying Jobs in Package Goods/Cosmetics

Here is a list of the best-paying jobs in packaged goods/cosmetics:

  1. Dermatologist
  2. Global Innovation Director
  3. Packaging Designer/Director
  4. Inventor/Brand Creator
  5. Development Executive
  6. Analytics Senior Manager
  7. Product Development Scientist/Engineer
  8. Recruiters
  9. Sales Representative
  10. Beauty Director
  11. Skincare Professional
  12. Beauty artist
  13. Hair Stylist
  14. Merchant
  15. Brand Developer

1. Dermatologist

Salary: $365,500

The first on our list of best-paying jobs in package goods/cosmetics is a dermatology job. 

Dermatologists are physicians who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of skin diseases. Some countries call them dermatologic surgeons or simply dermatologists.

Aside from examining and diagnosing many skin conditions, from acne to eczema and everything in between,

They also perform biopsies, mole removals, and even cancer surgery. According to Salary.com, a dermatologist earns an average of $365,500 annually

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2. Global Innovation Director

Salary: $142,937 per year  

Next on our list of best-paying jobs in package goods/cosmetics is Global Innovation Director, 

A director of global innovation is a well-paid position, particularly in the cosmetics industry. 

These are the directors in charge of maintaining effective relationships with companies that produce branded goods.

As a Global Innovation Director, your primary job will be supervising research and development teams. You must be able to think outside the box and take risks with new ideas.

Also, you must have prior leadership experience in an organization or company that sells or manufactures packaged goods or cosmetics. 

This position will require excellent communication skills because you will present ideas to executives from various departments within your company and potential clients from other firms.

This includes explaining complex concepts without getting lost along the way and ensuring that everyone understands what’s going on so that they can contribute effectively throughout each project cycle before presenting ideas based on feedback provided by those involved at each step.

A Global Innovation Director earns an average salary of $142,937 annually in the United States.

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3. Packaging Designer/Director

Salary: $143,740

Another lucrative job in the packaged/cosmetics industry that pays well is packaging designers and directors. 

These persons are to design, develop, and implement product packaging. They collaborate with engineers, designers, and marketing to create packaging that meets a product’s and its customers’ needs. According to Salary.com, Package Design Directors earn an average salary of $143,740.

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4. Inventor/Brand Creator

Average Salary: $52,225 

In the cosmetics industry, a creative mind is a valuable asset. This job is for you if you have great ideas and want to make the world more beautiful. 

A creative and analytical mindset and knowledge of marketing and branding are required for brand development. 

Your job as an inventor or brand developer will be to create innovative products that consumers can’t get enough of and then successfully market them.

If this sounds interesting, many online resources can help you navigate becoming an inventor or brand developer.

You can also seek advice from others who have succeeded in this field; mentors are often willing to share their knowledge in exchange for feedback on their inventions or brands!

Inventor/Brand Creator earns an average of $52,225 annually in the U.S. 

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5. Development Executive

Average Salary: $299,845

Next on the list of best-paying packaged/cosmetic jobs is Development Executive. The Development Executives are responsible for planning and executing fundraising campaigns under the development executive’s purview. 

They are also in charge of managing campaigns, raising money, and cultivating relationships.

To get this job, you must have effective communication skills along with organizational and problem-solving abilities, According to Salary.com, Development Executive earns an average salary of $299,845.

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6. Analytics Senior Manager

Average Salary: $133,071

Analytics senior managers are in charge of developing and implementing strategies to optimize digital marketing and business analytics programs. 

They must be able to create new strategies while also troubleshooting issues with existing initiatives. 

To get this role, you must have a bachelor’s degree and three to five years of experience in a related field such as management or information systems. According to Salary.comAnalytics Senior Manager makes an average salary of $133,071 annually. 

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7. Product Development Scientist/Engineer.

Average Salary: $84,817 

Product Development Scientists and engineers are another set of staff that earn high in the packaged/cosmetics industry. 

These people are to develop and improve the overall functionality of products and test them to ensure they will operate in the market. 

They conduct research before moving on to developing prototypes once they have determined what needs to be fixed or improved about the product under consideration.

You must get this job with a four-year degree in chemical engineering or equivalent and relevant product development and design experience.

You must also have excellent communication skills, creativity, and a desire to solve problems.

It’s also important to know how to synthesize your knowledge into a cohesive idea and clearly explain it to others. 

According to Salary.com, product development scientists make an average salary of $84,817 per year.

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8. Recruiters 

Average Salary: $54,768 

Recruiters are involved in all aspects of the hiring process in most organizations. They may find candidates, screen them, and recommend them to hire managers or human resources professionals. 

Recruiters also track candidates’ progress through the interview process and help close out offers and contracts when those candidates are hired.

Recruiters should not be confused with job seekers or internal recruiters; they refer to people looking for jobs within specific companies or organizations rather than working outside of them. 

In essence, this is a great way to earn money while assisting others in finding jobs they enjoy!

The jobs on this list are not ranked in any particular order, but they are all excellent at what they do and have a place in the packaged goods and cosmetics industry. Recruiters make an average of $54,768 every year.

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9. Sales Representative

Average Salary: $60,881 

A career as a sales representative is among the best-paying jobs in the packaging and cosmetics fields that are worth building a career around.

As a sales representative, your primary role involves selling packaged goods and cosmetics to wholesalers and retailers. They also advise on merchandising techniques to boost sales. 

They also keep track of customer orders, payments, and inventory data for financial reports. According to Salary.com, a sales representative makes an average salary of $60,881 annually

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10. Beauty Director

Average Salary: $81,531

Next on our list of the best paying jobs in packaged/cosmetics industry. A beauty director manages a cosmetics company’s overall appearance. 

In addition to being a strong leader for a group of employees, they must be able to develop and practice strategies to increase sales.

To get this job, you must have a strong sense of responsibility, organization, and communication skills are crucial. According to Salary.com, a beauty director makes an average salary of $81,531.

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11. Skincare Professional

Average Salary: $43,228

Counseling clients and administering treatments are the responsibilities of the skin care specialist.

They must regularly receive training, possess a thorough knowledge of cosmetics and skin care products, and be up to date on the latest client-facing tools and fashions.

To get this job, you must have good communication skills. According to Salary.com, a Skincare professional earns an average salary of $43,228.

12. Beauty artist

Average Salary: $22,232

A makeup artist is a specialist in the application of cosmetics. They should have in-depth knowledge of cosmetics, be able to use various tools and products, and always be aware of the latest trends and best products.

Communicating well is essential for this position because makeup artists deal directly with clients daily. According to Salary.com, the average earnings of makeup artists in the United States is $22,232 every year.

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13. Hair Stylist

Average Salary: $28,019

Hairdressers are in charge of styling, coloring, and cutting. They must be highly knowledgeable about various hair structures, their best hair care, how to use tools, and all the most recent fashion trends.

Good communication skills are essential for this position to comprehend client needs and provide guidance. 

Additionally, a certificate or secondary education in this field is preferred. The average Salary of a Hair Stylist is $28,019.

14. Merchant 

Average Salary: $68,170

The merchant oversees the company’s merchandising strategies, including their planning, execution, and analysis. They must be able to design products, packaging, and displays.

Good communication skills, as well as analytical and problem-solving abilities, are required for this position.

They should also be familiar with the company’s software and systems. A merchant earns an average salary of $68,170.

15. Brand Developer 

The brand developer is in charge of creating and implementing marketing strategies. They must be able to research, develop, and implement new products to increase brand loyalty consistently.

You must become a brand developer. Be creative, capable of strategizing, and familiar with the company’s internal systems. Brand Developer makes an average salary of $67,722.

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A career in packaged goods and cosmetics can be enriching. You can enjoy a stable job with good pay and benefits with the proper training and skills. 

If you are interested in this field, consider pursuing a degree or certification in cosmetology. With the proper education and experience, you can have a successful career in packaged goods and cosmetics.

What are Packaged goods?

Packaged goods are products we use every day, such as food items, beverages, cigarettes, makeup, and household products.

What are the best paying jobs in Packaged goods/Cosmetics?

Global Innovation Director
Packaging Designer/Director
Inventor/Brand Creator
Development Executive
Analytics Senior Manager
Product Development Scientist/Engineer
Sales Representative
Beauty Director
Skincare Professional
Beauty artist
Hair Stylist
Brand Developer

What are Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are products that are applied to the body to improve its appearance. It is typically a mixture of chemical components derived from natural sources or synthesized artificially.



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