Merchandiser Job Description Template 2023

Creating a merchandiser job description template helps attract the most qualified and experienced merchandisers to your company. A merchandiser helps your company gain sales and profits by ensuring all retailers have enough supply of the company product. For most companies to reach a particular sales number, they have to enlist the help of effective merchandisers. 

Merchandisers have a wide range of duties to perform, including analyzing sales figures and measuring customer satisfaction after each sale. You must be in vogue with modern merchandising trends and sales promotion methods to become a good merchandiser. 

Are you interested in creating a merchandiser job description template for your company? This article gives you a sample of an easily customizable merchandiser job description template including the duties and responsibilities, qualifications and requirements, and the basic skills required from a merchandiser.

A successful merchandiser must have excellent organizational, interpersonal, and decision-making skills. Merchandisers work with the sole focus of satisfying their customers while also satisfying the company’s objectives or needs.

This merchandiser job description template will help you save time and attract only the best of the best of merchandisers. This merchandiser job description template is easily customizable and ready to post on your company’s online job boards and career pages. It includes all the most relevant duties and responsibilities of the merchandiser.  

Who Is A Merchandiser?

Merchandisers are also known as retail merchandisers. A Merchandiser specializes in helping a company get the best sales and profits by ensuring that every retail store, both online and physical, are stocked with the required products and in the correct quantity.

Merchandisers have a lot of duties and responsibilities to handle in every company, including proper arrangement and maintenance of product display, analyzing customer satisfaction, stocking of shelves, pricing products, and monitoring the store inventory. Most experienced merchandisers can also analyze sales data to identify the best-selling products and develop promotional strategies like adverts and online exposures for products not performing so well.

Most merchandisers work hand in hand with buyers and customers. As a merchandiser, you must have the ability to attract people in a good way and have good communication skills.

Most Merchandisers typically need a high school diploma or GED, and often, a valid driver’s license for traveling to the assigned stores. Since merchandisers often work closely with buyers and customers.

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Merchandiser Job Description Template

To attract the best merchandisers to your company, your merchandiser job description brief should be very clear and catchy while containing all the basic information that the applicant would need to know at first glance. 

Here’s what a merchandiser job description template should look like:

Are you an experienced and self-motivated Merchandiser looking for an opportunity to advance your career? If you are energetic, a good communicator, a reliable team player who works well with minimum supervision, we have the perfect job for you! We (japa) are looking for an experienced Merchandiser to join our team and help us ensure that all of our products are in the right place at the right time with the right quantity and price. 

Duties and responsibilities

In this section, you highlight all the duties and responsibilities the merchandizer applicant will perform. Most merchandiser duties and responsibilities include:

The merchandiser job description should contain the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Planning, implementing, and managing the company merchandising strategies.
  • Understanding customer behavior.
  • Analyzing and tracking the company’s sales figures.
  • Ensuring and tracking customers satisfaction.
  • Collaborating and working with suppliers, buyers, and distributors. 
  • Negotiation of deals at lower and convenient prices.
  • Monitoring of the daily operations of the company sales.
  • Monitoring of company logistics and product supply chain.
  • Implementation of basic promotional activities to drive sales higher.
  • Prepare accurate budgets using different forecasting methods.
  • Define KPIs.
  • Track KPIs and maker reports.
  • Monitoring of stock movement while considering markdowns, promotions, price changes, and clearouts in the market.
  • Building and maintaining good relationships with customers.
  • Staying up to date with the latest technology and industry’s best practices.
  • Forecasting company sales and profits.
  • Ensuring that adequate information is being passed between retail staff on product details and promotions.
  • Arranging and stocking sales floor shelves in such a way that the displays are very attractive to potential buyers.
  • Developing merchandiser strategies.
  • Anticipation of the needs of a product from sales made and customer satisfaction.
  • Price and quantity negotiation.

Qualifications and requirements

Your merchandiser job description tutorial should contain all the qualifications and requirements needed of the applicant. The qualification and requirements needed are:

  • High school diploma or a General education degree
  • Good experience in merchandising or any retail sales experience.
  • Holder of a degree in marketing, business, retail, or any related field.
  • Strong organizational and decision-making skills
  • A legit driver’s license.
  • Ability to use any means at his disposal to create awareness.
  • A sharp analytical mind 
  • Should be good with numbers
  • Impressive communication skills.
  • Highly creative with experience in identifying target audiences and devising campaigns that engage, inform, and motivate.
  • Strong ability to understand and react quickly to customers.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Active listening and good decision-making ability.
  • A+ customer service.

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What Are The Skills And Abilities Required In Retail Merchandisers?

To be a retail merchandiser, you need to have the following skills and abilities:

1. Self-driven and a positive attitude

A merchandiser must be self-driven and have an attitude to work. Being self-driven means that you are highly motivated to perform your duties. Motivation is said to be contagious. To properly motivate your customers to go for a particular company product, you must steadfastly believe that the product is the best.

As a retail merchandiser, you should have a positive attitude to your work in a way that’ll attract potential customers. A self-driven retail merchandiser will find out that he will still be able to come out successful in the most adverse conditions.

2. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

A successful retail merchandiser should work without constant supervision from superiors. Working independently means working sufficiently on given tasks without continuous help.

A merchandiser should receive instruction and direction on how to about his projects from a superior and be trusted enough to complete the task without being monitored. An independent merchandiser means you have cultivated the skill of self-reliance and an adequate sense of responsibility toward completing your duties and responsibilities.

3. Knowledgeable

Effective merchandising makes shopping readily available to customers. To become an effective retail merchandiser, you must be very knowledgeable. As a retail merchandiser, you must know who your customers are, what they like or are interested in, what products they tend to enjoy, and promotions and discounts that might attract them. 

To gain this information, you must be very knowledgeable and observant. Observing market research and constant inventory reviews will give you information on your customers and help you observe effective or ineffective factors. 

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4. Great communication skills

You can’t become a thriving retail merchandiser without having excellent communication skills. Every merchandising job description template must mention good communication skills as one of the qualifications or requirements needed by the company or organization.

Having good information skills means letting the right information get to the intended person at the right time. Being a key figure between buyer and manufacturer, a retail merchandiser needs practical communication skills to pass clear and concise information to people at the manufacturing and buying sides.

Enlisting a retail merchandiser with poor communication skills will lead to problems in the industry. Good communication skills as a retail merchandiser will help in the relevant flow of information and coordination, enabling you to complete your order requests on time and leading to good human relationships. 

A buyer and manufacturer can only exchange meaningful thoughts and ideas with each other if they can communicate effectively. When the retail merchandiser has good communication skills, it’ll help develop a good human relationship, which will help the manufacturer understand any difficulty anyone might face in their marketing process. 


Good Merchandisers are vital to getting more sales to your products. A simple merchandiser job description template it’s used to attract the most capable merchandisers to your organization. 

Merchandisers specialize in conducting interviews and surveys with potential customers. How many people seem interested in a particular product helps the retail merchandiser gauge their interest and devise special offers to increase profits for the store. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Merchandiser Job Description

Is having a degree required for a merchandiser job?

Having a degree is not really necessary for becoming a merchandiser, but it might improve your eligibility to be hired.

How long does it take to be a successful merchandiser?

Becoming a successful merchandiser might take two years or more of dedication.

What s the estimated salary of a retail merchandiser?

The estimated average salary is $30,200.

What skill does a retail merchandiser need?

A retail merchandiser must have good communication skills to succeed.


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