15 Best Massachusetts Solar Companies | 2023 Careers, Location

Massachusetts is one of the most significant states in the US with solar companies, that install solar panels due to two key factors: high electricity costs and reliable state solar tax incentives.

Human beings have the false impression that solar (PV) structures do not work in Massachusetts due to New England’s diverse climate conditions.

However, the specialists agree that Massachusetts is a brilliant region for solar systems. This part describes the extraordinary sorts of solar electricity and solar companies in Massachusetts and how they are used in Massachusetts.

Though it may be challenging to discover the best Massachusetts solar companies due to people’s preconceived notions, our team has researched the best Massachusetts solar companies.

In addition, find out what solar programs and incentives are currently reachable for your home or business.

Let’s get started already.

Why Massachusetts Solar Companies?

Massachusetts has become a leader in solar energy in recent years, with a thriving solar industry and a supportive policy environment. There are several reasons why Massachusetts solar companies are a popular choice for those interested in solar energy:

Strong Policy Environment:

Massachusetts has implemented policies to support the growth of solar energy, including a robust Renewable Portfolio Standard, solar energy incentives, and net metering programs. These policies create a favorable environment for solar companies to thrive.

Skilled Workforce:

Massachusetts has a highly skilled workforce, including engineers, electricians, and other professionals with experience in solar energy installation, maintenance, and design. This expertise allows Massachusetts solar companies to deliver high-quality products and services.

Innovative Technology:

Massachusetts is home to many cutting-edge technology companies and research institutions. This innovation has spilled over into the solar industry, with Massachusetts solar companies at the forefront of developing new and advanced solar technologies.

High Energy Costs:

Massachusetts has some of the highest energy costs in the country, which creates a strong incentive for homeowners and businesses to switch to solar energy. This demand has driven the growth of the solar industry in the state.

The combination of a supportive policy environment, skilled workforce, innovative technology, and high energy costs makes Massachusetts an attractive location for solar companies.

How Many Solar Companies are In Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Solar Power Society keeps the Massachusetts Business Directory, which aspects about 100 Massachusetts-based solar installation companies.

To locate the biggest cost and the best-performing solar products, shoppers and company customers can contact various companies using the commercial enterprise directory.

Cost of Solar in Massachusetts

The price of solar in Massachusetts is typically based on a per-watt average, which hovers around $2.94 in the state.

Unfortunately, this is appreciably higher than the country-wide average of $2.66, making Massachusetts the fourth most luxurious country for solar equipment.

That said, the low strength utilization requires a 6.5-kW system, which is much smaller than average, leaving the full fee to go solar at simply $13,377 after the 30% federal tax credit.

Solar panels provide more value to homeowners with above-average electricity utilization or pay higher prices.

Although electricity consumption is low in MA, electrical energy fees are abnormally high. Overall, this makes solar pretty precious in the Bay State.

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Solar Panel Incentives in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has 114 renewables and electricity efficiency incentives, following the Database of State Incentives for Renewables.

At the federal level, the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit affords a deposit of up to 26% of the price of your project.

That parent declines to 22% in 2023 and desires Congress to renew it for 2024 and beyond. Massachusetts provides a national tax credit score of up to $1,000 and a sales tax exemption on their project.

Massachusetts additionally has net metering, where solar householders can get reimbursed for extra electricity through neighborhood utility companies.

Reason to hire a solar panel installation company:

  • Good investment
  • Go inexperienced and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Installing solar panels is now not a DIY job
  • Reduce utility costs
  • Avoid guarantee issues
  • Save time
  • They are licensed and insured
  • Electrical safety

Top 10 Best Massachusetts Solar Companies

#1. SunPower

SunPower has over 30 years of day-out designing turnkey residential and commercial solar solutions nationwide.

Exceptional consumer service, solar panel effectiveness, and one of the complete warranties in the industrial solar enterprise set it apart from an extent of its competitors in Massachusetts.

SunPower provides solar digital consultations with an online format studio to supply consumers with renderings of their structures before signing the paperwork.

Suppose you’re a Massachusetts residence proprietor searching for reliable installations of high-efficiency photograph voltaic panels, backup battery structures, and even electric-powered automobile chargers. In that case, you can’t go wrong with Sun Power.

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#2. Green Power Energy

This younger easy energy company affords installations of basic panels, strength storage, solar roof shingles, and EV chargers in five states throughout New England.

Built on core values of integrity and quality, Green Power Energy seeks to educate its customers on getting the most out of their investment and their photo voltaic technology.

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#3. Trinity Solar

Trinity Solar opened its Massachusetts operation in 2014. However, its roots in the Northeast go again almost 30 years.

This company is the greatest privately-owned photo voltaic operation in the industry, and it prides itself on preserving a neighborhood approach with its business.

The enterprise has completed over 80,000 installations in the region, earning its title as a solar veteran.

But Trinity intentionally keeps its insurance region restricted to just nine Northeast states, including Massachusetts.

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#4. Boston Solar

Boston Solar is one of the most famous solar providers of residential photo voltaic in Massachusetts, having carried out almost 5,000 installations statewide.

It focuses on supplying the best photo voltaic panels, first-rate client carrier, and perfect high-quality workmanship.

To put its money in the place its mouth is, Boston Solar affords a 10-year production guarantee, ensuring your solar device performs as advertised or you’ll obtain a check for the difference.

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 #5. All Energy Solar

Providing photo voltaic solutions to government agencies, farmers, giant industrial complexes, and homes, All Energy Solar is an incredible preference for those with any wishes past easy photo voltaic installations.

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#6. ACE Solar

Headquartered in North Andover, Massachusetts, ACE Solar has been ranked the No. 1 Massachusetts picture voltaic contractor by Solar Power World for the fifth consecutive year. If you want extra proof of ACE Solar’s credibility.

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#7. Momentum Solar

Momentum provides its clients in the Northeast with a sensible entry into solar. It strictly sticks to states like Massachusetts with favorable policies like net metering or statewide solar rebates.

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#8. ADT Solar (Previously Sunpro Solar)

Sunpro Solar established the second-most kilowatts in 2020, earlier than ADT received it, and ADT’s title recognition will possibly assist the enterprise to develop even more.

ADT Solar has a 25-year power production warranty and a workmanship guarantee, each of which can be reassuring to homeowners.

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#9. Palmetto Solar

Palmetto is an enormously more modern company, hitting the scene in 2010; however, it separates itself with the additional offerings it can furnish, like rook leak and pest abatement.

Its panels have 21.4% efficiency but are simply 350 watts, which might make a difference for some householders who want to maximize their solar output.

Palmetto offers solar leases, loans, and PPAs, and allowing can now and again take longer in view that installers take care of that.

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#10. Bright Way Energy

Bright Way Energy supplies the best level of communication, fee for money, and speed of installation.

You will acquire weekly observe ups, and our group makes it effortless to stay current when your assignment reaches the next stage.

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Top 5 Solar Companies Near Me

#1. Green Home Systems

The technology-driven solar roof becomes sensitive to touch, and tiles are offered by Green Home Systems. Solar roofs perform the same function as solar panels while blending into your roof’s style.

The sensitive-to-touch part and tile solutions from Green Home are vital, wind- and water-resistant. They are put in place right over your current roof.

The business also sells conventional solar panels with high efficiency and a 25-year product warranty.

Its solar shingles are protected for 25 years, while its solar tiles have a 10-year output warranty.

Both roofing choices come with a 10-year inverter warranty and a 10-year wind warranty that ensures that it lasts longer on winds up to 110 mph.

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#2. Brightstar Solar

As soon as your solar installation is finished, the team of solar panel installers and contractors at Brightstar Solar can assist you in making financial savings and lessening your environmental impact.

As soon as your solar installation is finished, the team of solar panel installers and contractors at Brightstar Solar can assist you in making financial savings and lessening your environmental impact.

Our business takes pleasure in being the preferred home and commercial solar installer in Massachusetts.

By regularly and expertly delivering premium components, aesthetically pleasing designs, and flawless execution, we give our consumers a unique experience.

Additionally, we provide our clients with access to financing options, such as the Mass Solar Loan, to increase the affordability of solar for the ordinary homeowner.

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#3. Rayah Solar

Rayah specializes in “Zero Down Solar,” which allows companies and homeowners to install solar panels with no money down or minimal money down.

We install solar panels on our customers’ roofs without equipment or installation fees.

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#4. Sunlight Solar Energy

For your house or place of business, Sunlight Solar Energy Inc. is dedicated to giving you the best grid-tied solar electric installation possible.

For more than 28 years, this business has been committed to installing the most effective renewable energy systems available.

This company is a licensed and insured solar contractor. They take great satisfaction in turn-key installations with the necessary paperwork for permits, applications, and incentive programs.

Sunlight Solar offers expertly planned systems and installations, first-rate customer support, prompt follow-up, and excellent communication.

They assist you in utilizing the top Massachusetts-based incentives, rebates, and tax credits. A 10-year labor warranty from Sunlight Solar Energy covers all systems.

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#5. SGE Solar

“SGE Solar offers turn-key” solar installation services. We proudly serve as an authorized dealer for Suntegra’s new solar shingle and provide every solar product available, including Sunpower.

Understanding solar energy, installation efficiency, and customer service are unequal to SGE Solar.

Start saving today, and let this company show you what the sun can do for you! Especially those Located in Milford, Massachusetts, with pleased customers all around New England.

Applications for both private and business use, available servicing bundles. With solar installation, full roofing and electrical services are provided.

Solar leases, PPAs, loans, an expedited MA solar loan installer, ground mounts, carports, SREC aggregation, and NABCEP certification are all available.

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Who is the most reputable solar company?

Sunpro Solar.
Blue Raven Solar.
Momentum Solar.
Palmetto Solar.
Trinity Solar.

Is it worth it to go solar in Massachusetts?

Installing solar panels in Massachusetts will typically result in cost savings for you. The typical homeowner will experience significant energy savings that will cover the cost of the system in around 9 years and then result in extra savings of about $33,013.

Does Massachusetts pay for solar panels?

While solar panels cannot be installed for free, you can drastically lower your installation expenses with the ITC by claiming a federal tax credit worth 26% of your solar panel installation costs in 2023.

What is the largest solar farm in Massachusetts?

One of Massachusetts’ largest solar arrays, Dunstable Solar 1 in Dunstable, has a 10.4 MW capacity.
This solar project, which AES will finish in 2023, will provide enough electricity to power more than 1,921 houses.


Massachusetts is a chief in favorable electricity coverage nationwide, with additional tax credits, exemptions, internet metering, and the SMART program.

Consider applying for one of the best Massachusetts solar companies if you want to work with them or need their services.

We have provided you with every detail necessary; we hope you consider any of your choices as soon as possible. Leave a comment below if you find this article helpful.


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