15 Online Jobs in Michigan That Pay Well in 2023

Nowadays, online jobs have made working online much more popular, in addition to the flexibility and work-life balance it brings. This has brought a rapid change in the way people earn, even without leaving their homes. This article explores the best online jobs in Michigan that pay well.

Whether you are looking to escape your 9-5 and earn some money while you have time to handle other activities, or you are just looking to earn some extra cash either as a student, stay at home mom, or dad in Michigan, these online jobs in Michigan are the best options for you.

Since searching for what online job is best for you can be challenging as there have become numerous jobs to do online these days, and trying to decide which is best for you can be overwhelming, we have compiled the 15 best online jobs in Michigan that pay well for you to choose from.

Best Online Jobs in Michigan in 2023

Here are our top picks on the top online jobs in Michigan in 2023:

  1. User Experience (UX) Designer
  2.  Product Tester
  3.  Virtual Assistant
  4.  Social Media Manager
  5.  Online Tutor
  6.  SEO Consultant
  7.  Freelance Writer
  8.  Medium Writer
  9.  Proofreader
  10.  Lead Generator
  11.  Website Designer
  12.  Graphics Designer
  13.  Transcriber
  14.  Photographer
  15.  Travel Agent

1. User Experience (UX) Designer

Although utilizing well-designed software or platforms may seem straightforward to the user, much work goes into creating this seamless experience, making it one of the most lucrative and best online jobs in Michigan that pay well.

A user experience (UX) designer is one of the experts contributing to developing these software and platforms. Also, a UX designer uses analytical thinking to comprehend user wants and resolve any possible issues.

A UX designer’s role is excellent for remote work, as it is for many other technologically reliant professions.

Although the job necessitates extensive interpersonal connection, this may all be done via text or video chat. Additionally, UX designers have much freedom in their work and may conduct research from any location.

You can enroll in this Bootcamp to get started: 10 Best UI/UX Design Bootcamps in 2023 | Apply Now

2. Product Tester

Product testing is a rewarding online job that enables you to work with things you need or desire while earning money. Both digital and physical items are eligible for testing and evaluation from paid product testers.

Product testing opportunities occasionally appear on Swagbucks Discover; regularly checking in on both platforms will increase the likelihood that you’re qualified for an offer.

After receiving and testing a product to provide your ideas and opinions, you will adhere to the directions and finish a survey [or similar assignment].

You will receive payment in cash, gift cards, or the opportunity to retain the product you evaluated. Although this isn’t an online full-time work possibility, it may be a profitable side business.

Get paid as a product tester through this article: Get Paid to Test Products: 25 Website to Carryout Consumer Product Testing

3. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant allows you to work at your own pace while giving customers focused assistance. As a virtual assistant, you become your boss and gain experience by providing niche services.

With a virtual assistant position, you can decide on whatever skills you want to offer.

Data input, customer support on websites like Amazon and LinkedIn, and arranging trip reservations for company owners are a few examples of the services offered by virtual assistants.

You might start providing a specialization if you enjoy a specific work feature. For instance, if you like using spreadsheets, let potential employers know that you are interested in data input and analysis positions.

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4. Social Media Manager

Many businesses and people want to profit from having a solid presence on social media without needing to put in the effort to maintain that aim. They then consult a media-savvy social media manager at that point.

A social media manager controls how a company, group, or individual interacts with the public on social media. Because so many students are already comfortable with social media, a career incorporating these applications is particularly good for online employment.

Nevertheless, even for students with no experience in social media or company marketing, several online tools are accessible to pick up these abilities rapidly and accumulate the expertise necessary to contact clients.

5. Online Tutor

Students may make some of the most incredible tutors to help their friends because they are already familiar with the educational system.

There are several online tutoring options, though some tutors work in person through their institution. Since you may offer your skills to anybody on the globe rather than just local kids, it’s even simpler to obtain a tutoring job this way.

An excellent method to contribute to the learning community is to use your experience and prior education to assist other students. Additionally, you may earn a respectable sum of money using only your computer doesn’t hurt.

This is another one of the best online jobs in Michigan that pays well.

6. SEO Consultant

The art and science of improving webpages for search engine placement are known as SEO (search engine optimization). While still simple to grasp, SEO optimization has grown significantly in importance.

Knowing SEO is a valuable skill set for a full-time, part-time, or side business.

Typically, salaries are $30 per hour. A remote career as an SEO professional may be ideal for you if you enjoy a challenge, are detail-oriented, and are skilled with computers.

7. Freelance Writer

Many small businesses want to increase their consumer base by producing high-quality content. Writing product briefings, blogs, and website material is all part of the responsibilities of a freelance writer. You may expand your expertise in a variety of sectors by writing on a variety of subjects.

A freelance writing position can be ideal if you enjoy communicating verbally and in writing. As long as you meet deadlines, writing often allows you to work flexibly and earns you extra income between $15 and $40 per hour.

You can work additional hours as a freelance writer if you’re between classes, have more time, or need extra cash. The chances available to freelance writers are essentially endless!

8. Medium Writer

Established and up-and-coming writers on the online publishing platform Medium can contribute their writing on any subject. Instead of launching your site, you may use Medium, a popular blog platform with consistent followers. You may begin making money as a Medium writer right immediately.

Medium writing is a tempting solution if you can dedicate months or years of blogging to generating a profit. On Medium, anybody may publish a story, and authors get compensated based on how many readers and interactions they receive.

The platform’s top authors can earn $10,000 or more each month, while the bulk only makes $100 or less. Publish one or more articles daily over an extended period if you wish to be a top earner.

You’ll earn more money as you produce more articles and as they get more well-liked.

9. Proofreader

To ensure that shared and published material is of a high standard, proofreaders are required practically everywhere.

Proofreaders must ensure no grammatical or structural problems in many types of writing, including student essays, scripts, blog entries, and brochures.

Consider working as a freelance proofreader if you continuously point out grammatical faults and consistency issues while reading. If you love reading, you will significantly appreciate working at this job!

10. Lead Generator

Working as a lead generator online can be ideal for you if you have Internet experience. You can get in touch with small local companies that don’t have an internet presence and aid them in creating one.

There is a cause of sales among the industries with the highest salaries. For neighborhood companies that don’t need more time to constantly seek out new customers, attracting brand-new and interested customers is of great value. You can agree on fees, or income splits based on how much business you generate.

Excellent phone and email communication, interpersonal skills, customer service, negotiating, and tenacity are necessary for this online employment.

11. Website Designer

The expansion of digitization and technology has led to an increase in web design. A website is a company’s online shop. Therefore it goes without saying that almost every business wants to have a prominent online presence.

You’ll have many opportunities as a freelance web developer to discover clients and websites that require your skills. You’ll also learn about fresh and creative ways businesses utilize their websites to communicate with customers.

This information will be beneficial if you ever wish to create your website and sell your freelancing company through it.

Web design may pay you handsomely as you advance your transferrable creative and technical talents as you climb the learning curve.

For those proficient in core design tools, programming languages, graphic strategy, or CMS (customer management systems) like WordPress, the hourly fee for web design ranges from $15 to $30.

12. Graphics Designer

Graphics are visual representations of ideas or designs intended to enlighten, amuse, or demonstrate a point. On a surface, such as a computer screen, graphics are shown.

For this reason, working as a freelance graphic designer is an excellent choice if you enjoy drawing and would like to do it from home.

You’ll be able to decide your working hours and fee as a freelancer, allowing you to limit your workload to what you want to do. Since it involves much creativity, many students find it fulfilling part-time employment.

Hiring qualified graphic designers has become a top priority for many businesses looking to stand out from the competition. A whole week of school can make freelance graphic design the ideal creative outlet for stress relief.

13. Transcriber

For example, transcribing audio into a written document is a common demand in large businesses like journalism, healthcare, and education. It is one of the best online jos in Michigan that pay well.

Accurate data transcription is vital to the transcriptionist’s job, supplying each recording with sound, high-quality searching, and indexing.

If you enjoy discovering new information and subjects, consider working as a freelance transcriptionist.

Being meticulous in this position may also help you develop your language, grammar, and analytical abilities, which are very helpful for students and recent graduates.

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14. Photographer

Being a photographer, you will probably spend most of your time taking photos outside your house, but you’ll manage your company from your computer.

You may directly collaborate with companies or sell your images to stock photo websites. Most sites offer you compensation for each photograph you sell to them, but some also pay you based on how many downloads each photo receives.

Photography might be a costly internet business if you need the necessary equipment.

A little skill curve is involved in taking money-making photographs, although it may appear simple to grab a camera and head out the door. Because of this, clients are willing to spend top cash for high-end photography.

15. Travel Agent

Being a travel agent involves engaging in the fascinating realm of discovery. A travel agent has the opportunity to assist clients with planning their dream holiday or significant business trip.

Additionally, you could do all of this from your phone and computer. As a travel agent, you must help customers arrange and reserve all the lodging, transportation, and activities they could require.

For those that love to travel and want to ensure that others have the finest experience possible, this work-from-home opportunity may be a good fit, and it is one of the best online jobs in Michigan that pay well.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Work Online?

Organizational skills

When you work remotely, no one is always watching over you. Although your boss will likely give you deadlines to finish your duties, they won’t regularly stop by your office to check on your progress.

So, develop task organization skills. You must demonstrate to the interviewer that you can work diligently and that you will be a dependable employee.

This entails monitoring your development and achieving all deadlines.

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Technical skills

You may attempt learning a new technical talent, or if you already understand a few programming languages or software programs, why not sharpen or upgrade your existing technical knowledge?

Most work-from-home jobs demand that you maintain a continual internet connection and provide tasks that include using one or more software applications.

For instance, many work-from-home positions require proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, or Access. Your chances of landing a job that allows you to work from home will rise if you discover what technological abilities are required for online employment in your industry and master them.

Time management skills

You must successfully manage your time if you want to work from home. Mark your deadlines on a calendar as you organize them, and provide a certain amount of time for each activity. Try to adhere strictly to this timetable.

When creating your plan, be sure to be as exact and thorough as possible to enable you to take time for your family and yourself.

Effective communication skills

You will be evaluated on your communication skills at the interview because they are crucial in every field of employment. The organization’s official language must be well-understood by you.

You also need strong written communication abilities because most of your job will be done remotely, and communication will take place via email or another comparable channel.

You must keep your manager or employer informed of your activities and the status of your tasks clearly and concisely.

Additionally, you can be expected to participate in online meetings where you’ll be tasked with keeping the other team members’ attention.

Data entry skills

You may boost your chances of landing a job by honing your typing abilities and learning to utilize a few data entry software packages.

You may apply for these jobs and land one even if you lack the necessary qualifications because there are many options for data entry-related work.

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Remote fit abilities

Unlike teams, individual employees are frequently given assignments by employers that employ individuals to work remotely.

Thus, although you might not be used to such a situation, you must demonstrate your ability to operate autonomously to your recruiter.


Which job is best for an online job in Michigan?

User Experience (UX) Designer
Product Tester
Virtual Assistant
Social Media Manager
Online Tutor
SEO Consultant
Freelance Writer
Medium Writer
Lead Generator
Website Designer
Graphics Designer
Travel Agent

What job makes the most money in Michigan?

Michigan is a great place to get jobs that stands out. The major challenge is how to go about knowing the best jobs that make the most money for them. We’ve analyzed several jobs and we have some amazing job listings. It’s a dream job for many people and it turns out the pay makes it an even sweeter gig:

Consultant And Sales Representative – $221,460
Pain Management Physician – $197,971
President/Chief Executive Officer – $192,342
Executive Vice President Of Sales – $191,007

What jobs are in high demand in Michigan in 2023?

The Fastest Growing Careers in Michigan in 2023 are:
Industrial Mechanic.
Mechanical Engineer.
Contact Lens Technician.
Tractor Operator.


If you are interested in earning extra money online in Michigan, there are too many options available, and we have helped to narrow your search down to the 15 best jobs online in Michigan you can choose from.


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