15 Best Solar Companies in Virginia | 2023 Careers, Location 

Because there is enough Sun to power their design and energy prices are reasonable, homeowners typically benefit from energy savings that pay for their systems and prevent them from spending more in the long term. 

However, the sheer number of possibilities could be overwhelming if you attempt to find a reliable company to install your solar panel system. 

We’ve compiled a list of Virginia’s 15 best solar companies to help you select the best one for you and your home.

What are Solar Companies?

A firm that provides engineering, purchasing, and builds whole solar systems is known as a Solar Company.

In addition, an E.P.C. business offers continuing system maintenance help and a full-service solar installation experience. 

You might be surprised to learn how simple it is to install solar panels. Your solar provider manages nearly the entire process. 

Before developing a solar power system for your property, the business first discusses your energy needs.

The solar firm then coordinates the scheduling of the installation day and handles all permitting. The company then conducts last-minute inspections.

Is Virginia a good state for Solar?

Virginia has the ninth-highest number of solar installations nationwide. Still, many local homeowners are skeptical about the benefits of solar energy because the state’s electricity prices are lower than the national average and solar equipment is more expensive than in most other states. 

Although most Virginians consider solar a terrific investment, only some homeowners will benefit financially. 

We’ll review the various metrics below to help you decide if solar energy is a good choice for your home. 

Before committing to this renewable energy source, we’ll review some information you should know and the advantages of switching to solar power.

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What are the top 15 Best Solar companies in Virginia? 

1. ION Solar

Address: 2014 Exploration Way Unit #2040, Hampton, VA 23666, United States

They care for every part of your solar switch from beginning to end. The particulars make the distinction. The best method for going solar is this. 

They are good at what they do, from their specially created system with the best equipment to their helpful support personnel to their teams of surveyors, designers, and installers. 

Switching from solar should be relatively easy. But unfortunately, while other businesses could claim simplicity, they are not designed for it. 

A full-service solar company is available from ION. Your transition to solar will be seamless thanks to their committed support staff and our skilled installation team. 

They only use the high-grade solar and electrical equipment for your individualized solar system. This includes the best-rated panels and inverters.

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2. Ipsum Solar

Address: 2817 Dorr Ave suite d, Fairfax, VA 22031, United States

Ipsum Solar provides skilled solar installations for residential and commercial sites in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. 

You can save money and have a beneficial influence with solar panels. The Latin word “you’re own” served as an inspiration for Ipsum Solar. 

Everyone can generate electricity thanks to solar panels. The current energy situation is as follows: Customers pay electric utilities each month for electricity primarily derived from fossil fuels. 

Their ecology and communities are negatively impacted by gas and coal. You can quickly and rapidly make modifications with Ipsum Solar. 

You may lock in cheaper electricity prices from a cleaner energy source and increase the value of your home or company by producing solar power.

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3. Convert Solar

Address: 5770 Thurston Ave Suite 106, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, United States

Convert Solar, a full-service solar system company headquartered in Virginia Beach provides comprehensive solutions for business and residential clients. 

All of their customers receive top-notch service and help from them. They are dedicated to making things simpler for them because of this. 

All facets of solar contracting, including design, permitting, installation, inspection, and maintenance fall under their area of competence. 

To make clean solar energy accessible to Hampton Roads homeowners and businesses, Chad Wilkins created Convert Solar in 2012. 

Convert Solar has developed into a regional business that provides high-quality solar energy systems from a single-person startup. 

Additionally, he holds a Class-A license for alternative energy systems contractors in Virginia.  

Through his passion, he has witnessed the installation of thousands of panels across Virginia. As a result, convert Solar has developed from a one-person startup into a reputable local business that installs superior solar energy systems.

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4. Noble Solar, L.L.C.

Address: 5721 Bayside Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, United States

Working one-on-one with homeowners, Noble Solar informs them of solar energy’s various advantages for their houses and families. 

They go above and above to design the ideal system to guarantee their home is as efficient as possible. Installations of solar panels Virginia A brand-new solar company emerged after a devastating pandemic. 

Solar industry experts identified a solution to improve the performance of home solar systems. This group pledged to improve the situation as they joined hands. 

Excellence in every aspect of the business is what they aim for. 100% customer satisfaction and compliance are our goals.

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5. Nova Solar, Inc.  

Address: 3305 Dye Dr, Falls Church, VA 22042, U.S.A.

Nova Solar aims to give its communities inexpensive, environmentally friendly, sustainable energy options. 

They have installed and used solar technology for over 15 years. They aim to offer the best products and services in Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland. 

For every installation project, Nova Solar uses a NABCEP-certified specialist. It makes the best installations possible. 

Even though they don’t favor wasting resources, installing systems that last over 30 years is not an option. Their designs are long-lasting.

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6. Expert Solar Pros

Address: 100 Landmark Square, Virginia Beach, VA 23452, U.S.A.

Their whole engineering and sales staff lives in the same neighborhoods as you. Hampton Roads and its customers are devoted. 

They put the needs of our community first, and they can save you money by installing their EXPERT SOLAR SYSTEM. 

Dominion Power and the Commonwealth of Virginia created a Net Metering scheme to enable property owners with residential solar panel installations to pay for their electricity. Only what you use will be charged to you. 

Doing this produces cleaner, greener energy while also saving money.

Installing solar panels will raise the value of your home’s real estate. Typically, this portends an increase in real estate taxes.  

Local property taxes do not apply to Solar Energy Equipment. In addition, because of the increase in your home’s value brought on by solar energy, you won’t have to pay any additional taxes.

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7. GreenTech Energy

Address: 900 Granby St, Suite 259, Norfolk, VA 23510, U.S.A.

Are you tired of experiencing escalating energy costs out of your control? You long for a different service provider than the one you currently have. 

Your current provider is one of many options. GreenTech Energy will assist you with making a move to solar power right away. 

Switching is simple, with no down payment, no interest, and inexpensive fixed rates. Today, you may exchange your growing energy costs for affordable solar fees! 

Their homes typically represent their most significant investment. It would help if you didn’t aim to raise your property’s value. Now you can do it spending no money. 

You can rely on their energy specialists to assist you in choosing solar energy in a way that is both economical and environmentally responsible.

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8. Unlimited Solar

Address: 936 General Booth Blvd Suite B, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, U.S.A.

Powering up your home can be simple and inexpensive. However, high electric bills and power interruptions might be an issue. 

Purchase solar energy for your home from the top Virginia provider. Their solar household options will adequately suit your needs. 

They provide lifetime guarantees and reasonable installation costs. In addition, they can help you with household solar. Residential solar panels are one of Virginia’s most recent developments. 

People are using solar energy instead of electricity because of its many advantages. 

Solar panel installation can be made simpler to maximize safety and should only be done by experts like them. However, it is clear why Virginians are converting to solar power.

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9. Blue Raven Solar

Address: 100 Volvo Pkwy Ste 310, Chesapeake, VA 23320, U.S.A.

One of the solar companies in America with the fastest growth is Blue Raven Solar. 

Being associated with GivePower makes Blue Raven Solar proud (a worldwide nonprofit that works to improve the environment and make it cleaner). 

By lowering energy expenses and increasing reliance on renewable energy, they hope to improve the lives of homeowners. 

They offer a dependable sales procedure, prompt, high-quality installations, and dependable service to achieve this. 

Only 3% of Americans are saving money and benefiting from solar energy.

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10. Sky N.R.G. Solar Inc.

Address: 12020 Sunrise Valley Dr #100, Reston, VA 20191, U.S.A.

The best residential solar design and installation company in Reston is Sky N.R.G. Solar Inc. 

They serve Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas. Let them assist you in calculating your energy consumption so you can decide how to install solar panels to maximize your savings. 

Free site evaluation and advice; details on solar energy; net metering; on-grid vs. off-grid systems; battery storage; and payback calculations. 

Because many of their customers own EVs, they now provide Level 2 installation of charging stations. 

As with their solar installations, they will inspect your entire electrical system. Again, this guarantees safe operation and code adherence.

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11. Southern Exposure Solar

Address: 11030 Richardson Rd B21, Ashland, VA 23005, USA

S.E.S. is a privately held design and installation company with NABCEP PVIP Leadership. 

The company with the CertainTeed Master Solar Installation title employs no subcontractors (best warranty). 

For their work installing solar energy, EnergySage ranked us second in Virginia in 2022. The best local company is Southerner Exposure Solar. 

Request a free estimate to save money! Enphase Gold is ranked #2 by Solar Authority EnergySage for 2023. Master Sun Installer for CertainTeed since 2022 Richmond, Virginia, as of this year. 

Full-black panels can be installed by S.E.S., who will then strategically place hardware and conduit around the edges of your home to create a sleek appearance. 

Their obsessions include next-level craftsmanship, attention to detail, system design, and customer education.

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12. Neptune City Solar Panels

Address: 1503 Parks Ave #16, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, U.S.A.

With the help of this solar service in Virginia Beach, they can take advantage of one of nature’s most priceless and abundant natural resources: the Sun. 

There have been excessive uses of non-renewable resources, which has resulted in permanent damage. An increased emphasis has been placed on renewable energy. 

One of the most widely used renewable energy sources is solar energy. Solar panels are photovoltaic systems. 

Using semiconductor technology, these panels transform solar radiation into electricity that may run a building or a business. 

Your entire home will always have electricity with the help of a solar panel. Solar panels also generate clean, renewable electricity with no harmful emissions. 

You won’t need to replace solar panels often because they can last up to 25 years or more.

When installing solar panels at your home or business, you must locate the best Virginia Beach, VA firm that installs solar panels. 

Virginia Beach Solar Panels is undoubtedly the best of all the solar companies in Virginia Beach, VA. 

They aim to offer solar panel installation that is dependable, economical, fast, and effective. 

To learn more about solar panels in Virginia for residential or commercial use and the tax incentives, contact them.

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13. Solar Services Inc.

Address: 877 Seahawk Cir, Virginia Beach, VA 23452, U.S.A.

The first solar company in Virginia was established in 1986 and is called Solar Services, Inc. 

They are an employee-owned business with over 150 years of total solar experience. In Virginia, North Carolina, and other states across the U.S., Solar Services, Inc. runs solar power installations. 

Additionally, they have installations in Dubai, Africa, and Italy. Solar Services, Inc. is the only business that provides the full selection of solar goods to help consumers save money. 

You desire a reduction in your electricity costs. Consider solar water heating or even solar electricity. You should consider the swimming season. 

To do this, a solar pool heater is required. If you need help with any energy-saving projects, contact Solar Services Inc.

Whether you need solar power installation or solar pool heating, they can assist you in designing the ideal solar system for your Virginia Beach, Virginia, or North Carolina property.

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14. Prospect Solar L.L.C.

Address: 22570 Markey Ct Suite #102, Sterling, VA 20166, U.S.A.

In 2010, Prospect Solar, L.L.C., was established. It is the design/construction method for experts when installing solar photovoltaic systems. 

Their sibling construction firm is Prospect Waterproofing Company. They can provide their customers with outstanding value and quality because of their over 20 years of experience in waterproofing and roofing. 

To enhance their services, they continually invest in training and certifications. This makes it possible for them to keep offering turnkey solutions indefinitely. 

Prospect provides financial analysis, monitoring, and custom installation services for Solar.

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15. Sun Bum Solar

Address: 4445 Corporation Ln Suite 171, Virginia Beach, VA 23462, USA

A sibling company of U.S. Energy Solutions, Inc., Sun Bum Solar was established in 2005 to improve global efficiency and lower carbon emissions. 

Their business provides total solar solutions, which include solar energy for your home. 

They hope to become the industry leader in customer service, engineering, and construction by providing solar energy at a competitive price. 

Sun Bum treats its customers with respect and honesty. They are eager to collaborate with you. Their social services include premium installations in Hampton Beach, VA, and Outer Banks, NC, neighborhoods.

They provide full-service solar services to help you install the most cutting-edge solar technology, save money, and raise the value of your home. 

In 2005, Sun Bum Solar, a U.S. Energy Solutions, Inc. sister company, was established to improve global efficiency and lower carbon emissions. 

Their team and internal electricians offer residential solar energy solutions. 

Sun Bum Solar offers solar installations at competitive prices and is a leader in engineering, construction, and customer service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a solar tax credit in Virginia? 

For acquired solar photovoltaic (P.V.) systems built by December 31, 2022, a 26% federal tax credit is available. Property taxes on the increased home value due to solar technology are free. (The V.A. county, city, or town tax exemption amount varies.) 

How can I pick a reputable solar company? 

The best way to evaluate a solar company’s reputation is by speaking with past clients or viewing examples of their prior work. Yelp, B.B.B., Google, Solar Reviews, and EnergySage are just a few sites that can give you a glimpse of your solar installer’s credibility and reputation.

Is there a drawback to using solar power? 

On the other side, the main drawbacks of solar energy are that it isn’t suitable for many roofs, it’s not the best option if you’re planning a move, the initial cost might be high, savings may be minimal if your electricity costs are modest, and it’s challenging to locate a local installation. 

What is the typical price for solar panels in Virginia? 

In Virginia, the cost of a solar panel as of December 2022 is $3.04/W. Given a 5 kW solar panel system size, Virginia’s average solar installation cost ranges from $12,920 to $17,480, with a gross price of $15,200 being the industry average.


In Virginia, solar energy is indeed worthwhile. Solar panels pay for themselves in most locations. Specific elements, such as the price of power, available subsidies, the climate, and the sun angle, will impact how quickly you break even compared to other locations. 

Installing an average-sized solar system saves $22,992 for 20 years (assuming you pay upfront with cash). If you decide to finance your system with no money, you can begin saving in Virginia immediately.



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