What Are Marketing Companies? All You Need To Know in 2023

What are marketing companies

A network of companies who participate in network marketing, or multi-level marketing, receive direct sales commissions based on how much they sell. Marketing is a versatile approach that allows people to work remotely. It evolved as a strategy for connecting salespeople to a marketing network.

Most network marketing strategies are pyramid schemes that try to make money by selling expensive training materials to new employees rather than getting them to sell a product. Below we will talk about what marketing and network marketing companies are, alongside everything you should know about it.

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What Are Marketing Companies?

Marketing companies help a company develop, implement, and sustain marketing strategies. These specialized firms are independent contractors that businesses of any size can hire in any industry to improve their marketing efforts.

So, working with a marketing firm may be beneficial if your company needs assistance developing an effective marketing plan.

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What Do Marketing Companies Do?

Marketing companies help their clients to develop and implement effective marketing strategies. This is frequently preceded by marketing research to determine what is not working in the current marketing strategy, followed by demographic analysis to develop an ideal customer profile.

Further, marketing companies assist you in developing an overall marketing strategy, creating and implementing a plan for specific marketing campaigns, and analyzing the success of those campaigns once it has a clear picture of who you are marketing to and what you have already attempted to do to reach them.

You can also hire marketing companies to perform telemarketing or market research. Additionally, you can hire them for a specific project or on a retainer basis to assist you over some time. Also, you can employ particular marketing consultants or independent contractors to organize and oversee projects.

Working with a marketing firm aims to convert your target audience into customers, retain your current customer base, increase sales and revenue, and grow your business and brand.

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What Are The Types of Marketing Companies?

The right company will assist your growing business in solving various issues. Contracting an agency is often the best course of action due to specialized expertise, a focus on helping you quickly and sustainably grow your business, and saving you the time, money, and stress of hiring a new employee. That is if you choose the right one. 

Below are the types of marketing/network marketing companies that can increase your productivity and solve some issues in your business.

1. Branding

Brand marketing aims to raise brand awareness and reputation. However, brand marketing entails more than simply plastering the company name and logo on the wall and hoping that people will notice. 

Brands, as we all know, are our emotions. To market your brand, you must emotionally connect with your customers. So, marketing your brand also entails taking your customers on a journey to help you become the brand you want to be. 

Creating a brand is about becoming who you want to be in the future, and your customers can help you with that by making suggestions.

2. Digital Marketing

A digital marketing agency will handle your online marketing needs, such as the following: 

  • pay-per-click ads
  • website design and redesign
  • content creation
  • data reporting
  • lead generation strategies
  • other related tasks to establish an online presence. 

The digital aspect includes more than just being online; it may also include creating graphics and redesigning your logo to reflect current trends. For B2B (business-to-business) companies, you will likely focus on generating internet leads to convert them into sales leads.

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3. Growth marketing

As the name suggests, growth marketing companies aim to maximize profits by combining marketing and sales technologies, cross-marketing strategies, and other tactics to increase customers. They achieve this by tapping into their potential in the shortest amount of time and providing clear direction.

Thus, it’s ideal to quickly unlock your company’s and product’s full potential. Growth hackers also focus on businesses that have experienced rapid growth, so they can assist with scaling issues or strategies to handle the influx of customers to your product/services.

4. Creative Marketing

You should work with a creative marketing agency that can handle your media needs, such as videos, social media posts, good logo designs, new color schemes, and everything else that will make your business visually appealing. 

This will allow you to stay current while providing your customers a unique brand experience. It is best for any company needing new content ideas, logo and other graphics, brand identity, and everything related to digital identity.

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5. Social Media Marketing

If your company desperately needs content creation and social media presence assistance, you should contact a marketing agency. For example, suppose your company needs to create a viral TikTok video with over a hundred thousand views but doesn’t know where to begin. 

In that case, a social media marketing agency can assist. But, even beyond these big goals, SMM agencies can help with daily content uploads and engaging posts.

If your social media efforts aren’t up to par, or you’re not keeping up with what’s popular, leave it to the professionals.

6. Performance Marketing

Performance marketing companies use analytics to determine where to spend the budget, where the results are coming from, and who will continue to use the product or service. This is the type of agency to hire if you require numbers-driven people rather than creative or capable of creating new content.

Also, this is the best option if you need new strategies to increase your profits and revenue. Performance-based marketing agencies can frequently run A/B tests and other ad campaign experiments to ensure you’re running the ads with the highest ROI.

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Benefits of Marketing Companies

Here are the benefits of marketing and network marketing companies to help you make your decision:

1. Build Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness is typically the primary goal of network marketing or multi-level marketing companies. 

It all involves introducing your brand with a strong brand message that will impact your customers; marketing agencies are experts at this. They will assist you in developing or revising strategies to improve customer perception.

2. Work with the Experts

Consider them a pool of specialists, and the collection is extensive. Inbound marketing today necessitates many skills, including SEO, content, social media, branding, and paid advertising. 

An internal department might not have enough capacity to handle all channels. However, network and multi-level marketing companies have several specialties and always seek the most effective tactics.

3. Scalability on Demand

You can adjust your efforts based on new products, seasonality, or other factors. With an internal team, you must hire and train new employees to scale up or lay off employees to scale down. 

You can pick up the phone with a marketing firm and call your account manager. This saves you money and ensures your marketing dollars are spent wisely.

4. Offer honest and fresh perspectives.

Working with professionals in multi-level marketing companies will provide honest and fresh perspectives that will open new doors for your brand. 

Marketing agencies understand how to capitalize on current trends. Therefore, working with them will benefit you.

5. Leverage Their Experience and Talents

Agencies have worked with various technologies, clients, and industries. So, they have the knowledge and data required to demonstrate the most effective campaigns in your industry. As a result, they are highly resilient and capable of driving your strategy forward.

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How Much Do Marketing Companies Charge For Their Services?

Several factors influence the cost of hiring marketing or network marketing companies. Some agencies will work hourly or daily, while others will work every month. The cost of hiring multi-level or network marketing companies will be determined by the type of marketing, location, and industry.

Most small to medium-sized businesses begin at around $2,500 monthly for 12-16 hours of professional time. And customers can pay up to $15,000 monthly for approximately 100-120 hours of professional time. 

These fees can be used to cover various ongoing activities. Typical examples include email marketing, content development, social media purchases, website updates, long-term strategy, media relations, digital marketing, sales support, collateral development, and advertising.

In today’s market, the average blended rate for a marketing agency is $150 to $200 per hour in most markets, with larger markets paying closer to $250 per hour. Hourly rates for services such as project management, graphic design, illustration, programming, creative direction, content creation, or strategy development are frequently set by agencies. 

Hence, the cost of a marketing agency will frequently vary depending on market rates and the skill or experience of the person performing the task.

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What Are Network Marketing Companies?

Network marketing companies are frequently independent contractors rather than employees of the company. Individual distributors market and sell a product to their network of friends, relatives, and people they know or meet in network marketing companies. Distributors profit from commissions on the products they sell.

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What Are the Best Network Marketing Companies?

The following are the best network marketing companies in the industry:

1. Amway

Amway (also known as “American Way”) is one of the best American multi-level/network marketing (MLM) companies that promotes wellness, excellence, and home care products. In 1959, Jay Van Andel and Richard Devotionals founded the firm in Ada, Michigan. 

Amway and its Alticor-affiliated companies announced $8.9 billion in 2019 transactions. And it is the world’s largest staggered marketing firm in revenue. Additionally, it conducts business in over 100 countries and areas through various subsidiary entities.

Amway has been investigated for potentially deceptive strategic tactics in many countries and by authorities such as the Public Authority Trade Commission (PATC). It has never been held accountable despite spending millions of dollars investigating these allegations.

2. Vestige

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2004, has become a significant direct marketing organization specializing in high-quality health products. It is expanding at an incredible rate. The rate of development reveals a lot about the quality of the product, the marketing process, and the company that created such a pleasant and sensible method.

As a direct selling business with ISO 9001-2015 certification, Vestige is committed to offering its customers top-notch customer service. Furthermore, its product offering is constantly expanding to provide exceptional well-being and health items manufactured in cutting-edge manufacturing facilities that are GMP and Halal certified. 

Additionally, this firm has an extensive network of wholesalers constantly expanding, with over 3000+ online and offline deals stores in India, several overseas offices, and a few merchant communities. As one of the best network/multi-level marketing companies, Vestige is ranked 30th among the world’s top direct-selling companies on the Direct Selling News 2020 Global 100 list.

3. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

MI Way of Life Promoting Worldwide Confidential Restricted was established on February 14, 2013, as a non-legislative organization. The permitted capital of the company is Rs 200.0 lakhs, with a paid-up capital of Rs 132.25 lakhs at 66.125%. 

Furthermore, according to the Ministry of Corporate Issues, the firm continued updating its financials on March 31, 2017. (MCA).

4. Forever Living Products

Rex Maughan founded Forever Living Products, a staggered marketing organization, in Tempe, Arizona, in 1980. With 4,100 employees in 2006, the company promised a network of 9.3 million merchants and $4 billion in revenue by 2021. Thus, it’s among the best multi-level/networking companies.

By the 1990s, Rex Maughan had purchased the Texas company Aloe Vera of America, which had presented its products for distribution to Always Living. Several columnists have linked Forever Living’s conveyance framework’s staggered marketing strategy to a deceptive business strategy.

5. Herbalife

Finally, we have Herbalife on our list of the best network/multi-level marketing companies. Herbalife Nourishment Ltd., also known as Herbalife Global, Inc. (with a subsidiary in the United States called Herbalife Worldwide of America). 

Or simply Herbalife is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that manufactures and sells nutritional supplements. R. Hughes founded the company in 1980 and now employs over 9,900 people worldwide. The organization operates in 95 countries and has a network of approximately 4.5 million free wholesalers and individuals.

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How to Choose a Marketing Company

When selecting a marketing agency, there are numerous factors to consider. A digital marketing agency must research and understand the mindset and products of the companies they collaborate with.

Before hiring a digital marketing agency, keep the following points in mind:

  • Define your goals and objectives.
  • Do your research!
  • Ensure that your chosen agency understands your company’s values and products.
  • Check that the agency is up to date.
  • Inquire about their areas of expertise, portfolio, and references.


Is network marketing a pyramid scheme?

No. Network marketing should not be considered a pyramid scheme. Unfortunately, many people are engaging in such fraudulent activities. As a result, more multi-level marketing initiatives are turning into pyramid schemes.

Is network marketing legal?

Yes. Multi-level marketing is a legally permissible business strategy. However, some people abuse this strategy to make illegal profits by exploiting others.

What do marketing companies offer?

Most companies hire marketing firms to increase sales leads, support sales efforts, build brand awareness, increase market share, and improve an industry’s reputation.

What does a marketing company consist of?

A marketing firm is any company that helps a business develop, implement, and sustain marketing strategies. These specialized firms are independent contractors that companies of any size can hire in any industry to improve their marketing efforts.


The best network marketing companies to represent depends on the products you want to sell. Each company’s special commission and onboarding structure distinguishes it from the others. 

However, many of the picks we discussed here are vague about how they compensate their reps. Regarding network marketing, looking for red flags like that can mean the difference between a profitable side hustle and a money pit.


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