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2023 List Of 3ds Homebrew Apps With Great Functionalities

Using the best 3ds homebrew apps frees you up to the universe of custom highlights and district explicit games. You can install explicit skins, play emulator games, and significantly more.

You can likewise introduce cheat plugins for when you need to have some light gaming in your work area.

Utilizing a homebrew app is additionally beautiful basic and is an extraordinary method to store media and documents.

To, make the process significantly more straightforward, we made a rundown of the best 3ds homebrew applications for you.

What is Homebrew App?

Homebrew is an unofficial software made by amateur developers for a closed system such as the 3DS. This includes both games and applications.

In the process of getting homebrew on our 3DS means you will make your own themes to use in the home menu, play out-of-region we own, plays aperture science3D, a free adaptation of portal for the 3DS.

Furthermore, you can use a 3Ds homebrew server to play media sent to it from other network devices. It is a great way to store our media and files. Also, the 3ds homebrew app is completely legal.

How To Homebrew a 3DS

Homebrewing is using various exploits to allow your device to run custom software; this can include games, emulators, and various tools.

There are a wide variety of ways to homebrew your 3DS, but for an Instructable process, we will use Browserhax, an exploit using the Nintendo 3DS’s internet browser.

This is a quite simple and quick process that just anyone can accomplish and it works on all versions of the 3DS. So, to install the 3ds homebrew app, here are the steps to take.

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Step 1: Get To Know If Your 3DS Is Capable of Being Homebrewed

The firmware is the operating system that the 3DS runs on. You can easily know the firmware version of your 3DS by selecting the System Settings icon and checking the bottom-right corner of the top screen.

Currently, to use Browserhax, your firmware must be lower than 10.3.0-28. However, starting with version 9.9 the firmware will check if the system is up to date, and if not, it will not allow you to use the browser.

But, you can avoid this message by performing the following steps.

  • Go to System Settings and backdate the system to January 1, 2000, 00:00.
  • Use the browser ‘Initialize save data’ option, before any page gets loaded triggering the browser version message.

(Note that you can’t press the HOME button to return from the browser, otherwise, you will have to re-initialize the saved data again. Once the date reaches January 2 you will need to perform these steps again to use this workaround).

Step 2: Prepare Your SD Card

For Browserhax to work properly, You must first prepare the SD card that we are using with our 3DS.

Remove the SD card from your 3DS and plug it into your computer. All that is required is to download the latest homebrew starter kit, and simply extract everything from the file to the SD card your 3DS will be using.

Step 3: Access the Launcher

Now that you’ve made ready your SD card you can utilize Browserhax on your system. Navigate to the 3DS web browser, which you will see at the top of the bottom screen when in the main menu, and either type in this URL (

Also, you can use the 3DS’s camera, which can be activated by pressing both the L and R buttons while in the main menu, to scan this QR code which will automatically direct you to the webpage.

Step 4: Configure Menuhax

This step is optional unless you want to go through the browser every time you want to access the homebrew launcher set up Menuhax.

This application allows you to set up a button or multiple buttons to hold down while you turn on your system that will boot the launcher. So, to start, you have to:

Go to the Menuhax Manager in the homebrew launcher. Once it loads, select the “Install” option and follow the application’s steps.

By default Menuhax is set to be activated while holding L + Down while the system is turning on, but you can change this in “Configure/check haxx trigger button(s)”.

Step 5: Have Fun! (You Are Good To Go)

Once you have successfully homebrew your 3DS, you are free to install and play with a wide variety of community-made applications. A list with several different applications can be found here. Make sure you place the files in the “3ds” folder when installing.

List Of 3DS Homebrew Apps With Great Functionalities

#1. CTR streaming

This is one of the best 3ds homebrew apps with great functionalities on our list. The app is used for streaming media effortlessly from other network devices, CTR streaming is one of the most used and recommended 3ds homebrew apps.

The app’s interface is straightforward to use and has a very smooth buffering for media playback. Also, it can store media and files.

It has several interpolation modes that improve the image quality especially if the window has been scaled.

#2. CTRXplorer

CTRXplorer is an open-source 3ds file explorer. It has support for an on-screen keyboard and has a string mode editor option.

This app can be used to browse, delete, modify, rename files on a device. It is pretty simple to use and functional. The app is mainly used to share data and is one of the best 3ds homebrew apps.


FT Pone is an important homebrew app that can test new homebrew versions without changing your storage devices.

It is one of the best homebrew apps which allows us to transfer data and files quickly without removing or replacing manually changing storage.

FTPony is a useful tool. It’s a feature to transfer files without changing SD cards is a nice touch and helps save a lot of time. Also, it has innovative graphics.

#4. PlayCoin

PlayCoin might be the app you are looking for because installing this will allow users to change with the number of coins they want to play with.

The app is straightforward to use (self-explanatory). You need to choose the number of coins you want and bam there you have it.

Furthermore, you can use the app to get as many coins as you want. There is a limit of 300 coins at once, so you need to keep that in mind.

#5. PKSM

PSKM is one of the best 3ds homebrew apps and has great functionalities for games like Pokemon. For all those who used to watch Pokemon as a kid, this game makes perfect sense for you.

The app allows you to store all the Pokemon you want right on your device. Any pokemon lover out there should give it a shot. Also, the QR scanner framerate is now much higher and supports Generation 3 QRs.

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#6.  Minesweeper

Knowing that this name sound familiar to you. Most of us have played our fair share of a minesweeper in school computers that didn’t have the horsepower to run anything else.

Minesweeper is one of the best 3ds homebrew apps because of the nostalgia factor when you use it. There is no change of any rules, and it is familiar as soon as you install it.

#7. NFC Reader

This is an UID Reader for N3DS and it’s one of the best 3ds homebrew apps.

NFC reader app allows you to utilize your Nintendo 3DS as an NFC/RFID UID Scanner. The app is a little hard to use and currently supports only 0X4 UIDs and common RFIDs.

#8. MTR

This is one of the best 3ds hombrew apps. MTR is a very engaging and thrilling game where you have to kill the Air Wizard above you in the sky.

This clear approach to the game and the fun of playing it makes it a serious is a time-pass game. It also comes with different texture packs and the save feature for you to not start from the beginning every day.

You can also create your texture according to your preference. There is also a tutorial available to get you started.

#9.  3DS Homebrew browser

3DS Homebrew browser is an excellent app that can be directly installed into your Nintendo 3DS and helps you to download other homebrew software directly on your device and thus making trying new homebrew apps a lot better.

#10.  3DS Paint

3DS Paint is a homebrew app for Nintendo 3ds that allows you to draw stuff, do image editing, and add a lot of functionalities to your device.

The drawing and editing can easily be stored in local storage devices for later usage. It is a very functional file manager and a pretty useful tool. Furthermore, the featured that 3DS Paint provides it with one of the best 3ds homebrew apps.


There are many advantages and disadvantages of the 3DS homebrew app. The most exciting part of the upcoming homebrew channel by far is the possibility of emulation on the 3ds.

Installing homebrew on your 3DS may not have seemed easy, but following this article’s process with patience will make things easier.



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