How to get Advance Screening Tickets for Movies Fast | 6 Legit Guide

You can now get a free movie advance screening ticket. Yes, for brand new movies before they even hit the theater!

Don’t even think that you need to be a celebrity to get one of these free movie screening tickets. No, that’s unnecessary. All you need to know is the right place to look for them.

In this article, we have provided access to the right places to find free screening tickets for both upcoming and already premiered movies.

In addition, there are tips that will guide you in getting these tickets.

How Does Advance Movie Screening Work?

This is promotion for movies. Studios and producers set up advanced movie screenings and give tickets to different people and platforms.

As a result, they distribute the tickets to a handful of websites that share them to individuals

These screenings usually take place in major cities and at theaters.

How do I get Advance Screening Tickets for Movies?

It is pretty easy to get an advance screening ticket for upcoming movies. Just follow the tips below and then look for the tickets in the right places. We have also listed the places to get and win free advance screening tickets for movies.

So, how do I get an advance screening ticket for a movie? Read below.

#1 Visit Film Production Studio Websites

Film production studios have information on free advance screening tickets. For instance, you can get advance tickets at Lionsgate, Sony, and Warner Bros to mention a few.

#2 Sign Up with Gofobo

Gofobo is a website that exists to help you find advanced movie screening tickets. There are lots of information on the website about movie releases.

In addition, you’ll get information on how you can get tickets.

#3 Check Other Advance Screening Sites

Other platforms perform differently from gofobo. They are advance screenings, seeitfirst, etc.

#4 Check Entertainment Websites

This is another way you could get free tickets to movie screenings. Check entertainment websites that give away movie tickets as prizes like BackstageOL and Zay Zay.

#5 Visit Local Radio Station Websites

Many times, local radio stations host movie screening ticket giveaways. Just listen in on entertainment shows.

You can also get Amazon freebies here.

#6 Identify yourself

Besides arriving early on the day of the movie screening, go along with an identification and ticket confirmation. This will help ensure there are no delays in getting into the screening.

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Places to Get and Win Free Advance Screenings Tickets for Movies

This section provides places where one can get advance screening tickets for movies. These platforms listed below will give you free advance screening tickets.

We will talk about how you can get these tickets from these platforms. They are:

#1 Gofobo

To get an advance screening ticket for movies, enter your postal code and select a movie to see if there are free movie tickets available near you.

Ensure to register so that they can contact you if there are screenings in your area.


#2 Lionsgate

For Lionsgate, enter your zip code to see if there are any free movie screenings in your area. Remember to register for notifications when there are advanced movie screening tickets available in the future


#3 Warner Bros. Screenings

Sign up and get emails on advance screenings and promotions for Warner Bros. movies or search for one.


#4 Sony Screenings

Input in your zip code, and register for notification.


#5 SeeItFirst

This is another platform to find free movie tickets, but it is for Disney movie screenings. You’ll need to register so they can notify you of future movie premieres near you.


#6 Searchlight Pictures Screenings:

You’ll register to have time to attend upcoming advance screenings of Searchlight Pictures films. Even after searching for screenings in your area, you’ll still register.


#7 Fandango Screenings

For Fandango, they host free movie screenings occasionally. Just sign up for a free FandangoVIP account and you’ll get notified when they’re having a screening.


#8 STX Entertainment:

Search for screenings in your area by entering your zip code.


#9 AdvanceScreenings:

To see if there are any free movie advance tickets, select a movie or enter your zip code. Sign up with your Facebook account to receive alerts.


Can I Win a Free Advanced Screening Tickets?

Yes, you can win an advanced movie screening ticket. Here are some places that regularly give them away as prizes.

#10 BackstageOL

This platform pairs with movie studios to give away tickets to movie screenings. The style of the offering will be determined by your city.


#11 Zay Zay

They also give away advanced screening tickets and other movie-related prizes.



They give you access to a real red carpet premiere with celebrities. Enter movie sweepstakes to win a free movie screening ticket.


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#13 Local radio and TV stations

Radios and TV stations often give away free tickets to movie screenings. You’ll either call in or be given an RSVP code you can redeem for a pass.


You really can get free tickets to advance screenings for both upcoming and already premiered movies.

Take advantage of these platforms to get free tickets to upcoming movies. You may be among the first people to watch your favorite producers and actors.

Follow through with our guide to get free screening tickets.


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