How Much Does AC Repair Cost?

Are you looking to repair your AC and you’re wondering how much AC repair cost?

Imagine that your air conditioner stops working during summer days. Would you wait for a week or months before you get it fixed? No, you’ll likely get it repaired and serviced as soon as possible to be able to endure the summer heat.

You may be able to repair it yourself if you studied mechanical engineering, but like the majority of people reading this, they would likely hire a professional company to repair your AC on time.

So how much does an AC repair service cost?

How Much Does AC Repair Cost?

The cost of an AC maintenance service is usually lower than the cost of AC repair cost. The latter means you’re fixing something that has been damaged whereas the maintenance involves simple oil changes and so on.

So the estimated range for the cost of AC servicing/repair is between $75 (e.g. for simply cleaning the filters) to $360 (e.g. recharging the refrigerant). The median AC maintenance cost range is between $100 and $150 according to Fixr.

It is said by HVAC experts in the country that the average homeowner will spend approximately $125 on cleaning and tune-up.

These include inspecting, testing, lubricating, and tightening all worn-out parts. Also, minor part replacements, such as air filters or cleaning coils are still part of the AC maintenance services.

One point to note is that the cost of central ACs or HVACs will be significantly higher than that of regular ACs. For instance, repairing a clogged drain line will cost between $75 to $200 for the complicated central AC/HVCA systems.

Also, fixing refrigerant leaks can take about $200 to $500 bucks from your pocket. In addition, replacing the thermostat of your central AC will cost you something between $100 to $500.

Air Repair Pros highlights the average costs of some AC services in Frisco, TX. They said: “Repairing the blower motor would cost you $100-$150, circuit board ($150), clogged AC drain ($150), outdoor unit ($300), refrigerant recharge ($300), and expansion valve repair ($200).

Moreover, the average cost of capacitor repair is $250, coil leak ($500-$2,000), Freon leak ($300-$1,500), compressor ($700-$1200), and fan motor ($450-$650)”.

You can now discern that the median AC maintenance cost range of $100-$150 as reported by Fixr is waved by some factors.

The average cost is truly what’s spent by AC owners who maintain their air conditioners regularly.

Although the cost of AC repair is very expensive in some where like Frisco, TX, such expenses can be reduced if the AC is serviced every once in a while, without waiting for a problem to arise before servicing it.

The frustration and high cost of doing extensive repairs on your AC decrease as a result. But you have to be careful with whom you give your AC for servicing. Some so-called ‘experts’ might cause more damage than good and so get service from a reputation AC maintenance company.

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Do I Need to Service AC Every Year?

Yes indeed, it is necessary to service your air conditioner once or twice every year. The accrued benefits of conducting annual or bi-annual AC servicing are many. Let’s see only 5 good reasons:

Peak Efficiency

AC service ensures your AC system operates at its peak efficiency throughout the year. Research shows that air conditioning systems decrease their efficiency by 5 to 10% per year when homeowners neglect maintenance services.

Energy Efficiency

Ignoring AC maintenance will make the air conditioning system work harder while functioning thus, consuming more energy in the process.

Research shows that when AC owners maintain their air conditioners yearly, the AC servicing restores 95% efficiency of the AC systems.

When you bring out funds for annual or bi-annual AC maintenance, it saves you some money on utility bills because of higher energy efficiency.

Prevents Minor Issues

It is usually frustrating for the owner and maintenance engineer to see a minor preventable issue turn into a major problem.

Annual or bi-annual AC service can prevent these incidents from happening. While the AC maintenance service workers conduct checks, replacements, and repairs, they may identify minor problems and solve them immediately.

This way, you get to ensure your AC is in the right season at the right time without paying for expensive repairs.

Keeps the System Clean

As stated above, little problems solved often make a lot of differences. Dust particles and sand can accumulate in the AC system to cause dampening of the AC’s performance.

These can also affect your health in that inhalation of these from your AC outlet vent may, unfortunately, lead to respiratory conditions.

The cool purified air that ought to flow throughout the room can pose a danger to you if the AC system is not clean at least once a year.

Maintains the Humidity Levels within your Indoor Space

Annual maintenance will require the technician to check for clogs or blockages in the condenser. These obstructions once removed balances humidity levels in the indoor space where you and your family reside.

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What To Do When Your AC Breaks Down

Wondering what you should do when your AC breaks down? Here’s a list of things you should do:


Contact an experienced technician or company tell them what happened to your AC unit. you are looking for.


Ask a few questions and find out how much your project will cost

The contractors will offer competitive free quotes for your job.


Compare the quotes and hire

Compare the estimates and hire the contractor who best fits your needs.

How Do I Save Money on My Conditioning Bill?

Here’s how to save money on your air conditioning bill:

Everyone including millionaires likes to save money on some things. In this regard, you may want to save money on your AC bill and your overall utility bill if you can.

There are numerous ways you can save money on your air conditioning bill but the basics start by tweaking some of your habits. You can simply open the windows on cooler days to let natural air in instead of unnecessarily turning the AC on.

You can close drapes and blinds to keep the heat out or to retain cold when you turn on your air conditioner. The principle of physics tells us that the closer your indoor temperature is to the outdoor temperature, the less your AC unit will have to run.

It is a good practice if you turn on an auto mode that uses the programmable thermostat to ensure your system only runs as appropriately needed.

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Programmable thermostats essentially do a good job at chilling your indoor space 30min to 1hr before you arrive home, and it keeps the air from running when you are not at home.

Many AC systems include an ‘eco-mode which as the name suggests is ecologically (aka environment) friendly. Air Repair Pros explain that “this setting allows your compressor to increase the fan speed while choosing a temperature that is two degrees higher than the thermostat setting”.

That implies that your room will be moderately cool, but your AC energy consumption will decrease. Of course, this translates to lower electricity bills.

Another money-saving tip is to allow your fans to run at low levels so that it participates in circulating the air in your indoor space. This trick can be used even during the wintertime whereby ceiling fans have a setting for winter circulation.

You can lower the overall heat in your home by doing this simple act. One other way to save money on your overall utility bill is by using only energy-saving light bulbs and refraining from using the oven on hot summer days.

This will reduce the amount of energy the AC requires to cool your indoor space.

FAQs How Much Does AC Repair Cost

Technicians and mechanical engineers advise that annual or bi-annual AC servicing is good. These services may begin with inspection and progress to parts replacement, and so on.

Choosing an air filter is important because it helps the system run the best it can. The basic recommendation by professionals is to find a filter with a high MERV rating, around 11 to 16. MERV refers to the amount of dust and dirt allowed through the filter.

AC inspection by an experienced technician. This inspection will be done on the system components and metallic parts. AX maintenance will include filter changing and/or thorough cleaning of the unit systems, Checking all safety features, and adding refrigerants may also be part of the process.

There are many possible reasons that an air unit is not cooling. You can perform several checks yourself before calling in a professional: check to see if the filter needs to be changed, check the outdoor unit to make sure it does not need cleaning, and check the thermostat and make sure it is on auto and not in the ‘on’ position.

Also, make sure the circuit breaker did not trip. If none of these seem to be the problem, it may be best to call a professional.


Owning an air conditioner is awesome because you and your friends and family get to escape from the summer heat in great comfort. However, failure to maintain your air conditioner will consume more energy, reduce AC’s lifespan, and cost you more money.

On a general note, you may need to pay an average amount of $300 for your AC servicing per annum. Moreover, there are some maintenance cost factors you must take note of that may raise or lower your cost from the said amount.

Most people in the US spend between $80 to $200 for their AC servicing alone minus the charge for both labor and spare parts. But you should always ask two or more local technicians what the costs are in your area and then pay for the cheaper deal.


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