15 Best Apps for Bands and Musicians | 2022

In recent times, the music industry has experienced a rapid change, and yes technology did make things a lot easier, especially for the up-and-coming artist.

With the mobile technology, you can now record and share recordings on different online platforms. Most bands and musicians hardly have time for themselves, usually have to worry about recording, and how to promote their brands and themselves as a whole; and this is where applications comes into the spotlight.

In the past, making a piece of good quality music requires usually calls for an expensive studio section and equipment that are highly expensive.

But as of now, we have various apps for different needs; and most of these apps requires just a token for much more quality sounds and beats.

Some apps are basically for tour planning, songwriting, just to help with your schedule, and some for music introduction and other needs.

Software application musicians and musician has more benefits than its downsides, and some are discussed be discuss below.

But you should know that the best software will only help you improve your brand and music on so many levels.

While some of these might need a token for subscription, others are free which will make your musical journey a lot easier to walk through to the top of your career.

Are you an independent musician? Or do you have a whole band you work with?

You have absolute nothing to worry about when it comes to managing your music because this overview will give you an insight on everything you need to know about the best apps for bands and musicians and other important information.

Why You Need an App as a Musician

You might question yourself on whether you need an app for your band/music or not. Well, as said earlier, music apps come with more benefits than downsides, meaning it will do you better to have an app that will provide you with more answers and also help with the growth of your band.

Most bands and solo musicians make use of apps to help them maintain their busy schedule, and in most cases help with recording a new music.

When you have an app that covers the most aspects of your music, you won’t mind spending more on such an app.

Before the creation of mobile app, music is recorded in studios; but in recent times, you can record a song on your music app and share them, and also earn money.

In some scenario, the quality of a song recorded through an app is usually the best (depending on the app, and your phone).

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Benefit of Music Apps for Bands and Musicians

We cannot keep aside technology when it comes to the evolution of music apps in the world today.

There are thousands of music applications just for you and most of these applications will help you promote your music and also make money from your records.

Here are the benefits of music apps:

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1. For Music Production

In most cases, they create music apps for the use of musicians. As a musician, you can record your music through the use of an app.

This software is usually available on your iOS and Android, and even on your laptops. The main benefit of this is to help you record a quality sound at a lower cost.

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2. Raising Funds

As a solo artist or you are in a band, and you need some funds for your music; you can easily raise funds by performing at shows or selling your songs on popular apps.

3. Independence

Most band musicians want to go solo, and at times you don’t know how to go about it. You can decide by creating your sound and music and selling them on some of the best apps that will be posted below.

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4. For Effective Strategy

Most apps help you with ideas on how to create an effective strategy for the growth of your music.

5. High-Quality Sounds

A lot of music apps will offer you a good quality recording, even better than most physical studios.

This is beneficial to you because you can record your music in the comfort of your home (or anywhere) with the promise of recording the best.

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6. Uploading Your Music For Free

On most music apps, you get to upload your songs for free without the need for of contract or any unnecessary terms and conditions.

All you need to do is to share the link to your friends and on another social platform.

7. Makes It Easy For Fans to Buy You Music

When your music is properly managed, your music gets to receive the recognition it deserves.

You can upload your music on the app of your choice, and this will enable your fans to buy your music and pay directly to you and this will give you direct access to your fans and receive their feedbacks.

Disadvantages of Music Apps for Bands and Musicians

As a band or a solo musician, always know that not every app has the best in mind for you.

Here are a few drawbacks you might find in some of these apps;

Expensive Apps

Most music app are quite expensive. While you might find free music apps, some valuable apps might require a monthly subscription.

And also, not all music is easy to gain access to and they limit some to certain features which are usually discouraging as you need apps that come with full package.

15 Best Apps for Bands and Musicians | 2022

These are the best music app for Bands and musicians in 2022, some bands and musicians need some of the unique apps listed apps low in order to be able to record and distribute their recordings.

While some are free, others might require a subscription. Here is a few lists of Best Apps for Bands and Musicians:

1.  Musyc Pro App

Musyc pro app is the best for making new quality music, and yes the app is free. Even if you are new to a music-making app, this app will enlighten you on most aspects of the recording and also give you access to edit your songs to your own choice.

The musyc app is not limited to musicians alone but anyone interested in learning. Musyc pro app enables you to create shapes on the screen and listen to your musical creation while seeing the sounds move around the screen.

After recording a song, you can send a copy directly to your email, DrDropboxor any other app to help you save your song properly.

Although the app is made free, the full feature requires a token of $3.99. The app is available on Apple store; but not compatible with iPod touch 3, iPhone 4,  and iPhone 3GS.

2. Jamzone

Jamzone is an app that can be used for different things relating to music and bands. There are hundreds if not thousands of backing tracks for any genre of song you are working on.

Regardless of the song, you can all the instruments vocals and a multitrack mixer that will help you combine the songs well.

The app is quite flexible and easy to use, once you load your song you can do just anything with it. The Jamzone is free and you can find the app on iOS, Mac and on Google app store.

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3. Setlist Helper

Setlist Helper is a unique app specially created for helping you organize your set list and lyrics, and with this app, you can easily practice and get new ideas for your songs.

Basically, Setlist app has features that help you arrange your enlists with its drag, it supports Drop-box and other important features. 

The Setlist app is free and you can find the app on App store and Play store.

4. Backing Track Studio

Backing Track Studio is a music app that is created for the purpose of helping music bands and musicians organize and play backing tracks.

The app has auto pause function during live performance and you can also use the app to create multiple playlist for various events.

The app is quite flexible and easy to use, and you can rearrange your playlist when performing because it comes with a Drop-box feature, and also supports multiple audio formats.

You can get the app on App store and Play store for a token of $5.61.

5. BandLab

Bandlab is one of the best music app for bands and solo musicians. The app gives users the access to create music and also distribute their recordings to your fans and other artists.

Basically, the BandLab is available in 180 countries and also free. The app comes with many features such as virtual instruments that helps make quality sounds.

Also, the app is not limited to just music sharing, you can also share your video to your fans. The BandLab can be downloaded from App store and Play store; and you can gain access directly on the web- ‘bandlab.com’

6. iReal Pro

iReal Pro makes learning a new song easier, and not only does the app provide sounds like 16-bit MIDI, it also make practicing easier for bands and solo artists.

Basically, iReal was created to be unique practice tool that will help you to record and collect chord charts and jam along with a real-sounding band. 

The app is available in many countries, and it offers 50 samples for learning basic chord. And also comes with high quality digital audio, mixable, and can change into any key and completely mobile.  

The iReal app can be downloaded from App store and Play store at a token of $14.99.

7.  Songwriter’s Pad:

Just as the name implies, this is a lyrics writing app, this unique app gives you the access to write and record lyrics of a song, and it is mostly used by bands, poets and musicians.

The app comes with multiple features and one of which offers ideas to you and also brings up a selection of phrases, words, thesaurus and rhymes supporting what you have in mind.  

The Songwriter’s pad app can be downloaded from App store and Play store at a token of $9.99.

8. BeatMaker 3

BeatMaker 3 is one the best music app that can help you record your song, and give you the best sound.

With the BeatMaker 3, it comes with free package that offers you a drum machine, a song mixer and effect samples that can help you craft your own instrument and a synth.

One of the feature of the app is a pad that can be configured on the screen that feature with 128 banks of 128 pads.

The instrument tracks on the app is large and can be limited to your hardware. The app is simply the best and app can be downloaded from App store and Play store at a token of  $39.99.

9. GarageBand

Garageband is a simply the best for bands and musicians, as an artist, you can easily record your song or voice podcast for free.

You can drop two or more songs together and edit them, you can also add some sound effects and edit your song even before you are through with the recording.  

Basically, Garageband can be used by just anyone interested in music creation, whether you are a composers, songwriters or producer, the app is free to all.

GarageBand comes with wide selection of programmable instruments just for you and it is for free. You can only find the app on App store

10. SongSpace

SongSpace is one of the best app created for bands and musicians, this is just for everyone and it is used by famous and top artists.

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With the SongSpace app, you can make use of offline playlist and even back up your voice. This app can be used by all, you can easily backup you demo recordings, and save or share your songs with others.

Song space comes with various features that can help improve your songs. The Songspace app will enable you to track publishing info, pitch playlist from wherever you are.

You can download the SongSpace app on play store or app store for free.

11. ForScore Pro

ForScore pro is one of the best flexible music app for bands and musician because with the app can easily create setlists, store your sheet music,  

Annotate, play along to an audio track, and other unique tools available for your use. With this app, you can back up your songs and sync to the cloud to save space on your device.

You can easily get the app for your iPad, Mac, iPhone, and iPod Touch for a too keen of $9.99

12. Abbey Road’s Topline

Abbey Road’s Topline can be considered as one of the best apps for bands and musicians.

With the app, you can simply sing over imported tracks, or add lyrics; you can also add pictures or share files easily and sync to the cloud to save space on your device.

This music recording app, will help you greatly, in case you decide to download the app. You can easily get the app for your iPad, Mac, iPhone, and iPod Touch for free

13. Mobile Sheets Pro

Mobile sheets pro is one of the best music app for bands and musicians, the app helps you organize your folders and also supports various file types and other unique features and you can also backup your songs and sync to the cloud to save space on your device.

You can also annotate with free-form drawing, and also edit your folder. You can get the app on play store for a token of $9.99.

14. Korg Gadget 2

Korg Gadget 2 can be quite expensive but it comes with some of the best features you need for your music.

Basically, the Korg Gadget 2 app is often regarded as the best all-in-one music production software and it has plugin collection to help with music production, comes with drum machines and over 40 small synths.

Whenever you are looking for the best for recording a quality sound/music, download the Korg Gadget 2 app. You can easily find the app on App store for £38.99.

15. Metronome

Metronome by sound Brenner is one of the best music app for bands and musicians, the app is unique for practicing while recording and you can easily choose from any 20 Metronome sounds for your music’s.

The app is easy to use with a nice set list management just for you, it also supports USB MIDI and Bluetooth MIDI.

You can easily find the app on play store and app store for free.

FAQs on Best Apps for Bands

What app do bands and musicians use?

Most bands make use of apps to make their work much easier. From the list, you will find the app is mostly used by bands.

Are music apps expensive?

No, not all music apps are expensive.

What app is best for bands and musicians?

From the list, you will find the best app for bands and musicians.

Can I record a quality song on a music app?

Yes, you can.

Are all music apps free?

Some music apps are free, but not all.


Technology definitely made things easier for the music industry. You can literally get any apps for your needs.

The best app for bands and musicians that are listed above was carefully selected for you and I do hope this overview gives you the answers to your questions.  



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