10 Best Places To Sell Disney VHS Tapes in 2023

Disney was a part of our lives as kids. We enjoyed watching Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast movies on VHS tapes.

 Fast forward to 2023, when you can buy a DVD or stream services like Netflix, reaching a more expansive space. The VHS tapes are now completely useless. There is no longer a need or longing for those old VHS tapes.

 What do you do with those boxes brimming with those abandoned tapes? Fortunately, you can sell them. Selling them might not fetch you much money, but it will get them off your hands. 

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 What Is A VHS Tape?

 I noticed that square thingy with two small spools of magnetic tapes, including the supply reel that takes up room in your attic. 

 It is called a VHS. VHS is an acronym for Video Home System. It is a system that uses a video cassette tape to record video and sound, which can be viewed on a television. 

 The VHS was released 45 years ago on September 9, 1976. The VHS was popular in the 1990s. It was a popular way to record and play videos at home. It is since then been dethroned by DVD and Blu-ray. This is because they are easier to use and last longer, and discs and players are cheaper. 

#1. eBay

 eBay is one of the places to get rid of those VHS tapes. You can sell and buy anything from electronics to clothes and more on eBay. It encourages consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website. 

 With eBay, you won’t have to worry about marketing your products by meeting face-to-face with prospective buyers. All you have to do is post, which will reach millions of visitors to the website. You will reach customers all over the world as well. 

 After selling the VHS tapes, you can ship them off rather than meet your buyer in person. eBay allows sellers to list up to 50 items for free.

You won’t have to worry about any upfront payments. And when you sell your tapes, the site does not charge you a 10 percent commission fee. The money is all yours to keep.

#2. Craigslist

 This platform is an American classified advertisement website for jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, gigs, and more.

 Yes, you can sell your Disney VHS tapes on craigslist for free, and you don’t need an account. All you need to do is ensure the Craigslist website is set to your correct city, then click the link to create a post. 

 Craigslist is an excellent way of selling your VHS tapes if you don’t mind meeting someone to sell locally.

It is also excellent for those looking to sell something for cash and not part with cash because Craigslist doesn’t charge any commission fee. Sell those tapes and keep your money.

#3. PawnShops

  A pawn shop is a shop or business that loans money to people who bring valuable items which they leave with the pawnbroker.

 To sell VHS tapes, I recommend going to a local pawn shop. Pawnshops are known for buying, selling, and paying on the spot. 

 The disadvantage of selling at a pawn shop is that they don’t give the best price. They tend to reduce the value of the goods rather than what it is worth to profit. To locate pawn shops near you, type ‘pawn shops near me on any of your search engines. 

 This should provide options, but call the pawn shops to know if they buy VHS tapes.

#4. OfferUp

 OfferUp is a prominent mobile market place you can VHS tapes and make some extra cash. It allows you to buy and sell anything quickly, offering your item for sale within 30 minutes.

 OfferUp is a market where you can sell things locally. It is available as a website and app. You can list your Disney VHS tapes for sale, set your price, and wait for your buyers.

#5. 5miles

 I think we can take a hint from the name of this marketplace. 5 miles allows you to sell your stuff to people locally. It is a local market app that helps you buy and sell stuff like your VHS tapes in your area.

It would help if you had your tapes on there, and you get to set your prices. This gives you total control over the money you earn from your sale. 5miles services are free to use.

#6. Etsy

 Etsy is a popular marketplace used by millions of people. Although it is best known for buying and selling handmade and vintage items, you can still sell your VHS tapes.

 Not everyone on Etsy is looking to buy handmade and vintage goods, so there is a chance you might be able to rid yourself of your old tapes. Etsy is a comprehensive platform for different people and products.

 To sell on Etsy, you need to pay $0.20 per listing on Etsy. When your item sells, you’ll pay a 5% transaction fee and a 3% $0.25 payment processing fee. 

 If you want a platform you can join without all these charges, then 5miles and OfferUp might be what you are looking for.

#7. Flea Market

 A flea market is a place that provides space for vendors to sell second-hand merchandise. It is seasonal and can be an excellent place to sell a more extensive collection of Disney VHS tapes. 

You get to advertise to a broader range of potential buyers and get paid on the spot. The flea market’s downside is that you need a space to advertise your wares. So, you’d have to rent a table or booth. This cost of which can reduce your profit.

#8. YardSale

 A YardSale is also known as a garage sale. It is an informal event for the sale of used goods by private individuals. A permit might be required to do this.

The goods in a garage sale are unwanted items from the household of the owner conducting the sale. It is fantastic because you get to persuade buyers to buy your Disney VHS tapes face-to-face and get paid on the spot.

  The not-so-great part is that people are mostly there to find bargains, so you might not get the total value of your tapes.

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#9. Thriftstore

 A retail store that sells second-hand goods at reduced prices. Thrift stores are typical in towns and cities, so one near you would likely be interested in buying your Disney VHS tapes.

  To avoid disappointment, you should call to ask if they’d be interested before visiting. Usually, thrift stores are looking for cool and unique stuff to sell.

 Open your search engine and type in thrift stores near me to locate the ones near you. Thrift stores might buy from you at a relatively low price because the store wants to make a profit reselling items. Selling to thrift stores is an excellent way to get cash fast. 

#10. Facebook Marketplace

 Another place you might want to sell your Disney VHS tapes is the Facebook Marketplace. 

You can buy and sell used items quickly on the Facebook marketplace locally and form businesses. This platform lets you list items for free, so you don’t have to worry about posting your Disney VHS tapes.

 You can set your price whenever a sale comes through and ship off the items to a new buyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are The VHS Tapes Worth Money?

Tapes usually don’t sell higher. You might have been in luck if you sold yours at a high price.

Are the black diamond tapes worth money?

The black diamond tapes that are rare and valuable don’t sell at a high rate. Those tapes are not rare enough to fetch $10k. You surely cannot earn $10k, but you could make $20 or so if you have a tape from the Black Diamond Collection.

When was the Black Diamond Collection film released?

The Black Diamond Collection film was released between 1984 to 1994, and they have the black diamond on the case or the tape. They usually have on tape ” A Walt Disney Classic” on the tape.

Are the black diamond tapes valuable?

These tapes are more valuable than other types of Disney VHS tapes, but, as I said earlier, despite reports, these don’t sell for thousands.

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I know you are excited to part with those Disney VHS tapes, but don’t be in a rush. Carefully choose how and what platform you want to use on this quest.

This is because most marketplaces are concerned only with making a profit, reducing the value of the VHS tapes. I’d suggest you look out for platforms where you can control the affairs.



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