Best Ways To Get Paid To Make Excel Spreadsheets In 2022

Have you been doing so much with Ms-Excel without the slightest idea about the best ways to get paid to make excel spreadsheets? If so, then this article is for you.

Spreadsheets are vital tools for mathematical calculations involving statistical data analytics, summing up of long number columns as well as percentages and averages.


For inexperienced users, there are many uses for spreadsheet templates where any template may vary according to its design purpose.  Most of them are designed for targeting a variety of calculations based upon use cases. 

In general, however, spreadsheets make calculations as well as data entry scenarios easier than other approaches that are rather manual. 

In all, developing spreadsheet skills these days appears to becoming financially rewarding as these skills are highly sought for a number of online freelance gigs.

You will discover a few of these options in the following paragraphs and subtitles.

Can One Find Jobs With Excel?

You have probably invested time and resources in learning some skills in excel or any other spreadsheet, it is now time to search out new jobs.

Needless to say, you are also eager to discover how you can get paid to make excel spreadsheets.

To help you accomplish this, be advised to add the fact that you are now skilled in Microsoft Excel skills; for example, in your new look resume. 

Perhaps, accounting departments and firms avail the greatest opportunities for people skilled in spreadsheet analysis to get paid to make excel spreadsheets.

According to recent studies:

  • 82% of today’s jobs require skills or experience in Excel and productivity software.
  • Certified Excel skills can averagely increase one’s earning potentials by 12%.
  • Even if you are not a degree holder, your Excel skills can open the door to more jobs and careers.

However, as you begin your search for jobs involving excel spreadsheet skills, you might wish to explore the following search phrases amongst others:

  • Spreadsheet jobs from home
  • Earn money excel projects
  • Excel spreadsheet jobs from home part-time
  • Online excel work to earn money
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Moreover, typical job roles you can get paid to make excel spreadsheets include:

  • Administrative Assistants

Here, you are required to do different tasks like making spreadsheets, scheduling appointments, organizing different documents, putting in vacation time in for employees, etc. 

  • Accountants

You’ll likely not be considered in this role without a degree. This said, handling tons of different financial statements, submitting tax returns, being in charge of income statements and cash flows, etc. are a few of your responsibilities.

  • Cost Estimator and/or Financial Analyst roles

Here, you’ll use excel skills to support construction project contractors and managers with estimates of the money, time, and labor needed to finish each of their projects. A degree and relevant construction experience will be required.

How Much Should I Charge to Make a Spreadsheet?

Appropriately charging for any stints has never been easy and when considering ways to get paid to make excel spreadsheets, this can be an issue.

There are many approaches to evaluating work volumes involved in finishing a spreadsheet job much like any other job. While some approach entails charging on a per hour basis, others are simply flat rates per project.

However, if you are not sure of how long the work can take, your best bet will be to go with an hourly rate.

While at it, ensure you communicate with the client often should there be a need to warn them early about potential extra billing. This way, you will gain their trust easily to pave way for easy award of more projects to you in future.

From experience and as a guide, most excel consultants and pros can charge between $150 – $300 per hour for development work.

As you build your portfolio of accomplished projects resulting in a proven gain of some experience and trust, you will do well to go for fixed-price projects.

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This way, you will be compensated according to the models you build and deliver and based on how much your clients think your models are worth.

What Are the Best Sites that Let You Get Paid to Answer Excel Questions?

There may be occasions when you want to build Excel workbooks from scratch and need some help.

If you are lucky, there could be existing templates to choose from where you use search help menus from the system installed apps or better still punch in the phrase “Search for online templates” into search engines.

Where there are no helpful templates to use, you will just have to pay somebody to build you one, also known as work for hire. Thus, places, where you may post such projects, are usually pay-walled.

However, quite a few websites exist where you may post the problems you are having to attract solutions from experts.

Here, solutions offered might include tricky formulas, helps with formatting, and step-by-step procedures for using certain Excel features related to the problem you wish to solve.

Also, where you need macros, some pros are on hand to write them, test them and teach you how to use them.

Nevertheless, amongst known sites where one might get paid to answer questions in excel are:

These parades, arguably, the best tools for asking and answering questions; but it is pay-walled. The idea for ‘pay wall’ means that you either answer other people’s questions as a condition for free access, or else you pay a nominal amount each month for membership.

This one is a free site powered by Microsoft but primarily end-users oriented. However, another Microsoft site, called TechNet, is aimed at developers. While you are not permitted to post files on the site, you may copy and post links to your files stored in the cloud (e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.)

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Like Microsoft Answers, this is also a free site specializing in Excel questions. Again, like in Microsoft Answers, you cannot directly post files except the ones stored elsewhere in the cloud.


Generally, spreadsheets have been widely accepted to make calculations, data entry scenarios, statistical analyses, etc. easier than otherwise manual approaches.

It is interesting that studies reveal how about 82% of today’s jobs are dependent on skills or experience in Excel and productivity software.

Typical job roles that make it possible for you to get paid to make excel spreadsheets include administrative assistants, cost estimator and/or financial analyst roles, data analysts, auditors, etc.

As a rough expert guide to charging for your services as an excel professional, you are advised to consider between $150 – $300 per hour for development work.

Furthermore, there may be occasions when you want to build Excel workbooks from scratch and need some help.

If you are lucky, there could be existing templates to choose from where you use search help menus from the system installed apps or better still punch in the phrase “Search for online templates” into search engines.

In all, there are wonderful sites where you can land jobs that enable you to get paid to make excel spreadsheets. Such sites can be easily googled and include Experts Exchange, Microsoft Answers, Mr. Excel, etc.



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