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Are you dreaming of work abroad? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone. There are thousands like you. A leading global recruitment company,  Hydrogen Group,  had found that the number of people who are willing to work abroad has more doubled over the last five years.

Over 35% of those in the survey would be willing to work abroad compared to 16% five years ago, and 40% of global professionals now believe that there are no barriers to move abroad. According to United Nations, an incredible 232 million people are now living in a country in which they were not born.

Expat life is truly a global phenomenon with ever more of us travelling around the globe for better life, career prospect or more competitive salaries.

Interestingly, working abroad entail so many things that you need to find out such as visas, language requirement and where to look out for jobs abroad. Working abroad helps your language skills to skyrocket and your cross-cultural competencies to improved.

If you have the opportunity  to move abroad, just do it.

What is the Best Country to Work Abroad?

No doubt  about it, moving to a new country can bring a lot of challenging, excitement and life changing experiences. To find the perfect country to work abroad can cause a headache for many. You really need to know which of the country out of 195 countries is most attractive to live and work.

Because the main reason for you move abroad is to improved your lifestyle,  new career opportunities  and earn more money. There are lot of amazing place in the world but you have to be realistic when you are making the list. Interestingly,  there are many criteria you will consider before make a move such as openness to foreigner, cost of living, variety  between the countries in terms of weather, culture, and lastly, quality of life.

In HSBC’s 2019, Expat Explorer Survey, Switzerland scored higher than other any country for political stability, economic stability and income. More 71% of expatriate said they had more disposable income in Switzerland than they did in their home country.

The average expat income salary was $111,587, 33% higher than the global average for experts, which stand at $75,966. Switzerland is A Alpine country, a home of skiing, beautiful and breath taking pastoral landscapes,  and the best chocolate in the world. This is a country with good model of governance and realible economy. When you are thinking  of health , the quality of life is second to none.

However, there are other awesome , folksy and foreigner- friendly countries that you can also move to such as South Korea and Canada.

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How to Work Abroad

When you’re on vacation as tourist, everything might be look as perfect as a day and awe inspiring. But work abroad is more than that,  you don’t need your tourist goggles.

Work Permit and Visa. Your first step is to find out what paper you will need to be able to work legally in your future home country, and where to get all these paper and time frame. Ultimately, all your dream of moving abroad hang on your visa or work permit.

Find a job and a place to live. Do a research about how easy it will  be to find a job and place a to live.  Check out the cost of transportation and how people commute. This   will help you  to factor in your expectation and budget. Most important is roof over your head.

Learn about culture the country. It is a good idea to visit your future home before you pack your bag and baggage and zoom off. You really need to ask yourself if you can assimilate to different  culture. To prevent culture shock, you must ready to learn about way of life of the people live with.

Start building a network. World is now a global village and you don’t need to travel down often before you connect yourself. Use social media as a platform to connect with people. Ask someone for help, advice and join a groups or forums on Twitter or LinkedIn.

How Can I Apply Abroad Without Experience?

Different cultures have different ways of hiring and if you want work without  experience- it depends on your level of education and skills. Before,  you apply abroad  for work, try as much as possible  to find how the locals find jobs.

However,  there some jobs in abroad with to little to no experience  which you need to figure out, if you will able find on your own or you apply through agency or job recruiter.

Nevertheless, it’s good you get certified to do something. This will make you far more hireable. You can acquire an RSA( Responsible  Service of Alcohol). A certification to travel and work in the Australian hospitality sector.

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#1. Teaching English in Asia

This is one of the best jobs for living abroad.  It does require you to invest in yourself. Obtain a TFEL license and it takes just 4 weeks. You can easily get

#2. Aupair

An Aupair is a live-in nanny. If you enjoy kids and want to work abroad, the job is God for you. . There are sites that work like Tinder, they match families with interested Aupair.

#3. Working Away

Working away is the largest and most used website for work exchange programs abroad. There are thousands of jobs listed and also giving a load of options in location.

#4. Volunteering

This is another way of working abroad, meanwhile, you won’t earn money but the host will provide you room and board. It’s like giving back to the society

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#5. Working in Australia.

This is a kind of open borders program where foreigners come in and spend a year abroad by giving a one-year working visa. The only requirements are your age and what passport you have.

#6. House and Pet Sitting

This type of job doesn’t pay  but it allows you to travel and work abroad for free.

#7. Ski Resort

If you are an outdoor person and enjoy the snow, the ski resort is always looking for international travellers to the hospitality industry. There are plenty of opportunities such as restaurant jobs, teaching ski, snowboarding lesson or lift operator.

#8. H-2A guestworker

H-2A   temporary agricultural program helps employers to hire a worker for temporary farm work in the United States.

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#9. Young Professional Program

The young professional visa allows U.S. citizens between 18 and 35 to work in their field in Canada for up to one year.

#10. Sustainable  Action Costa Rica

The program is educational tour for students and recent grads to have a hand-on, resume- building international adventure.

Final Thoughts

In summary, go with a company that will take good of you when it comes to work abroad and have a plan. Also, if you are going to move to a new country for a job, make sure it’s not just a good opportunity that will expand your worldview. Good luck .



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