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The time is past when you have to visit a car park, stand for hours trying to decide what car to buy, doing paperwork just because you want to buy a car. If you own a smartphone, you can access, check, and order a car from your comfort. You just need to know the best car buying apps available for you to find the best deal.

These apps are some of the best when it comes to buying a new car – and keeping dealership salespeople on their toes.

Buying a car can be exciting, but it’s rarely fun. From researching your decisions to choosing the best options, finding the right vehicle, and negotiating a final price, there is a lot of work to be done before you can start your new ride.

Fortunately, modern technology has a lot to offer the rushing car buyer. With just your smartphone, you can download powerful applications that allow you to research, configure, locate, rate, and finally buy the car of your dreams.

As you go through this writing, you will be acquainted with the best car buying apps available for car-buyers.

Why Are Best Car Buying Apps Important?

Shopping for a car online requires careful research and repeated review of offers, usually on multiple websites.

Car purchase apps cut out some of that work. They can send mobile notifications when prices drop or new cars show up, and they have features that aren’t available on their company’s websites, such as: scanning a window sticker or a vehicle identification number for price estimates.

These apps take the stress out of buying a vehicle.

You also have bargaining power in hand when speaking to a dealer or private seller.

There are a variety of apps out there for those looking for a new or used car. All you have to do is dive into the App Store. But not every app is a tool that can save you time and money when looking for a vehicle.

There are apps for the hardcore driver who wants to discover this obscure modern classic and there are apps for people who are looking for an easy means of transport to commute from point A to point B.

Benefits Of Car Buying Apps

Car buying apps have several advantages over moving from dealership to dealership or shopping online for a new car, truck, or SUV that you will love.

Many of these apps can let you know about vehicles you are interested in and let you know if the price has dropped or a specific vehicle is available in your area.

According to Road Show, it can also give you bargaining power with the dealer as you have the evidence of a better price or more features right in the palm of your hand.

What Are The Best Car Buying Apps?

We will look at those apps that have a solid user interface and make the search process easier. Since many have the same features – like the ability to find cars, view vehicle history reports, and contact local dealers, you can begin your car-buying procedures by downloading ay of them and installing them on your smartphone.

Here are some of the best free car buying apps out there.

#1. Kelley Blue Book

No app offers as much basic pricing information as the Kelley Blue Book app. This app gives you real-time access to Blue Book pricing information for any vehicle.

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Use it at home or at the dealership to instantly fill in all of the details of the particular vehicle you’re looking at and get an estimate of the price, or at least what a superbly maintained option would cost.

Car buyers will also appreciate the vehicle reviews as well as information about buyer incentives.

Download: AndroidiPhoneWindows

#2. Edmunds

The Edmunds app offers various search tools to help you find the right vehicle at the best price. The real market price tool can help you find relative price points, and the car calculator app is one of the best out there.

Along with vehicle reviews, this app allows you to find cars and text dealers, compare prices for similar vehicles, calculate your monthly payments for a vehicle loan, and save search and research information for later.

With an inventory of millions of used and new cars, dealer reviews, extensive photo galleries, and pricing and trade-in tools, there’s something for everyone.

Download: AndroidiPhone


While the CARFAX application does many things, the vehicle history reports are perhaps the most valuable. This app gives you a free vehicle history report for every car that is offered for sale in the app.

They can also generate vehicle history reports for cars not listed on their website. This can potentially deter you from buying a vehicle with repairs you didn’t know about.

Download: AndroidiPhone

#4. Credit Karma

Buying a car can put a strain on your finances, and a below par credit score can cost you thousands of dollars due to higher interest rates, not to mention making it difficult to find a loan.

The Credit Karma App is a free tool that will help you better understand your creditworthiness before applying for a car loan. This tool gives you free weekly credit scores, credit monitoring, improving your credit with personalized recommendations, and a convenient place to keep track of all of your reported accounts.

It is invaluable to anyone, especially if you are looking to improve your credit score before buying a new car.

Download: Android | iPhone

#5. CarMax

If the idea of ​​negotiating makes you sweat, be sure to check out the CarMax® app. With this free app, you can search for used cars in your area, access vehicle reviews, find the nearest CarMax location, and scan window stickers on-site to access real-time vehicle data.

If you have a loan through CarMax, you can also access your financial information and make payments. Best of all, you can browse the CarMax inventory at your convenience, without pressure from a seller.

CarMax car prices are usually fixed, so you know what the price will be in advance. When you are ready, you can use the app to contact your nearest dealer if you have any questions.

Download: AndroidiPhone

6. AutoTrader

The AutoTrader app is one of the many used car pricing apps with similarly designed functions. Like the others, this app lets you search and shop for used vehicles, contact local dealers, save search information, and so on.

However, what we like best is the advanced feature that lets you scan a chassis number and find comparable models in your area.

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Also, if you’re looking to sell a car, you have the option to get an instant quote for cash or trade-in your existing vehicle.

Download: Android | iPhone

#7. Cars.com

The Cars.com app is similar to the CarMax, Auto Trader, TrueCar, and other used car shopping apps available. However, this app also offers a comparison tool that allows you to compare up to three vehicles at the same time.

In combination with the filter options, this app comes in handy when you decide between two or more similar vehicles.

It also offers many of the same features you already get with its competitors, such as vehicle reviews, dealer contact information, new and used vehicle searches, lot price comparisons, dealer reviews, and various sale and trade-in options.

Download: Android | iPhone

#8. Craigslist

If you want to shop locally or from a private seller, the cPro Craigslist Mobile Client app makes it easy to search the website for popular deals. You can sort by the private seller if you don’t want to see the dealer options.

Browsing the map provides automatic GPS location so you can easily find cars near you. There are also several advanced search options, pictures, contact information, notifications, and bookmarks to help make the buying experience easier and keep you up-to-date on inventory.

Download: AndroidiPhone

#9. iSeeCars

The iSeeCars app will please the discerning buyer. This app lets you search and sort cars using up to 59 different filters to find exactly what you’re looking for. With a price analysis tool, this app sorts vehicles based on a system for calculating the market value according to the best price.

Dealers are rated and rated to get pricing information. Best of all, with this tool, you won’t be bombarded with annoying advertisements.

Download: Android | iPhone

#10. TrueCar

TrueCar lets you see what others have paid for similar cars – both new and used. Shop by brand, compare model fairings and see the top-rated vehicles from TrueCar.

When you select a car, TrueCar shows you a personalized quote from a dealer that includes taxes and fees, which means you have less to guess the final price.

And when you’re ready to sell your current car, TrueCar lets you get a quote and skip the deal hassle.

It works with over 16,000 dealers across the country so you can get an exact idea of ​​what you should be paying for your car.

Plus, it works with multiple organizations to help you find any specials and discounts that you might qualify for.

Download: App Store | Google Play

#11. Autolist

Autolist is a powerhouse of service. It claims to have the largest selection of new and used cars – with over 24 million offers.

The app itself is easy to use. You can search by location, body style, or specific make and model. Each listing includes an estimated monthly payment, a breakdown of vehicle features, mileage statistics, and a report.

You can even email or call the dealership directly from the app to start the car buying process.

And like other apps, you can save your favorite cars, get notified when prices drop, and calculate your potential monthly payment. If you’re looking for a change, Autolist might be the best place to start your car search.

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Download:  App Store | Google Play

#12. Used Car Search Pro

The Used Car Search Pro app, also known as iSeeCars, is ideal for narrowing down your car search according to very specific criteria. In addition to filtering by standard factors like make and model, you can also sort by dealer rating, market days, legroom, headroom, and a host of other functions.

As of November 2019, the app offered nearly 1.9 million used car options – so there is no shortage of comparable cars. And when you’re ready to sell, you can list a car for free with a tool that will help you determine what price to sell it for.

Download: App Store | Google Play

#13. Consumer Reports

Anyone can view reviews of cars by type, make or model through the Consumer Reviews app. It also offers helpful items to buy or lease. However, to unlock reviews, you’ll need to create a consumer reporting account.

And if you’re looking for a search engine to find a car near you, you’re out of luck. Consumer reports do not contain listings, they provide easily accessible information on a wide variety of car models.

Download: App Store | Google Play

#14. Blinker

This is another app that allows users to buy or sell a vehicle, but that’s just the starter. Users can also finance a vehicle purchase with the push of a button, buy cars, trucks, and SUVs from qualified sellers, and refinance a vehicle – all under the professional guidance of blinker experts.

All users have to do is take a photo of the vehicle they want to buy or sell and Blinker will guide the user through the process of buying or selling a car from start to finish. This is pretty unique – and pretty easy to do.

Download: App Store |Google Play

#15. AutoGravity

With the AutoGravity app, users can buy a new car according to their needs – by payment / price, only for new vehicles or only for used vehicles. The app also offers buyers up to four vehicle finance offers that they can provide before going to a dealer.

AutoGravity also connects buyers directly with merchants and lenders so you no longer have to go to a bank or dealer to close a deal. The app can be downloaded and used free of charge.

Download: App Store | Google Play


It can be difficult to battle your way through confusing vehicle rhetoric, high pressure sales tactics, and lack of vehicle history information. But with your smartphone and a little patience, you can at least prepare for it.

Eliminating confusion and arming yourself with the correct information before buying a new or used car can go a long way towards maintaining your sanity during the car purchase.


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