Design T-Shirts To Sell | 13 Companies that pay you heavily in 2022

If your imaginative sparks are ever brewing, and you happen to be a pretty good artist, there’s a chance you can make some good money; design t-shirts to sell. Splufic, right? I think so too.

More certain than anything is the knowledge that man’s demand for clothing is next to his need for food. Thus, with demand, this high supply can never diminish. Now, imagine how much you could make from designing and selling t-shirts?

In this post, you will discover about 13 companies that pay you good money for t-shirts designed and sold to them. All you’ll require is to read this article with your 7 instincts because beautiful ideas are all sprawled in these lines.

Is selling t-shirts online profitable?

Absolutely. Selling shirts is not an arduous task. Although every adult seemingly wants or is selling t-shirts, however, not everyone is doing it right.

Also, selling t-shirt may not be the mystery button to get-rich-quick, but ii is definitely the slow-but-eventually profitable business in the long run.

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How can I sell my t shirt designs?

Listed immediately below are platforms that can help you sell your T shirts.

  • SpreadShop. SpreadShop makes it possible for you to open your very own T-shirt store.
  • Teespring. Teespring has an easy online designer to create T-shirts.
  • SellMyTees.
  • Threadless.
  • Bonfire.
  • TeePublic.
  • Zazzle.
  • CafePress.

How much money do t shirt designers make?

The average annual income for a T-shirt designer was $39,000 as of 2013, according to the job website

Educational qualifications can vary based on the job description. Those whoever designs the T-shirts for fashion companies will require associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in fashion design to earn more.

What color T shirts sell the most?

The most likely colors of T shirts that will sell the most in 2022 are;

  • Black.
  • White.
  • Charcoal.
  • Navy.
  • Red.
  • Royal.
  • Heather Gray.
  • Military Green.

Which companies can pay me heavily for my designed t shirts?

1. SpreadShop

SpreadShop makes it possible for you to open your own T-shirt store. Plus there are no fees—the platform is totally free for you to use.

There are two ways to make a living here—by becoming a marketplace designer and setting your own prices on the basis of what you think your designs are worth, or by being a shop owner and receiving a profit on every sale of your items.

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2. Teespring

Teespring has an easy-to-use online designer to make T-shirts. Then just set your price and your sales target.

If you receive enough pre-orders, the T-shirts will be made and delivered to customers. One of the best things about this platform is that you keep ALL of the money from selling your T-shirts.

But of course, there’s a risk that you won’t get enough pre-orders for Teespring to plan to print and ship the shirt.

This site is available worldwide, but you do need a Paypal account to collect payments if your shirt is sold.

So are people really making money on Teespring? It looks like that! Here’s a very impressive claim.

3. SellMyTees

This is another website that will provide you with an online shop to sell your T-shirt designs. Notice that while they have a free plan for sellers that lets you open a small simple shop with 20 designs, they also provide paid (monthly plans.

SellMyTees pays on a monthly basis via Paypal or cheque; your preference.

4. Threadless

This is an online T-shirt store featuring designs from several independent designers around the world. Threadless has an ongoing design competition to which you can apply your own designs.

Members of the Threadless Group are able to rank the designs submitted, and if yours is one of the best, it will be created and sold. Not only will you receive a cash prize for getting your design chosen, but you will also receive continuing royalties from sales of your design.

In addition, you can set up your own Threadless artist store.

5. Bonfire

This platform provides a very simple way to design and sell your own premium, custom t-shirts. Bonfire not only caters to people, but also to organisations. It’s free to get started here with simple setup and fast payouts.

Payments are made via Paypal, and you get 100% of your earnings. Bonfire also has a special feature that allows you to accept tips.

6. TeaPublic

Build your own T-shirt template, upload it and it’ll go up for sale immediately. For 72 hours, the shirt you’re making will be priced at only $14, but it’ll go up after that so they’ll allow it to be highly advertised in the first three days.#

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7. Zazzle’s

You’ve probably heard of Zazzle—very it’s well known. You can place your artwork not only on T-shirts, but on coffee mugs, calendars, posters, and more.

Zazzle helps you to open your own online shop and set your own royalty rates for your creations.

Actually, I wrote a review of Zazzle if you’d like to read more about how it works. Or, if you want to, go ahead and check out their website.

8. CafePress

This is another site very similar to Zazzle and equally famous. You can make designs with CafePress and place them on T-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, etc and then sell them.

You can use CafePress to get your own branded online store. They’ll do ads for your store, and then you can earn royalties on all sales.

9. Spreadshirt

Spread shirt lets you upload your t-shirt design free of charge. In reality, you can open your own online store on this site for free, and then you can sell it to your audience. What’s more, the site allows you to set up your commissions, which means you can have full control of your profit margins. You will certainly make decent money by selling t-shirts on a regular basis.

10. Designhill

Designhill is another leading marketplace where t-shirt designers can get work on a regular basis and earn money. You have a lot of work to do on this platform, as a designer. Company owners are launching their t-shirt concept competitions.

They give enticing prizes to the winners of the competition. You can create t-shirt designs according to the concept briefs and win prizes. The platform also lets you create a portfolio of designers where you can see your t-shirt design works. If prospective clients are impressed with your past jobs, they either buy your job or give you new assignments.

11. Printful

Printful is the location where you can open and run your store without facing any hurdles. You will not be required to pay any monthly fees.

A major advantage of the web for designers is that it combines the store with Amazon, Woo Commerce, Shopify, Storenvy and other e-commerce sites. Your t-shirts will get you fair prices on this platform.

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12. Blue Cotton

Blue Cotton is a custom T-shirt store and design studio. Individual customers visit this site to find t-shirts of their choice for commercial and personal use.

Although you can’t open a shop on this platform, it lets you run a sales-generating campaign. Only design your t-shirt and start a sales promotion social media campaign.

13. Society 6

Society 6 is mainly an art print platform, but it also makes it possible to upload T-shirt designs for sale. You’re going to receive a fee that the platform offers on the base price that it sets. There are no fees to open an account and no minimums are set. Just like your friends, family, followers and other buyers purchase your t-shirts, the site pays for sales.

More companies that pay you to design and sell t shirt.

14. Red Bubble

You upload your t-shirts to Redbubble and sell them through your website. The site allows you to have full control of how you want to market the designs. All you need to do is start with the platform, list your items, and set your base price.

The platform supplies the goods and offers customer support. No monthly fee is paid to you. Just upload your designs and start earning your money.

15. NeatoShop

NeatoShop is another perfect choice where you can sell your t-shirts and high-quality artwork. If you are a designer, you need to build your portfolio.


It is my hope that these information brings you lots of revenue. You’ll certainly agree with me that the distance between an idea and its feasibility is action.

Thus, you should take several steps to exploring this money-making idea. You can also learn how to grow this business idea and attract some partnership.

Here’s cheers to joining the smart money league already.


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