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How Do Vloggers Make Money From Their Videos | Expert Guide

I had always wondered how vloggers make money from their videos. I mean, I click on the videos and watch them for free. So, how does one make money from vlogging?!

There are various ways to get paid to upload your videos on YouTube. Many people have become self-made celebrities from YouTube and are making a ton of cash from it.

If you want to join in the vlogging business to make a living for yourself. Or, you are already a YouTuber with a decent number of subscribers on your channel, but you could not monetize it just yet; allow me to show you how vloggers make money from their videos.

Can You Make Money From Vlogging?

Honestly, there’s a ton of money to be made from vlogging. You’ve probably seen a bunch of channels with subscribers over a hundred thousand or more, raking in the money and you want to be a part of it. Though it’s attainable, it’s not easy to achieve.

There no easy way or shortcut to get a million subscribers and start earning in six figures immediately. You’ll have to put your blood (figuratively), sweat, and tears into perfecting the craft, to become another self-made YouTube millionaire.

Although numerous money-making ventures exist on YouTube, not everyone makes money from vlogging. This is mostly because of the constant influx of vloggers looking to earn money from their videos.

However, there are certain factors to consider that influence how much you can make from vlogging.

What Are The Factors Affecting How Much I Can Make On YouTube?

Here are some factors that can influence your earning potential on YouTube.

#1. The contents of your channel

You must be the best in your niche if you want to make good money from videos. So, choose a niche for yourself, and make good-quality content for your channel. Don’t keep your channel dormant; fill it up with related content to keep your subscribers entertained.

However, don’t keep yourself on a tight schedule, as you could end up with poor, ill-prepared videos. Remember, the aim is to keep the subscribers entertained, not bore them to death.

#2. Practical advertising

Advertising products is also a significant factor to consider. Combine various advertising techniques on your channel to get massive revenue on YouTube.

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#3. Collaboration with other vloggers

It’s a community, so try to be a part of it. Networking with other vloggers and making videos with them can help increase the traffic influx to your channel. Now, that is how you make money from vlogging.

Also, you get to make a name for yourself in your chosen niche.  

#4. The language of your videos

This is the language they would hear your video in. Since the fee per click is higher on English-speaking YouTube, it’s advisable to choose English as the language of choice for your videos.

It’s a game of numbers. As a vlogger, the more people watch your videos, the more money you make.  

#5. Affiliate programs

The internet is filled with affiliate programs you can leverage to make money as a vlogger.

Don’t focus solely on the YouTube partner program only. Try to explore other means of generating more revenue.

How Can You Start Making Money On YouTube?

The YouTube platform competes with many vloggers striving to make money from their videos. So, if you are joining in it will be a bumpy ride.

However, if you have considered the factors affecting your earning potential on YouTube, you are on the right part to achieving your goals.

Despite the hitches and buffers, there is a truckload of money to be made from vlogging if you deal with YouTube efficiently. Here are some valuable tips and tricks on how to get started.

Tips To Promote Your YouTube Channel

  • Generate a balanced content plan, and be consistent. Commit yourself to the plan and try to follow it. This plan will help you stay focused on your goals.
  • There will always be haters in your comment sections. Every good YouTube channel had to face a negativity. So, don’t let them discourage you, and NEVER fight back with your audience as this will ruin your reputation.
  • Be an active part of the community. Drop insightful comments, and contribute to discussions on relevant channels in your niche. This will interest a larger audience to your channel.
  • Communicate with your audience. Responding to comments is important to gain a strong audience base.
  • See better videos of channels in your niche and learn from them. See what tricks and techniques they employ to make their videos so good.
  • Try to make your videos detailed and straight to the point. Ruthlessly edit your videos and by all means, remove the unnecessary chatter.
  • Most importantly, remain positive. People subscribe to YouTube channels for things as trivial as your attitude and charisma.

How Do Vloggers Make Money From Their Videos?

The YouTube Partner Program is just one of the several vloggers who make money from their videos, so it doesn’t matter how much YouTube pays you for every 1,000 views. This guide will show you how to make money from vlogging.

#1. Build up Your Audience

Hard fact: There’s no hard and fast way to make a fortune overnight online! You can make good money, but you’d have to be ready to do the work. As a blogger, you’d need to gradually build up your blog to a point where it can finally yield income.

In the same vein, as a vlogger, you would also have to take some time to build up your audience foothold on your YouTube channel before you can start making money from your videos.

However, celebrities may not have to go through this whole process. If you already have an existing audience online, you can easily refer them to your YouTube channel.

It wouldn’t take much for an already successful blogger to migrate her audience to her new YouTube channel.

If you do not fall in this category, you would be regarded as a newcomer on YouTube and have to go through the audience, reputation, and credibility-building process.

#2. Set up Your Channel for Monetization

You can delve right into the money-making avenues as soon as you have your audience. YouTube has a formal process you must go through before doing this.

Start by enabling your account for monetization. The first step is to join the YouTube Partner Program. You would have to agree to their terms, agreeing not to do anything duplicitous.

#3. AdSense

Adsense allows you to run ads on your YouTube videos after setting up an AdSense account, and you get paid when visitors click on them. This free service offers you a way to monetize your YouTube channel, and takes only a few minutes to activate.

Honestly, it’s also impossible to estimate how much YouTube pays for ad views. People earn $2 for every 1,000 ad views, but the sum may not be the same depending on the channel’s niche and audience base.

Note that there are some parts of the world where you won’t be able to operate a Google Adsense account to monetize your videos. Google publishes a list of the acceptable countries you can monetize YouTube in.

#4. Paid Product Placements And Endorsements

YouTube is unarguably strong weapon advertiser wield for classical commercials, product placement, and endorsements. They bank on the existing bond between the vlogger and her audience base to market their products.

So, they get successful vloggers to endorse their products in their videos authentically that would provide value to the audience.

The techniques work. However, some viewers consider it misleading. The idea is, since the vlogger would make money from the video, it may not incline them to be exactly honest with the review.

As a YouTuber, give some disclosure and only advertise products you’ve tried and appreciated.

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#5. Patreon

Patreon is a platform where you offer to do something for the audience for payment. This donation system can generate a good income if your channel is popular.

For example, travel vloggers could send postcards from the countries they are traveling to and get about  $10-$15 per month from each donor for doing just that.

#6. Ensure Brands Want to Advertise on Your Videos

Even after monetizing your videos, it’s not a sure thing that AdSense will give you ads. They only place ads on your videos for brands that want to work with you.

Try to ensure that your videos meet YouTube’s Advertiser-friendly Content Guidelines. Commonly, advertisers would not be inclined to advertise their products on your videos if they contain, sexually suggestive content, violence, inappropriate language, promotion of drugs and regulated substances, controversial or sensitive subjects, and events.

However, this depends on your target audience. As a practical example, PewDiePie’s videos contain a bunch of swear words but it hasn’t exactly affected his relationships with brands.

You are more likely to increase advertising support if your videos target Generation Y or Z than Baby Boomers, who do not visit YouTube as much as the millennials.

#7. Measure Your Performance

YouTube offers some analytical tools to help keep track of how your monetized videos are doing. You get to see the projected earnings for your channel and videos in your YouTube Analytics Revenue report. This shows any applicable estimated:

  • Revenue from all Google-sold advertising sources for the selected date range and region
  • Ad revenue split into AdSense revenue and DoubleClick Revenue
  • Transaction revenue derived from YouTube Rentals
  • Revenue from YouTube Red for the selected date range and region

You will also receive an Ad Rates Report. This provides data on YouTube ad revenue, estimated monetized playbacks, cost per mille (CPMs), and ad impressions for the ads on your content.

You can compare how the different ad types you use have accomplished over time, and you can alter your ad type selections.

Ultimately, you only see the estimated results in this analytical report. You will find the confirmed revenue downloadable in the monthly reports made available for 10 days after the month.

#8. Get Paid

Now it’s time to get rewarded. That is if you have gone through opening your channel, building your audience, setting up your channel for monetization, getting advertisers willing to serve their ads on your videos, and having viewers watching your ads, you will make some money from vlogging.

There are a few setup steps necessary for payment.

Firstly, you must verify your payee name and address with Google.

Then, you also need to choose your preferred form of payment from either check, electronic funds transfer (EFT), EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), wire transfer, or Western Union Quick Cash.

You may need to provide your tax details for Google within your Adsense account, depending on your location.

payment threshold should be met before Google will pay you. The US threshold is about $100. However, it may vary with different currencies. Either way, the threshold has to be met before Google pays you.

If all your requirement boxes are checked – no problems with your account and you’ve met the threshold; google will pay you on the exact date the next month, depending on your preferred mode of payment.

That first payment will hit differently!

However, work extra hard, and do a lot of promotions to constantly improve your audience base if you want to make it more than a passive income idea.

How Much Do YouTubers Earn?

Generally, the pay should be $2 to $4 for every 1,000 views. However, do not expect the exact multiplication, like $1,000 per 1,000,000 views, because YouTube doesn’t pay the same amount to every person.

The amount of money you earn doesn’t depend on the number of views of your channel. Rather, the most important factor influencing your profit is the popularity of your channel.

It also depends on the monetization methods, the percentage of ad-skipping, the quality of ads, keywords and video topics, video length, and the advertising revenue connected with the number of ad clicks, the popularity of your channel, and niche.

Apparently, new vloggers may not start earning well into six figures immediately. More popular vloggers, make an average net profit of $750-$1,500 monthly from their channels. However, top vloggers make a lot more money from their videos.

The recurrent YouTube top-earner, PewDiePie, run by a Swedish gamer Felix Kjellberg makes about $49,000 to $800,000 monthly. The vlogger is popular for his perceptive and entertaining comments to the audience.

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What Are The Benefits Of Advertising On YouTube?

This is asking what you stand to gain from advertising on YouTube. There are other means of making money on the platform right?!

So, why run paid ads?!

Let’s have a look atsome benefits of advertising on YouTube.

  • The different ad formats – ways of advertising; help you communicate and relate better to your audience.
  • YouTube has over a billion visitors in a month. This s a large number for marketers to reach out to and sell their products.
  • Advertising on YouTube is truly lucrative. It is unarguably an important tool to make money from vlogging.
  • YouTube ads allow you to get your ads across to your targeted audience.
  • It doesn’t take much time to create a video ad. Also, setting up a YouTube ad is almost effortless and doesn’t involve any special skills.
  • YouTube ads also allow you to track the performance of your ads and change your advertising campaigns for success.
  • Ensure your channel provides sound and engaging content to your audience before you run a paid ad campaign to promote it. This way, you will see the positive results in no time.


There, the secret has been unraveled! How vloggers make money from their videos.

It’s doable right?! I have thoroughly explained the steps and tricks. So, if you follow the above-listed guides and consider the factors, you should be able to build your audience base and make some extra money from vlogging.

What else is making you doubt yourself?! It can’t be a lack of information (we have meticulously dealt with that). Make the daring decision today and take the first step to become the next YouTube millionaire.

See you at the top!

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