10 Best Free Car Locator Apps in 2022

Finding parking space is difficult in crowded cities. The only free spots you might find might be “no parking zones” and that could get you a ticket.

While you may struggle your way to park in any filled car park, there’s a probability that you might forget where you placed your car, especially when you’re not conversant with the city.

With free car locator apps, you can always know the way to your car, even if you’re in unfamiliar territory. And this article will expose you to ten of these applications.

1. Apple Maps

Apple’s branded mapping application completely addresses the problem of finding a car in the parking lot. With the pre-installed on iPhone and iPad maps, you can save the location of the machine and easily find it using the compass mode.

To find your car, you need to start the Maps after parking, click the button to find your location, and press and hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds. A lilac pin shows up that indicates the location of the car. When you want to return to your car, you need to run the application again and look at the map.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps have added additional features that will prove very useful for motorists. Now Google Maps can help you remember the exact location of your car. It works efficiently on both Android and iOS although the logic of their workings is slightly different on both platforms.

If you use the Android version, you should click on the blue icon after you have parked your car, as the program will remember where your car is parked. Besides its core aim, this chip allows, for example, to set a reminder to pay for parking space or take a photo of your car with a note on which floor it is parked.

3. Park Me Right

ParkMeRight is designed for people who usually forget where they parked the car, and it is simply vital for the average car owners who often have to park in unfamiliar places, or in a parking lot in an unfamiliar city.

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The design of this application is unique and has no analogs in the market. ParkMeRight is also very easy to use, there are only three sections in the interface: saving, finding a car, finding parking. When using the parking search function, you can find either the nearest to you or parking at the address you specify.

4. Find My Car: Parking Reminder

This is a simple application for Android users that promptly redirects you to the “Park here” function to fix the location of the car. Using this application, you can take the picture of where you parked your vehicle. When it’s time to look for the car, click Show Direction. The app will display the location of the machine and hold the arrow in the required orientation.

5. Car Locator

Car Locator is an original and versatile application that was released and developed for mobile devices that work thanks to the Android system. This program executes its work on a fairly simple principle. Hence, it remains one of the best free car locator apps.

All is that the program remembers a certain place where a car is parked. After that, at some point in time, the application sends the user to the same position.

6. Anchor Pointer

Anchor Pointer is a new unique navigation application for iPhone from the company Pleeq Software. This platform will help you to return to any point on the planet where you leave the virtual anchor.

While many individuals don’t have a good orientation about maps, this knowledge is not required. Anchor Pointer points to the location using the compass arrow and displays the distances to the desired point.

7. TrakCar

TrakCar is the only application that automatically remembers all the places of your parking lots.This way, you will never look for a place where you left the car. You do not have to remember where you parked anymore as you will easily locate your car.

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Although this application only works on iPhone, it is highly reliable and doesn’t need you to be techy to use it as it helps you find your car automatically. This is one of the free locator car apps you must have in your possession.

8. Augmented Car Finder

Before you leave the car, you need to open the Augmented Car Finder App and click “I parked here.” Close it. Run the application again whenever you want to complete a search for where you parked your car.

A huge red arrow will point you towards your car, and you will just have to follow it. The image changes from an ordinary map to a satellite map, you can choose between an ordinary map and an additional map of the terrain.

9. Car Finder AR

If you’re fond of parking your vehicle and forgetting its location, this application is vital for you. With this application, you can easily find your car, wherever you leave the application determines and “remembers” the coordinates of the location of the car.

So, after arriving at the parking in the shopping center, you do not need to memorize the parking lot number. It’s enough to activate the application and go about your business. This is one of the best free car locator apps.

10. Find My Car Smarter

Applications that help you locate your own car may seem ridiculous and unnecessary to an initial glance–but those who have ever wandered in search of a car for parking will appreciate them to the fullest.

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In this sense, Find My Car Smarter is advantageously different in that when parking keeps the location automatically. And the paid pro version even remembers the path that you took from the last stop of the car.


When you drive into a new city, you don’t need to fret about parking or whether you would forget your car. With these free car locator apps, you can always spot your car in its location using only your mobile phone.

On the paid versions of these applications, you will access better features that will further make it easier for you to find your car.


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