Get Paid To Wrap Your Car: Best Car Wrapping Gigs For You In 2023

It has been estimated that 29% of shoppers who purchase a product have their buying decision influenced by an advertisement seen on a public display board, such as a car wrap.

Hence, car wrapping is one sure way to advertise your products, and get incredible results.

Car wrapping is the application of a vinyl graphic or an ad sticker on your car, which covers a part or the whole body of the car, serving as a means of advertisement and awareness for a brand whose marketing message is displayed on it.

Automobiles are very flexible and can take any route, unlike some heavy-duty vehicles that may not be allowed to ply some roads for safety purposes. 

Hence, wrapping your car can help your brand gain awareness in many places, especially in residential areas where your potential customers could reside.
Also, when compared with a radio or television advertisement, a car wrap proves to be more effective since most people who are commuting would surely see your vehicle as it moves past them. 

This is unlike on radio and television, which some people may not tune, in at the time of your advertisement. 

Also, a car wrap is easily removable, as your car can be returned back to its original look or to be even used to advertise another brand.

Car wrapping also serves as a protection layer for the painting of the vehicle, securing it from scratches and damages. 

Can I Get Paid To Wrap a Car?

Now, having examined the various benefits to be enjoyed by wrapping your car, another great news is that, you can actually get paid to wrap your car! 
How interesting…

Getting paid to wrap your car is not a scam at all. And there are legitimate companies ready to pay you, to get your car wrapped, in order to advertise a brand. 

This is because, companies see it as a cost-effective way to advertise their products and services, which would lead to a wider reach, depending on the areas your car ply. 

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How Much Do I Earn to Wrap Your Car?

Getting paid to get your car wrapped is a sure way to generate passive income since you would still have to drive anyways, whether there is a car wrap on your car or not. 

Now, in determining the amount you can be paid to wrap your car, some factors are usually considered.

Some of them are; the kind of car you have, the routes you ply, your driving pattern, the number of hours you drive for, etc.

Typically, you can expect to earn between $200 and $1000 to get your car wrapped. 

How Much Does it Cost to Get My Car Wrapped?

Getting your car wrapped, in order to advertise your brand surely comes at a cost. However, there are some factors which influence the amount which would be spent on wrapping a car.

To start with is the model and make of the car. 

The design of your car would determine how it looks and would have an effect on the way it is wrapped, thereby affecting the amount it would be wrapped for.

The type of vinyl graphic you want to be applied would also determine a lot.

Another important factor to consider is the parts of the vehicle you want to get wrapped, whether the whole vehicle or just a fraction of its body.

Below are some car wrapping prices estimation, depending on the model of the vehicle:

Compact car: $2,000.

Family sedan: $3,000.

Compact crossover: $3,500.

Full-size SUV: $4,000.

Luxury sports car:  $5,000.

Ferrari: $7,000

However, expensive luxury vehicles can cost as much as $10,000+ depending on the other factors, as have been explained above.

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The Best Wrapping Gigs for You in 2023.

Now, having examined the concept of car wrapping, the benefits, the cost of wrapping a car, and establishing the fact that you can actually get paid to wrap your car, we would go further to examine some great car wrapping gigs you can get this year.

Many companies are willing to pay you to wrap your car with their customized vinyl in order to create awareness for and advertise their business.

The companies, as well as the procedures involved shall be discussed as follows.

To start with, companies that want to advertise their products or services via car wraps go to car wrapping companies to seek the availability of drivers who suit their advertising needs.

So, to get a car wrapping gig, you need to first register with a car wrapping company, that would be able to connect you with the company that requires your service.

However, before you can be considered for a car wrapping gig, certain questions would be asked.

Questions such as; the kind of vehicle you own, your driving pattern, the routes you ply, the number of hours you drive for, the time of the day you drive, etc, to determine whether you would be fit for a car wrapping gig or not.

This is because, companies want to put themselves in the face of their target audience, and your vehicle must be able to do that.

So, if you qualify based on their requirements, you would be informed when there is a gig that suits your profile.

Best car wrapping gigs that you can benefit from in 2023

#1. Wrapify

This is a car wrapping company in the United States that can pay you to wrap your car or place ad stickers on it.

You would have to download their mobile application, sign up, and drive your normal routes, in order to get campaign offers. After seeing a campaign offer you are interested in, you go ahead to register your interest and start earning.

Their contracts last about 1-3 months, and you can earn as much as $450 per month.

#2. Carvertise

Carvertise links up brands with drivers who are willing to wrap their cars. 

To get registered with this company, you have to sign up on their website, after which you would be matched with a brand that requires vehicle owners that fit your profile.

After you have been approved, your car is wrapped by the company and you are paid, as you drive. 
You can earn as much as $300 monthly.

#3. FreeCarMedia

This is another notable car wrapping company that you can sign up with, to get great car wrapping gigs.

One is required to apply online, and after getting approval, the company contacts you to discuss the details of the campaign with you.

Afterward, the car wrapping or sticker placement is done, and you are ready to start earning as soon as you take your first ride.

You can earn up to $400 per month.

#4. StickerRide

To work with StickerRide as a car wrap driver, you need to download their mobile application, register your car, and choose an active campaign. 

After approval, you are required to go to their office, to get the stickers on your car. After which you begin to earn as you drive. 

However, with StickerRide, the amount earned depends on the kind of car you drive, the routes you ply, and the number of miles you drive.

#5. Nickelytics

This is a car wrap company with three car wrapping packages, which are: back windshield, light wrap, and full wrap.

And for each of these packages, the amount earned differs, with the full wrap being paid the highest amount of $250 per month.

You must drive for at least 30 miles in a day, as well as have a 2010 model vehicle,  or even one with a newer version to qualify for their gigs.

Now, there are scammers who intend to dupe people, in this industry. Hence, you need to be careful of shady and suspicious terms and conditions when getting a car wrapping gig.

No legitimate car wrapping company would ask you to pay, and neither would they call you out of the blue to get a gig. 

Be smart and look out for red flags!

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for alternative means of making money, car wrapping s the next best thing you can do in 2023. However, ensure you carry out in-depth research on the car wrap gigs before you go ahead.


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