15 Ways You Get Paid To Talk To Lonely People | Make Over $2000/Month

One of the greatest gifts to mankind is the ability to listen. There are people who out of boredom wish to have someone they can talk to.

Now, you can convert that skill into making an income for yourself while you still have time to go about your daily business.

There are many people who desire to have someone who listens to everything they have to say.

So, you can actually get paid while devoting your time to talking to lonely people. Let’s see how you can get paid to do this.

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What Do I Need To Talk To Lonely People?

Basically, you have the skill needed. The extra things you probably need to start talking to lonely people you have. Wonder what that is?

Your phone and an internet connection are the extras you need to start up this job. It won’t be a bad idea if you consider getting a headphone too.

It is one of the most comfortable jobs you can ever do whether as a full-time job or a part-time job.

Can I really get paid talking to lonely people?

Of course, you can. There are lots of opportunities for you to get paid talking to lonely people.

Through talking to people who either have mental or physical challenges, those who recently relocated and do not know anyone in the real world, you make a great impact.

Thankfully, you have the options of either taking this job as a full-time job or part-time job.

How Much Can I Make Talking To Lonely People?

The amount you make talking to lonely people vary. The lowest you can charge for an hour is about $15.

While you can charge some of the lonely persons at per hour rate, you also can charge others via how many texts you are able to reply.

Also, the platform through which you get to talk to these people have their own way of charging and you have to follow suit.

Therefore, the total amount you make is so solely dependent on how many sessions you are able to handle.

What Steps Do I Need To Take to Talk to Lonely People?

Engaging yourself as one who wants to make money from talking to lonely people may sound bizarre. Although it has become so common these days.

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Therefore, follow the steps below to get started.

  • Create your own profile
  • Make an exceptional writeup about yourself
  • Include your financial details
  • Wait for people to reach out to you

Which Ways Can I get paid talking to lonely people?

Truth is, no one will come to you if you don’t publicize yourself. Therefore, there are sites that provide opportunities for such persons.

These sites include the following:

#1 Premium.Chat

This is an online app where you can get paid talking to lonely people. If you have a steady social media fan base, you could make a lot more money.

Premium.Chat is an open platform for influencers, counselors, coaches, and advisors.

If you are regarded as one who brings hope to people, you should bear in mind that transparency should be maintained. Also, it takes just three minutes to set up your costs or fees.

#2 Fiverr

Owning a skill is more useful when it brings you money. Such platform as Fiverr pays you for talking to lonely people.

All you need to do on Fiverr to attract those who may need your services is to set up your gig and those who are interested will buy.

With Fiverr, you can extend your speciality and give room for people to order more from you at an extra cost.

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#3 ChatOperatorJobs

If you are a lady who knows her onions in talking to lonely men, then, this platform is the ideal place for you.

The most interesting fact about this site is that it gives you the preference to work within the hours that you can cope with. That way, you notify your customers when you are available.

To work with ChatOperatorJobs, you must be up to 25 years with a PayPal account. Also, the least number of messages you can reply to is 75.

#4 Chat Recruit

This is another way you can get paid talking to lonely people while you’re at home. You can choose to chat with these people through your phone or the Chat Recruit app.

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For the most part, when you are free, you just log in, connect with your customers and make some money.

Did you know that through this, you can become your own boss? The amount you get paid for talking to lonely people is about $2 per chat minute.

#5 LiveWorld

Although this is a company, it also hires people to talk to lonely people. The most exciting thing about this platform is that you can opt to work from home.

To be among those who get paid to talk to lonely people at LiveWorld, you must possess the following qualities.

  • Topnotch grammar, spelling, and punctuation accuracy
  • Near perfect communication and typing skills, and
  • Multi-tasking skills.

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#6 Drizzle SMS

This app isn’t as popular as others but using it makes you earn money talking to lonely people.

While other sites pay you for how many texts you are able to reply to, Drizzle SMS pays you for placing an ad within your texts.

#7 KGB

There is something lonely people want in their advisors and that is assistance. To get paid on this platform, you must be 18 years of age and a resident in the US.

Also, you must pass a review before you can start earning on this site. For every response you provide, you earn $0.10 and $0.05 for every substantial response.

It is, however, important to note that you can’t earn much with KGB to make this your full-time job.

#8 Hey Vina

This is a free mobile app exclusively for women. Here, you can connect with women who are lonely and willing to go out on a girl’s night out.

To learn how you can get paid on this platform, click on this link.

#9 College Pirates

Here on this site, you get the opportunity to be connected to lonely students who need guidance on some things.

Through your skills, you can put them right back on track and get rewarded for the time you availed to listen and talk to them.

#10 Freelancer

This is one popular site where people look for all kinds of services ranging from getting someone to talk to them to connect with an online friend.

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Go through this link to see how you can get paid talking to lonely people on this platform.

#11 FriendPC

If you are looking to get paid talking to lonely people, You should give FriendPC a try.

It offers your client an array of options. This is to make sure they really need your services.

While these users request your time, they pay a certain amount. As constituted by the site, it is strictly for those who intend to connect with others or those seeking to get a life coach.

#12 Asurion

You could work as an online chat agent for this organization either as a part-time or full-time job.

Asurion is a wonderful place to earn the much as you can while you avail other people of your time.

Interestingly, once you attain 16, you can talk to lonely people and get paid.

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#13 Accolade Support

If you know how best to talk people out of loneliness, and boredom, and restore smiles to their faces, then, it is time for you to start making money doing what you can do best.

Here, you can opt to be a work-from-home chat agent and be sure to carry out your job duties effectively.

#14 JustAnswer

Generally, loneliness is not restricted to a particular set of persons. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised when you see lawyers, engineers, doctors, and others fall on the list of lonely people on your list that you have to attend to.

So, JustAnswer pays you for having to respond to questions thrown by the lonely people they have.

For every acceptable answer, you earn between $5 to $30.

#15 TalkLife

At TalkLife, there are people who want to talk about just anything they are passing through. On this platform, you earn as you talk to lonely people on issues relating to breaks up, work, health, etc.

Maximize this opportunity while you can and make extra savings for yourself.


On all the platforms, they have secure payment processes where your money is not denied after helping a soul.

Getting paid to talk to lonely people is worth giving a try.

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