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During meetings and formal gatherings, the secretary records what transpires. Professional typists can also convert online sessions or live audio into words.

Becoming a transcriptionist is one of the many legal ways to earn money from the comfort of your home. The job entails listening to recorded or live audio and converting them into written documents.

Focus Forward Transcription is an online platform that allows you to make money from home. So, if you understand a couple of foreign languages, this article reviews Focus Forward Transcription opportunities.

Here, details on becoming a Focus Forward Transcriptionist are provided. In addition, you will get to learn how the site works and how you could get paid from home.

The table of contents below reveals quite several questions that have been duly answered in this article.

What is Focus Forward Transcription?

Focus Forward Transcription is an online website that connects transcriptionists to companies that need their services. At Focus Forward Transcription, a transcription solution is available to virtually all industries.

This online platform hires freelancers who can work remotely. These freelancers offer translation, captioning, and transcription services.

In a nutshell, Focus Forward Transcription, for over ten years, offers extensive experience in the transcription industry.

It is an online platform that offers both 18-year-olds and stay-at-home moms. College students and anyone seeking to make extra bucks online have an opportunity.

Focus Forward Transcription Reviews

FFT is one great online platform for everyone seeking to make money online through transcription. It offers a flexible and legitimate source of income, especially if you have excellent listening and accurate typing skills.

This article will now review how the website works, what transcription focus forward transcription entails, and how you can become a Focus Forward Transcription freelancer.

How Does Focus Forward Transcription Work?

Focus Forward Transcription is an online platform for freelancers to offer transcription services. You must be sure you have the requirements, which include the skills and equipment.

Though the platform accommodates novice and seasoned transcribers, you must enhance your listening and typing skills.

The next big decision is deciding if you would work full-time or part-time. Upon determining, sign up on the platform.

FFT sign-up process usually demands you download the transcription program and instructions. Afterward, download the audio test file that you will transcribe.

This serves as a Focus Forward Transcription test. So, please fill out the application form that comes with it and submit it.

In applying, you should indicate if you would work full-time or part-time. Also, focus on your typing speed while writing the Focus Forward Transcription test.

Your FFT test result should be ready within 48 hours after submission. Firstly, you need to sign up on the platform.

You may be lucky if you have done well in the Focus Forward Transcription test. Once contracted, proceed to your dashboard to fill out your availability. This means choosing the hours and days you will work a week.

With the help of the Focus Forward transcription scheduling tool, you can share your availability with administrators who will, in turn, offer you transcription assignments.

The company will consider you faster if you understand English and Spanish because they hire more English and Spanish transcribers. Once you become a freelancer with Focus Forward Transcription, the review on Focus Forward Transcription jobs will significantly help.

Focus Forward Transcription Test

This is an online transcription test organized by the FF transcription platform for every new member signing up.

It is part of the signup process and tests your typing and listening skills. Transcribing is beyond listening and typing. You must prove your writing skills by using the right grammar and exhibiting good punctuation skills.

To quickly pass the test, do the following: Practice Typing Regularly. …

  • Listen Carefully
  • Understand Proper Punctuation
  • Brush Up on Grammar and Spelling
  • Learn Transcription Formatting
  • Use Critical Thinking
  • Invest in Transcription Tools
  • Free Resources and Practice Files to Polish Your Transcription Skills

Focus Forward Transcription Jobs

As a freelancer, your Focus forward transcription job has English sound files, with each averaging 60 minutes. You are to offer a written transcription for each video assigned to you.

To get more jobs, your transcriptions must be perfect. On average, you should complete a sound file in 2 hours.

How Do I Work with FF Transcription?

To effectively work with Focus Forward Transcription, you must decide whether you will work full-time or part-time. Then, get ready for the following:

  • A personal computer and a stable internet connection
  • high-quality pair of headsets
  • foot pedal for the transcription process

The platform will grant you access to other programs and software for captioning and transcription on the forum.

Most Focus forward transcription jobs will entail transcription, translation, or captioning.

Transcription: If you get a transcription task, you must convert audio files into a specified text format. Listen carefully to the audio and type as per the recommended transcription style.

Translation: if you get a task as a Focus Forward transcription job, convert the content from one language to another.

These files may come as audio or written documents; the translation would entail you converting to another language without losing its original meaning.

Captioning: Unlike transcription tasks, captioning Focus Forward transcription jobs entail watching videos. And intentionally recording all that was said in the video in text format.

Generally, this job is essential as it helps people with hearing problems to understand audio-visual content better.

Types of Transcriptions Available on Focus Forward Transcription

The platform provides a variety of transcriptions for freelancers. Some of the types of transcriptions on the forum include:

  • Marketing Research Transcription
  • Medical Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
  • Business Transcription
  • Academic Transcription
  • Production Transcription
  • Audio Transcription
  • Podcast Transcription
  • Video Transcription

How Much Does Focus Forward Pay?

How much you earn biweekly on FFT is greatly determined by several factors. These factors usually include what language transcribers you are and how long your audio files are.

The minimum pay for FFT is about $0.40 per audio. Spanish transcribers earn $23.36 – $37.50 for every 15 minutes of transcribed audio pieces. This offer is one of the best starting compensation rates in the transcription industry.

How Do You Get Paid on FFT Reviews?

FFT operates a Biweekly mode of payment. This means prices are sent in the middle of each month and at the end. Freelancers get paid through direct deposits or mailed checks.

Do You Need the Experience to do the Work?

While being a seasoned transcriber is a great plus, the Focus Forward Transcription Platform accommodates novice transcribers too.

So, you can become a freelancer without experience with good listening and accurate typing skills.

Is FF Transcription a Scam?

FF Transcription is a legit and scam-free website where people transcribe for companies and industries to earn money online. The platform is designed so only people who adhere to Focus forward guidelines work for them.

In addition, the FF transcription review opines that they pay the best compensation rates in the industry. And freelancers get paid as at when due. So FF transcription is legit, and no scam.


Transcribing is one of the legitimate ways to make money online, and Focus Forward Transcription makes it more accessible.

It’s one thing to know what to do and absolutely another to know where to get what to do. FFT connects freelancers to industries and companies that need transcribing services.

FF transcription review posits that FFT is legit and the connecting point between people rendering transcribing services and those demanding.

So, if you have good listening and accurate typing skills and would love to work remotely and enjoy a flexible work schedule, this FFT review is apt and concise for you.

In this review, you will find information on how to work for Focus Forward, the focus forward transcription test, and guidelines and services you can render on the platform.

Que in now to make decent money at Focus Forward.

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