15 Highest Paid Aerospace Engineers| Best Countries

This article will explain the highest paid aerospace engineers and the best countries with these salaries.

At first, aerospace engineering was known as Aeronautical engineering.

The broader term “aerospace engineering” came into use with the advancement in flight technology to include vehicles operating in outer space.

Pertaining to the conversation, aerospace engineering, particularly the astronautics branch, is often referred to as “rocket science.”

Let us begin!

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Aerospace engineering degrees abroad

Aerospace engineering deals with all aircraft research, design, construction, and maintenance.

It intersects with other areas, including aeronautical and astronautical engineering, and can also include space flight, telecommunication, and weather forecasting equipment.

The responsibility of an Aerospace engineer is to research, develop, maintain, design, and test the performance of civil and military aircraft, missiles, satellites, weapon systems, and space vehicles.

As an Aerospace engineer, your area of specialization can be in fields like avionics, propulsion, systems integration, materials & structures, and aerodynamics.

With a career in the aerospace industry, an individual can work on cutting-edge technology with the chance to work for huge international establishments.

An aerospace engineering graduate is known to possess high skills and hence highly demanded and is known to have great career opportunities.

Very numerous great options abound when it comes to studying aerospace engineering abroad.

At some of the world’s most prestigious universities and engineering colleges, Individuals can obtain bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degrees in aerospace engineering.

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Aerospace engineering program structure

Engineering degree programs for aerospace study will cover, to a large extent, the same areas wherever you study, be that as it may, there will be a slight difference in each degree program depending on the country and university.

Made available to most persons studying aerospace engineering degrees will include the option of choosing optional or elective modules. This means that an individual can shape your program to suit your interests.

An individual can study a BSc or BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) at the undergraduate level for Aerospace Engineering, just as is the case with most engineering degrees.

A BEng can be converted to an MEng (Master of Engineering) with just an extra year of study which earns you a master’s level degree.

To obtain an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering, you are to offer programs in this field of study between three and five years, while for a master’s degree, you can study for over one or two years.

Ph.D. degrees in aerospace engineering are also available. With your master’s degree, it can take up to four years to complete a Ph.D. degree in this field of study.

Common modules in aerospace engineering in most programs include:

  • Aeronautics and mechanics
  •  Fluid mechanics
  •  Engineering design
  •  Thermodynamics
  •  Electrical circuits
  •  Engineering Mathematics
  •  Flight dynamics
  •  Mechanics, structures, and materials

Definition of Terms for the Common Modules in Aerospace Engineering

#1. Aeronautics and Mechanics

Aeronautics is broad as it deals with both the science and art involved with the study, design, and manufacturing of machines capable of flying in the air and the techniques of aircraft and rockets operation within the atmosphere while

Mechanics is a branch of physics concerned with the movement of bodies under the action of forces, including the special case in which a body is at rest and remains so.

#2. Fluid mechanics 

Fluid Mechanics is divided into fluid statics and fluid dynamics and is the branch of physics concerned with the movement of fluids (liquids, gases, and plasmas) under the action of forces, including the special case in which they are at rest and remain so. It is also concerned with the forces on the.

Fluid mechanics is applicable in a wide range of disciplines, which include:

  • mechanical, 
  •  civil,
  •  chemical and biomedical engineering, 
  •  geophysics 
  •  oceanography, 
  •  meteorology, 
  •  astrophysics, and 
  •  biology 

#3. Engineering design

Engineering design is the method used by engineers to identify and proffer solutions to problems.


This is the branch of physics concerned with the relationships between heat and other forms of energy.

#5. Electrical circuits

An electric circuit is a closed path where electric currents are produced through the movement of electrons.

The components that make up an electric circuit include:

  • a source of electrical energy,
  •  a device, and
  •  a closed-loop of conducting material.

#6. Engineering Mathematics

Among the modules in aerospace engineering, engineering mathematics is a branch of applied mathematics and deals with mathematical methods and techniques commonly used in engineering and industry.

#7. Flight dynamics

This studies the performance, stability, and control of vehicles whose means of transportation are in the air or outer space.

#8. Mechanics, structures, and materials

This is among the modules in aerospace engineering and deals with the fundamentals of mechanics, statics, dynamics, and materials.

This module gives students the requisite skills and experience in modeling and monitoring structural system performance.

How Much is Aerospace Engineer Salary?

How much an aerospace engineer earns depends on numerous factors like county, employer, and job level. Managerial-level aerospace engineers will no doubt earn more than entry-level staff.

However, payscale.com posits that the average aerospace engineer’s salary is $89 328. The average salary for an aerospace engineer in the UK is £37057 per annum.

This makes an aerospace engineer’s salary per hour about $50.61, according to ziprecruiter.com.

Countries With The Highest Aerospace Engineer Salaries 2023

Regarding the salary earned by aerospace engineers, some countries of the world pay higher salaries than is obtainable in other countries or than what other aerospace engineers in other countries earn.

This being the case, individuals who want to study aerospace engineering usually have it as a target to be admitted into school in those tertiary institutions that offer aerospace engineering.

The Salaries paid by each of these countries to aerospace engineers have been converted to USD, not minding the currency of transaction each country uses.

The Wealth Circle brings to you the countries that pay aerospace engineers the most, which include:

  1. United States
  2.  Switzerland
  3.  Norway
  4.  Denmark
  5.  Austria
  6.  Iceland
  7.  Japan
  8.  Germany
  9.  New Zealand
  10.  Australia
  11.  Canada
  12.  Netherlands
  13.  United Arab Emirates
  14.  France
  15.  United Kingdom

#1. The United States

Salary – $116,500

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median pay for aerospace engineers in the United States as of 2019 is approximately $116,500 per year or $56.01 per hour.

With this salary placement for aerospace engineers in the United States, there’s the expectation that employment in the aerospace industry in the US is expected to grow at a projected rate of 2%.

According to USNews Aerospace Engineering Ranking, the list of the best aerospace engineering schools in the USA includes:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2.  Georgia Institute of Technology
  3.  California Institute of Technology
  4.  University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
  5.  Purdue University–West Lafayette
  6.  Stanford University
  7.  University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
  8.  University of Texas–Austin
  9.  Texas A&M University–College Station
  10.  University of Colorado–Boulder
  11.  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  12.  University of Maryland–College Park

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#2. Switzerland

Salary: $115, 972

Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country among the best countries with the highest-paid aerospace engineers.

If you are opportune to get a job in any aerospace engineering company in Switzerland, you can earn at least $115 972.

The universities in Switzerland that offer aerospace engineering include:

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
  •  École Polytechnique Federale of Lausanne

#3. Norway

Salary: $107,052

Officially known as the kingdom of Norway, Norway is a Nordic country in Northern Europe.

Norway is one of the best countries that pay aerospace engineers the most.

As an aerospace engineer, working in Norway guarantees an average salary of $107,052.

The universities in Norway that offer aerospace engineering include

  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  •  University of Oslo
  •  Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  •  University of Agder

#4. Denmark

Salary: $99,082

Denmark, officially known as the Kingdom of Denmark, is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. 

This country presents a salary of at least $99,082 to aerospace engineers.

The university in Denmark that offers aerospace engineering is the Technical University of Denmark

#5. Austria

Salary: $83,335

Officially known as the Republic of Austria, Austria is a landlocked East Alpine country in the southern part of Central Europe.

It is among the best countries to study aerospace engineering and the best countries with the highest paid aerospace engineers.

As an aerospace engineer, you can earn an average salary of $83,335.


Salary – $84,500

Japan is among the countries with the highest paid aerospace engineers; hence it is among the best countries to study aerospace engineering.

According to the Earthquake Research Institute (ERI), the average salary of Japanese aerospace engineers is placed at 9 million yen a year.

The salary earned by aerospace engineers in Japan is hierarchical, as aerospace engineers in junior positions earn lower salaries than senior ones.

When one starts a career in aerospace engineering in Japan, the person can earn around 6.3 million yen annually, while those in senior positions earn 12 million yen.

Universities in Japan that offer aerospace engineering include:

  • Tokai University
  •  Nihon University
  •  Nagoya University
  •  Muroran Institute of Technology
  •  Tohoku University
  •  University of Tokyo

#7. Iceland

Salary: $82,541

Iceland is a Nordic island country in the North Atlantic Ocean and the most sparsely populated country in the European continent.

Aerospace engineers in Ireland earn a minimum salary of $82,541 monthly.

#8. Germany

Salary – $77,000

Aerospace engineers working in small companies in Germany can expect to earn a salary between €42,000 – €55,000, while in larger companies, an aerospace engineer can get up to €60,000. Those based in Munich can earn between €55,000 – €65,000 annually.

Universities in Germany that offer aerospace engineering include:

  • University of Stuttgart
  •  Braunschweig University of Technology
  •  FH Aachen University of Applied Science

#9. New Zealand

Salary – $76,200

New Zealand is among the countries with highest paid aerospace engineers

According to the data provided by the New Zealand government, the country pays aerospace engineers a median annual wage of NZ$116,500.

Universities in New Zealand that offer aerospace engineering include:

  • Massey University
  •  University of Waikato

#10. Australia

Salary – $72,500

Australia is among the countries that pay aerospace engineers the most.

If you are an aerospace engineer based in Australia and working for the Australian government’s defense industry, you are entitled to a medium salary of between A$71,000 – A$102,000.

Universities in Australia that offer aerospace engineering:

  • Edith Cowan University (ECU)
  •  Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  •  The University of Adelaide (UoA)
  •  The University of Queensland
  •  UNSW Sydney – University of New South Wales
  •  The University of Sydney
  •  Australian Wings Academy
  •  Basair Aviation College
  •  Aviation Australia
  •  The University of Monash University

#11. Canada

Salary – $68,000

Canada is one of the best countries to study and practice aerospace engineering.

To be a registered engineer in Canada, you must sit and pass a practical exam. In addition to this, you are to do three or four years of supervised work.

The median salary of an aerospace engineer working in Canada is around CA$90,000 with an average growth rate of 4%, while the typical salary ranges between CA$80,000 – CA$120,000.

In Canada, some provinces pay aerospace engineers higher than others. These provinces include Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Alberta.

Here are the schools in Canada for Aerospace engineering.

  • Carleton University
  •  Concordia University, Montreal
  •  McGill University
  •  Centennial University
  •  Polytechnique Montreal
  •  Ryerson University
  •  The University of Toronto
  •  University of Windsor
  •  York University

#12. The Netherlands

Salary – $65,000

The Netherlands is one of the sought-after countries when it comes to studying aerospace engineering.

As a Dutch aerospace engineer, you are entitled to a salary of between €38,000 and €67,500. The average salary is around €54,000 annually.

Here are the schools in the Netherlands for Aerospace engineering.

  • Eindhoven University of technology
  •  University of Twente
  •  Leiden University
  •  University of Groningen
  •  Delft University of technology
  •  University of Amsterdam
  •  Fontys University of Applied Sciences
  •  Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
  •  HZ University of Applied Sciences
  •  Hague University of Applied Sciences

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#13. The United Arab Emirates

Salary – $64,000

United Arab Emirates is among the countries that pay aerospace engineers the most and offers aerospace engineers an average salary of AED 235,000.

The salary of junior level aerospace engineers (new entrants) is around AED 165,000, while those at very senior levels earn a salary of AED 293,000 per year.

Here are the schools in the Netherlands for Aerospace engineering.

  • Amity University
  •  Abu Dhabi University
  •  Emirates Aviation University
  •  Khalifa University

#14. France

Salary – $62,000

According to the research carried out by ERI, the Western Europe country France offers aerospace engineers an average salary of between €36,000 at the entry level. In contrast, an Aerospace engineer at the senior level is sure of earning an average salary of €65,000.

The following are the universities that offer aerospace engineering in France:

  • IPSA
  •  Central School of Lyon
  •  School of Mines of Albi Carmaux
  •  University of Lyon

#15. The United Kingdom

Salary – $52,000

In the UK and for a start, an aerospace engineer can earn between £20,000 – £28,000.

With several years of experience, the salary can increase to £28,000 – £40,000.

Aerospace engineers in senior positions, especially those that have reached Chartered status, can expect to earn between £45,000 and £65,000.

The universities for aerospace engineering in the UK include the following:

  • University of Cambridge
  •  Imperial College London
  •  University of Bath
  •  University of Bristol
  •  Leeds University
  •  University of Glasgow
  •  University of Southampton
  •  Nottingham University
  •  University of Sheffield
  •  Loughborough University
  •  University of Liverpool


Aerospace engineering deals with all aircraft research, design, construction, and maintenance.

Aerospace engineering is a prestigious course. One can earn a huge salary, especially when one secures a job opportunity with an aerospace engineering company in any of the best countries that pay aerospace engineers the most, as seen in this write-up. 

If you want to study aerospace engineering, consider and apply to an Institution in any of these countries that offer the course. We wish you the best of luck.

FAQs Highest Paid Aerospace Engineers

Where is the highest paid aerospace engineer? 

Colorado – $131,360
Virginia – $128,300
California – $123,290
Maryland – $122,290

What is the highest paying job in the aerospace industry?

Highest paid aviation jobs
Air Traffic Controller
Airline and Commercial Pilots
Aerospace engineers
Aerospace engineering and operations technicians



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