15 Highest Paid Spanish Language Interpreters By County California

The demand for interpreters has soared exponentially since the start of the era of Globalization. Interpreters have become pivotal to bridging people of different languages, countries and races.

Interpreters are in high demand in almost all occupations and fields, including entertainment, education, judicial, production and health care. They can work for both public and privately owned companies or firms.

Most Spanish interpreters work in law courts in California and are highly prized there. Some others are medical interpreters and make their lot from that field.

Are you curious to know how much Spanish interpreters are paid in California? We present to you the 15 Highest paid Spanish Language Interpreters by County California.

Do you have an affinity for linguistics and speak multiple languages fluently and efficiently? You might also want to become a state-certified interpreter. Here, we have highlighted some resources to help you. Read on.

You would not only learn about the best paid Spanish Language Interpreters but the requirements and qualities that an interpreter must possess. We would also look into the fields in that interpreters can work in County California.

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What Are The Requirements Needed To Become a Spanish Interpreter in California?

#1. Education

To become certified by California as an interpreter, you must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree.

Depending on your specialization and the region you wish to work in, you may be required to have taken courses relating to interpretation as an undergraduate.

#2. Language Proficiency

Along with experience in the English language, you will have to be fluent in your second language, in this case, Spanish language.

Depending on your career path in interpretation, you may be required to pass Oral and written tests to assess your proficiency in that language.

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#3. Area of Specialization

There are various areas of specialization available to interpreters. For example, a medical interpreter is supposed to have a benchmark understanding of medical terminologies and systems.

You should note that each area of expertise may have independent certification and job-specific assessments and requirements. Medical and court interpreters are more likely to complete special training or programs. 

Below is a list of various career paths you can choose to become a professional Interpreter.

  • Community interpreters
  • Educational interpreters
  • Federal court interpreters
  • Health or Medical interpreters
  • Judiciary interpreters and translators
  • Liaison interpreters
  • Mental health interpreters
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Translators
  • Trilingual interpreters

5 Must-Have Qualities to Become One of the Highest Paid Spanish Interpreters by County California.

#1. They must be empathic listeners

All interpreters and not just Spanish language interpreters, must be keen listeners. They should not miss out on points and must pay great attention to proper emphasis of words, tone, figurative effects and cues to convey an accurate message.

#2. They must be relatable 

Nobody would want to work with an interpreter who is not relatable and understanding. Every great interpreter must have great interpersonal skills.

Regardless of this fact, a good interpreter is unbiased. They must not convey messages based on sentiments or inclinations. This should be especially obtainable from the court/judicial interpreters.

#3. They must have good cognitive skills

Oftentimes, interpreters may find themselves with fast speakers or a speaker with distinctive vocabulary. 

Interpreters must be able to recall vocabulary very quickly, achieved through consistent experience and training.

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#4. They must be stress resistant

Interpreters would most likely work in stressful environments. Interpreters must be able to manage stress. They must be resilient and collected.

#5. They must be fast and keen learners

Interpreters must be flexible, ready to learn and very adaptive. They may be faced with new challenges which would require rigorous research and several adjustments.

15 Highest Paid Spanish Language Interpreters By County California.

In some counties of California, such as San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego, there is a large diversity of languages and cultures. Here we see the need for interpreters to bridge cultural and language gaps.

The most common languages in California are Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Italian.

No wonder California is one region in the States where you can find lucrative sources of income through interpreting. 

We will introduce to you several fields of expertise where you can make the best out of interpreting in California. 

The first three Interpreters on our list are California’s 3 highest-paid Spanish language interpreters. This is due to their popularity and consistent figures. However, the remainder of the listing follows no particular order because of varying factors, including location, nature of work and workplace.

Here are the 15 Highest Paid Spanish Language Interpreters By County California:

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#1. Court Interpreters

The first on our list of the 15 Highest Paid Spanish Language Interpreters By County California is the Court Interpreters. They have up to a median salary of $72,590 a year.

Court Interpreters should have exceptional communication skills and must be certified and trained in Law terminologies and proper conduct and regulations in the Law court.

California courts handle about 8 million court cases per year. Court Interpreters are the highest interpreters in demand in California and pay an average salary greater than the average national salary. This is so because of the high level of accuracy required.

#2. Medical Interpreters

The second on our list of the 15 Highest Paid Spanish Language Interpreters By County California is the medical interpreter.

Medical Interpreters are highly trained interpreters who stand between healthcare providers and patients and aid communication between them. Medical interpreters must be friendly, skilled and up-to-date with medical trends.

The average salary for a medical Interpreter in California is $54,026 per annum. However, the salary may be higher or lower based on location and workplace. 

Locations with more language diversity are much more likely to pay higher.

#3. Literary Interpreters

These Interpreters in California earn an average of $51,000 a year. Literary interpreters’ work entails translating large works of poetry, long novels, local history and other culture-specific work. 

Literary interpreters must be empathic in their work. They must understand the connotative and denotative implications of each word they use.

#4. Community Interpreters

While community interpreters’ salaries may vary greatly from place to place, we estimate their average annual pay to be $46,120.

Community interpreters provide their services mostly in group settings, social gatherings, conferences, community events, seminars and many other work environments.

#5. Banking and Finance Industry interpreters

California’s banking and finance industries conduct activities that cut across various countries, languages and people. 

To be relevant in this field, it is good that you do not only have a Bachelor’s Degree. You must earn internationally recognized certifications to have better chances of being hired by a high-paying firm or bank.

The banking and finance industries are ready to spend massively to achieve high-quality standards of interpretation.

#6. Simultaneous interpreters

It is not disputable that simultaneous interpreters do a hard job. It requires excellent communication skills, high cognitive abilities and experience.

Simultaneous interpreters have more complicated work to do in that they listen and interpret simultaneously without leaving much space.

Simultaneous interpreters are among the 15 Highest Paid Spanish Language Interpreters By County California. They are highly paid because more demanding means more rewarding.

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#7. Tour interpreters

California is home to several tourist attractions and landmarks. If you have been to California, you should know of theme parks such as Disneyland, Boomerang bay, the Golden gate bridge and Laguna Beach.

Remarkably, the highly reputed Universal Studios Hollywood is also situated in California. Tourists from various countries and languages would require high-quality and accessible interpretation services in California.

#8. Sign language interpreters

Sign language interpreters are among the 15 Highest Paid Spanish Language Interpreters By County California. The highest demand among them is the American Sign Language (ASL). 

Sign Language interpreting involves using sign language to convey messages to deaf viewers. They have vast job opportunities because they guarantee the involvement of people with hearing disabilities in various activities.

Sign Language interpretation is one of California’s best Spanish Language Interpreters.

#9. Liaison or bilateral interpreters

Liaison interpretation involves interpreting in two directions between two parties or groups of people who do not have a common language.

Private-owned companies undertake liaison interpreting most time. It involves great competence and thus yields more pay.

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#10. Escort Interpreters

Escort interpreters accompany foreign visitors in California county to ensure they communicate seamlessly throughout their stay.

This job may require frequent travel, and this necessitates allowances. Escort interpreting is an attractive job opportunity because of the perks that may be attached.

Escort interpreters may work with the Government, Local companies or international Bodies.

#11. Entertainment Interpreters

With the language diversity in California, entertainment must be made accessible in every person’s local language. But how?

Voiceovers and dubbing are used for interpreting audiovisual messages to an audience with a different language. This generally involves replacing the original speaker’s voice with a new recording in a different language.

To have Hollywood situated in California means professional Spanish language interpreting must be made available for the Spanish population in California.

Entertainment interpreters are among the highest paid Spanish language Interpreters by County California.

#12. Airport interpreters

Airport interpreters work in the aviation field and are in high demand. Daily, thousands of travellers transverse Californian airports to get to their various destinations. 

Airport interpreters ensure that everyone gets timely information regarding rules and regulations and specific flight information regardless of language barriers. Airport interpreters do not work privately.

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#13. Localizers

Localizers are mostly interpreters that work in production companies. 

They translate texts and graphics of products, advertisements and websites so that they can reach a wider population.

Localizers play an important role in enhancing the economic growth of any company. They are highly regarded and highly paid.

#14. On Call Interpreters

On Call Interpreters are usually first responders like firefighters and EMTs. They are one of the 15 highest paid Spanish language interpreters by County California.

This is so because of the difficulty and unpredictability associated with what they do. 

#15. Educational Interpreters

The final on our list of the 15 highest paid Spanish language interpreters by County California is the educational interpreters.

Educational interpreters provide efficient assistance to international students. They are to ensure that foreign students receive a quality education.

Educational interpreters can also be sign language interpreters.

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FAQs on 15 Highest Paid Spanish Language Interpreters By County California.

Is there any difference between a translator and an interpreter?

Yes, Translators and Interpreters are similar but not the same. While interpreters do more speech-related tasks, translators work on converting texts to other languages.

Is there a growth in the percentage rate of employment for Interpreters?

Yes, the demand for interpreters increases rapidly. A study shows that the projected percentage change in employment from 2016-2026 is 17%. This shows that we would be expecting an increase in the employment rate.

What is the annual salary of an average interpreter in the states?

According to indeed.com, the average interpreter in the states earns an average of about $40,474 per year.

What state-recognized certification can I earn to gain better chances of getting a job as an interpreter?

The most recognized certification for translators and interpreters (except for court/Medical interpreters) is the American Translators Association (ATA) certification.

What are some important majors I should take to become an interpreter?

Some include translation and interpreting, foreign language and culture, and English and Linguistics.


An interpreter’s job may not be easy, but it affords numerous opportunities. An interpreter must be a resilient worker, a keen learner and an empathic listener. They must also be relatable and have good cognitive skills.

We have taken the time to highlight the requirements for becoming a Spanish Language Interpreter in California, the qualities that a good Interpreter must possess, and the 15 Highest Paid Spanish Language Interpreters by County California.

How did this article help you? Let us know in the comment section.



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