15 Highest-Paid Construction Trade in Ohio

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry is one of the fastest growing in the country, with an anticipated growth rate of 7%. The BLS predicts that occupations in this sector will add approximately 109,100 new job opportunities between 2020 and 2030.

Hard-working people who flourish in fast-paced situations and love working as a group to build, repair, and maintain new and existing structures and buildings may find a rewarding career in the construction industry. 

This article discusses the primary duties and salary information for 15 different construction jobs.

What is the Role of the Construction Industry?

The construction industry is concerned with the design, Construction, and upkeep of residential, commercial, and industrial structures. They also work on constructing and maintaining infrastructures such as roads, bridges, and utility systems.

While many people associate the construction industry with new Construction, professionals in this field may also work on tasks involving additions, remodels, repairs, and maintaining existing buildings and structures.

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What kinds of employers are there in the construction industry?

To complete a project in Construction, various types of organizations collaborate. The nature of your work will be determined by the organization you work for.

The following are the various types of construction organizations:

Consultants: They manage a project’s pre-construction stages on behalf of an individual who needs something built. Consultant professionals spend their time assisting with project planning and design.

Contractors: They construct the project after the designs have been completed. Contractors’ employees spend a lot of time working out on the job.

Subcontractor organizations: Contractors reach out to them when they require specialized or additional assistance.

For example, the construction company may assemble teams to assist with foundation or steelwork. Subcontractor professionals typically spend their time on-site with contractors.

15 Highest-Paid Construction Trade in Ohio

There are various construction trade jobs in Ohio, with different job descriptions and salary overviews. Discussed in this article are the 15 highest-paid construction trade jobs in Ohio.

  1. Construction worker
  2. Construction Inspector
  3. Flooring Installer
  4. Surveyor
  5. Glazier
  6. Tile setter
  7. Brick mason
  8. Roofer
  9. Concrete finisher
  10. Ironworker
  11. Crane operator
  12. Plumber
  13. Carpenter
  14. Painter
  15. Electrician

#1. Construction worker 

 Average salary: $15.53 per hour

Construction workers are responsible for most of the physical work associated with Construction, such as clearing, digging, and building.

Manual labor such as transferring material and supplies to the construction site, arranging the worksite, running tests and working machines and equipment, measuring and clipping materials for Construction to exact specifications, and using numerous simple tools and mechanical tools are among their responsibilities.

This job is one of the highest-paid construction trades in Ohio.

They are also aware of building codes to recognize project requirements and ensure all health and safety procedures and policies are followed on the job.

#2. Construction Inspector 

Average salary: $34,250

A construction inspector is a local government employee who visits construction sites and inspects the work done to ensure that all buildings and structures meet contract requirements, zoning ordinances, building codes and ordinances, and safety regulations.

Site inspectors oversee all work performed on a construction site to ensure that safety and quality standards are met.

They ensure that building plans and specifications are followed correctly and manage staff and subcontractors on construction sites.

Working as a site inspector is one of the highest-paid construction trades in Ohio.

They also attend site management meetings and assist project managers with work planning.

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#3. Flooring Installer

Average salary: $16.79

Inside the building, flooring installers lay and finish floors according to project specifications. They work with various flooring materials such as wood, carpet, tile, laminate, linoleum, and vinyl.

Being a flooring Installer is one of the highest-paid construction trades in Ohio. They work for construction companies, floor-covering contractors, installation companies, and carpet retailers, or they can work for themselves.

#4. Surveyor

Average salary: $16.80

Before Construction begins, a surveyor inspects potential job sites and measures and records data about the site’s location, elevation, and contour.

They then use this information to compare their data to existing records, draw and update boundary lines, locate buildings and structures, and outline the foundation requirements for the project.

In addition, surveyors present their findings to government agencies and other clients.

The surveyor is responsible for taking precise measurements that will identify the boundary.

Surveyors assist engineers in creating maps and construction projects by providing unique contours on the earth’s surface. Working as a Surveyor is also a top-paid construction job.

#5. Glazier

Average salary: $19.45

A glazier works with glass to create windows, skylights, storefronts, and display cases. Using project specifications, they cut the glass to the required size, shape, and thickness.

This job is one of the highest-paid construction trades in Ohio. Glaziers also remove the old or broken glass before installing a new glass, and after installation, they add a weather seal around the edges of the glass.

A glazier is someone who measures, installs, and repairs glass in homes, hotels, shops, and offices. As a glazier, you would select appropriate glass for the job, remove old and broken panes, and ensure the glass is watertight sealed.

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#6. Tile setter 

Average salary: $20.56

Working as a tile setter is a top-paid construction job. They cut and install tiles on floors, walls, and ceilings in homes and businesses.

They also prepare the surfaces on which they work and take care to evenly lay each tile before applying grout and sealing it.

Fixing hard tiles, wood, and marble in homes and offices is the responsibility of tile and marble setters.

They plan the layout of the tile or marble pattern, cut and shape the tiles to size, and skillfully install flooring fixtures with hand and machine tools. This profession is one of the highest-paid construction trades in Ohio.

#7. Brick mason

Average salary: $20.69

Brick masons use bricks, concrete blocks, and artificial stones to build walls, fireplaces, patios, walkways, fences, decorative trims, and other structures.

They also cut or break each brick or stone to the proper size and shape and mix and apply the grout to complete the form.

A Mason is a construction professional who works with various materials, most notably stone, concrete, and tile. Masons are reportedly one of the highest-paid construction trades in Ohio.

They construct items and can detect problems such as cracks in mortar or water damage caused by tiny fissures between stones.

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#8. Roofer

Average salary: $43,900

Roofers install and repair residential and commercial roofs. They also inspect and maintain building roofs to ensure that they last as long as possible.

Roofers construct and maintain roofs, and thus working as one makes it one of the highest-paid construction trades in Ohio.

They install materials such as cement and clay to ensure safety and repair damaged parts. They could specialize in residential or commercial roofing.

#9. Concrete finisher

Average salary: $45,280

Concrete finishers follow cement trucks to ensure the cement is smooth and level. They level the ground, fill depressions, finish the corners, and wash away excess glue.

Concrete finishers work in a highly skilled industry, which makes it a top-paid construction job. They use specialized equipment to spread and level poured concrete to create smooth finishes for surfaces such as roads, pavements, floors, and curbs.

You can use forms (molds) as a concrete finisher to make concrete blocks for building projects.

#10. Ironworker

Average salary:$48,450

Ironworkers work one of the highest-paid construction trades in Ohio. They use iron and steel to assist in the Construction of commercial, industrial, and public structures such as roads, bridges, and large systems.

They collaborate with crane operators by manually moving the iron or steel into the proper position and then signaling the crane operators to lift and position it.

Ironworkers must be able to read blueprints and sketches to adhere to project specifications.

Ironworkers form and support bridges, roads, and other structures by installing structural and reinforcing iron and steel.

#11. Crane operator

Average salary: $49,450

Crane operators use various types of crane machinery to transport heavy or oversized materials from one location to another and position materials in extremely high or low spaces.

They collaborate with other construction professionals, who direct their work from the ground using hand signals and radios for voice commands.

Crane operators must also inspect cranes and their hydraulic systems before operating them, perform minor repairs as needed, and keep logs of their moving materials.

This field is one of the highest-paid construction trades in Ohio.

Crane operators use buttons, levers, and pedals to control lifting machinery. They secure loads to hoists and cranes and remove them safely. They occasionally set up and repair equipment.

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#12. Plumber

Average salary: $53,640

Plumbers install, maintain, and repair the pipes and fixtures of plumbing systems in homes and businesses.

They inspect fixtures such as sinks, showers, toilets, garbage disposals, and sewage lines to ensure they are in good working order, and they make repairs and recommendations as needed.

Plumbers are experts at assembling, detecting problems, maintaining, and repairing pipes and systems that involve water or gas distribution in a home or business, ensuring that they work correctly. This job requires a great deal of expertise.

Hence it is one of the highest-paid construction trades in Ohio. Plumbers can also install kitchen or bathroom sinks, toilets, appliances, and other items.

Among the tasks may be training other plumbers or coordinating with other workers on a project, clearing obstructions and disposing of waste, informing clients about the costs and process of repairs, and building rapport with them.

#13. Carpenter 

Average salary: $55,670

Carpenters construct, remodel, install, and repair frameworks and structures such as doorframes, counters, cabinetry, rafters, partitions, molding, and stairways in residential, commercial, or industrial buildings using a variety of materials such as drywall, wood, and fiberglass.

Carpentry is a top-paid construction job. They must be able to read blueprints and building plans, prepare drawings and draughts of their dreams for review by their client, and correctly measure, cut, and shape the materials they work with.

Carpenters may also install or level framework with cranes or rigging hardware.

Carpenters work with raw materials to create finished products. They use tools to produce a successful finished product at their client’s request.

Carpenters must be able to multitask, resolve any potential complications, strictly adhere to safety standards, and ensure that the project follows protocols without sacrificing the quality or accuracy of work.

Carpenters must be physically fit to perform various maintenance and production tasks because carpentry is a physically demanding trade.

#14. Painter

Average salary: $58,870

Painters prepare surfaces for painting in residential and commercial buildings, then mix and apply the paint to the surface. Surface preparation entails cleaning, repairing holes, removing chipped or cracked paint from the surface, and taping off areas as needed.

Being a painter is one of the highest-paid construction trades in Ohio. They also cover and protect nearby objects such as flooring, furniture, lighting fixtures, electronics, windows, and doors before painting, uncovering, removing the tape, and cleaning their work area afterward.

A painter matches shades using color theory principles, follows written and verbal instructions, and paints surfaces with various tools.

Other duties include performing minor repairs and selecting appropriate paints and primers.

To be a successful painter, you must have exceptional stamina, physical strength, and time management abilities.

The ideal candidate will comprehend clients’ visions, follow instructions, and complete projects on time and within budget.

#15. Electrician 

Average salary: $60,450

Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical systems and wiring in homes and businesses. They are practicing as an electrician in top-paid construction jobs.

They also ensure that all electrical systems and wiring are functioning correctly and locate and repair the source of an issue in broken electrical systems.

An electrician is a skilled tradesman in charge of the wiring and systems supplying electricity to a facility. They are educated in designing, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting electrical wiring systems.

Residential wiremen, inside wiremen, telecommunications electricians, and outside linemen are the four basic types of electricians. A great deal of proficiency is required of electricians. Hence it is one of the highest-paid construction trades in Ohio.

 Some work a regular 40-hour week shift, while others are on call. In some cases, traveling is also an important part of their job, as they may work for a few days before moving to another location.

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The construction industry is concerned with building and infrastructure construction, demolition, renovation, maintenance, and repair. It includes everything from planning and surveying to structural Construction and finishing services like painting and decorating.

Every country’s construction industry is an important one. This industry is used to construct the infrastructure required for a country’s economic advancement.

It also contributes to the Construction of shelters for both the rich and the poor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum wage in Ohio?

The minimum wage in Ohio is $7.25 per hour, which is the same as the federal minimum wage in the United States of America.

What are the easiest jobs to get in Ohio?

The easiest top-paid jobs in Ohio include:
Cable Technician

What are the highest-paying construction jobs?

Elevator fitters and repairers are the highest-paid construction jobs, with an average wage of $88,000. Prospects are forecast to increase by 7% by 2029, far exceeding the 4% average predicted for overall job growth.

What is the most common construction job?

Typical jobs in the construction industry include;
Cement mason
Concrete finisher

What are the four types of Construction?

The four different types of Construction are;



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