15 Highest Paid People in Montana | 2022

What are the highest-paid people in Montana? Have you ever wondered who makes the most money in Montana? 

Or how much money does your dentist make for all the uncomfortable procedures they make you go through?

We both had an insatiable need for information regarding the occupations in Montana that bring in the highest salaries. 

If that sentence didn’t give it away already, you could say we’re a little bit of what you’d call data nerds.

Following an exhaustive investigation of our data, we concluded that Emergency Department Registered Nurses earn the highest salaries in the state of Montana.

 So, in this article, we will take a deep look at the highest-paid people in Montana and how much each person earns.

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What Are The Highest Paid People In Montana? 

Do you want to know more about the highest-paid people in Montana? Here is the list of the best-paid people in Montana:

  1. Emergency Department Registered Nurse
  2. Intensive Care Unit Nurse
  3. Registered Nurse Med/Surg
  4. Registered Nurse PRN
  5. Clinic Registered Nurse 
  6. Manager 
  7. Head Nurse 
  8. Registered Nurse Managers
  9. Driver 
  10. Hike Care Nurse 
  11. Burn Center Nurse
  12. Service Technician 
  13. Specialist 
  14. Registered Nurse Charge Nurse
  15. Sales Lead/Sales Associate

#1. Emergency Department Registered Nurse

  • Average salary: $76,679

After doing a quick and detailed assessment of a patient’s injuries, the primary responsibility of an emergency room nurse is to devise a treatment strategy for the individual patient.

 The setting of broken bones, the administration of blood transfusions, the care of wounds, the distribution of medications, and many more are all typical roles.

 Similarly, an emergency room nurse will record the patient’s vital signs and keep track of the patient’s status, just like a regular Registered Nurse would (RN).

Nevertheless, emergency room nurses have a fast-paced atmosphere to work in, requiring them to think quickly and make decisions quickly.

 The fact that patients in the emergency room are treated so rapidly and then transferred to other wards means that the nurses working in the emergency room do not have any responsibilities.

 The nursing professionals in this industry frequently find the lack of a set routine and the opportunity for spontaneity to be rewarding aspects of their jobs.

 Although emergency room nurses are consistently exposed to high levels of stress in comparison to other registered nurse positions.

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#2. Intensive Care Unit Nurse

Average annual salary: $75,746

The duties of an ICU nurse are among the most difficult in the medical field.

 Patients in this unit are in severe condition and require round-the-clock attention from registered nurses (RNs). 

Critical care nurses’ primary role is to use their knowledge and skills to keep their patients alive. 

Head-to-toe evaluations, wound care, medication delivery, and more fall under routine duties. 

An intensive care unit nurse will also record data about a patient’s health to anticipate potential complications.

In the intensive care unit, RNs deal with patients in the most critical of situations. 

W a patient’s respiratory or cardiovascular systems are so compromised that they need round-the-clock monitoring, we say the patient is unstable. 

Although routine, daily duties are never without the possibility of an impromptu intervention from the intensive care unit (ICU) if a patient’s body system fails.

As a nurse, you need to be able to think quickly on your feet, pay close attention to detail, and have excellent people skills to put patients at ease.

 Nurses in this industry frequently appreciate the frequent opportuny have to develop meaningful relationships with their patients.

 To provide superior care to their patients, intensive care unit nurses are noted for their humanity and compassion while they carry out complex jobs.

 ICU Nurses are also one of the best-paid people in Montana. 

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#3. Registered Nurse Med/Surg

Average annual salary: $74,585

Medical-surgical nursing, also known as “med Surg” nursing, is one of the most popular sub-fields of nursing. 

However, the nature of this work is often misunderstood.

Pre- and post-operative care is the primary focus of this branch of nursing. The medical surgical nurse is generally the last person a patient sees before being taken to the operating room, and the first person they encounter upon their return. 

It’s a tricky field that requires both broad expertise and the motivation to aid people who are suffering anxiety, anguish, and uncertainty. 

Medical surgical nurses provide pre-and post-operative care for their patients.

 A med Surg nurse’s duties include preparing patients for treatments, addressing their concerns, and thinking ahead to consider underlying health issues that can affect their recovery time following surgery. 

They are one of the best-paid people

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#4 Registered Nurse PRN

  • Average annuaPRNalary: $69,077

A PRN nurse is responsible for performing the same tasks as any other nurse. 

The term “PRN” comes from the Latin phrase “pro re nata,” which translates to “when the need arises.”

 Working on an as-needed basis, a PRN nurse performs tasks such as patient assessment, medication administration, patient care, cleaning, feeding, and linen changes. 

A PRN nurse works on an as-needed basis, generally splitting their time between multiple hospitals.

 To fill in as needed during staffing shortages, you need to have a thorough understanding of processes. 

Some PRN nurses work directly for hospitals, but the vast majority are employed by medical staffing agencies. 

Your duty will be to step in for absent regular nurses at times of high demand or illness.

 Employees who work as PRN nurses for a hospital are typically grouped with others who have comparable qualifications and experience. 

Working for a staffing firm may require you to work at different hospitals. While working for an agency might occasionally lead to a higher salary, there is no guarantee of continued employment. 

They also rank among the best-paid people in Montana. 

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#5. Clinic Registered Nurse 

Average annual salary: $63,792

A clinic registered nurse works closely with doctors and other medical professionals to provide emergency care to patients.

 When working in a medical office or another similar context, their primary duties will include collecting patient data, reviewing medical histories, and coordinating with other medical professionals. 

In addition, they must thoroughly explain any relevant facts to patients and their guardians and answer any questions asked by the physician’s instructions. 

Comforting patients and adhering to the clinic’s rules are two of the most important aspects of providing quality healthcare.

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#6. Manager 

  • Average annual salary: $61,769

Another one of the best-paid people in Montana is the Manager. 

A manager is a person who is in charge of a certain portion of a company, such as a division, and is accountable for its day-to-day operations and financial well-being. 

In many situations, the manager is accountable for directing and coordinating the efforts of an entire team.

The manager is accountable for establishing and enforcing the processes, and policies inside an organization that facilitate and motivate the highest possible productivity from its employees and other resources.

Managing people is a key aspect of any manager’s job description.

 In addition, he or she is accountable for providing direction to a subset of employees or a specific area of responsibility within a larger business.

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#7. Head Nurse 

  • Average annual salary: $60,188

A head nurse is a person in charge of nursing operations at your healthcare employer’s location. 

You will lead teams of nurses in providing effective, high-quality care to all patients, whether you work in a hospital, outpatient clinic, or another medical setting.

The function of a head nurse, as a specialist position, is best performed by someone who has both an undergraduate and master’s degree in nursing. 

Furthermore, chief nurses are frequently distinguished by years of expertise in certain nursing specialties.

#8. Registered Nurse Managers

  • Average annual salary: $59,752

Nurse managers oversee patient care and create strategies for their staff’s long-term professional development in settings like hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

 Maintaining and enforcing nursing standards ensures that all staff members follow best practices while communicating with patients and documenting their care. 

To ensure a smooth transition from patient intake to care to discharge, Nurse Managers monitor patient loads and distribute responsibilities amongst their teams. 

They actively seek out feedback and coaching opportunities for their team. They are among the best-paid people in Montana. 

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#9. Driver 

  • Average annual salary: $34,793

A Driver, also known as a Delivery Driver, is an individual who is responsible for conveying products from a site such as a packing facility or warehouse to a destination that is either commercial or residential. 

Their responsibilities include loading packages into their car, using a navigation system to map out their route, and delivering packages on time to the appropriate addresses.

Drivers often work for businesses, collecting packages and delivering them to consumers as part of their job.

 They track their route itinerary and check delivery using electronic logs that they keep on file.

 Their task is to drive a delivery truck or van in a manner that is both safe and efficient to deliver packages to consumers located within a certain area. 

When delivering large or fragile packages, they may furthermore be responsible for getting signatures from the beneficiaries of the packages.

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#10. Hike Care Nurse 

Average annual salary: $29,640

A registered nurse who specializes in home health care is a medical professional who visits patients in their homes to provide the care they need and to encourage patients to continue living independently.

 Their responsibilities include providing intravenous treatments (IVs) to patients in the comfort of their own homes.

Home health nurses often find employment with home healthcare firms to offer patients with care in the comfort of their own homes. 

They deliver high-quality medical care to their patients by combining their nursing training and their empathy for the needs of others with the professional credentials that are required of them.

 It is their responsibility to take the patient’s vital signs, determine the patient’s current state of health, and carry out standard treatments like administering medication and examining wounds.

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#11. Burn Center Nurse

Average annual salary: $58,138

Burn care nurses are registered nurses who focus largely on providing medical attention to patients who have sustained burn injuries.

 These nurses assist burn patients throughout the entirety of their healing process, from the initial treatment of trauma.

 The work of a burn care nurse is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most taxing specialties in the nursing profession, both in terms of the body and emotions. 

The nursing professionals that work in this area of expertise should have a wide range of clinical abilities in areas such as critical care, psychiatric counseling, triage, and trauma recovery. 

#12. Service Technician 

  • Average annual salary: $32,551

A service technician, often known as a field service technician, is someone who goes out into the field to inspect, diagnose, and repair mechanical or electrical systems.

 Installations and repairs typically need them to travel to the client’s place of business or residence. 

Appliance repairmen, car mechanics, computer repairmen, and more all fall under the purview of service technicians.

A high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement for entry-level service technician positions.

 But if you want to advance in your career, getting a certificate or Associate’s degree in your field is a good idea. 

You could even be able to get certified in these fields! Troubleshooting and fixing issues are essential skills for any service technician.

 The unpredictable nature of service calls means that you’ll need to be adept at prioritizing your time and working with a wide range of schedules. 

Since you will be interacting directly with clients, you must possess strong verbal and interpersonal skills. They rank among the highest-paid people in Montana. 

#13. Specialist 

  • Average annual salary: $41,260

Specialists are also among the highest-paid people in Montana. 

Specialists are employees who are accountable for certain responsibilities or activities within the department to which they have been assigned. 

The activities or responsibilities they are responsible for are connected to the degree or experience they have gained through previous employment. 

They typically have a high level of expertise in relevant disciplines connected to the work that they are assigned to do. 

The specialists have also received extensive training on the skills and knowledge that are necessary for their particular area of expertise. 

As a consequence of this, they are centered on the abilities and capabilities that are required to improve their experience in their particular profession.

Other Highest Paid People In Montana 

#14. Registered Nurse Charge Nurse

Average annual salary: $56,212

#15. Sales Lead/Sales Associate

Average annual salary: $29,442


Finding the perfect job in Montana can be difficult, especially if it is your first job search or if you are switching careers. 

Before deciding on a training program or a professional path, it is helpful to have a general idea of the available jobs and the salaries they offer.

It is in your best interest to have an idea of your earning potential before starting a new job, even though it is typical for your salary to increase as you progress in your career. 

We hope this article on the highest-paid people in Montana was helpful to you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is the highest-paid Montana state employee? 

Currently, a Registered Nurse is the highest paid person in Montana with an annual income of $76,560

Are these highest-paid people in Montana paid weekly or monthly? 

Most of these best-paid people in Montana are paid monthly. 

What is the average pay of salary earners per day in Montana? 

Currently, the average pay is between $120-$250.

Are these highest-paid people in Montana among the highest paid in the world?

Yes. Some of the highest-paid people in Montana rank among the top paid in the world at large.



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