15 Highest Paid Jobs in Hawaii |2022

Hawaii joined the Union as the 50th state 60 years ago. Since then, people have loved the Aloha State for its warm weather and great surf spots. It’s also a great place to make a living if you’re a doctor, scientist, or another professional.

Using data from the Occupational Employment Statistics program of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 30 jobs in Hawaii with the highest average annual salaries as of May 2018. People like to live and work in Hawaii because it has a laid-back vibe, a tropical climate, and a mix of city and outdoor life.

Everyone working from home to corporate executives in this city can find well-paying jobs. It may help to know what kinds of jobs are available. This article lists 15 of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii, along with what they involve.

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How to Get the Highest Paid Jobs in Hawaii?

#1. Upgrade your resume

A resume expert can help you show off your skills. If you want any of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii, you should upgrade your resume.

#2. Learn about possible employers and the company they work for.

Before applying, you should find out what the company does and who works there. Try to learn more about how the company works. It’s also important to compare your skills (and, if you need to, improve your soft skills) to what they want. Make sure your resume highlights these.

#3. Make your social media profiles look nice and professional.

Many hiring managers like to look at applicants’ social media profiles to see if they have the qualifications for the job and are a good fit. Keeping this in mind, you need to make social media profiles on several platforms. Use phrases or keywords that show what you can do.

Managers will find it easier to contact you if you list your email address and phone number. Include photos of you that are friendly and clearly show your face.

#4. Write an interesting cover letter and, if necessary, change your resume.

Don’t make your resume all about job duties. It has to show why you are a good candidate. It’s very important to talk about how you’ve been doing the job in a way that makes you stand out from other applicants. When you write a cover letter and look over your resume, use action words and phrases that go with them.

#5. Get ready for a job interview

A lot of candidates get rejected before they even have an interview. Others have to go through several interviews before they get one job offer at the end of the day. No matter what, you should practice your answers and look up the company rating before the interview. Check to see what kinds of interviews they do. Find out if they have any system for keeping track of applicants.

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Best Cities for Highest Paid Jobs in Hawaii

  • Kapolei, Oahu
  • Hilo, Hawaii
  • Pearl City, Oahu
  • Lahaina, Maui
  • Honolulu
  • Waipahu

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15 Highest Paid Jobs in Hawaii

#1. Computer Engineers

Annual salary- $79,533.

Computer engineers’ main jobs are creating and building computer devices, networks, and other technologies. They know how software and hardware work together. They also know how to make computer processes run more smoothly.

Computer engineer’s test both new and old hardware and make changes where necessary. Computer Engineers are one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii.

#2. Nurse practitioner

Annual salary: $79,731.

Nurse practitioners are medical professionals who diagnose and treat injuries, infections, and other conditions in patients. They also write out prescriptions and orders for treatments. 

They’re trained more than nurses but less than doctors. It is one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii.

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#3. Real estate broker

Annual salary- $83,281.

Real estate brokers’ main jobs are to oversee the buying and selling of properties. They negotiate deals, write contracts, list homes for sale, and advise clients. They do many of the same things that a real estate agent does.

But they have a higher license and may be in charge of a group of agents.

A real estate broker is one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii.

#4. Judge

Annual salary: $83,834

Judges are one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii. They are impartial decision-makers who watch over court trials. During court cases, they hear both side’s opinions and decide if there is enough evidence to go to trial. 

They also research the law, sign warrants, set jail rules, and examine court cases. When there is no jury, the judge decides how the case will turn out.

#5. Construction Managers

Average salary: $83,929 per year

Construction managers are in charge of every part of a building project, from planning and budgeting to hiring workers and ordering materials. Most of their workdays are on project sites, where they can see how things are going and make decisions.

Most of the time, they are in charge of a group of employees or contractors. Construction managers also ensure they complete projects by local laws and codes. They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii.

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#6. Chief Executive Officers

Annual salary: $112,173.

A chief executive is one of the most senior employees in an organization, and their main job is to run the business. They run the business and make sure it meets its mission and goals. 

CEOs make the most important decisions about mergers, purchases, and growth. They are in charge of all company operations and resources. 

It is one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii.

#7. Financial manager

Annual salary: $112,805.

The main job of a financial manager is to make sure that the company makes as much money as possible. They look at financial data, write reports, and make plans for the company’s long-term financial health.

Financial Managers tell business leaders what investments to make and how to make more money.

They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii.

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#8. Engineering manager

Annual salary: $113,149.

Engineering managers’ main jobs are creating plans for new products, buildings, or projects. They look into processes and designs, figure out what equipment and people need for a project, and set budgets. 

They test and evaluate each step of the creation process to ensure it’s right. 

Also, they work closely with other managers and architects. Engineering managers is one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii.

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#9. Criminal investigator

Annual salary: $118,929

Criminal investigators’ main jobs are to handle criminal cases and look for evidence. They also look for information about the crime to solve them. They could check people’s backgrounds, talk to witnesses, set up surveillance, and gather evidence for court cases.

One of their jobs might be to find people who have gone missing, look into financial and computer crimes, or look into thefts. They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii.

#10. General Doctors

Annual salary: $125,836.

Doctors have one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii. General practitioners are doctors whose main job is to treat a wide range of injuries, illnesses, and other health problems. They are usually the first doctors people go to when they have a health problem that isn’t an emergency. 

General practitioners do diagnostic tests and imaging and give out prescriptions. They send a patient to a specialist if they need more specialized care.

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#11. Therapist

Annual Salary: $144,581

A psychiatrist is a type of doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating mental health problems. They might see people with depression, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders, and other problems. 

They meet with patients, talk to them and watch them, and then devise a plan for taking care of their mental health. They check in with patients often to see how they’re doing and change treatments or medications as needed. 

Therapists are one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii.

#12. Air traffic controller

The annual salary is $182,698.

Air traffic controllers work at airports and ensure that planes move around safely. Their jobs include keeping an eye on planes on the ground and in the air.

They tell pilots how to take off and land and share information about changes in the weather and flight paths.

Their goal is to make flying as safe and efficient as possible. They keep track of air traffic using computers, radar, and what they can see. 

They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii.

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#13. Dentist

Annual Salary: $221,518.

Dentists are medical professionals whose primary job is to diagnose and treat problems with the mouth, gums, and teeth. They fill cavities, fix or pull out teeth, whiten teeth, and do diagnostic imaging. 

Dentists make molds for things like dentures and teach patients how to care for their teeth. They also give painkillers during procedures and write prescriptions for medicines.

#14. Surgeon

Annual salary: $315,581.

Surgeons are medical professionals who fix broken bones and treat injuries. They also remove diseased tissues and organs by operating on patients. 

Most of the time, they keep up with new surgical techniques and technologies. Some surgeons only work in one area, like oncology or orthopedics. They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii.

#15. Marketing Manager

Annual Salary: $112,800

Marketing managers plan, direct, or coordinate marketing policies and programs. They figure out how much demand there is for a company’s and its competitor’s products. Marketing managers also work on services and finding potential customers.

They develop pricing strategies to maximize the firm’s profits or market share. All of this while making sure the firm’s customers are happy. They are one of the highest-paid jobs in Hawaii.

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Before moving to Hawaii, one of the most important things you should do is ensure you have a reliable way to make money. One of the first things you should probably consider when moving is what jobs to go for.

The cost of living in Hawaii is higher than most people think. Your savings can go down surprisingly fast without a job or another way to make money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there jobs in Hawaii that pay well?

Yes. Director of consumer marketing is one of the jobs in Hawaii that pays the most, with an average salary of $240,000 in 2021.

Which jobs are the best for Hawaii?

Registered Nurses
Dental Hygienists
CEOs, and
Marketing Managers

What would be a good job in Hawaii?

It’s not surprising that Hawaii doctors and other medical workers make a lot of money. At the top of the list of the best-paid jobs are surgeons and doctors. They can make more than $250,000 a year.

How much do Hawaii jobs pay?

As of July 6, 2022, the average annual salary for a “typical” job in Hawaii is $78,131. If you need a simple way to figure out how much that is, it comes to about $37.56 an hour. This is the same as $1,503 per week or $6,511 per month.

How much does a new job in Hawaii pay?

The average job in Hawaii pays about $37.56 an hour. This is the same as $1,503 per week or $6,511 per month.

How much does a new job in Hawaii pay?

Hawaii’s minimum wage is $10.10 an hour, which is $2.85 more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. The last time the state minimum wage went up was in January 2018, from $9.25 to $10.



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