15 Highest-Paid Engineering Fields in Arkansas

An engineer solves problems with science, technology, and math. The works of engineers abound. It has changed how we work, travel, communicate, stay healthy, and have fun. Engineers use scientific knowledge to make technology, solutions and innovation.

There are several engineering fields in Arkansas, each with its specific pay.

In this article, we listed the highest-paid engineering fields and their average pay in Arkansas. Let’s get started.

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What Are Engineers in Arkansas Paid?

Average salaries for engineers are greater than those for many other occupations in Arkansas. This is partly because engineering skills are in high demand. After all, businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology.

The pay for engineering positions varies. The average income for mechanical engineers is currently $87,370. 

Mining and environmental engineers make around $92,250 annually, and engineering managers make about $140,760.

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Why Should You Become An Engineer In Arkansas?

The chance to make lives better

Engineering can help solve problems with everything from climate change to clean water, health technology, communications, and more.

Becoming an engineer gives you the chance to help people and communities on a local, national, and even international level. 

The chance to try something new

Engineers are important because they push the limits of how people use science. They solve technical problems that help construction, manufacturing, medicine, and many other fields reach new heights. 

The field is often at the forefront of new ideas and greatly impacts society and its future.

Taking care of the public and its needs

By becoming engineers, people care about protecting life, health, property, economic interests, public welfare, and the environment. 

As a result, the public respects engineers. They are on the same level as doctors and lawyers.

Better job opportunities

Employers have a lot of knowledge, skills, and competence. Licensing not only raises a person’s status in their field. It also shows a long-term commitment to the field and the values it stands for. 

Lastly, an engineer’s increased accountability and responsibilities help, especially in learning how to decide and lead.

A higher level of trust

Employers, peers, and the public think that engineers have great skills and knowledge in their field. 

Engineers are the only people who can sign and seal engineering drawings. They may also testify in court as fully qualified experts in engineering cases.

A better chance of making money

Engineering is always one of the best-paying and most-wanted jobs. This is usually reflected in higher earnings at all stages of a career.

Organizations also know that hiring engineers is good for their bottom lines and the trust of their customers.

Safeguards against market forces

Getting a license as an engineer opens up job opportunities. Engineers often specialize in specific areas or start their businesses. 

This flexibility can protect you from layoffs or outsourcing in your field throughout your career.

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15 Highest-Paid Engineering Fields in Arkansas

#1. Environmental Engineer

Salary: $87,620

Environmental engineers usually work in the construction sector. They seek solutions to environmental problems using their technical expertise. They also use their knowledge of earth sciences, biology, and chemistry.

This is an excellent career path for people who don’t want confinement to a desk job. With this job, you will spend more time on sites. 

The reported median wage is $87,620, making them one of the highest-paying engineering positions.

#2. Biomedical Engineer

Salary: $92,620

Biomedical engineers apply engineering concepts to promote medical knowledge. They create instruments that help doctors diagnose and treat patients more effectively. Biomedical engineers frequently work in a medical or clinical setting.

The median salary for biomedical engineers is $92,620. 

With such high salary payments, they are one of the highest-paid engineering fields in Arkansas.

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#3. Systems Engineer

Salary: $97,902

With a salary of $97,902, systems engineers are one of the highest-paying engineering positions. 

They oversee a company’s technical infrastructure, keeping up with all the hardware and software necessary to keep operations running smoothly.

You should consider this career route if you have excellent communication skills. You should also be able to explain technical material to teams composed of non-technical individuals.

#4. Electrical Engineer

Salary: $103,390

Electrical engineers create electrical and electronic components like electric motors, radar, and navigation systems for several businesses. They also work on communications or broadcasting systems. 

The reported 2021 median salary was $103,390 annually. Electrical engineers are one of the highest-paid engineering fields in Arkansas.

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#5. Chemical Engineers

Salary: $108,540

Chemical engineers earn a median salary of $108,540. 

They use rigorous science to create the substances used daily in pharmaceuticals, food, fuel, and other products. 

A career in chemical engineering is an excellent choice for engineers with a background in biology, chemistry, or physics who appreciate working in a team to solve challenging challenges.

#6. Big Data Engineer

Salary: 114,561

Big data has opened up many commercial opportunities. If complicated data sets aren’t organized in a way that makes sense, they have no value. The big data engineer is responsible for developing hardware and system architecture.

It allows others to comprehend and make use of data. 

With a $114,561 median yearly pay, big data presents enormous prospects for engineers. 

Big data engineers have one of the highest-paying engineering positions.

#7. Nuclear Engineer

Salary: $116,140

Nuclear engineers usually develop, design, and research the equipment and tools required to use nuclear energy. These engineers are in charge of securely overseeing the operations of nuclear energy installations.

Nuclear engineers were among the top 15 highest-paid engineering fields in Arkansas in 2022, with a median salary of $116,140.

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#8. Aerospace Engineer

Salary: $118,610

Electrical engineers create electrical and electronic components like electric motors, radar, and navigation systems for several businesses. They might also work on the creation of communications or broadcasting systems.

The reported median salary for 2017 was $97,970 annually.

In this line of work, you may claim that “it’s rocket science.” 

Their jobs entail creating and constructing satellites, missiles, spacecraft, and aircraft. Sharp analytical abilities, problem-sensitivity, and design skills are essential. 

The reported median salary for 2022 was $118,610.

#9. Computer Hardware Engineer

Salary: $119,560

This highly specialized job, with a median salary of $119,560, entails designing and constructing computer systems and parts like processors, circuit boards, and memory devices. 

For analytical thinkers passionate about math or physics, computer hardware engineering is a great subject to pursue. 

It is also one of the highest-paid engineering fields in Arkansas.

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#10. Petroleum Engineer

Salary: $137,300

Petroleum engineers establish techniques for digging up petroleum and natural gas. They are then used to produce energy effectively and environmentally friendly manner. 

Petroleum engineers will earn a median salary of $137,300 in 2022. This makes them one of the highest-paying engineering positions. 

Over the next five to ten years, the field is likewise expected to grow significantly faster than the average career.

#11. Aeronautical engineer

Salary: $84,273 per year

An aeronautical engineer works on the physical components of aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites. Aeronautical engineers research to increase fuel efficiency and improve its environmental impact. This makes it one of the highest-paying engineering positions.

They ensure the items they work on align with the requests of their client and manager. This ensures they’re working within the guidelines of assigned procedures.

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#12. Materials Engineer

Salary: $92,008

A materials engineer works with existing parts such as metal and plastics. They create other materials helpful for engineers to work with. The materials they create can produce medical equipment, propellers on an aircraft, and a baseball bat.

Materials engineers are one of the highest-paid engineering fields in Arkansas.

A bachelor’s degree is a requirement to work in this position. A Bachelor’s Degree in Materials Engineering or Engineering is all you need to stand out, along with relevant internship experience. Materials Engineers are also one of the highest-paying engineering positions.

#13. Cartographer

Salary: $87,090

A cartographer draws maps that can help engineering teams determine the best way to complete the installation of structures for infrastructure projects. They work with a lot of geographical data. Cartographers are one of the highest-paid engineering fields in Arkansas.

They provide past images of an area and weather patterns to provide a team with the most updated information. They do this before carrying out their tasks.

Cartographers are good at communicating how they drew up the map and the findings they found that could be useful to a business or government.

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#14. Civil Engineer

Salary: $93,400

Due to the need for roads, bridges, and other transportation facilities in every major city, civil engineering graduates are in great demand today. They are likely to remain on top of employers’ needs.

With a salary of $93,000, they have one of the highest-paid engineering fields in Arkansas.

A career in civil engineering entails learning how to construct a wide range of structures and infrastructure elements. It also entails conserving the environment by developing and implementing environmentally beneficial initiatives. 

Civil engineering salaries may not be the greatest depending on the project and region. However, when you acquire advanced abilities, your job security is excellent.

This is especially true today when many baby boomer civil engineers rapidly retire. This allows the younger civil engineers to assume new roles in civil infrastructure development efforts throughout our cities. 

Civil engineers are important and are one of the highest-paying engineering positions.

#15. Architectural Engineer

Salary: $90,400

Architectural engineers make sure that the structures in which we live won’t sustain any structural or environmental damage. They offer the occupants acceptable living standards. This includes appropriate lighting, heating, cooling, and plumbing.

When pursuing a profession in architectural engineering, you must spend time in the office using various CAD programs and on construction sites. Working successfully with civil engineers and the construction team is essential for success as an architectural engineer.

This is still a great career choice despite having fewer soft skill requirements than other engineering careers.

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You need the appropriate expertise and credentials to get into this career path. You could consider taking online master’s programs in engineering in any of these paths to get started. Your resume can give you a lot of edge over the competition.

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FAQs on 15 Highest-Paid Engineering Fields in Arkansas

What is the best place to study engineering in Arkansas?

In the list of the top engineering schools, the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville ranks 116th. School ratings are based on how well they perform against a set of generally recognized quality measures.

What profession does Arkansas excel in?

Marketing and Related Support Services
Health Professions and Related Programs
Social Sciences

What are the highest-paying engineering positions?

Automation & Robotics Engineer.
Petroleum Engineer.
Civil Engineering.
Electrical Engineering.
Alternative Energy Engineer.
Mining Engineer.
Project Engineer

Is it a smart idea to reside in Arkansas?

If you want reasonable property taxes, pleasant weather, and minimal living expenses. Additionally, you take pleasure in doing outside activities. Arkansas is an excellent state to reside in, so absolutely.

What are the highest-paid engineering fields in Arkansas?

Environmental Engineer
Biomedical Engineer
Systems Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Chemical Engineers
Big Data Engineer
Nuclear Engineer



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