New York Rangers 15 Highest Paid Players | Updated

Who are the New York Rangers highest paid players in 2022? How much do these players earn?

The truth is, salary levels in professional sports have risen steadily in recent years. 

However, the figures in the NHL differ slightly from those in other sports. 

Of course, millions of dollars are nothing to sneeze at when you’re making a living by playing a sport, but hockey players cannot fetch $200 million contracts as NBA stars.

Teams are willing to spend a lot of money to secure the finest players and keep them on their rosters. 

The following are the top 15 best paid New York Rangers players in terms of their average annual cap hit as of the end of free agency in 2022.

 Yearly incomes vary, but we won’t bore you with all the details of front-loaded contracts right now.

 Stay with us as we unveil the top paid New York Rangers players.

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What Are The New York Rangers Highest Paid Players In 2022?

Here are the best paid New York Rangers players in 2022:

#1. Auston Matthews

Average Annual Salary: $15.91 million 

Auston Matthews is on our first list of the New York Rangers’ highest-paid players.

 The Spotrac database shows that Matthews’ base pay for the 2018 season is under $700,000. 

He inked a five-year, $58 million contract deal with Toronto in February 2019 that included a $15.21 million signing bonus.

The Maple Leafs selected Auston Matthews first after making an impression at Switzerland’s professional and junior levels. 

In his debut season, he played in every game and scored 40 goals, a remarkable achievement (second in the NHL). 

Toronto has made the playoffs in each of Matthews’ first three seasons in the league, but they have never progressed past the first round each time they have used him.

 Despite this, Toronto elected to extend Matthews’ contract midway through the 2018-19 season as he was on his way to a new career high in points.

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#2. John Tavares

Average Annual Salary: $15.9 million 

Another past first-round pick of the Maple Leafs follows closely following Matthews.

Despite this, Toronto has only had Tavares for one season, and they did not pick him.

The New York Islanders selected Tavares in the 2009 draft and have seen him make a name for himself. 

By 2011, he had already signed a contract extension with the Islanders, followed by another in 2011. 

Then, after the 2017-18 season, Tavares tested the open market and signed a seven-year, $77 million contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs, which includes $650,000 in salary this year and $14.99 million in signing bonuses.

Toronto reached the playoffs, where they lost to Boston in the first round, thanks to Tavares.

 In seven games, Tavares had five points.

He is among the New York Rangers highest paid players in the country. 

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#3. Carey Price

Average Annual Salary: $15 million 

In 2005, the Canadiens chose Carey Price first overall, and had been a consistent team member ever since. 

He earned the Hart Memorial Trophy after the 2014-15 season, becoming the first goaltender to do it since Jose Theodore in 2002.

In 2017, he was awarded a hefty contract extension by Montreal, which was his fourth since being drafted. 

After eight years and $84 million, this was his most lucrative. He also ranks among the New York Rangers highest paid players in 2022.

#4. Erik Karlsson

Average Annual Salary: $14 5 million 

Erik Karlsson recently signed an eight-year, $92 million contract deal with the Sharks.

This isn’t the first time he’s gotten a long extension. After being chosen by the Ottawa Senators in 2008, Karlsson signed a seven-year contract extension in 2012.

Karlsson was an important player for the Ottawa Senators, particularly in the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons, when he finished fourth in the NHL in points and helped lead the team to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

He was dealt to the San Jose Sharks just before the start of the 2018-19 season. He is one of the top paid New York Rangers players. 

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#5. Artemi Panarin

Average Annual Salary: $14 million 

Artemi Panarin was never drafted by a major league team, although he went on to play for Russia.

 Calder Memorial Trophy winner: When the Blackhawks eventually took a shot on him in 2015, five years after he went undrafted, he rewarded them with his 77 points.

The Blackhawks had a contract extension with Panarin in place by 2016, but in the offseason of 2017, they traded him to the Blue Jackets of Columbus.

Panarin inked a seven-year, $81.5 million contract with the New York Rangers during the offseason. 

His base salary this year is $1 million, but he’ll also receive a signing bonus totaling $13 million from Spotrac. Panarin is also one of the New York Rangers highest paid players.  

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#6. Connor McDavid

Average Annual Salary: $14 million 

Injuries blighted McDavid’s first season and he appeared in only 45 games. 

In his sophomore season, though, he appeared in every game, led the league with 100 points courtesy of an also-league-leading 70 assists, and was named Hart Memorial Trophy winner for his efforts.

 He inked an eight-year deal worth $100 million, keeping him in Edmonton until 2026.

Once again leading in points in the league in 2018-19 after signing a long-term contract, McDavid has proven to be one of hockey’s most promising young and best paid New York Rangers players in 2022. 

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#7. Tyler Seguin

Average Annual Salary: $13.5 million 

Another one of the New York Rangers highest paid players is Tyler Seguin.

 The Boston Bruins selected Tyler Seguin in the second round in 2010 and extended his contract before the 2012-13 season, but the Stars acquired him in the offseason and sent him to Dallas.

On the other hand, Seguin has developed into one of the most reliable goal scorers in the NHL since being dealt to the Stars, completing the season with at least 10 goals on four occasions.

 During his debut season in Dallas, he was sixth in the league in goals and fourth in points.

 Dallas signed Seguin to a deal for $78.8 million over eight years before the start of the 2018-19 season.

#8. Mark Stone

Average annual salary: $12.5 million 

To make matters worse, he didn’t even make the squad for his first two seasons after being selected by the Canucks in the sixth round of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. 

Even though he finished second in Calder Memorial Trophy voting as a rookie in 2014-15 and led the league in takeaways, he was still considered a rookie at the time. 

In addition to his offensive prowess, Stone became a stalwart in the vote for the Frank J. Selke Trophy as a defensive forward.

In the last three seasons, including last season, when he was traded to the Golden Knights midseason, he has finished second in the Selke. 

Las Vegas immediately extended his contract for eight years at a total cost of $76 million. 

He is one of the top paid New York Rangers players in 2022.

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#9. Drew Doughty

Average Annual Salary: $12 million 

Drew Doughty is among the country’s New York Rangers highest paid players. 

Doughty is a two-time Stanley Cup champion with the Los Angeles Kings. This year’s James Norris Memorial Trophy winner was drafted second overall by L.A. in 2008.

Los Angeles extended Doughty’s contract for another eight years at $56 million in 2011. 

In 2018, when the first 8-year agreement ended, he signed a new, $88 million extension.

#10. John Carlson

Age annual salary: $12 million 

John Carlson, the Capitals’ first-round pick in 2008, was a regular on many of Washington’s playoff teams that lost.

 However, he was also a part of the team’s historic 2018 playoff run, in which he contributed 20 points (15 assists) to their Stanley Cup victory.

By then, Carlson had established himself as one of the best scoring defensemen in the league. After their triumph, Washington rewarded him with an eight-year contract deal worth $64 million.

 He is also one of the best paid New York Rangers players. 

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#11. Jacob Trouba

Average annual salary: $12 million 

The Winnipeg Jets selected Jacob Trouba in the 9th round of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, making his NHL debut in 2013.

 It was Trouba’s debut season on the ice, and he scored 50 points, which was a new peak for him.

 The Jets dealt Trouba to the Rangers in the offseason in return for a first-round draft pick.

 The New York Rangers then agreed to a seven-year, $56 million contract with the defenceman. He is also one of the top paid New York Rangers players.

#12. Nikita Kucherov

Average annual salary: $12 million 

Another player on our list of the best paid New York Rangers players is Nikita Kucherov. 

Some may have forgotten that Nikita Kucherov earned the Hart Trophy after a record-setting season in which he helped lead the Lightning to the NHL’s best record.

 His 128 points and 87 assists topped the NHL by a considerable margin.

The Lightning’s 8-year, $76 million contract agreement with Kucherov was a great bonus for the team after he had a sensational season.

 The Lightning selected Kucherov in the second round in 2012, and he’s been a member ever since.

#13. Sebastian Aho

Average annual salary: $12 million 

Aho, drafted by the Hurricanes in 2015, had a breakout season last year. 

For the second time in his career, he appeared in 82 games and scored 30 goals and 50 assists for 83 points. 

Despite Carolina’s loss in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Boston Bruins, Aho finished the playoffs with 12 points, including five goals.

A five-year, $42.27 million contract with Montreal in free agency was enough to convince Aho to leave the Islanders. 

Although Carolina matched the offer, he is still a Hurricane. He ranks among the top paid New York Rangers players in 2022.

#14. Sergei Bobrovsky

Average Annual Salary: $11.5 million 

The Philadelphia Flyers signed goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky as an undrafted free agent in 2010. 

Before being traded to Columbus after two seasons as a backup, he started most games in his debut year. 

When he joined the Columbus Blue Jackets, Bobrovsky thrived and won the Vezina Trophy in his first year. 

In 2016-17, he won it again for them, finishing third in the Hart Award voting. Bobrovsky was their goalie for seven years with the Blue Jackets when they beat the Lightning in a playoff game last year.

The Panthers signed Bobrovsky to a seven-year, $70 million contract in the offseason.

#15. Anze Kopitar

Average annual salary: $11 million 

On our final list of the New York Rangers highest paid is Anze Kopitar. 

Anze Kopitar, like Doughty, has won two Stanley Cups in his career as a lifetime King.

 Kopitar has been with the Kings since one year after being selected, winning two Selke Awards (in 2016 and 2018) and the Byng Trophy in 2016.

Kopitar signed a seven-year contract extension worth $47.6 million in 2008. He extended his contract for eight years and $80 million in 2016, two years after winning his second Stanley Cup.


In New York, many players earn much money from their weekly salaries.

 But the players listed in this article are the New York Rangers’ highest-paid players. 

We hope this article was helpful to you and also had, in turn, clarified some of the confusion you had concerning the top paid New York Rangers players. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there other best paid New York Rangers players? 

As said earlier in this article, their other top paid New York Rangers players, the ones listed here, are the popular ones at the moment. 

Do coaches earn as much as the best paid New York Rangers players? 

Most Coaches earn more than the players. So yes, they do. 

Has the New York Rangers won an award as a team this season? 

No. The last cup they won was in the 1994 season. 

How many Stanley Cups have the New York Rangers highest paid players been to? 

The top paid New York Rangers players have appeared 11 times in the Stanley Cup. 


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