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Do you believe that in order to make a reasonable livelihood, you must work more than 40 hours each week? Is it entirely necessary to do back-breaking work in an office before you can afford to take care of yourself? 

This is a typical question asked by those who believe that working from home or getting one of the best paying part time jobs and being their own boss is the route to success. Who really knows the route to success? 

The issue is that most of these business possibilities promise financial independence in exchange for too few hours of labor, provide highly secretive company structures, or involve significant expenditures with little prospect of recouping them in a reasonable amount of time. 

This article explores the best paying part time jobs, as well as the latest things people do to make a living. The jobs listed here would require that you hone skills and prepare to learn if they are things you haven’t explored in the past. 

Why do you need the best paying part time jobs? 

Turn your skills into money 

A skill is a type of activity that requires special training and knowledge. These skills can be as simple as learning how to properly iron a shirt or work a farm, teaching DIYs and the likes and these are the skills that we can apply online to teach people. 

There are many people on the internet who would pay in their numbers to have someone teach them how to do some of the most basic skills that they would like to do but do not know how to do.  

By putting these skills to good use, you can turn your skills into money. That way, you don’t only have skills that lie dormant, but you have skills that you can offer the world. Offer your skills within the breadth of the best paying part time jobs. 

Participate in the sharing economy 

If you have something extra, there’s a good possibility someone else will like to borrow it. As the so-called sharing economy expands, you’ll have more opportunities to cash in on your idle devices and unused space. 

This option very well applies to all those who buy things that they may never need probably because they just have the money or perhaps can borrow extra or because they have a habit of buying fanciful things.  

If you find yourself going into the habit of buying things you don’t necessarily need, then you can try to buy quality things and then rent them out to those who have an actual need for it later on down the line.  

Participating in the sharing economy does have benefits for everyone involved, both the buyers and the renters get value for their money. 

Turn your lack of aptitude into a source of income 

The fact that you lack a talent for something need not be a reason why you can’t make yourself a living, rather it is a good thing in fact if you will let it be.  

Your lack of talent means that you can be trained to do some other thing and then make it a skill for yourself if you can put in the work. Many have gone on to become very great things in life despite a lack of visible talent for something.  

It is even said that discipline is likelier to take you places than talent. Talent or the lack of it need not be a reason to despair. Just let yourself soak in whatever it is that you can learn and then the sky is just your starting point. 

Stop your money from leaking out 

While cutting back on spending is beneficial to your budget, the simplest method to save money is to earn more. Still, let’s start with some simple advice on how to quit wasting money on things that don’t really help. 

For many, the reason why they don’t have much to their names isn’t even because they are not good planners or because they don’t have or make enough.  

It is just because when there is money lying around, there must surely be something to claim it, and most people do not know what claims theirs, they just know that they had money and now they don’t. 

Allow your money make more money for you 

If you are one of those who already have a very well-paying job, but you feel like it is not wise enough to have just one stream of income, then this option is for you.  

This is because you will sooner rather than later realize that investing some of the money you earn into something would pay you a lot better than spending it all in one go or saving it in some bank.  

The question that you have to ask yourself is this, what happens when you are sacked or for some reason, you can’t continue with your job or the stress of it?

Do you retire to your parent’s or do you continue to reap the rewards of allowing your money to make more money for you? 

20 best paying part time jobs 

1. Bartender 

A bartender’s job is to provide clients specialty alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Customers may be served directly or beverages may be provided to waitstaff for delivery to customers.  

Because there are so many distinct recipes to memorize and so many various alcohols and garnishes to learn about, the work is more difficult than it appears. 

To serve alcoholic beverages as a bartender, you must be at least 18 years old. Most bartenders learn on the job, thus formal schooling is rarely necessary, but to make things easier, we recommend learning the essentials before applying for a job. 

As a bartender, you can get to work part time a few nights a week, and with tips, you can end up with something nice. Most bartenders make at least $13.92 an hour. 

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2. Driver 

If you work part-time for firms like Uber or Lyft or if you do it for yourself, your tasks include organizing regular cleaning and maintenance services for the car in use, planning each route depending on road and traffic conditions, and processing payments. 

Finally, it is your responsibility to boost customer happiness whenever they choose to travel with you, ensuring that clients rely on you for all of their transportation requirements. 

You must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record with no traffic convictions to be eligible for this part-time position. It’s worth noting that you don’t require a car; nowadays, finding places to rent automobiles is simple. 

Drivers can earn as much as $15.56 an hour or more depending on a host of factors.  

3. Bank Teller 

A bank teller handles customers’ day-to-day financial transactions. Money transfers, money orders, deposits and withdrawals, and checking transactions are all examples. 

A bank teller must show a thorough awareness of the bank for which he or she works, including its procedures, rules, and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to count money and be responsible with it. 

A bank teller is usually in charge of making a positive first impression. They are often responsible for making customers feel safe, answering pertinent questions, and promoting the bank’s services.  

The objective to be retained as a part time staff if need be is to deliver exceptional service to the customer so that he or she would continue to utilize the bank for all of their financial requirements.

According to Payscale, Drivers earn $13.93 an hour. 

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4. Nanny or Babysitter 

In the absence of adults, Baby Sitters are tasked for providing supervision and care to babies and children. Babysitters frequently travel to a client’s house to perform their services, but they can also provide care in their own home or at a third-party venue. 

A babysitter with a degree in child care is in great demand, yet they are hard to come by. The majority of babysitters begin at a young age and gradually grow their company.  

Their experience and reputation mostly drive a Babysitter’s business. Strong child development and communication skills are required because most Babysitters work with developing youngsters. 

Working part time, a babysitter makes as much as $11.87 per hour. 

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5. Bookkeeper 

A bookkeeper keeps track of financial activities such as purchases, costs, sales income, invoices, and payments for a company. Financial data will be entered into general ledgers, which will be utilized to create the balance sheet and income statement.  

The first six phases of the Accounting Cycle are often overseen by a bookkeeper, while an accountant typically handles the latter two. A bookkeeper if you find a gig to work on part time pays as much as $22 per hour. 

6. Personal trainer or fitness instructor 

Personal trainers examine their clients’ physical strengths and shortcomings and design personalized fitness routines. They offer physical and emotional support to consumers and keep track of their development regularly.  

They also ensure that consumers are not damaged throughout the training process. Individuals and small groups might benefit from personal training. 

You’ll do a variety of responsibilities on a daily basis, starting with analyzing your customers’ physical condition and establishing custom fitness regimens for them.  

You’ll demonstrate how to use the training equipment properly to avoid injuries while explaining the exercises in a straightforward and efficient manner. Working part time, you’ll earn as much as $31 per hour. 

7. Server  

A Food Server, also known as a Waiter or Waitress, is in charge of receiving orders and serving food to restaurant clients.

They must explain the menu to their clients, communicate with the kitchen workers, and balance meals as they deliver them to the right table. 

Servers get paid $13.97 per hour to do what they do. 

8. Tour Guide 

As a part-time tour guide, you’ll be responsible for arranging travel itineraries, familiarizing clients with the area by car or on foot, and ensuring that the group is kept secure at all times. You should also keep up with new attractions that may pique clients’ curiosity. 

You should be an exceptional storyteller with a talent for customer service to succeed as a tour guide. Tour guides get $13.78 per hour. 

9. Tutor 

Tutors are in charge of assisting pupils in comprehending various disciplines. They evaluate, help, and motivate students during the learning process.  

These specialists also go over the materials used in class, clarify numerous themes, and answer all of the student’s concerns and questions about that issue.  

Their duties are intended to augment classroom instruction and they get $18.12 per hour. You must have thought about this as one of the best paying part time jobs right? 

10. Massage Therapist 

As a part time massage therapist you are to help customers improve circulation, relax, and reduce tension, pain, and injuries by giving them therapeutic massages.  

Massage therapists interact with other experts to help with treatments, such as chiropractors, doctors, psychologists, and physiotherapists and earn as high as $49.87

11. Music Teacher 

As a part-time music instructor, you will be expected to follow the education department’s criteria, which include general music theory and practice, singing, and playing musical instruments. They should also help pupils prepare for music examinations. 

To be a good music teacher, you must establish a fun learning atmosphere that will excite young minds and help them develop a love of music. As a music teacher, you earn $26.47 per hour. 

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12. Social Media Content Manager 

Social Media Managers are in charge of developing, executing, administering, and monitoring the company’s social media strategy in order to raise brand recognition, enhance marketing efforts, and boost sales. 

We want you to be up-to-date on the newest digital technology and social media trends as a social media manager.  

You must have great communication skills and the ability to creatively explain our company’s viewpoints. As a part time SM manager, you earn $51 per hour. This is one of the best paying part time jobs that are highly recommended. 

13. Copywriter 

Working together with the accounts and design teams to discuss ideas, generate concepts, and establish message, you will write and edit content for a number of projects (including print, online, mobile, video, and social media).  

To understand each client’s business, products/services, branding, and marketing goals, extensive research and interviews will be necessary. Here you earn $25 per hour. 

14. Real Estate Agent 

A real estate agent is a certified professional who facilitates real estate transactions by matching buyers and sellers and representing them in discussions. To get this, you may need to get certification. 

Real estate brokers are normally paid entirely by commission, so their income is contingent on their ability to conclude a transaction. They get paid $21 or more on a very good day. 

15. Translator 

Being a translator, in my opinion, is another important ability that everyone may have right now. Because of the amount of intercontinental e-commerce and the requirement to have some papers translated into as many languages as possible, the demand for this talent is growing. 

Education, on the other hand, is extremely important in this field. Being a translator entails more than simply speaking. You must have a thorough knowledge of the languages you are translating.

Translators earn as much as $29 per hour. 

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16. Psychologist 

Many psychologists conduct basic studies on how the human mind functions. They investigate memory and learning, as well as reactivity to social stimuli, as well as how and why we avoid learning. This requires certification. 

They also research the development of children’s brain processes, as well as the detection and treatment of sickness, regardless of whether the cause is organic, chemical, or emotional and cognitive.

Working part time, you can earn as much as $44 per hour. 

17. Executive Assistant 

The answer to the question of what a part time EA does varies greatly depending on the position’s level (i.e. who you support), the company’s size, the office you’re at (satellite or corporate), the function(s) you support, if you’re virtual helping, the amount of admins, and so on.

You can earn as much as $38 per hour working as a part time EA. 

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18. Makeup Artist 

As a part-time makeup artist, your jobs is to come enhance the appearance of your client and bring out their natural beauty and perhaps hide things they would prefer to have hidden.  

Part time make-up artists get paid $18.62 per hour to come do the things they love, so go learn it if you don’t love to do it. 

19. Proofreader 

Working as a part-time proofreader, you would have a lot on your hands trying to help people correct bad grammar and incomplete sentences and perhaps even go over long scripts that people have done in the past but would like another pair of eyes on. 

You can earn as much as $35 per hour working as a proofreader. 

20. Customer Service Rep 

CS representatives are members of staff or part time workers who apply their listening skills and empathy to help resolve a customer’s situation. Customer reps earn as much as $17 and can go on to learn more. 


There is no end to the number of part time jobs that can pay you no matter who you are. It does not need to be one of the best paying part time jobs, but it does help to earn or augment whatever you earn. 

This list of the 20 best paying jobs does not help you if you do not try your hands at something if the list is of importance to you. Like the proverb says, “you can take a horse to the stream, but you cannot force it to drink from it.” 



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