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The highest-paid Texas state employees are known to be properly compensated. Texas, one of the major states in the United States and known for its impeccable workforce and generous minimum wage, has been on the radar of many prospective employees. 

Now, a lot of times, the question of who is the highest paid texas state employee has come up, which is why we decided to put together this article to answer that question and more.

This article would not only answer the question of who the highest paid texas state employee is but would also highlight the 15 highest paid texas state employees. We will also discuss the average annual income of an employee in the state of Texas as well as what the current minimum wage is in Texas State. 

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into it. 

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How much money does a person working in Texas make?

The average annual salary for a worker in Texas is around 105,000 USD. The lowest average pay is 26,600 US dollars, while the greatest possible compensation is 469,000 US dollars (the highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the typical annual pay, which considers other advantages like housing and transportation. There is a significant gap in pay across different types of work.

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What is the Current Minimum Wage in the state of texas?

The state of Texas has decided to adopt the federal minimum wage rate. The new federal minimum wage hourly rate, which took effect on July 24, 2009, is $7.25.

The Texas Minimum Compensation Act does not prevent employees from collectively bargaining with their employers for a better wage. Instead, it only sets a minimum wage.

Employers are allowed to count gratuities and the value of meals and housing toward the minimum wage, but only under certain conditions. Employees who reside on the grounds of their place of employment do not need to be compensated by their employer for an on-call time in addition to their regular working hours.

An employee who is a patient or client of the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation, or to other individuals due to age (details can be found in the law), or productivity impairments, may be eligible for a wage that is lower than the state’s minimum wage under specific circumstances. This applies to employers as well.

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What if I have been paid less than the Current Minimum Wage in Texas?

People who feel they have been paid at a rate lower than the law demands may decide to pursue legal action. A person has two years from the day that wages were due to initiate a lawsuit to recover unpaid wages in addition to an extra sum equivalent to the original amount as liquidated damages. 

The employee’s former employer may be responsible for paying reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs. The Fair Labor Standards Act provides the principal exception from the Texas Minimum Wage Act. 

This exemption applies to anybody who is covered by the federal FLSA (FLSA). Other specific exemptions include:

  • Work in, for, or on behalf of religious, educational, philanthropic, or nonprofit organizations
  • Professionals, salespeople, and government officials
  • Domestics
  • Certain teenagers and students
  • Inmates
  • Members of the family
  • Amusement and leisure facilities
  • Non-agricultural employers are not required to pay state unemployment contributions.
  • Dairy and livestock production
  • Workshops undercover

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What are the Annual Pay Rates of State of Texas Employees?

Since 1961, the Texas state legislature has convened once every two years to determine the pay of all classified state employees in accordance with the job classifications scheme in place within the state of Texas.

Most jobs in Texas are categorized into one of three job schedules, and then each job schedule is further segmented into the state of Texas’s salary groups. 

This is how the system works. Some executive officer posts, such as those held by elected officials, are excluded from the state’s compensation categorization scheme, while others are compensated following a different timetable altogether.

The pay schedules for 2020-2021 went into effect on September 1, 2019, and will continue to be in force until August 31, 2021. According to data compiled by the Texas Tribune, the median yearly pay is $44,642.

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State of Texas Pay Schedule A

Schedule A includes all of the administrative and support roles and the individuals responsible for maintenance, technicians, and paraprofessionals. According to information provided by the Texas State Auditor’s Office, the 2020-2021 schedule is broken down into 17 different compensation categories. 

The minimum annual salary listed for Group A04, the group with the lowest income, is $18,893, while the midpoint salary is $23,209 and the highest annual compensation is $27,525. This yearly income is a minimum of $9.08 per hour and a maximum of $13.23 per hour.

The highest paid group is A20, which has an hourly pay equivalent range of $21.71 to $35.45, with a minimum salary of $45,158, a median salary of $59,473, and a maximum salary of $73,788. The minimum compensation is higher than any other group.

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State of Texas Pay Schedule B

Employees with professional and management responsibilities, such as executive assistants, specialists in licenses and permits, and database administrators, are compensated following schedule B, which in 2020-2021 will have 27 subgroups to choose from.

Employees in the B10 group, which is the lowest group, make a minimum of $24,910 yearly, equivalent to $11.98 per hour, and a maximum of $36,571 annually, equivalent to $17.58 per hour.

The B36 level is reserved for those workers who, according to this schedule, are eligible for the highest possible pay. According to the Texas State Auditor’s Office, workers such as Portfolio Manager VI and Deputy Director IV are examples of those paid under the B36 classification. 

At this level, the minimum income ranges from $180,044, equivalent to $86.56 per hour, to $304,499, equivalent to $146.39 per hour.

State of Texas Pay Schedule C

As of the fiscal year, 2020-2021, all commissioned law enforcement employees in the state of Texas are paid in accordance with Schedule C, which includes a total of eight subgroups. Regarding schedule C, the pay rate is determined not only by the subgroup, as it is with the other two schedules, but also by the number of years of service. 

Game warden trainees, for example, who have less than four years of service get an annual wage of $40,350, which comes out to an hourly rate of $19.40. These trainees are classed at the C01 level. 

The starting salary for game warden commanders, classified at the C08 schedule, is $116,352 per year, equivalent to $55.94 per hour. After 20 years of service or more, game warden commanders are eligible to earn a maximum salary of $116,474 per year, equivalent to $56.00 per hour.

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Texas Executive Officer Salaries

The vast majority of executive officer roles are divided into eight groups, which serve as the basis for determining their respective salaries. The Texas State Auditor’s Office does not provide a breakdown of the salary that will be paid to each of these entities for 2020-2021.

Nevertheless, according to public data that can be accessed through the Texas Tribune, there are now 52 people holding the position of “Executive Director.” The executive with the greatest yearly compensation receives $355,141, while the executive with the lowest annual salary earns $90,200. 

The difference in pay between these two positions is significant.

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15 Highest-paid Texas State Employees

According to data provided by The Texas Tribune, the state of Texas employs approximately 137,000 people at a median pay of $45,590. These individuals are paid for their services by the state government. 

Over 600 thousand dollars are earned by the state employee with the highest salary.

Individuals who work for the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, the largest retirement system in the state and provides services to nearly 1.8 million people, make up the majority of the government employees that receive the highest salaries. 

The state’s most powerful legislators do not even come close to earning as much as the state’s highest-paid worker. For instance, the annual salary of Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton is the same, at $153,750.

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As of April 2022, the following are the 15 highest-paid Texas state employees 

Michelle Le Beau – $608,850 

Top on our list of highest-paid Texas State employees is Michelle Le Beau who works as the Chief Scientific Officer in the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas and earns a salary of $608,850

Jase Auby – $550,000

Next on our list of highest-paid Texas State employees is Jase Auby. Jase is the Chief Investment Officer in the Teacher Retirement System. He earns a salary of $550,000

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Eric Lang – $414,999

Eric Lang sure deserves a spot on the highest-paid Texas State employees with a salary of $414,999. He works as the Senior Managing Director in Teacher Retirement System.

Kimberly Carey – $408,000

Another note-worthy highest-paid Texas State employee is Kimberly Carey. He earns a salary of $408,000 and works as an Investment Director in Teacher Retirement System.

Brain Guthrie – $399,999

Another employee among our highest-paid Texas State employees is Brain Guthrie who earns $399,999 and works as Executive Director in Teacher Retirement System.

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David Veal – $395,000

Earning as much as $395,000, David Veal is one of the highest-paid Texas State employees. He is a Director of Investments in the Employee Retirement System.

Mikhael Rawls – $387,991

Mikhael is an Investment Manager in the Employee Retirement System and earns a salary of $387,991. Unsurprisingly, he deserves a spot in the highest-paid Texas State employees.

Barney Timmins – $384,375

Barney is a Chief Investment Officer in the Texas Education Agency. He earns a salary of $384,375 and is one of the highest-paid Texas State employees.

Dale West – $380,000

With a salary of $380,000, Dale West is the Senior Managing Director in the Teacher Retirement System. He is one of the highest-paid Texas State employees.

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James Nield – $369,999

As a Senior Managing Director in the Teacher Retirement System and earning a salary of $369,999, James Nield is among the highest-paid Texas State employees.

Kathleen Hoffman – $369,999

Kathleen is a Senior Managing Director in the Teacher Retirement System that earns as much as $369,999. He is one of the highest-paid Texas State employees.

Emerson Halstead – $356,825

Emerson Halstead earns a salary of $356,825 as an Investment Manager in the Teacher Retirement System. He is one of the highest-paid Texas State employees. 

Grant Walker – $354,999

Grant is a Senior Director in the Teacher Retirement System. Walker earns a salary of $354,999 and is one of the highest-paid Texas State employees.

John Gilbert – $354,999

With a salary of $354,999, John is a Senior Director in the Teacher Retirement System. He is one of the highest-paid Texas State employees.

Neil Randall – $354,999

Neil Randall is a Managing Director in the Teacher Retirement System and earns a salary of $354,999.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the salary of Texas governor?

The Governor’s pay is decided by the Texas Legislature and stays fixed at $153,750. The Governor appoints the agency’s Chief of Staff, who is a classified post pursuant to the Plan. The Chief of Staff’s compensation is proportional to experience and in accordance with the requirements.

Will state employees in Texas be given a raise in 2022?

The state contribution rate for employees insured by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) will rise to 7.75 percent in fiscal 2022 and 8 percent in fiscal 2023. For fiscal years 2022 and 2023, the employee contribution rate will increase to 8%.

Who is the most well-paid employee?

So, for those who believe that startups are the way to go, here are the world’s highest-paid workers. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, will make $265 million in 2020. This includes a $3 million basic income, $250 million in stock awards, and $1 million in benefits.

What do Texas senators get paid?

Texas politicians and legislative staff are among the lowest-paid in the country, with elected officials in the Texas House and state Senate receiving $600 per month or $7,200 per year. They also earn a daily stipend of $221 for each day they are in class.

Do Texas state employees contribute to Social Security?

Employees covered by a Section 218 agreement are entitled to both Social Security and Medicare. State and local government employees who Social Security and Medicare insure contribute to these programs and enjoy the same rights as private-sector workers.


The above list has answered not only who the highest paid Texas State employee is but also the top 15 highest paid employees. We also explained the minimum wage in Texas State among others.

We hope this article was informative.



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