Home Profit System Reviews: Secrets Uncovered | Legit or Scam?

Excited about Home Profit System because it deals with affiliate marketing which can help you make big bucks just at the comfort of your home, and you can’t wait to sign up?

I guess ‘YES,’ so was I the first time I came across it.

But I will advise you to chill, don’t rush to avoid falling victim.

I’m not a killer of joy neither do I want to hinder you from letting go for the opportunity. I want you to be sure of what you are doing.

Home Profit System is a platform that promises to help you make big bucks through affiliate marketing as fast as possible once you register. You help businesses promote their products and get a commission.

Although they claim to be real and legit, many include, I doubt that. In this article, I have reviewed Home Profit System and uncovered some of their secrets of operation.

After reading this article, you will know whether Home Profit System is worth going for or one of the online scam platforms.

Home Profit System Reviews

Home Profit System is supposedly a home program job that lets you make money online via a link posting system named. 

It’s a website that, through link schemes, provides home-based jobs. It is impossible to locate the creator and owner of this website through the internet.

If you try to visit the Home Profit System page, you’ll see a video by Kelly Richards explaining how the website operates with the system. 

It will go for about two minutes, however, and nothing has been clarified. If you wish to proceed to see how it operates, it will ask you for your personal information, which is not recommended to give you any information for your protection. 

Basically, you would be able to receive cash from their website with affiliate links based on the video on their website. 

But the training video doesn’t even show you exactly what you’re going to do or how you can build link systems; they are going to insist that you give them some of your personal information, but you will be taken to another website utterly different from Home Profit System as soon as you provide it.

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How Does Home Profit System Work?

Home Profit System operates just like every other online making platforms. The only difference based on users’ reviews; the chances of you making money there is slim. 

The platform, according to research, sells its users personal information to some marketing companies. They usually transfer their users to another website where they will be persuaded to buy an ebook. 

How Do You Make Money With Home Profit System?

With the Home Profit Scheme, you are expected to start making money once you join and post the links they send you to earn money. 

However, they try to implore an affiliate marketing system which they use as a means to lure people to their platform. 

They also provide you with a “link posting calculator,” which supposedly tells you how much money you will make per the link you put. The premise is the more you write, the more you earn. 

But that isn’t exactly how it works.

The following are the step to step processes to earn with Home Profit System:

Become a Member

To become a member requires that you register. Once you register, you will buy any of their programs. Some cost $97, $2.97, or $140. 

Get access to the Membership Area.

Registration gives you access to the members’ area, where you will be given the links to post. People who have used this platform claim that at this stage, instead of getting links, they will give you vague instructions, including how to contact your coach. 

Buy More Stuff

Then if you finally call your so-called coach, a professionally trained phone salesperson, he will convince you to buy something. He or she might even advise you to take a loan to buy.

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Is Home Profit System Legit or Scam?

Based on user reviews and research, I conclude that the Home Profits Scheme is a fraud because it uses deceptive and misleading statements to sell you a bogus revenue system that only helps the individuals who run it. 

There is no job or real training on building an honest company. The entire thing is set up to benefit from people who don’t know better. It’s all hype, like most scams. 

They use all types of scam marketing and sales strategies to trick as many individuals as possible.

 Such include fake alias’, fake testimonials, fake countdown timers and even rehashed news clips about working from home.

Why is Home Profit System a Scam?

Here are the things that made Home Profit System a scam site:

Fake Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a legit way to earn money. Home Profit System does affiliate marketing incorrectly because they encourage you to buy a worthless ebook and then transfer you to another site.

They are not BBB accredited.

Better Business Bureau is an accrediting company that gives legit businesses licence to operate. According to research, Home Profit System is not accredited by Better Business Bureau. 

The owner’s name doesn’t exist.

No matter what you do, you can never get reliable information about the owner. The owner’s name (Kelly Richards) and the photo don’t match.

Transfers you to another Site  

Home Profit System, once you convert by buying their ebook, they Funnel you into another site just like them.  

Unlike real affiliate marketing that guides you through what you are buying or selling, which is called Funnels, this platform use funnels to take you to another scam website. 

Also, once you are transferred to that new site, you will notice that everything is similar. This tells you that it’s a fraud.

Bottom Line

The Home Benefit System is yet another effort to scam people of their money.

Working at home is like a dream, but the only way you can make money from your home is if you build a company that offers value.

Most people fall in love with it. Too many people are searching for quick fixes and simple keys, but you can never work from home with these tricks.

Home Profit System is, without a doubt, a scam.



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