15 Legit Ways To Make Money From Facebook | Full Guide

Facebook is one of the easiest places to make money since it has over 1.18 million daily users on average.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many people and companies trying to make money from Facebook. With such a large potential audience, making money won’t be difficult.

However, making money on Facebook can be tricky. Considering the size of Facebook, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd.

If you want to stand out, then you should go through these 15 ways to make money from Facebook and see how you can earn from Facebook.

Research posits that, whether you’re a large company or a small local business, Facebook is still a powerful marketing tool for you. It’s a great space to keep customers informed, develop a brand identity, and expand your reach.

While you’re marketing your product, there is still room to earn from it.

In this article, we will show the best ways to earn money from Facebook in 2022.

How to Make Money from Facebook

Facebook is first and foremost a social network; an online place where people can hang out, socialize and share things of common interest.

That is why it is one of the best place to make money online.

To make money on Facebook, there are two ways:

  • Invest your time and effort.
  • Invest your energy and money.

However, don’t expect it to be that simple. To earn a reasonable sum of money, will take your time, effort, and energy, but it is still doable.

If you can find a model on how to make money with Facebook, this could be the first step to making money from home.

This article also offers some ways to make money on Facebook without any investment.

This is what we mean.

Facebook has more than one billion users. This means that the platform already has an audience.

But the question here is, are you an influencer or just an ordinary person? Because that’s the best way to earn money from Facebook.

Are You An Influencer, Or Just An Ordinary Facebook User?

Anyone who wants to do business on Facebook should always keep this in mind. It will always be easier for people to get likes on Facebook than it is for businesses.

And if you have a smaller number of friends on Facebook, It will even be harder for you to sell your products on Facebook.

Unless you can share content so deep that people share it multiple times, and it goes viral.

On the other hand, if a person can attract a considerable number of followers and then interact with them regularly, they will find that their posts will appear in many people’s feeds.

However, the best way to make sure people listen to what you have to say is to develop your base of support, as they see you as an influencer. When you get to this point, it’s easy to make money on Facebook.

If You’re Not, Create An Audience

The reason influencers are successful on Facebook is that they have already been through the follower-building process.

You need to build your Facebook audience by sharing a number of great articles – cool links, images, and updates. To truly be successful as an individual, you need to create an area of ​​interest in which you can become a recognized expert.

While companies may choose to use influencers to market them, they likely want to create some form of a Facebook presence as well. Over time, they can use it to help people recognize them as experts in their niche.

Starbucks has shown how to do it right, and its page has 37 million subscribers.

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15 Legit Ways to Make Money from Facebook in 2022

There are many options to make money from Facebook.

We have listed the ways to make money on Facebook in a convenient order.

#1. Facebook Page

You might be wondering how you can make money from Facebook Pages.

Most of the fun pages have accumulated millions of followers in a short period of time. One that has such pages can easily monetize it. You can start by making sponsored posts with these pages in exchange for money.

However, if you are to start from scratch, target what your audience loves and build on it. You can do this by finding a good niche and slowly start building your Facebook page.

It’s important you know it takes a long time to create a successful page, so only consider this if you are in the long run.

Steps to Make Money from Facebook Pages

  • Start by selling products through the page
  • Sell ad space to major brands on the page
  • Sell courses on the page

#2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace where users can organize to buy, sell, and trade items with others in their area.

You can sell items on Facebook Marketplace and make significant income.

The only issue you will encounter is getting very cheap items from the supplier and delivering the product without complaint.

Steps to Make Money from Facebook Marketplace

  • Go to Facebook.com
  • Click Marketplace
  • Select Sell Something
  • Click Item for Sale
  • Enter Title, Pricing, Location & Category
  • Take Product Live

#3. Digital Marketing on Facebook

Facebook Digital Marketing is a real deal in this 21st century. It’s now easy to earn money from Facebook through digital marketing.

All you need to do is to become a digital marketer on Facebook is to implement Facebook advertising into your Facebook marketing strategy. This is one possible technique for increasing likes or driving website clicks.

However, there are many other digital marketing tasks that you can do on Facebook that do not require much experience, such as managing social media posts, moderating Facebook business pages, creating memes, etc.

Since managing social media pages is relatively easy, you can even manage 3-4 business pages and make money from Facebook.

You can attend any good Facebook marketing course and then create Facebook digital marketing services to earn money.

See well detailed courses on How to Become a Digital Marketer on Facebook.

Step to Make Money via Digital Marketing on Facebook

  • Get training in the administration of social media pages, SEO, etc.
  • Submit a request to join relevant working groups
  • Create an attractive article to sell your services
  • Check the comments and improve your publication
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#4. Facebook Ads

AdSense is Google’s website monetization platform through which you can display ads on a site. This is another method to make money with Facebook.

However, AdSense has certain approval criteria, but once you qualify, you can make money from any website by driving paid traffic to the website.

What you will need is an Adsense-approved website that allows you to earn money when your users click on the ads placed on your website.

Steps to Earn Money from Facebook through Ads

  • Get an AdSense approved website
  • Start writing interesting content on the site.
  • Promote these items through paid Facebook ads.
  • Check Adsense earnings and further optimize Facebook campaigns
  • Repeat

#5. Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a technique whereby if a sale occurs due to your digital activity, you get a small commission for promoting the product or service.

To get started with affiliate marketing, you need to become an affiliate for a product or service and start promoting it.

Facebook groups are a great way to do affiliate marketing where you can find relevant groups, join them, and start posting affiliate links to earn commissions.

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Steps to Make Money from Facebook by Affiliate Marketing

  • Understand the basics of affiliate marketing.
  • Research on the best performing affiliate products
  • Find and join relevant Facebook groups to promote products
  • Add value to conversations and connect affiliate links

#6. Selling Products on Facebook

Selling products is the easiest way to make money on Facebook.

The concept is simple. Find a unique product that you can get cheap.

Use Facebook targeting to present the product in the best possible format to your audience.

Now this will require you to invest some money initially, but this is the easiest way to make money from Facebook.

The key is to present a product that solves a unique audience problem, interact with them, and make it easier for your target audience to buy the product.

If you want to sell products on Facebook and make money, make sure you find a winning product that is already selling.

Steps to Earn Money from Facebook by Selling Product

  • Find a winning product
  • Replicate Competitors Ads
  • Start the Ad
  • Sell the Product
  • Make Money
  • Repeat

#7. Selling Services on Facebook

You can also sell some services on Facebook and make money. This doesn’t include selling only digital services but real services on Facebook.

With the right kind of targeted ads, you can sell some of your services and make money.

As with any business, it is important that you try to sell services that give you a healthy margin to make it worth your while.

Steps to Earn Money from Facebook by Selling Services

  • Find groups that match your skills
  • Submit a request to join the group in question
  • Analyze the publications of other people who offer similar services
  • Create an attractive article to sell your services
  • Check the comments and improve your publication

#8. Make Money from Facebook via Reselling

In case you haven’t heard of social trading platforms like Meesho, I urge you to check them out.

Meesho is a social commerce platform for resellers that allows almost anyone to join and start reselling products on channels like Facebook to earn money.

Besides Meesho, there are other reselling platforms like GlowRoad & Shop101 that you can also try.

Your job will be to promote the product to your audience and get sales.

You can download the Meesho app here

Steps to Earn Money from Facebook via Reselling

  • Install the Meesho, GlowRoad and Shop101 apps.
  • Understand the categories and best-selling products
  • Sign up for a GST number
  • Start integrating reseller applications
  • Promote your products on Facebook through groups, friends.
  • Earn money and repeat

#9. Facebook Page Likes, Shares & Comments

Selling Likes, Comments, and Shares used to be big business a few years ago. There are buyers for these types of Likes, Comments, and Shares and they are mostly startups or eager celebrities getting started.

Selling Facebook likes isn’t necessarily a process Facebook supports. Still, it exists, so it’s something that’s worth mentioning.

If you search Fiverr in the relevant social media categories, you can find sellers who sell things like Likes, Shares, or Comments.

What they do is gather other Facebook users to like your page or share your posts to help you grow your audience.

Prices vary, but some have packages starting at $5 per likes, comments, and shares.

Ways to Earn Money from Facebook Likes, Shares & Comments

  • Find cheap sellers of Facebook Likes
  • Make sure you check the reputation of sellers
  • You can meet companies who wants to sell or post your own Ads for Likes
  • Make Sure You Deliver Results

#10. Facebook Apps

Apps are great ways to make money. With Facebook Apps, you can be hopeful to earn much.

As earlier mentioned, the Facebook application can be a powerful source of income if you know how to create a useful application.

Facebook apps are programmable and you can even configure the database or extract user information according to your needs.

Obviously, to create and make money from Facebook applications, you need to be technically sound and have some knowledge of Facebook applications, which is not very common.

To get started, go to the Facebook app builder. Then follow the instructions to create the application you want.

Ways to Make Money from Facebook Apps

  • Create a useful Facebook app
  • Get your Facebook app approved
  • Sell your app to external buyers or use it to complete Land Freelance projects
  • Repeat this process

#11. Facebook Video Views (Ads)

Another way to earn enough cash from Facebook is through Facebook Video Views.

Just a few years ago, Facebook introduced video ads for publishers.

Facebook video creators who create original videos can now monetize videos by inserting ads on certain videos.

Facebook allows creators to monetize ads in three ways:

  • Pre-roll,
  • Mid-roll, and
  • Image ads.

There are some standard eligibility criteria and best practices that you need to follow to start monetizing your videos.

  • You must post videos from a page, not a profile, to be eligible for InStream ads
  • Have more than 30,000 views per minute.
  • Have 10,000 subscribers
  • Post 3-minute videos

For a full list of eligibility requirements, Click Here.

Ways to Make Money from Facebook Video Ads

  • Create unique short videos for your Facebook page
  • Qualify for video monetization
  • Place ads on the most successful videos
  • Repeat the initial step
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#12. Earn Money from Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can be especially easy to make money if you sell information products.

To start earning from Facebook Groups, you can create a group by encouraging members to help each other and share ideas.

Again, you need to make sure that you provide helpful content to group members, and from time to time you may suggest your product as a solution to their problems.

While there is little value in running a Facebook group for the sole purpose of making sales, they can be a useful way to let people know what you are offering.

Ways to Make Money from Facebook Group

  • Create or Join all Facebook groups
  • Find products in demand
  • Start selling respecting the group rules
  • Start earning money

#13. Becoming a Facebook Influencer

Many people think that becoming a Facebook Influencer is easy. It’s not so!

Unlike before when the Facebook algorithm was set up in such a way that organic posts had a broader reach, becoming an influencer was easy.

Now that organic reach is dwindling, it takes a lot of work and you have to be consistent in engaging your followers to become an influencer.

This doesn’t mean that it isn’t achievable, but it will take time.

This means you have to be ready to make it work. Follow the steps we have below to make it easy for you.

Ways to Make Money as a Facebook influencer

  • Identify the niche in which you want to be an influencer
  • Start posting relevant and useful content to your audience in groups or post paid ads
  • Build followers with a regular engagement
  • Use paid promotions, referrals and other ways to influence your followers to earn money

#14. Selling Courses on Facebook

Online courses is now the real deal with the introduction of technology. Everyone now sells online courses including Facebook.

If you have the skills, you can create an online course and sell it on Facebook.

Facebook has made it quite easy by giving you where your target market is. You can use Facebook to target your potential audience, and if your course is good enough, you can benefit from it.

You can create a course on business development, sales, or just about anything.

However, it’s advisable to watch other people selling courses to validate the idea before creating your own course.

Ways to Make Money from Facebook by Selling Courses

  • Create your course
  • Make a short Copywrite for it
  • Advertise your course

#15. Facebook Sponsored Stories

Sponsored Stories are a type of Facebook ad that shows a user’s interactions, such as a Facebook Like, to the user’s friends.

This is another easy way to make money from Facebook. Sponsored Stories seeks to capitalize on the concept of “word of mouth” marketing.

The purpose of sponsored stories is to allow a user to do the same as their friends. Advertisers can choose to “Like” their friends if they want more “Like” pages, to show friends who have “claimed this offer” if a business wants more users to claim offers, etc.

If a user sees that three of their friends like a certain page, they are more likely to pay attention.

Sponsored Facebook Stories can be easily created through the Facebook ad creation feed. Open Graph sponsored stories with a custom call to action require advertisers to use a third-party provider.

In Conclusion

From the above-mentioned ways to earn money from Facebook, If you only focus on making money from Facebook by watching videos, it will take a long time and the money will be less.

If you focus on other forms of monetization mentioned in the article, you can make money faster on Facebook.

So, here are some of the ways to make money with Facebook in 2021.

We’ll update the list as I discover new ways to make money from Facebook, so keep coming back.


Can I make money from Facebook?

Yes, of course, you can! The list above shows most of the easy ways to make money from Facebook, you can try any of them and start making money.

How many views do you need to get paid on Facebook?

More than 30,000 visits per minute and more than 10,000 subscribers to the page are required to be able to receive payments on Facebook. However, this is subject to change.

How do I verify my eligibility for Facebook monetization?

Go to Creative Studio, go to the Facebook section, go to overview, go to page selector, and check the status of your page.


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