New Ways To Make Money From Casino In 2022| Expert Guide

Some people avoid casinos because they don’t want to lose money. But what they don’t know is that you can still make money from a casino whether you gamble or not.

There are other ways to do so without losing all your money.

Truly, gambling has been proven to be a very addictive act, and the main reason a lot of people go broke. So I understand if you want to limit the amount of money you “waste”.

That is why I will show you how to make money from a casino whether you choose to gamble(with a limited amount) or not.

How To Make Money From A Casino?

Here are ten ways to make money in a casino.

#1. Gambling

Gambling is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “casinos”. Well you are not wrong because casinos have proved to be a very good way for gamblers to make money.

Gambling involves staking something at the risk of losing it for an uncertain result. Only gamblers who truly know-how or have the right gambling strategies are able to reduce their chances of risk.

So as a gambler, knowing how to tweak the game in your favor is a good way to make money from a casino.

#2. Become A Card Counter

Regular blackjacks offers the casino an edge around 0.5% to 3.0% which depends on how well you play and the ground rules. In some cases, the game may be in your favor- especially when the remaining cards to use are ace and face cards.

To be sure of your progress, you can use a straightforward plus or minus count and bet more when the count is good.

Becoming a card counter isn’t entirely difficult. As a matter of fact, you can learn card counting in a few hours but to master the art, you have to put in more effort which goes beyond hours of practice.

Bear in mind that although card counting is legal and a likely part of casinos, some casinos do not welcome card counters. The management welcomes those that operate for a small amount of time.

This is because the winners from card counting are usually few and this encouraged the unorderly players to continue trying. Clearly, to make money as a card counter you have to be really good at it and put amounts of money you can afford to lose.

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On a good game day with your well-sharpened skills, you can make a lot of money. However, there are some days where you will lose so be prepared for it.

#3. Master The Poker Game

Another means to make money from a casino is to master the skill of playing poker games.
when you play against the house, there are high chances that you will lose. But when you play against other players, especially weaker players you stand a chance to win.

There are a lot of tutorials online where you can learn how to play and win poker at a casino. So choose which is suitable for you and start learning. This is because you need to have a sharpened skill to make money from a casino as a poker player.

Bear in mind that the casino always has its share of the cake, so a sharp skill with weaker players puts you above others to help you make more money.

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#4. Credit Hustling

Credit hustling involves searching for remaining or leftover credits on slot machines. Players can forget their cash and leave without collecting it.

Slow nights are perfect for credit hustlers, as they can find huge cash in the slot machine.
Though it’s not illegal, it is important to keep a low profile if you are a credit hustler as you wouldn’t want to get caught.

Most casinos really don’t care about you so be a smart hustler.

#5. Make The Most Of Promotions

A good way to make money from a casino is to look out for promotions. Most casinos offer free promotions to entice new players. Some even give out up to $10 for a free game.

Robert, a friend of mine went to a casino in Vegas where he got $10 for a game and guess what? he returned with a free wine and dinner. According to him, his strategy was playing slowly so he doesn’t lose everything.

You too can’t be left out. Check out for free promotions whether online or offline that you can make a profit from.

#6. Be A Part Of Players Club

Every casino has a “players club” that you can join for free. Signing up for the player club allows you to earn points that you can redeem for freebies. It also gives you reward afterward.

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For instance, casinos offer “match play money” that you can use while playing games. This money can be a $5 chips or coupon which you will bet alongside your money.

Since its a game, you can win and you can lose. You may get reward points for betting whether you lose or win. If you are really terrible at gaming, becoming a part of players club is a good strategy to earn money.

When you round up these deals, you will make an enough profit with your match play without having to play long matches.

#7. Play In Slot Competitions

Slot competitions work by rewarding players who are able to complete tournaments very quickly. If you can play well within a given time, then you can receive some prizes.

These events require fast players and are geared towards bringing more people into the casino that will gamble their money.

If you search on Google for “free slot tournaments’, you’d find a list of online competitions where you can win cash prizes. You can even win free matches up to $500. Slot tournaments where you pay an entry fee allow you to win more prizes too.

So if you are a good player and very fast with slot machines, you can play in a lot of tournaments and win lots of prizes.

#8. Play Biased Roulette Wheels

On an American-style roulette wheel, there are 38 pockets with a “straight-up” bet that pays up to 35-1 when you win.

The good side is that while playing the biased roullette wheels, some numbers can come up more frequently than the others.

There are several reasons why some numbers come up more often than others. It may result from sticky pockets or imperfections from the manufacturer.

Whichever reason it may be, it is possible to know the numbers that come up often and use it to your advantage.

However, even after you master it all, there’d still be some losing nights.

#9. Get A Job At A Casino

If you just want to make money at a casino without having to put your money or even gamble, getting a job at a casino is a good idea.

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You can work as a bartender, waiter, table game dealer, or even cage worker. where you will learn skills that may come in handy in the future. Some casino workers earn up to $25/hr.

Whichever one you choose, you can make money in a casino without gambling. It is a safe way to ensure that you wouldn’t lose money but just gets paid for your job.

Bear in mind that as a casino worker, you wouldn’t be permitted to play games.

#10. Networking

Round up my list of how to make money from a casino is networking. Casinos are a good place to find top business leaders who came to unwind. You can meet people and build new business relationships without having to gamble.

Players often talk about other players on roulette or blackjack tables which makes casinos a good place to network and discover more ways to make money.

Also watching them bet away their money and decide the next move to take on the table determines if they’d be good business partners or not.

Final Thought

It’s okay if you don’t want to gamble at a casino to make money. There are other ways you can make money from a casino.

It all depends on you If you will put in the work.

But if you want to gamble and limit your games so you don’t gain many losses and keep gambling, there are also ways you can make money in a casino without losing so much.

Whichever category you belong to, the bottom line is that you can make money at a casino.

If you have other ways, kindly share it in the comments box.

Good luck!

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