Ibotta vs Rakuten: This Is Why I Chose One Over the Other

Saving money while shopping is amazing and both Ibotta and Rakuten offer this possibility to their wide range of customers. However, if you were to make a decision between the two, which one would you choose?

Let’s set up an Ibotta vs Rakuten contest to see how they fare as we make comparisons in different areas of their business, services and offerings.

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a free cash back rewards and payment app that offers you cash back for all the purchases you make through the app and the shop.

Since the establishment of this application in 2012, their users – numbering over 35 million – have received over $600 million in cash rewards from their shopping.

So whether you’re shopping for groceries, electronics, clothing items, Ibotta can reward you for shopping through their application.

How Does Ibotta Work?

Ibotta can help you get cash rewards for your shopping when you use the features of the application.

When you make a purchase, you simply log in to the Ibotta app and make your payment from there.

Vry importantly, when you want to book tickets, Ibotta can help you due to their strong affiliation with other companies.

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What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is an application which offers a lot of cashback deals and one of the highest rewards on shopping. Since its establishment in 1997, their customers have earned over $1 billion in CashBack at their favourite stores.

Rakuten started sponsoring the jersey of Fc Barcelona in 2019 as one of its advertising platforms.

How does Rakuten Work?

Rakuten works in a really simple way. All you have to do is sign up with the platform using their website.

After your signup, Rakuten will give you a code with which you will shop for your items at the stores they will show you.

When you complete your purchases, your cashback rewards start flowing to you and you can cash them out through PayPal.

Ibotta vs. Rakuten: The Differences

Ibotta and Rakuten runs similar business models but certain things are different in their approach and services. The following are the differences between Ibotta and Rakuten.

20% welcome bonus$10 welcome bonus
No referral fee$25 referral fee
Over 1,500 StoresOver 2,500 Stores
Single Cashback StoresDouble Cash Back Stores
Unstipulated cashback percentageStipulated cashback percentage

When you consider these differences you might want to pick Rakuten. However, it’s imperative you scan through their offers carefully in order to avoid a mistake.

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Ibotta vs. Rakuten: Similarities

Rakuten and Ibotta share a lot of similarities. Apart from sharing the same value proposition, they offer you the opportunity to earn rewards immediately you register as a shopper under their brand.

As an avid internet user, you can find their extensions on your chrome browser to enable you to contact them sharply and get the best deals on their offers.

Final Thoughts

A clear Ibotta vs Rakuten contest has revealed a lot to you about these businesses and the best one to choose. I hope you make a wise decision.

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