Knetbooks Review: Knetbook Legit Or Scam | How It Works

Looking for where to rent books? Knetbooks is your sure plug. This article provides a review of knetbooks.

It’s not news that people still keep a suspicious eye on whether knetbooks are real and legit or not.

In this article, we are going to do a short knetbooks review to help you make your decision but before we start, here’s the table of the content above for an overview of what you should expect in this article.

What is Knetbooks?

Knetbooks is a simple rental platform for textbooks that enable students to look up books and add books to their carts.

Both Knetbook books are delivered (in both directions) free of charge, so the price a student pays upfront is the price they get.

All Knetbook books come with a 25-day refund policy, except for short-term rentals that must be issued to apply for the refund policy within 15 days.

The hard part is the main downside to Knetbooks. Under the rental agreement, if they don’t receive the book on its due date, Knetbooks can charge you the full purchase price of the book (less any rental fees you’ve already paid).

In fact, if the book arrives within 15 days of its due date, they’ll charge half the book price.

In the subsequent section, you’ll find the knetbook review.

How Does knetbooks Work?

Most people are aware that college textbooks can be extremely expensive, but it may be less well known that textbooks can lose their value by the end of the college course itself, making books a serious college expense that can’t really be recouped by the “buyback” programs offered by most college campuses. wanted to provide college students with an alternative, giving them a website to rent textbooks that is easy to use. They have since become one of the primary sources available for affordable textbooks for students all across the country. 

Is Knetbooks Reliable?

The Knetbooks website makes it very easy to rent textbooks online for different amounts of time. While there is no option for choosing your own return date, the company offers 60-day rentals in addition to quarter and semester options.

The website and search functions are good, but they could be better.

Bottom Line

After the review, we can conclude that the knetbook platform is not a scam.

It is a legit site where students and other scholars can borrow books for a token and then return them after some time. The only problem with these people is that many of their customers are not happy with them.

This is basically due to their poor experiences with online. These experiences are also very similar to each other, indicating a pattern of problems and poor service.

These negative reviews are generally about the prices this company charges when a book is returned late.

Essentially, the negative knetbooks review borders on the charges. These charges are quoted as being equivalent to the full retail cost of the textbook. When the company does finally receive the book, they only refund a small part of the late charge, resulting in huge fines that essentially mean the customer has paid the full price for the textbook with no book to show for.

Finally, our knetbooks review shows that the platform is legit and not a scam as the public has made it seem.


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