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Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms with over a billion users. From being an app for following friends and sharing pictures, it has evolved into a powerful tool for businesses. In this article, we will be talking about some of the ways to make money from Instagram.  

Instagram is indeed a force to be reckoned with. On this app, business owners have access to their target audience and also improve sales.

A good number of people have come across different products and services on this Instagram. Also, some have grown their businesses via this app, and a lot of other activities have been facilitated through it. As with other platforms, Instagram is filled with potential customers and business opportunities.

It is possible for you to make money using this app. Though the methods may differ based on some factors such as reputation, engagements, number of followers, and some other things, it is very important you find a way that is suitable for you.

How is selling on Instagram different from other types of ecommerce business?

There are different activities that can help you make money on Instagram, and this app has a list of some of them.

Can I Make Money From Instagram?

The answer is Yes, you can make money from Instagram. Who doesn’t love making money? Well, nobody.

Instagram is a social media platform replete with different opportunities waiting for you to discover them. You could make money from selling your photographs, telling stories, cracking jokes, motivating people, etc. Just make sure you are being humane and relatable.

Also, if you have a large amount of followers there is even more money in it for you. An influencer has access to a diverse amount of people and brands are looking at creating visibility for their products.

If you have good knowledge of social media marketing, you can also tap into this and make money from handling accounts for different brands.

Do I Need a Large Amount of Followers?

Well, having a large followership is not really necessary. However, you should strive to have a sizeable amount of followers. You may not be a brand influencer, but if you are able to channel your time and knowledge you will make good money off the app.

Do You Get Paid for Being Famous on Instagram?

Technically, your popularity on Instagram can bring you a lot of money. Companies are always looking for ways to improve sales and get their products across different audience. If you are popular on Instagram you could merge with business to run ads on your page for a handsome amount. Influencer can make thousand of dollars from a single post and also get sponsored deals to travel, eat the best food and also visit wonderful hotels.

How Do I Make Money on Instagram If I Don’t Have Followers?

Truth is, you need followers to be able to make money.  You may not need so much but at least you should have a reasonable amount. Having a large amount of followers who are not active or engage is almost like having none. If you share great content and you are consistent, in no time you will have a large amount of people.

10 ways to make money from Instagram in 2022

Instagram is ideal for selling products that photograph well. If you have some photography skills, you will have a huge advantage while using the platform. 

There are several ways you could make Instagram a money producing place for you.

However, before you start you might want to know your niche, that is an area best suited for you. By discovering your niche, you will be motivated to carry on as it is something you are interested in.

#1. Sales of physical and digital products

With Instagram you can generate a lot of sales. You could even launch out your own business, if you do not want to work for anyone. To make the best of Instagram while running your own sales, you need active engagement on your page and a sizable amount of followers.

You can invest in ads to get your products across target audience. Instagram has also added features on business accounts, to aid sales. Features such as products tags, shop button, in app checkouts and shoppable stickers help make the shopping process easier. A tool which you could use to sell on Instagram is Square Online.

If done right, this can fetch you a lot of money. To do this you do not necessarily need a large number of followers, but you do need to join high-paying affiliate programs you can add affiliate links to your posts.

Through affiliate marketing, you are able to help brands improve sales and you get paid for it.

You can also join some affiliate programs. These can found by searching for them on the app. Since links on Instagram are not usually clickable, you can attach the affiliate links to your bio and you could also create clickable Instagram stories.

#3. Become an influencer and make money from sponsored posts

If you have a large number of followers, you will be able to use this for your benefit. Instagram has gone beyond an app solely for sharing pictures.

A celebrity like Kylie Jenner with the number of followers she has makes up to 1.2 dollars for a single post. Though you may not have to do this amount, do not fret as even your followers contain potential customers.

It is up to you to find a niche, something of interest you will be willing to dedicate your time to.

#4. Freelance

Though many big organizations have in-house employers who handle stuff such as content creation and captions writings, some are not able to avoid this. If you are very good at writing and editing you could invest your time into this and make really good money.

If you are a writer, you can use Instagram to promote your specialty. You can look up sites such as Fiverr and Upwork also, for potential clients.

As a writer, you can make your personal page stand out so your clients do not need too much convincing. This is known as page optimization.

You should also strive to show that your social media marketing skills are top-notch. This further increases your chances. Showcase your creativity as much as possible, you will spend less time convincing your clients.

#5. Sell poster photos and other visual products

Instagram is a visual app, that is people are almost always looking for pleasant sights. Daily, people upload up to 100 million pictures. Brands want authenticity

#6. Become a social media manager

Another means to earn money from Instagram is by learning the workings of the app. If you know how the app works, how best you could increase followers and traffic to a particular account, you could reach out to businesses and offer to help them manage their accounts for a fee. You could start with managing a single account and from there you can handle different ones.

Do not forget that in this digital age, companies are looking to create active presence online. This need for an active presence is something you can take advantage of. Many brands are looking for social media marketers to further increase their visibility.

#7. Become an Instagram guru

Try to learn as much as you can about the app, you will be creating leverage for yourself.

Learn how the app works, the right audience, the proper materials to put, all of this learning puts you ahead of others. After learning all of these, you can start to implement them in building up accounts.

#8. Sell ship dropped products  

For the dropshipping business to work successfully, you need some patience. It is not something you start up today and tomorrow it pays off.

However, if you are patient with it, you are in for some long term cash. In a time where many people have embraced e-commerce and have taken to shopping online, Instagram will profit you.

With drop shipping, you buy a product for a particular amount and sell off at a higher amount. Even in 2021, people are making a lot of sales from drop shipping.

#9. Instagram account flipping

This has to do with grooming accounts and selling them when you have acquired a lot of followers on them. All you have to do is start up an account and when it has grown, you sell it off for a profit.

Thus, you can choose a niche in an industry where you have an interest, it could be entertainment, sports, education, health, etc. Also, you will build up your accounts around this industry.

 In fact, you need good content to build up an Instagram account. Content will ensure that your followers increase and not only that, engagement is important. Your followers should engage with the content you share.

These accounts if properly groomed can be sold for a reasonable amount.

#10. Become a brand ambassador

Almost every business uses an ambassador. A brand ambassador is dedicated to increasing the awareness of a brand and also driving sales.

However, a brand can’t make you an ambassador if you don’t have an audience that would be able to patronize them. Thus, the need to have good engagement with your followers cannot be ignored.

If this is something you are interested in, you could look out for businesses in your niche and reach out to them. In addition, you can draw out proposals and show how the partnership you are presenting will benefit them.


You should note that from the options above, it is possible for you to get engaged in more than one Instagram account, as far as you can deliver. In order to make money on Instagram, handling one account doesn’t necessarily rule out the other.

In fact, no matter what you do for a living, Instagram has a way of making your work easier, either by providing you access to information or followers, who can then become clients.

On Instagram, you can of course network, meet friends, find jobs, make money, and also sell. Instagram actually offers you the possibility of multiple sources of revenue.

Since 2010 when Instagram came out, it has gone from being a platform for posting pictures to a powerful tool. I hope you are able to make the best of the app. Good luck!

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