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10 Most Expensive Diamonds In The World In 2022

Diamonds have a way of fusing luxury with elegance to people who can afford to own them. These beautiful gemstones are one of the most beautiful natural occurring materials on earth.

The popular quote by Jaclyn Smith “Angels are like diamonds. They can’t be made. You have to find them. Each one is unique”, goes to tell you how special and valued diamonds are in the world. 

The allure to diamonds didn’t just start recently as the popularity of these gemstones can be traced to billions of years ago with the first diamond being discovered in India in 8,000BC. Many ancient societies on discovering more of these special stones surrounded them with different legends and beliefs, the ancient Egyptians strongly believed that diamonds were “The tears of the gods”.

Diamonds have different meanings for different people. Despite all diamonds being mined from the crust of the earth, they all have different properties and qualities that differentiate them from each other. Diamonds are popularly known to be made of carbon which has been subjected to an insane amount of heat and pressure.

In the world of diamonds, the most expensive diamonds contain a very low percentage of impurity, exquisite beauty, impeccable colors, and are usually very large in size.

Have you been wondering which diamonds are the most expensive? This article highlights and reviews the properties of the 10 most expensive diamonds in the world in order to enable you to know what exactly makes these beautiful stones come with such a hefty price.


To understand which diamonds are the most expensive you need to first understand what diamonds are. A diamond is simply a mineral compound that is composed entirely of pure carbon.

Diamonds are known to be the hardest substances occurring on earth. The hardness of diamonds is reflected in the fact that only a diamond can cut another diamond. 

Diamonds are the most popular gemstones due to their exquisite beauty, extreme hardness, and the beautiful sparkle it gives off. Diamonds are generally used to signify love. 

With diamonds come specific terms like carats because diamonds are weighed in carats. 1 carat of a diamond is equivalent to 200 milligrams.

Being one of the most popular gemstones comes with the fact that they are very expensive, going as far as some diamonds stones of a few carats costing up to millions of dollars.

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Having being popularly referred to as the charms of light, what benefits do diamonds have to offer to you. There are various benefits associated with diamonds and they include:


Diamonds can be a good source of investment. Being a gemstone that does not age or deteriorate with time, the beautiful stones are subject to increase in price as time goes by.

Generally, diamonds are known to be one of the most sought and expensive gemstones.

Owners of diamonds usually pass them down to the younger generation as a source of possible wealth in the future.


A diamond is an insanely beautiful and luxurious gemstone. The diamond is a quintessential example of luxury and people who are opportune to done diamonds will always tell you that the beautiful stone gives them an impressive boost in self-confidence.

Luxury comes with dominance and strength and what better way to showcase your success than to step out in diamonds. Diamonds are known to add elegance and class to people who adopt them.


Diamonds are capable of reflecting a high intensity of light than all gemstones which we have. Diamonds are insanely beautiful and come in various colors from colorless to red. The pale blue and colorless diamonds are generally known to be the most expensive type. 

The most beautiful diamonds have a perfect distinct color of either red, green, or blue which are the rarest types. Diamonds are also known for the twinkling shine they give off in a light, this is due to the stone’s high refractive power.

A diamond that was properly cut will emit a greater amount of light to the eye than other gems with lower refractive power.

The insane beauties of diamonds make it the perfect item to use for the demonstration of your steadfast love for your loved ones.


Despite all of these precious gemstones coming from the earth’s crust, they come in different qualities and different price tags based on their properties. Are you dying to know which of these precious stones are the most expensive?

This section carefully highlights and reviews the most expensive of these popular gemstones.

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The exquisite name of the diamond is sure to get people interested in it. The diamond is one of the most famous diamonds in the history of man. Its unique name is derived from the Persian word Koh-i-Noor and means “Mountain of light”.

The diamond is one of the largest diamonds in the world hence making it a top contender as the most expensive diamond in the world. The beautiful stone has been rumored to be discovered in the 1300s at the Golconda diamond mines in India. 

The Koh-i-Noor is riddled with mystery due to some belief that it was stolen and that the gemstone is a harbinger for bad omens. The diamond was reduced from 186 carats to 105.6 carats to increase its sparkle.

Koh-i-Noor is currently reviewed to be priceless.

image source: dataimage

The Cullinan

The Cullinan is one of the most expensive diamonds in the world. The stone was found in 1905 in South Africa. Th

This diamond is the largest rough diamond gem quality. The stone weighed a massive 3,106.75 carats and is named after Thomas Cullinan who was the chairman of the mine at the time. 

The Cullinan was popularly reduced to 9 main stones with the largest of the stone being 530.2 carats and is known as the “star of Africa II”.

This magnificent diamond is very close to being colorless. This rare rough-cut diamond is worth $400 million.

image source: roughcu


The stone is one of the Golconda diamonds. The hope diamond was discovered in India in the 17th century. The diamond was initially purchased by King Louis VIV in 1668.

It is a 45.52 carat (9.104g) which has a distinct blue color due to the slight traces of boron in the stone. The diamond is shaped like a pear and is described as having a dark grayish-blue color.

The hope diamond cut is known to have a cushion antique brilliant cut with a faceted girdle and extra facets on the pavilion. This diamond was purchased by Harry Winston and subsequently donated to the Smithsonian Institution.

The diamond is a popular attraction for tourists. The beautiful stone is estimated to be worth about $200- 350 million.

image source: ATM nigh

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De Beers Centenary Diamond is one of the most expensive diamonds in the world. The diamond is one of the three largest diamonds to be produced in the premier mine.

The Centenary diamond contains 273.85 carats (54.770g). This diamond has the origin of its name from the centennial celebration of De Beers on 11 May 1988. 

Centenary Diamond is described to be one of the largest top-color diamonds in history. It has a unique heart-shaped brilliant cut. The beautiful gemstone has a beautiful Grade D colorless. The diamond is estimated to be worth $100 million.

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The Steinmetz diamond is now known as the “pink star” is a diamond weighing 59.60 carats (11.92g). The diamond was mined in South Africa in 1999 by De Beers.

The beautiful stone has a fancy vivid pink color. The diamond has a mixed oval brilliant cut. 

This is one of the most expensive diamonds in the world and is presently displayed at the Washington DC Smithsonian museum.

This diamond comes with a hefty price tag of about $100 million.

image source: steinmet


The diamond has its origin in South Africa. This vivid blue diamond is one of the largest diamonds in the color.

It is a 13.22 carat 92.644g) of flawless beauty. The beautiful gemstone has an intricate pear shape. 

The diamond amassed wide popularity when it was bought at $254,400 per carat hence making it one of the highest prices paid per carat for a colorless diamond.

This diamond was purchased by Harry Winston at Christie’s Geneva auction at a total of $26.7 million.

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Creating a list of the most expensive diamonds in the world can’t be complete without mentioning the Wittelsbach diamond.

The deep blue diamond is a 31.06 carat (6.212g), it has its origin in the 17th century from the Kollur mine in India. 

The diamond is well known to be an artifact of Spanish and German royalty.

Its wide popularity began due to the controversy in 2010 after Laurence Graff revealed the diamond was cut in order to remove flaws, the gemology community viewed this as an affront to the integrity of the diamond.

The diamond is estimated to be worth $23.4 million.


Usually described as a superb colored diamond ring. The perfect pink is a rectangular-shaped pink diamond weighing 14.23 carats.

The beautiful pink tint of this beautiful diamond is usually attributed to the intense pressure it undergoes during the forming process.

This diamond is not just one of the most expensive diamonds in the world but is also one of the rarest due to its size and pink shade. 

This stone is elegant and has a price tag of about $23.2 million.

image source: perfectp


This fiery diamond was previously known as the Red Shield Diamond. The diamond has its origin in brazil in 1989. The fancy red diamond weighs 5.11 carat (1.022g).

This beautiful stone was cut by William Goldberg Diamond Corp to a triangular brilliant shape also called the Trilliant cut. 

The Moussaieff Red diamond was on display in the Smithsonian museum as of 2003. Its fancy red color of the diamond makes it one of the rarest and most sought-after kinds of diamond.

This diamond has an estimated value of about $20 million.

image source: moussaif

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This beautiful stone weighs 27.64 carats (5.528g). the diamond is usually described as having a fancy vivid blue color. The gemstone is one of the most expensive diamonds in the world, having its origin in the premier Donald mine, South Africa. 

The heart of eternity diamond was cut by the Steinmetz group to a heart shape. The beautiful diamond belongs to a diamond class usually referred to as a rare class.

The current owner of the heart of eternity remains under speculation after the sale of the necklace by De Beers.

This rare diamond has a price tag of $16 million.

image source: hearity


Formed at depths below the crust of the earth, diamonds are exceptionally beautiful stones. The most expensive diamonds in the world have exquisite features in size, clarity, and color which make them worthy of their hefty price tag.


Using price estimates, the most expensive diamond in the world is the Cullinan.

Diamonds that have the lowest amount of impurity/ flawless diamonds are the most expensive.

No, a real diamond is not breakable as only a diamond can cut a diamond.

Red diamonds are known to be the most expensive.

Diamonds are the most expensive gemstones.



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