10 Best Third Party Apps For iPhone in 2023

The iPhone can do so much more than voice-to-voice or FaceTime communication. By exploring Apple’s App Store, you can unearth apps that turn your handset into a fitness tracker, encyclopedia, or language-learning tool. If you can imagine a potential iPhone user, it probably exists in app form.

A third-party app store for iOS is an app store that is not created by Apple but allows you to browse and download software developed by companies and individuals other than Apple or their partners.

Third-party app stores provide unrestricted access to all of the apps they host. In contrast, Apple-developed app stores limit the ability to obtain some kinds of apps due to controversial content, platform restrictions, user age requirements, and other reasons.

Many third-party iOS app stores do not require a jailbreak for installation. Some third-party iOS app stores allow software developers to push beta versions of their apps for testing and promotion purposes before release in the App Store.

What Is a Third-Party App?

An app that the manufacturer doesn’t make of a mobile device or website owner is called a “third-party app.” For example, if you think about an iPhone, the Safari web browser is made by Apple, so it’s considered a “first-party” app.

There are also web browsers in the App Store—Chrome and Firefox, for example—which are third-party apps.

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What are the types of third-party apps?

  •  Apps created by a different developer for a particular brand; are created following the criteria listed by the brand in question. For example, you can download google chrome from the apple store. Chrome iOS was created by google for apple devices.
  • Type two is offered by another store without affiliation with the original brand. Some of these apps can be malicious, and care should be taken when downloading them.
  • The third type is the app that bridges you to another site. It is like a gateway between you and another website or app.

Differences between first-party apps and third-party apps

First-party apps are developed by the brand that created the devices in which the apps function. For instance, Apple creates apps for its devices in the form of safari browser, music, and books, while Google creates Gmail, google chrome, google drive for its android operating system.

Another body creates the third party. For example, downloading the Firefox browser on your Apple makes Firefox a third-party app. An app could be a first-party app on one device and a third-party app on another.

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Why Some Services Ban Third-Party Apps?

Are third-party apps safe to use? Well, yes and no, it just depends on what type of app you’re talking about. Some applications ban the use of third-party apps for security reasons.

In the Facebook quiz example above, until the app permissions are changed in the Facebook account settings, the quiz app can access the profile details it was granted permission to access.

Using third-party apps is not illegal. However, if the terms of use for a service or application state that third-party apps are not allowed, attempting to use one to connect to that service could result in an account being locked or deactivated.

1 1Password

We all need a secure way to manage our passwords, and the best third-party app for this is 1Password.

With secure passwords, you don’t have to remember, and the auto-fill in iOS 12, 1Password is as close to perfect as we have in a password manager.

Face ID authentication isn’t unique to the iPhone X anymore. Access to Face ID makes the app more secure and easier to use, which is a rare combination of achievements to reach simultaneously.

This is one of the Third-party apps for iPhone.


  • All your passwords are stored in a secure storage
  • Autofill makes it easier to get your password without racking your brains


  • There is no free version

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2 Spotify

Discover and enjoy all of Earth’s music on demand. Listen to podcasts, as well as high-quality music.

Easily switch between your listening devices from any other device.

Listen for free with ads or pay $9.99 per month for ad-free listening as well as other premium features like 320Kbps high-quality audio.”

Download the Spotify app for free on your phone or tablet. Listen to music, podcasts, and more anywhere you go.

3 Apollo

If you’re interested in Reddit, you’ll want to read the website outside of the first-party app. The app has improved, sure, but it still pales in comparison to third-party apps like Apollo and Baconit.

Apollo is the best for Reddit clients thanks to its constantly updated features and speedy performance on any iPhone. Try it out today!

This is one of the Third-party apps for iPhone.


  • Robust UI
  •  No ads


  •  Suffers from bug attacks sometimes

4 Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular video-on-demand services in the world. It offers a library of original and licensed episodic content, including award-winning series like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black.

The service also provides access to its cloud-storage video library, which will soon offer offline viewing for many programs.

With Netflix, you can download shows and movies anytime, anywhere. Filled with over 83,000 available titles, including original series like Stranger Things.

5 Spark

There are lots of great third-party email apps for iPhone, and you might use one. If that’s the case, check out Spark, which has really useful features for dealing with email.

For example, if you have an important message in your inbox, Spark allows you to snooze it to another time to finish your current task without being distracted.

Or if you need to send something at a certain time of day—like a meeting invite to your coworkers—you can schedule it to go out then and there.


  • Makes email interesting for iOS users


  • No features for batch mailing
  • There is no feature for sorting of mail

6 Things

Things is an interactive to-do list with organizational features and flexible methods. Like any good to-do app, it allows you to create tasks, see them in different views, rearrange them, and filter them according to what’s due today, tomorrow, or farther out.

It also has other nice subtleties: a task can be assigned an arbitrary deadline (based on the current day) rather than a specific date; tasks can have checklists; and when a task is completed, it moves from your Inbox list to your Done list.

It also lets you add images and locations to tasks in a Google Maps view that’s easy on the eyes.

This is one of the Third-party apps for iPhone.


  • Simplified user interface


  •  Tasks cannot be added automatically
  • Repeating tasking can be messy a times

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7 Agenda

Agenda is the note-taking app you’ve been looking for, with a unique approach to organizing your thoughts.

The combination of note-taking and to-do lists in one calendar app is easy to use and incredibly handy to have all your notes in one place.

While the date-inspired organization is obvious, Agenda is the first to bring these features together so fluidly.


  • Combines many features into a single app


  • Slow launching can make users forget what they want to jot

8 Jig Space

How great would it be if you could learn anything with holograms in augmented reality? Jig Space lets you do that. You can use the app to learn about various subjects and view them from alternate angles, including a lock mechanism.

Jig Space Learning App is a unique educational app that gives students the power to learn in three dimensions.

With augmented reality, students can see objects or mechanisms from any angle and manipulate them, which enables them to gain out-of-school knowledge and use it in their everyday lives.


  • Uses AR for a good cause


  • Shallow captions

9 Inkhunter

Have you ever wished you could try on temporary tattoos before actually getting inked? Well, now you can! Inkhunter is a fun augmented reality app that lets you experiment with potential tattoos.

Ever wonder what that dream tattoo would look like on your arm? Ink hunter makes it easy to create and add in a little of your imagination to see what your tat will look like before you take the plunge.

10 Skype

Skype is one of the best third-party apps for the iPhone in 2023. You can use it to make free video calls and rich text messages. The app has a good bot selection so you can get useful as well as entertaining information.

It also lets you call, text, or email anyone else on Skype, or call anyone with a Skype account.

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Frequently asked questions about best third party apps for iPhone in 2023

Are third-party apps illegal?

It depends. If the website has permission for Google Play Distribution, then the third-party website isn’t illegal.

Where can you download third apps for iPhone?

Apps created for official app stores by vendors other than Google (Google Play Store) or Apple (Apple App Store), which follow the development criteria required by those app stores, are third-party apps. An approved app by a developer for a service such as Facebook or Snapchat is considered a third-party app.

Which web browsers can I use for third-party apps on iPhone?

Web browsers such as Opera, Firefox, and email clients like Thunderbird, The Bat!, and Pegasus are nice examples of third-party applications. A unique third-party app offers extra functionality to a primary program.

How to delete an old app

To delete a third-party app, long-press the app icon until it jiggles > tap Delete. Or, tap Settings > General > iPhone Storage > select the app you want to delete > Delete App.


Kudos to the developers that came up with amazing devices for our world. However, they realize the fact that they cannot do it alone and that to maximize the potential of the devices they created, they need to give access to other apps on their devices. That birthed 3rd party apps.

They go a long way to ensuring we maximize its usage. Scroll to the apps on your phone, Chances are that you are looking at third party apps on iphone.



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