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20 Most Profitable Skills to Learn in 2023 with Salary

Nowadays, learning the most profitable skills that would earn you a mouth-watering salary is pretty easy. Learning a new business skill is an excellent way to break into an industry, and it helps you earn more money. 

Yes, it’s possible to learn many in-demand skills in less than a year. In fact, you can learn some of these skills in just a few weeks/months. So, whether you have a Bachelor’s degree or not, there are skills you can learn to earn more than the minimum wage.

Fortunately, a lot of high-paying skills can be learned by anyone with an Internet connection.

 This list can be helpful if you are looking for skills to learn to diversify your income sources or change your career.

The table of content below is an overview of the most profitable skills you can learn in 2023.

20 most profitable skills to learn in 2023 with Salary

Truly, skills are as profitable as you make them. Yes, making money is a necessity. In fact, everyone needs money to take care of their wants/needs. Hence, there won’t be a better time to learn a new skill than now. 

That said, let’s see this list of the 20 most profitable skills to learn in 2023 with Salary.

#1. Selling and Communication skills

Indeed, having selling and communication skill is profitable if you learn well.

The most important skill for selling is the ability to listen and, of course, communicate properly. This skill can help you close a deal with a client and also, it helps you sustain customer relationships.

Every establishment needs someone with effective communication skills. Truly, you don’t need a Bachelor’s degree in communication before acquiring this skill.

Good communication skills will lead to more prospects, productive discussions, and sales.

The good news is that anyone can master the art of effective communication. As a good communicator, you should be able to:

  • Persuade people to take any action or accept an opinion.
  • Deliver presentations effectively.
  • Write clear and compelling emails and reports
  • to manage difficult or stressful people and situations.

You can do many jobs to earn a good salary with your selling and communication skills. With good communication skills you can become a:

  • Customer relationship manager – $52,178 / yr
  • School counselor
  • Sales representatives
  • Social workers
  • Public relations specialists
  • Virtual assistant

To gain from this skill’s profitability, you must be diligent in learning and practicing what you have learned.

#2. Investing Money

In search of a good skill to learn? You should consider learning how to invest money.

When you talk about investing money, there is a wide variety of options, including stocks, fixed deposits, mutual funds, real estate, etc.

Buying and selling stocks effectively requires understanding the stock market processes, analytical thinking, and reaction.

Once you have learned the basic principles of money investment, you can start investing money for your profit in the stock market. In addition to this, you can start providing investment services to others.

#3. Writing

In this era of online jobs, writing is the most profitable skill to learn and earn from. In fact, anyone who can speak well can write averagely well. All you need is to fine-tune your writing skills to the standard that your services will be greatly rewarded.

Depending on your level of expertise and exposure, the average hourly pay can range from $27 to $38.

Do you fear that you cannot do academic writing? There are many kinds of writing out there for you: comic writing, education, fiction, storytelling, copywriting, and lots more. Make your pick and learn it.

Check websites like Upwork, Fiverr for writing gigs. You may also attach yourself to an organization if you don’t like the idea of remote working.

#4. Editing & Proofreading

Do you find yourself catching spelling errors when reading? Do you cringe when you see grammar mistakes? If so, you will make a great Editor/Proofreader.

Editing and proofreading is very profitable skill that you should learn. Even if you cringe at grammatical blunders, learning more about proofreading and editing helps you master the skill. Writers also need editors to help them proofread their manuscripts before the final submission.

There are a lot of proofreading & editing courses(free and paid) on websites like Coursera, Udemy, etc. Check out these free editing courses below:

A proofreader’s money depends on how fast they work per hour. You can make $25- $50/hr as a freelancer.

#5. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Average Job Pay: $18.09/hr

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content to show as a top result for searches of a certain keyword. Indeed, this is one of the most profitable skills you can learn.

Becoming proficient in search engine optimization and search engine marketing helps you excel as a marketing professional. In fact, as a marketer, having a proper understanding of SEO is a fundamental skill.

SEO is something you can perfectly learn by yourself and for free. While learning the SEO basics, it might also be a good idea to start a blog where you can immediately implement what you have learned.

Here are some links you may find helpful on your way to mastering SEO: 

#6. Interpreting/Translating

Average Job Pay: $23.71/hr

Becoming a translator can be a great opportunity if you already speak and write in another language. You can earn some cool cash per hour while translating from one language to another.

This can be a great way of making relatively easy money, especially if you’re bi- or multi-lingual. This is because people are searching for someone who can relay information in a way they understand.

You can work on an on-call basis or by having steadier gigs.

Also, one good thing about this job is that people will keep calling you once you perform well.

#7. Cooking

This is a very underrated skill. We all need food to survive.  

If you have experience in the culinary industry or consider yourself a foodie, plenty of options allow you to earn money while sharing your love of food with others.

Even if you are not an expert in cooking, you can always learn how to cook. Various YouTube videos guide people on food recipes and how to cook them.

#8. Online Advertising Professional

This is one of my favorites. This skill is so on demand that you cannot run out of jobs.

Aside from the professional aspect of this skill, build a strong identity with many followers, and you will become an automatic online advertizer. The best social media platforms to samp your presence for this are IG, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This is the easiest route to become a well-known online advertising professional. You may also take the route of announcing yourself as a professional then creating free adverts as a start-up promo.

Scrip/copywriting, video and photography, and editing skills are required for success.

The average Advertising salary for 2023 in the US is $226467.

#9. Copywriting

A copy is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action. In addition, a good copywriter opens people’s wallets with their approval while they do not even realize that.

Beyond your ability to write grammatically correct texts, you should also be willing to master and understand the human psychology behind purchase decisions.

#10. Bookkeeping

So many businesses require the services of professionals to help keep their books. If you are an accountant or finance student, search for gigs and keep books for a salary.

What exactly is bookkeeping?

It records financial transactions that include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments.

To do this efficiently, you need some accounting skills, accounting software knowledge like Peachtree, or even basic excel. Brush your excel skills with free online courses.

#11. Tailoring and fashion Design

As long as there is life, clothes will be needed. Be among these professionals who help cover our nakedness by picking up fashion designing skills.

#12. CyberSecurity/Cloud Computing Professional

Cloud computing technology is a profitable skill to learn because it’s one of the fastest-growing businesses in the IT industry.

With everything operating wireless these days, the demand for cloud engineers is increasing like never before.

Information security is also a profitable Cyber security skill that you can learn.

#13. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, in its simplest form is the art of marketing/ promoting goods and services over the internet. But this is a skill that can be learned.

It is one of the biggest markets now with a high salary prospect. Join the band today and earn a substantial salary from this skill.

Google’s free digital marketing course is a good place to start learning.

#14. Public Speaking

Public speaking is a skill everyone should have. Haven’t you heard of public speaking schools? Many people have turned this skill into a profitable business. You, too, can.

There are courses scattered all over the web for starting with this skill. Learn and turn this into a salary-earning skill.

#15. Shoe making

I started out learning shoemaking but had to take a break. If you don’t have patience as a skill, then this skill is not for you. The prospects are massive, especially as people patronize start-ups.

However, this is a hands-on skill, so we advise on a physical learning session rather than online classes.

#16. Hairdressing

This is another very profitable skill to learn for a salary. Your hair is part of what completes your appearance. So, everyone definitely needs the service of a hairdresser.

Learn how to make different kinds of hairstyles for the ladies and cut nice styles for the men, and you are in business.

The beautiful thing about this skill is that there is always a market for everyone.

#17. Video Editing and Production

Video editing is one of the trending profitable skills you can learn. Thanks to the internet, you can reach many viewers across the globe with your videos.

If you have good editing skills, having a smartphone or a computer is enough to make a professional-looking video.

To learn video editing, you can check out any of these programs:

Also, you can learn how to edit videos on YouTube, Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, etc. Some creators specifically teach video editing skills.

#18. Transcription

Transcription involves changing texts from one form to another. It could be from audio to text or vice versa. This cuts across many fields like business, medical, education, etc.

So many busy executives need experts to transcribe their audios to text; this is where you come in. All it requires is a good ear, attention to detail, and writing skills.

You can either work as a freelancer or for websites like Focus Forward.

Are you in need of transcription works? Check this out: 14 Transcription Jobs That Pay Well In 2023

#19. Graphic Design

Graphic design is basically visual communication using photography, icons, and illustrations.

This is one of the profitable skills to learn right now. Just have a good eye for colors and be very imaginative, you will be able to maneuver the apps needed.

There are lots of jobs waiting for you already. For instance: wedding invitations, event flyers, logo creation, etc.

You can use different apps to design all these. Apps like Adobe XD, Photoshop, Canva, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.

There are free resources all over the internet to learn the basics of graphics.

#20. Data Science & Analytics

Data science is another in-demand profitable skill you can learn. It will surely earn you tons of money.

All businesses and brands know that data is important. Thus, the need for a data scientist or analyst.

Regardless of your previous experience or skills, there exists a path for you to pursue a career in data science. In fact, companies want to see that you’re a data-driven problem-solver. 

Firstly, you need to learn Microsoft Excel at a decent level to use it for data analysis and sound visualizations effectively. After that, you can learn one of the languages, such as Python, SAS, R, etc.

Learn Google Analytics for free here.


A joy comes with doing what you love and getting paid for it. So, start today and make some cash from your passion.


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