14 Transcription Jobs That Pay Well | Ultimate Guide

Do you know you can use your active listening and typing skills by taking up transcription jobs online?

As a freelancer or independent contractor, all that is mainly required of you is nothing beyond typing speed. Requiring no previous experience whatsoever.

Online transcription jobs are getting highly popular because they are one of those work-from-home jobs that is easy to master. It does not require you to have any previous experience or educational background, but you can attain professional status over time.

Transcribing can sometimes get overwhelming. We have provided some guidelines to help you prepare and start in this line of work.

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What is Transcription?

Transcription jobs are simply a business service that converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written document or text file. 

As an agent of a company, You can be sent to a concert or event and expected to convert all spoken words into text. Similarly, Transcription is converting a set of audio or video files into text.

You will be given a set of pre-recorded audio files to listen to and convert into written text documents.

This is done via specialized software. And in some cases, hardware allowing you to listen to, pause, return and fast forward the audio on your computer.

It is important you have a computer, high-speed internet, and headset to help you work better and faster.

The Basic Requirements For Transcription Jobs?

Transcription jobs particularly require certain basic skills to excel in this career. Skills like having a basic knowledge of the language you are transcribing and be able to type fast at about 60 or more words per minute.

As a transcriber, in some cases, you will be required to have acquired some discipline or a degree in a certain field of study. For instance, if you are transcribing for a medical, legal, and engineering field.

Some companies and programs online offer training for online medical or legal transcription, which you can join.

What Skills Do You Need As A Transcriber?

Most online jobs for transcribers do not require you to have experience. The most important factor in a successful transcription is the bulk of knowledge you have acquired in the subject matter. However, getting a better understanding of what the job involves gives you confidence for a start.

Here is a list of a few skill sets you will need to become a good and confident transcriber…

  • Good command of English
  • Good Listening and accurate typing skills
  • Patience

The basic tools for this job include

  • Desktop or laptop with a good internet connection.
  • Headset and foot pedal.
  • The latest version of your web browser.

How Flexible Are Transcription Jobs?

Flexibility in this job is quite high, mainly because the transcriber works independently. You have to decide how far and long you want to work. Although this applies to freelancers, company transcription agents may be required to work at a specific shift or log on for certain periods.

Some companies provide their transcribers with a job as well as a deadline. And it doesn’t matter when you work, as long as you can meet the deadline.

14 transcription jobs that pay well

#14 TranscribeMe

All you need to begin your career in TranscribeMe is a computer and a reliable internet connection. They pay much more than other general transcription job sites, at an impressive rate of $15 to $22/hour. You could make up to $2000 per month.

Unlike some other platforms, it’s also completely free to join. There’s no registration fee, and you decide your hours. This means you can transcribe a few minutes of audio per day or hours if you want to bring in higher income.

TranscribeMe will put you through a quick exam to test your skills and ensure you’re eligible to become a qualified transcriber.

#13 Go Transcript

This transcription job is a good one for new freelancers. With a Trust-pilot rating of 9.5/10, They pay up to $.60 per audio or video minute. You do not need experience or be a fast typist before you can apply for Go Transcript.

They have a team of nearly 20,000 professional transcriptionists, proofreaders, and customer support specialists dealing with various clients.

Its the perfect place to find work as a new transcriber without hassles of any kind. Payments are processed via PayPal or Payoneer weekly on a Friday. I recommend this one for a unique transcribing experience.

#12 GMR Transcription

This is yet another online transcription company that pays you about 0.70 to 1.25 dollars per minute of transcribing. Their services include transcription, proofreading, editing, and translation.

If you are a certified translator, you must get a quick job with GMR.

As a transcriber, you can apply online and must pass an audio test to get recruited. Expect topics related to academic, business, legal, etc.

#11 CastingWords

They are one of the few companies that hire beginners for transcription work, with limited requirements for experience. I think this makes them a fantastic transcription company to work with.

You can sign up via email or Facebook. Then will need to give some personal information, including your PayPal email, to work with them. And they run on a good payout schedule, so you will get paid once you finish the job.

Once accepted, the platform lists all available transcription services jobs for you. These include interviews, round tables, and more. The audio’s time and pay rate are listed alongside, so you know exactly what to expect.

#10 Rev

A beginner transcriptionist on Rev makes $245 per month & some top transcriptionists make around $1,495 monthly. It offers some of the highest paying transcription jobs online and considered one of the best transcription jobs platforms suited for beginners.

The beauty of it all is that, while working with Rev, you can decide which files you want to transcribe. This can go according to your schedule and pace. Secondly, you will often get coaching from other members.

They pay you every week on Mondays via PayPal.

#9 SpeechPad

Just like Rev and Go Transcript, they encourage and employ newbies. SpeechPad is a good starting point for new transcribers, as they accept beginners. Accuracy and type speed is their major requirement; a typing speed of 40 words per minute wins their heart and admiration.

New transcribers earn $.25/minute, while experienced transcribers earn $1/minute. Payments are made via PayPal every Tuesday and Friday.

#8 Scribie

There work majors on listening to audio files and typing the same as accurately as you possibly can.

Working with them requires you to submit an application their review team provides. Next, confirm your email address, followed by creating an account.

Once it’s created, you need to transcribe an audio file that they later review.

A normal transcriptionist can make around $200-$300 per month, depending on the time he/she gives. There is a $5 monthly bonus you will gain for every three hours of transcription you complete

There is no minimum payout amount so you can withdraw your money anytime. All the payments are done via PayPal.

#7 Daily Transcription

Working with Daily Transcription allows you to work when and where you want. Assignments are sent to transcribers daily, and payments are made weekly. This means you will have more than enough gigs to complete and won’t be waiting around for your money.

Rates start at $0.75-0.85/minute, much higher than some sites.

#6 AccuTran Global

The requirements are for an ability to type a minimum of 60 wpm. To have good English language skills and experience in the field of work. You must be sure you have attained professionalism before signing up for this one.

They strictly hire voice writers, contract transcribers, and stenographers(in real-time).

You can expect to get paid about $0.005 per word.

#5 FFTranscription

Their payment starts from $0.40 per audio minute, and They accept transcribers irrespective of your location and pay via PayPal. Once you complete their application and take their test, you will be notified if you are accepted within 48 hours.

#4 Quicktate

They transcribe voicemail messages, conference calls, recordings of phone calls, memos, letters, legal files, medical files, and other audio files. And you can work from anywhere in the world.

Quicktate pays every Monday via PayPal.

#3 Focus Forward

They pay freelancers a rate of $0.40 per minute and hire from around the world. The longer you work with them, the more incentives you get.

To join, you download the application form from their portal, fill it out, and upload it back. They will get back to you within 48 hours.

#2 Flexjobs

There are listings for transcriptionists in English, Spanish, legal, medical, insurance, and other fields. It has multiple transcription job offers.

The pay depends on the quality of service rendered on a customer, and it is entirely up to your skills and experience level.

#1 Pacific Transcription

Pacific Transcription is hiring home-based contractors for research transcription. Basically, for people with previous experience, minimum typing speed 70 words per minute. And will have to perform at least 16 hours of typing per week, 12 of which would be outside office hours.

They basically go for professionals in the field and reward them handsomely.

In Summary

Transcribing is easily one of the simplest and laid-back ways to earn money online. If you are an individual that have acquired accurate typing and listening skills, then this side hustle can earn you an extra $1,000 – $3,000 a month, depending on hours of work and level of experience.

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