How Much Does Optima Tax Relief Cost?

AccessibilityNationwide for individuals and businesses
Minimum tax debt$10,000
StaffTax professionals that include tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs
ConsultationFree by calling (855) 407-6984

As long as you have a source of livelihood you are expected to pay taxes to the government. However, you may find yourself in a condition where you struggle to pay your tax because of accumulated tax.

It is often very difficult to come out of tax debt when you finally wind up with one. Therefore, you need the assistance of a tax relief company.

Optima Tax Relief is one company you can run to for assistance when it comes to IRS tax debts. Optima tax relief assists people to set up a payment plan and get relief for the total amount they owe in taxes.

The company works with people and businesses that owe at least $10,000 in tax debt. They also offer free consultations to their clients. If you are besieged with tax debt, you might as well consider the services of Optima Tax Relief.  

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Optima Tax Relief Review 

Some of the essential questions that this optima tax relief review will answer include: 

How Does Optima Tax Relief Work?

Optima tax works in three stages to assist those with tax issues.

Stage one: Consultation 

Optima Tax offers its client a free consultation. During this consultation, you have the privilege to talk one-on-one with the company’s tax experts to deliberate your tax situation.

The professional listens to your tax situation and some of your problems with the IRS. The professional will help you decide if Optima is the best tax relief company for you or if you need to find other options.

Stage two: Investigation  

Once you conclude the consultation stage, you move to stage two, the investigation stage. In the investigation stage, Optima will take over your case with the IRS so that the IRS will stop contacting you.

They will also go through all the financial documents you provide to develop the most suitable plan to take care of your tax debt.

Stage three: execution:

The final stage is the execution stage. Optima works closely with you and the IRS to develop the best payment plan for your tax debt.    

What Are the Services That Optima Tax Relief Offers?

Optima Tax Relief offers many tax assistance services to its clients. They include:

#1. Tax Consultation: if you are having issues with wage garnishment or tax audit, Optima Tax Relief offers a free consultation that may assist you.

They provide services like tax preparation, personal auditing preparation for clients, late tax filing, and dealing with tax collection action from the IRS.  

#2. Tax preparation: perhaps you are too caught up to prepare your tax by yourself, Optima Tax Relief offers tax preparation services. They assist their clients to prepare the required tax paper works, submitting the document, and making payments on behalf of the client. 

#3. Tax Resolution: if your tax is overdue and the IRS approach you to collect your debt, there are many ways in which Optima can assist you in resolving tax issues. Optima works with IRS to draw up a suitable payment plan, debt settlement, wage garnishment removal, liens, and other applicable relief services.

#4. Tax settlement: if you are confident that you will not be able to settle your tax debt, however, the IRS hasn’t approached you for collection, you can still hire the services of Optima Tax Relief to assist you with settlement for less than what you owe. Optima negotiates with the IRS on your behalf for a better deal.

#5. Tax protection: there are three levels of protection services you can get from Optima. They assist you with filing your taxes, credit monitoring, and identity. They can also assist you with audit defense services and also come in handy when you need to work with the IRS. 

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How Much Does Optima Tax Relief Cost?

Optima does not have a clear definition of how much its services cost. However, the minimum amount you can access any of the available services from Optima is $295 if you make it beyond Optima’s consultation stage.

The amount is very competitive when compared to the services of other companies in its range.

By and large, people with direct tax situations who owe a little amount in debt will pay less than their counterparts with very complex tax situations and huge debt amounts. For clients who sign up for Optima’s tax protection, the fees usually range from $29.99, $49.99, or $69.99 monthly.  

When I Hire the Services of Optima Tax, How Much Can They Help Me Save?

Several factors can determine how much you will save when you hire the service of Optima. They include your income level, the amount you owe in tax debt, and your basic living expenditures.

The more you owe in tax debts, the more you can save with Optima. They can help you negotiate a lesser debt settlement than what you owe and help you avoid debt penalties.

Optima handles each case as a unique case, and that company might not be capable enough to assist you to save any money. During the consultation period, Optima might request an estimate of your savings and fees to ascertain if it makes sense to proceed to work with you.

According to claims by the company, they have resolved over $1 billion in tax debt for its customers.  

How Reputable Is Optima Tax?

Optima tax relief is very reputable with a long track record of success. Many Optima Tax Relief reviews rate it as one of the best when it comes to tax relief.

The company is basking in the euphoria of its success over the years and has enjoyed different awards from different organizations like the Better Business Bureau, the Better Consumer Alliance, The IRS (in the area of providing continuous education), The National Association of Tax Professionals and the National Association of Enrolled Agents.

The company also ranks well with consumers with an overall ranking of 4.6/5-star rating across over 1,500 reviews on Trustpilot. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an A+ rating.  

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Pros and cons of Optima Tax Relief


  • Offer free consultation to its clients
  • Employs the services of tax attorneys and enrolled agents
  • Have a reputation for success over the years
  • Offer different tax services
  • They provide dedicated tax managers for client’s case


  • The tax debt limit must be at least $10,000
  • Costs for services are not measurable
  • Some services come at a high cost at Optima

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Frequently Asked Questions About Optima Tax Relief

Is hiring the services of Optima worth it? 

Whether the service of Optima is worth it or not depends on your specific situation. However, the company tries its best to save you money by avoiding tax penalties and also helps you draw a suitable payment plan.

How long does the debt relief process take with Optima?

According to Optima, most of its clients complete the process within 4 to 10 months

How much do you need in tax debt to be able to hire the services of Optima?

A minimum debt amount of $10,000 is required to work with optima

What kind of tax debt does Optima handle?

Federal tax debts are owed to the IRS and state tax debts to the state government.

Will Optima refund me if I am not satisfied with their service?

Optima offers a 15-day refund guarantee only on the money paid during the investigation phase of their services.


There is no doubt that there are a lot of optima tax relief reviews available that speak highly of the company and its services. However, their services may not apply to all cases, especially for those that do not meet their $10,000 minimum debt amount.

There are also alternative tax relief companies available that you can check in case you are not successful with Optima.

Nonetheless, you enjoy several benefits when you hire the services of Optima Tax Relief. They save you the stress of dealing with the IRS directly and negotiating a better payment plan for you.

If you are looking for a company with a long history of success and track record, Optima is undoubtedly among the top companies to consider.

If you are confused about their services and need clarification, you can book a consultation for free and have a professional go through the details.

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