Top 25 Profitable Service Business Ideas | | Easy Step-by-Step Guide

While it is easy for some passionate entrepreneurs who already have service business ideas they want to pursue, some newbies see it as a daunting task considering the myriad service business ideas scattered in over 50 different industries.

To help out here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 profitable service business ideas that you choose from. Though most of these ideas won’t make you a billionaire, they will provide you with the freedom to manage your time and enough profit to make a good income.

So, all you need is hard work, be determined, and have the I-can-do attitude, and you will see yourself making out.

The table of contents below will help you navigate through the content easily.

What is a Service Business?

A service business is one that provides an intangible product, performed by a team or an individual. It can be working as a nanny, writer, plumber, Personal Fitness Trainer and so all.

You can have a service business idea based on your skill set and yet don’t know how to go about it. This is where knowing from to satrt from goes to place.

To get started, you must first have an idea that is feasible. Well, we will still come to that but in a situation where you have an idea, and the idea is already existing, you need to find a gap in the already existing services in your area and create a business that fills the gap.

Beyond that, it will depend entirely on the industry you choose. A good place to start is by writing a business plan. During that process, you will start to focus on many of the elements of starting a business, like your target audience, marketing strategy, and funding needs.

Top 25 Profitable Service Business Ideas

There are over one thousand service business ideas in different areas of expertise all around the world. But for the seek of helping you make the right choice, we have narrow it down to the top 25 profitable ones.

Follow us closely!

Health Services

If you love keeping fit or cooking going for any of the profitable service business ideas in health and fitness can profit you a lot. You can go for any of these service ideas:

  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Newborn and Post-Pregnancy Services
  • Private Yoga Instructor
  • Personal Wellness
  • Personal Chef

With any of these health and fitness service business ideas, you can guide or assist someone struggling to maintain mental stability, agility, or personal wellness to achieve his or her goals.

Let’s talk about the most profitable service business ideas under health!

#1. Newborn and Post-Pregnancy Services

Millennials are delaying parenthood longer than previous generations, but they also want to have children—1.2 million millennials became first-time mothers in 2016. As a result, the demand for child-focused companies is increasing, beginning with post-natal and newborn-related facilities.

Demand for doulas and lactation consultants has increased among new mothers, and both businesses have reasonably low overhead requirements beyond education and certification—meaning these careers might easily become one of the most lucrative businesses for you to start.

#2. Personal Wellness

This is one of the top profitable service business ideas that can earn you a significant income.

If you are passionate about personal health or wellness, you can train yourself to be a therapist, life coach or a yoga instructor just to be able to help people find their own zen.

Children’s Services Business Ideas

Opportunity for service business ideas that meet the needs of new parents, particularly in major cities is fast evolving.

If you are a lover of children or you love the idea of working with small children and their parents, you can take up any of the following profitable service business ideas:

  • Child Care service
  • Children’s Party Planner
  • Nanny Placement
  • Children’s Fitness
  • Children’s Transportation Service
  • Baby-Proofing
  • Computer Training for Kids
  • New Mother/Infant Home Care

Now, let’s talk about some of them!

#3. Children’s Party Planner

You can do parents who are always busy give their kids wonderful birthday party treat. Aside from parties, you can earn by planning holiday and religious-ceremony celebrations.

#4. Nanny Placement

Working as a nanny pays well. You can apply to Nanny-placement agents who will check references, match personalities, and set schedules that can enable you to give some parents in need of nannies, get invaluable service.

#5. Computer Training for Kids

This is one of the top Profitable Service Business Ideas you should consider as a lover of children. By rendering this service, you give kids the opportunity to learn how to read and write. They also can learn arithmetic and computers.

#6. Children’s Transportation Service

Normally, working-class parents most time finds it diffcult combining school-runs with their jobs.

Transporting their kids to and from school every day is tasking for them. So, providing children’s transportation service to these busy parents can help them a lot.

Computer and Technology Service Ideas

As companies in every sector become more reliant on technology for day-to-day operations, the demand for knowledgeable service providers has gradually increased.

These positions are frequently filled by in-house staff in larger companies. SMS, on the other hand, frequently cannot afford to hire full-time IT managers, forcing them to rely on third-party services to meet their technology needs.

If you have the set skill and experience, any of the following service business concepts can be of great help to you:

  • IT Systems Consultant
  • Computer Repair Service
  • Printer and Copy Machine Maintenance
  • Software Installation Service
  • Mobile IT Support Service
  • Website Designer and App Developer
  • Internet Research
  • Online Network Installation and Maintenance
  • Online Security Consultant

Let’s briefly talk about some!

#7. Computer Repair Service

Currently, fixing computers can be costly and aggravating. As a repair professional-equipped with some basic diagnostic equipment and technological savvy-you can get clients’ computers back up and hum again.

#8. Internet Research Service

This is another computer technology service that is very profitable. Once you have an in-depth knowledge of search engines and research tools, you can get any information you want for anyone. And I tell you, that is a big money!

#9. Website Designing and App Development

Are you a web design or an app developer? you can make hundreds and thousands of dollars. By helping new businesses gain online presence and existing businesses update their websites.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and selling products and services are among the most important things any business needs for survival. This is why marketing and sales as business ideas can fly anytime and any day.

And interesting, the internet has made it easier and worth going for. As a marketing or sales personnel, you can provide any of the following services:

  • Sales-Lead Generating
  • Blog post writing and Copywriting
  • Editing and Proofreading Service
  • SEO Strategist
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Affiliate Sales and Marketing Consultant
  • Brand Photographer
  • Marketing Video Producer
  • Podcast Producer
  • Presentation and Proposal Designer
  • Public Relations Consultant
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Sales Training
  • Direct Mail/Coupon

#10. Sales-Lead Generating

The sales-Lead generating idea is one of the profitable service business ideas that you would enjoy as marketing personnel. You will carry out market research, identify prospects and generate sales leads.

#11. Blog post writing and Copywriting

Proficient in writing articles and copies? Then, this is a nice service business idea you can venture into. You can earn money by helping your clients write amazing contents on their blogs and advertise catchy copy that sales well.

#12. Direct Mail/Coupon

Cash in on consumers’ coupon-cutting craze with a direct-mail coupon service. Get started by selling ad space in a direct-mail coupon package to local businesses.

When you mail coupons to local residents, your clients will benefit from the exposure and you’ll benefit from a first-class business of your own.

#13. Editing and Proofreading Service

Editing and Proofreading Service is a profitable service idea that pays well if you’ve English language skills. You can edit and proofread contents, copies, or articles for websites.

#14. Sales Training

Do you have marketing know-how? then this business idea can work well for you. Once you have what it takes to build your business, you can share your sales savvy with other busy business owners. By so doing, you not only help boost clients’ bottom line, but yours, too.

Home Maintenance and Repair Services

If you’re good at fixing or arranging things, taking up any home maintenance and repair services won’t be a bad idea at all.

Any of the following service business ideas may be your perfect choice.

  • Handyman Service
  • Pool Servicing and Maintenance
  • Lawn Care
  • Locksmith Services
  • Home Entertainment Installation
  • Home-Inspection Services
  • Interior Painting Service
  • Wallpaper Installation Service
  • Power Washing Service
  • Pet-Food and Supplies Home Delivery
  • Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance
  • Plumbing Service
  • Appliance Repair
  • Porcelain Repair
  • Home Maintenance Equipment Rental

Let’s talk about some of the most profitable ones!

#15. Lawn Care

This service has to do with the proper maintenance of yards and other green spaces where grass, trees, and living plants grow. You can earn just by mowing, clipping, and fertilizing lawns for office complexes and residential clients alike.

#16. Home-Inspection Service

Your home-inspection service would be effective if you have a good eye for structural detail. Begin by inspecting clients’ homes for issues such as structural damage and foundation abnormalities, then referring them to contractors who can fix their homes.

#17. Pool Servicing and Maintenance

Make a splash in the pool-services industry with only a few cleaning supplies and a water-testing kit. Simply pack your tools into your car and drive around your neighborhood.

Then get down to business by pitching your service to homeowners’ groups, apartment complexes, and single-family homes.

#18. Interior Painting Service

Prepare to paint the town red—or white, blue, or beige, for that matter. Simply load your truck with brushes, rollers, and ladders, and you’re ready to go!

#19. Pet-Food and Supplies Home Delivery

Taking a few pounds of pet food and supplies to the store every week or so maybe a hassle for pet owners, but it’s not a problem for pet-delivery companies. Start serving up results by delivering pet products directly to customers’ doors after you’ve sniffed out some leads.

#20. Home Decorating Service

With your eye for design, you can get into the decorating industry. To coordinate clients’ interiors, work with local furniture and accessory stores, paint stores, and carpet and drapery outlets.

And keep in mind that the first step in getting into this business is to decorate your own house.

Event Service Ideas

#21. Freelance Photography

If you’re a skilled photographer, you can take photos at weddings, birthday parties, conferences, burials, or any special events. All you need to do is get your camera ready and make sure your weekends are free because you your services will highly be needed.

#22. Personal Shopper

This is another profitable event service business idea that you would like especially if you like shopping. Aside from shopping you may also assist your clients in running some errands.

#23. Mobile Disc Jockey

As a mobile disc jockey, weddings, parties and other events are all music to your ears. Start jammin’ with a collection of compact discs, a CD player, and a speaker system, then pass on the word about your services to wedding and event planner.

#24. Wedding-Planning Service

Getting married isn’t always as simple as saying, “I do.” There’s a caterer to be contracted, a location to be rented, and flowers to be ordered.

So when it comes to making matrimony a more harmonious event for the new couple and their families, wedding planners take the cake.

#25. Event Planning

You can also work as an event planner. Whether it’s a party, wedding, conference, or convention, you’re sure to be at the center of all the action when you coordinate everything from room rentals and speakers to decorations and food.

#26. Videotaping Service

As a producer, instead of waiting for when you will win an award, you can start by winning appreciation from people you captured their weddings, birthdays and special moment on videotape.

How Do I Start?

To start any of the profitable service business ideas, you must first be ready to give it your time and handle the costs. Aside from that, you must ask yourself this three questions;

  • Is this the right idea?
  • Can I organize it?
  • Do I have what it takes?

Is this the Right Idea?

Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t for a business idea because it’s lucrative or your friends are doing it. Take time to research the idea thoroughly to ensure it’s a perfect idea.

It is one thing for an idea to be good and another thing for it to be feasible all way round. So, take the idea through an idea validation process that includes market and competitor research, and financial feasibility analysis before picking it as the perfect idea for you.

Can I organize it?

This is another important question you must answer. Once you’re sure of an idea, make plan on how to run the logistics aspect. When you’re confident that you’ve got it all down in writing, you’ll want to take steps to make it official.

This includes choosing a business structure, applying for an EIN, registering you are “Doing Business As” name (if necessary), and getting the business licenses and registrations your specific business needs to open its doors.

Do I have what it takes?

Answering this question should basically be in terms of finance. Every business needs capital to grow, and startups are certainly no exception. But as a new startup owner, you might struggle to qualify for traditional business loans right off the bat.

That’s why we recommend you start funding your initial growth with a business credit card. 

Not only will you have an easier time qualifying for a credit card than you would a traditional business loan, but you’ll also kick-start your business credit history, earn perks and rewards as you spend, and take advantage of interest-free 0% introductory APR periods (that’s like a free loan).

The Bottom Line

As you’ve seen through our list of the most profitable small businesses, there are plenty of ideas that will suit you. All you have to do is pick the winning idea for you and keep the ball rolling.



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