16 Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria for 2022 | See Offers

Shipping companies make the transfer of physical products across international borders easy. While it’s actually their job description, a good number of them have built a strong track record of timely delivery with high safety ratings.

Shipping companies can move products, however, some of them are limited due to their geographical locations and the high cost of getting a port. In Nigeria, a good number of shipping companies have shown their reliability through their safe and efficient delivery.

So, a lot about this article will keenly focus on the best shipping companies in Nigeria putting into consideration the pros and cons of each of them. The table of content precisely communicates all the queries and their commensurate answers.

What are Shipping Companies?

Cargo has a lot of weight and needs to moved with care. To perform this, you need professionals with expertise and an understandng of logistics and this is where shipping companies enter the fray.

According to Freight Center, shipping companies handle the shipment of cargo. Freight shipping companies, also known as freight carriers, own assets like freight trucks, container ships, stakes in rails, etc. Shipping companies manage the physical movement of freight.

What are the Functions of Shipping Companies?

A shipping company has the primary business of moving cargo within short or long distances. However, they’ve grown beyond this single service, while introducing more efficient ways of doing their work.

According to BR Williams, core functions of shipping companies include:

  • Shipping and transportation
  • Advanced warehouse management
  • Inbound freight coordination
  • Order fulfillment
  • Outbound shipping and delivery

16 Best Shipping Companies in Nigeria for 2022 | See Offers

A lot of shipping companies exist in Nigeria, however, a few have alienated themselves with their outstanding service, huge reputation and customer numbers. Some of these companies include:


GIGL grew from a transport company to a proper logistics company as their reach and audience have continued to expand through the last few years. Indeed, the story of their rise is interesting and motivating.

With delivery operations growing from Africa and expanding into Europe in less time, they are regarded as one of the best shipping companies in Nigeria.

2. RedoxCorp

RedoxCorp is a shipping and logistics company focusing on air and sea freight haulage and custom clearance of goods. They’ve performed optimally and rank as one of the best shipping companies in Nigeria.

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With huge benefits for partners, RedoxCorp remains fully committed to client satisfaction by displaying efficiency and a strong commitment to deadline.

3. SGK Global Shipping Services

SGK Global Shipping Services boasts to have one of the cheapest shipping services in Nigeria. A glance at their offerings and you would agree that the quality of service they give at their price is unique.

For any kind of shipping across Lagos, Houston, London, and Beijing, SGK Global can help you get the job done efficiently. Their vast experience in the procurement, packaging, and shipping of oil and gas materials makes them unique.

4. Chibyke Global

When you want an air freight forwarding company in Nigeria with specialization in customs clearing, import and exportation, Chibyke Global is the round peg in the round hole.

You can package, pick up, and ship all your products for one of the cheapest prices. Their pricing, work etiquette, and professionalism make them one of the best shipping companies in Nigeria.

5. Emry Freight

For Emry Freight Nigeria, China and India remain the most popular freight destination for pallet shipments. This company values safety and ensures quick delivery of every item to their destinations without mixups.

Emry Freight Nigeria has a routine they use when it comes to importation and exportation of goods. With this routine, every shipment is assigned, moved, and assembled at the right place and time.

6. Country Cargo

Country Cargo is an efficient shipping company that organizes the transfer of goods from the United Kingdom to Nigeria. From air to sea cargos, they can help you make your delivery.

When you sign up on the platform, you have an opportunity to get free UK shipping to any address you choose. And with other great incentives, they remain one of the best shipping companies in Nigeria.

7. Airwater Cargo Services Ltd

Airwater Cargo Services Limited might make you think their services are limited to air and water. This isn’t true as this company has one of the best road networks as their fleet of trucks scourge through different paths of the country.

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Telecommunication, Mining, Chemical, and Petroleum industries trust this company with the shipping of their equipment from Nigeria to other countries in the world and vice versa. With their wide reach, they are one of the best shipping companies in Nigeria.

8. Folams Freight

With Folams Freight, you have found reliability when it comes to moving your cargo from USA to Nigeria. You can avoid custom problems and get quality clearance on your products.

You can airship your products from the U.S to Lagos at $4.30/lbs with this safe cargo service industry.

9. Swiss Darl

Swiss Darl has over 30 years of experience in the logistics industry. Hence, they’ve become a global solution to shipping and other logistic problems. They have a 24/7 support team that ensures your goods have eyes on them each them.

Their drive connotes: SWISSDARL Ground’s flexible model, using only quality carriers, means you benefit from improved service levels, greater flexibility, and time-definite deliveries. Our expertise in transport management and planning allows us to design.

10. Donem Cargo

Speed, efficiency, and security don’t come at a cheap price, however, Donem Cargo are trying to prove a point by offering first shipping services at ridiculously low prices.

With special rates on each shipment, Donem Cargo ensures you save time and money with them. For this and more they rank as one of the top shipping companies in Nigeria.

11. LXGlobal

This is a strong logistics company running out of Lagos, West Africa to the rest of the world. With a reliable workforce and experienced management, they’ve managed to ship themselves from a small group to a huge company.

LxGlobal has a standard framework plan that coordinates the process from pickup to delivery. This way, you can keep track of your goods at any time and you can actually pace delivery dates too.

12. Bowagate Global Services

When it comes to freigh shipping to Nigeria, there are a few companies you can trust and Bowagate makes the list. With a huge customer base, quality testimonials and an efficient working system, you can’t expect less.

With Bowagate, you don’t need to stress your head rearding paperwork needed for your transactions. They make it so easy for you by laying out every detail. For their quality, they remain one of the best shipping companies in Nigeria.

13. Cargonaija

When you need a reputable and reliable door to door cargo company in Nigeria, Cargonaija will help you get the job done. They’ve remained committed to solving the cargo problem since their inception in 2009.

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Cargonaija remains one of the best shipping companies in Nigeria due to its impressive speed and low cost in delivery. Their African and UK base make continually makes them a top choice in this industry.

14. Airex Logistics

With exclusive service based priority to financial institutions and the manufacturing sector, Airex logistics keeps building a standard system that caters for all distribution of procured goods to their destinations.

Unlike other shipping companies, Airex logistics works with a unique formula that personalizes customer needs. With this frame, their supply chain efficiency, customer satisfaction, and brand value coerce to give them a strong reputation.

15. GWX

GWX remains a world class transaportation providers connecting goods with individuals from different borders. Their innovative solutions towards logistics problems have made them a top company in this industry.

With a huge vision and mission, GWX continues to redefine logistics. They rank as one of the best shipping companies in Nigeria due to the quality of their service, efficiency, and accountability.

16. Zenith Carex International Limited

As a completely registered and licensed company, you cannot expect Zenith Carex not to ship their way into this list of the best shipping companies in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Customs Service pays extraordinary recognition to this shipping company and I think that summarizes everything you need to know about them.


Shipping companies are important builders of the economy and employers of labour. Their importance cannot be overestimated as they are vital to the growth and sustenance of many businesses in the world.

I’m sure this list would help you choose a shipping company to help you handle your cargo.


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