15 Easy Ways To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards in 2022

It is always a pleasure to get a free Xbox gift card for games and entertainment.

Are you searching for legitimate means to get a free gift card? Would you like to know the best sites and app offering free Xbox gift card giveaway? This page contains 15 Easy Ways to get free Xbox gift cards.

Since the advent of the internet, several means of carrying out transactions online without the conventional currency have sprung up and some of these digital currencies include Xbox currency codes and bitcoins.

In this post, we shall guide you on how to get Xbox live free. There are several legitimate sources to get free Xbox gifts and the following sections detail the best 15 simple ways to get free Xbox gift cards.

15 Easy Ways To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards

This section contains the 15 places to get a free Microsoft Xbox gift card. They include the following;

#1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is just about the best means to get free Xbox gift cards. It is a popular website and app that was created in 2008. The app rewards its visitors/users for performing a minor task when they visit the website.

Visitors win points (SB) when they take surveys on the website. The SB which is valued at $0.01 are later converted to money or Xbox gift cards.

Also, you can win free Xbox gift cards with no survey. To do this, visitors will complete other tasks such as watching short videos on the website.

You can redeem your earnings on Swagbucks in increments of $15, $25, and $50. Do visit the website to earn free Xbox gift cards today.

#2. InboxDollars

The InboxDollars was created in 2000. The website is a lot similar to Swagbucks. The website requires its users to complete tasks like watching short videos, opening emails, referring to new members among other tasks.

Signing up on the website/app is totally free and members earn between $0.25 and $1.25 for completing tasks. After completing several tasks, you are eligible to redeem your earnings either through bank payment or Xbox currency codes.

Since the launch of the website, Inboxdollars has rewarded its members with over $50milllion in both money and gift cards. You too can become a member and earn a free Xbox gift card giveaway.

#3. Ipsos i-Say

This is another legitimate source of free Microsoft Xbox gift cards. Ipsos i-Say is a market search firm established in 1975 for reviewing the performance of products in the market.

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But since the internet, Ipsos i-Say has gone online, and it now recruits members of the public to help carry out surveys on its affiliate brands. When you carry out surveys on the website, you earn, points referred to as i-Say which could later be converted to money or gift cards.

#4. PointClub

PointClub is a similar website to Ipsos i-Say. It is a popular and one of the best survey websites around. To take a survey on PointClub, you would need to register on the website first and when you are accepted into the program, you can now begin earning money by taking surveys online.

Users earn between 200 and 2000 points for completing specific surveys. The website is easy to use. Before you begin a task, you would see the potential earning and the estimated time needed to complete the task.

Also, users are given bonus points when they sign up. After completing your tasks, you have the option to redeem your earnings in money or as Xbox gift cards.

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#5. PrizeRebel

This is another survey website that pays its users for completing tasks. The website was launched in 2007 and it currently has over 8million users on its book.

PrizeRebel is a reputable website known to have paid its users $16million in money and gift cards since its inception. Users can earn $10 free Xbox live codes after completing a survey.

Also, users earn free Xbox live codes no surveys simply by referring new members to the website.

#6. CashPirate

CashPirate is one of the best ways to make free money online. It is an interesting smartphone app that allows users to earn money by simply downloading and playing games.

Users earn pirate coins by playing games and convert them to money or playing games gift cards.

#7. FeaturePoints

Earning money through FeaturePoints is a rather different means to the methods listed above. FeaturePoints is a website and app that pay users to download and review apps on the website.

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To earn from FeaturePoint, all you need to do is download an app and use it for a minimum time of two minutes after which you can delete the app. Users are may download and review as many apps as they please per day.

You earn points by doing the above and the points can be redeemed as money or Xbox gift cards. 6000 feature points are worth $10.

#8. AppBounty

AppBounty is similar to feature points. It is a platform that pays users for downloading apps online. For each app you download, you earn certain credits. Users who download and play games that require them to reach certain levels make more money on AppBounty.

The app is highly reputable and known to have rewarded its users to the tune of more than $1million since its inception. Users are known to have the option of redeeming their earnings in Xbox gift cards. You can do so over $5 and $10 increments.

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#9. AppKarma

AppKarma is a popular app for smartphone users. The app rewards users for installing and playing with other apps. Also, you can point by completing a quiz and referring new users to the website.

The app continues to gain popularity with a rating of 4.7 on the play store as of the time of the publication. Users of appKarma also have the option of redeeming their earning in gift cards. 6000 points on the app are said to be worth $5 Xbox Live digital gift cards

#10. Perk

Perk is a platform that needs little or no introduction to internet users. The platform is a website that pays its members for completing minor tasks. To earn from the task, you would need to visit the website or download the app to register.

Once you become a member, you would earn points for completing tasks like watching movie trailers, watching popular videos, completing quizzes, using Perk Search among other tasks.

#11. AppNana

AppNana is another GPT platform accessible at online stores like the play store. The app allows users to earn points referred to as Nana by completing tasks such as downloading games, watching videos, and referring new users to the website.

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A unique feature about the app is that allows users to play games for free that otherwise would have required one to make payment before playing. Nanas can be redeemed in money or Microsoft Xbox gift cards.

#12. FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps pay its users to download and use other apps. The app is unique from the other app-paying platforms in that it requires users to interact with other apps for only a minimum of 30 seconds to earn credits.

The credits can be withdrawn either as money or Xbox gift cards.

#13. Ebates

Ebates is another means of earning free Xbox codes. You can free Xbox gift cards by shopping with the online store.

#14. Xbox Live Rewards

You can earn free Xbox gift cards by signing up with Xbox Live Rewards. After becoming a member, you would be required to complete a simple task that would see you earn free gift cards.

#15. Grindabuck

Grindabuck is another means of earning free gift cards. Users earn gift cards by carrying out simple tasks such as listening to music, watching videos among other tasks.


If you visit these 15 websites that we have listed and carry out simple tasks stipulated by them, you will earn a free Microsoft Xbox gift card. Learn more from The Wealth Circle.


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