Timothy Sykes Review 2023: Is It Worth It | Legit or Scam

What would you do with $12,415 if it was gifted to you while you were in college? I certainly wouldn’t have thought to take it to the penny stock market. A review of this young man, Timothy Sykes revealed how he turned his Bar Mitzvah gift money ($12,415) into $1.65 million before he turned 21.

He achieved this feat through penny stock trading- an innovative way for small traders to participate in the financial markets. Now Timothy Sykes’ name has become almost synonymous with online day trading.

With an Instagram feed of a glamorous lifestyle showing wads of hard cash, exotic cars, global travels, and posh mansions, there’s a constant debate on his legitimacy as a successful penny stock trader.

If you’ve been involved in a discussion about Timothy Sykes on whether he is genuinely legitimate or a scam, this review is an objective piece discussing that topic thoroughly.

Who Is Timothy Sykes?

Timothy Sykes is a self-made millionaire popularly known for turning $12,415 into more than 4 million by penny stock trading. He has been on Steve Harvey’s show and was featured on Fox News’ “You Built That! His story has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, CNN, and Bloomberg, among others.

His parents gave him his bar mitzvah gift money totaling $12,415, expecting him to misuse it. It was supposed to be a learning experience to teach him the need to make intelligent financial decisions.

Timothy learned the lesson alright, but he didn’t have to be wasteful with his money first. He took that gift money to the stock market and made over $4 million in trading profits.

He first tried to trade the big stocks on wall street but realized his portfolio was too small. And his results were a lot less than the time and energy he was putting in.

Then he decided to start trading penny stocks and he noticed he was getting better results there. So, he dedicated his time and energy to learning more efficient ways and ended up with $1.65 million as a freshman.

Sometime after graduating from the university, Tim tried running a hedge fund. But after suffering a severe loss, he pulled out of it, wrote a book –  ‘An American Hedge Fund’, and went back to penny stock trading.

The Wallstreet Warrior is also a part of several charities. He has donated millions of dollars to his favorite charity ‘Pencils of Promise’, and his charity, ‘The Timothy Sykes Foundation’. A review of Timothy Sykes reveals his objective is to build one thousand schools in countries of need.

Although he’s most famous for being a trader, he’s also a known entrepreneur in the day trading community. With websites like Profit.lyInvestimonials, and Stocks to trade, Timothy now teaches how to make money trading penny stocks. He eventually standardized his training program to provide penny stock trading education to people worldwide.

How Much Is Timothy Sykes Worth?

Timothy Sykes has an estimated net worth of $15 million. These values are never exactly correct, but they are good enough answers to these questions. Timothy’s trading profits sum up to about $5 million.

This means that he makes at least $10 million from his other businesses like education services and related companies (i.e., Profitly, Investimonials, and StockstoTrade).

Digital marketer and close associate of Timothy, Neil Patel has mentioned that Tim makes millions in sales. Compare that to Tim’s $250,000 average yearly trading profits, and it’s clear that most of Tim’s net worth comes from selling services. 

What Is Timothy Sykes’s Strategy?

Tim’s trading strategy is based heavily on technical analysis. Simply put, he uses stock charts to make most of his trading decisions. He also understands how fundamentals such as news events could move stocks in response to human nature.

It may seem so simple but it requires a lot of self-discipline in its execution. Tim developed the ability to identify penny stocks after they experience an irrational spike or after a paid promotion scheme. He buys them when the momentum kicks off and then sells them just before it drops.

Thus, Tim typically holds his position for a few hours. He rarely holds a stock for more than two days. Though this sounds incredibly simple, many people tend to get greedy with their winning stocks and they hold on to winners until the market seizes back all the profits they’ve made. 

He also considers other elements, such as paid promotions, earnings, and news catalysts. This approach to the markets could be defined as “common sense” trading backed by technical analysis.

For example, if stock runs simply due to a paid promotion, Tim may conclude that the company is garbage, and the share prices will drop right after the promotion is over.

How Much Is Timothy Sykes Training?

While conducting my research for this review, I came across Timothy Sykes’ online courses. This made me a little doubtful as I wondered if he wasn’t just “selling the shovels during a gold rush.”

Consequently, wielding his educational materials as shovels, and selling them to people in search of the “gold” in the stock market.

Eventually, I came to see that he is genuinely invested in teaching the secrets of trading. He sincerely wants to help people achieve financial freedom and he’s trying to make the knowledge available to everyone.

Whilst most of his content may not exactly be free, he still has several videos on his  YouTube channel available for free. However, if you want more structured learning, this review of Timothy Sykes reveals his three levels of trading education.

  • Tim Alerts
  • PennyStocking Silver
  • Tim’s Challenge

Tim’s Alerts

It cost $74.95 per month, but if you choose the yearly plan, you get a 24% discount. This gives you access to the chatroom. You also get a stock watchlist, real-time Email, SMS, and Push trade Alerts to enter or exit trades. And you can access it through the web, Android, or iOS Apps.

You must know that the alerts are only helpful if you respond to them immediately after they get to you. The market is constantly moving, and an hour-old alert may not be helpful if the trading price has differed from the price suggested in the alert.

The Penny stocking Silver

The Penny stocking Silver plan is a much better deal because. In addition to the feature of Tim’s Alerts, it gives you access to a wide-ranging lesson library with more than 6000+ videos. You also get weekly video lessons showing Tim’s thoughts on specific stocks, and how he intends to take advantage of market opinions.

The video lessons help you to understand the vital ideas of each of Tim’s trades. So, even if you received the trade alerts late, you can leverage the knowledge that you have grown to discover better entry and exit points.

Tim aims to arm people with the knowledge to make personal trading decisions. He severely discourages people from copying his trades with no prior understanding.

PennyStocking Silver costs $149.95 per month, but you can get a 28% discount with the annual plan.

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Tim’s Challenge

Tim’s Challenge is more demanding, but if dropping $5,000 doesn’t make you flinch, it may be worth a shot. You’ll need to go through an application and interview process. However, don’t bother taking Tim’s Challenge unless you want to become a full-time trader, or you wish to pursue the millionaire trader goal.

Consequently, Tim’s Challenge offers you a comprehensive and more personalized learning experience with Timothy.

In addition to access to all the features of Penny stocking Silver, you’ll get a specially curated 60 videos of introductory courses, commentary, access to Tim’s open trades, webinars, and much more.

The videos are released weekly and stored in a lesson library containing over 4,400 videos.

Is Timothy Sykes Worth It Or Not?

This question is a regular one in stock trading circles. From research and information on Profitly, I can say that a review of Timothy Sykes would show that he is the real deal.

However, you should know that this training is not for everyone. Timothy doesn’t give direct information on which stocks to buy/sell. He is rather more focused on teaching you how to make such decisions yourself.

 His teaching is impactful, and he has many successful students to show that his method works. Although penny stocks are tremendously risky, they can be rewarding.

Nonetheless, you should know that you wouldn’t precisely become an overnight millionaire by trading penny stocks. Some of Tim’s students have crossed the million-dollar mark, but many more are jammed in the six-figure range. 

However, if you are ready to learn and eager to put in the hard work, Tim could set you on the path to taking responsibility for your trading journey and eventual success.

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Timothy Sykes has made over $5 million from penny stock trading, and has a long list of successful students.

Many of his students are now full-time penny stock traders, and some of them have even outdone

Tim’s career trading profit. Therefore, it’s safe to say that signing up for penny stock trading education with Tim Sykes puts is a good decision.

However, working with Timothy Sykes won’t automatically make you an instant penny stock millionaire.

You’ll need to put the knowledge you gained to practice by placing trades, keeping a trading journal, and analyzing your trades.

However, if you are dedicated and disciplined, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the quality of your trading decisions and you’ll ultimately become a better trader.


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